The Orifice Blunder Muffin a fine American company makers and sellers of high-quality butt plugs.                    A little about Blunder Muffin.My name is Michelle Snot I am the regional sales manager for Blunder Muffin.We lovingly refer to our company as BM it can occasionally be a shifty place to work.One of the qualifications for working here is having a fetish for butt plugs. (Actually, it’s the only qualification for working here. We must keep out the riff raff you know.)Let me introduce you do some of the fine staff. My assistant is a wonderful woman, Clit Howard. (Although we do need to explain from time to time where the butt plug goes to her). Clit handles all the volume customers.One of her finest sales ladies is Feral Fetish. She spends most of the day sampling our wares as she sells on the phone. (Although some have a hard time understanding her through the moans.) Miss Fetish handles the more one-on-one customers.Let me not forget the busiest person here, Pamela Pussey, our receptionist. Miss Pussey answers almanbahis şikayet and handles (herself mostly) a large volume of calls. You would never believe how many fine quality American made butt plugs we sell here at Blunder Muffin. I really don’t know either. Wonder if I should find out?Butt plugs have many perks, adding that little extra to orgasms especially when combined with a vibrator. Sometimes when I talk about butt plugs and vibrators it makes me so…………… I need a break.Sorry for the blank spot. I was interrupted.Let me take you through a typical day here at BM. The phones will start ringing promptly at 9:00 AM. Miss Pussey will answer at around 9:15 or whenever she is done. I am not too strict on her answering right on time, although I sometimes need to give that little extra push which Miss Pussey does seem to enjoy. She will then turn over sales inquiries to Miss Fetish, who takes it from there.Miss Fetish became one our top sales ladies once she installed the camera beneath her desk. (she likes to show the customers the joy of having a butt plug fetish and the rewards almanbahis canlı casino they bring when owning one.)Have I mentioned we sell high quality American made butt plugs?Miss Fetish gives it her all for our company and enjoys her work. She is not only one of our top sellers she is also one of our top customers of our high-quality American made butt plugs. I get so excited telling everyone about butt plugs, sometimes too excited………………………………………….Sorry for the blank spot again. Just one of those days with lots of interruptionsWhere was I?That’s right Miss Fetish’s sales styles. Miss Fetish will take the time to show customers the ins and outs of owning a butt plug. That is a must in our business.Most days here we are so busy that Miss Pussey will have to give the large orders to my assistant, Clit (as we call her) Howard. She handles those orders with ease. Clit has handled many things here at Blunder Muffin with ease. (including most of the co-workers). After demonstrating butt plugs all day, Clit can get quite sensitive. “That’s what she said”Clit will talk the customers almanbahis casino into the larger number of products. We have a company that we recommend that sells vibrators to go with our plugs that gives you that little extra special feeling.Clit has that magical way with her tongue that leaves you wanting more. The customers just seem to love her for that. So, do the co-workers. Sometimes thinking of Clit, I will take a break because it makes me so ………………………………….More interruption’s again. Sorry for all the wet (I mean blank!) spots. It’s a wonder I get anything done here.Let me read up to see where I was. Oh yeah that’s right talking about Clit.Clit has made some huge mistakes, however. She developed a white butt plug and now our warehouse is full of that crap.Clit would love my job and has made many attempts at taking it. What Clit does not know is (please don’t tell her) that I date my boss, Jane Leaveitin.Miss Leaveitin and I have worked hard to get where we are. Countless hours exploring our fetish with butt plugs. First her trying one then myself. The moans, the tears of joy, the cleaning of the bed sheets along with the long days and night is wearing us out. I hate to digress but the untold sacrifices we have made empowers us. Sometimes thinking of Jane and our times trying on the butt plugs makes me so ……. Was that the phone I heard?

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