The Wedding Weekend: Chapter 13


And just when I thought December would be a slow period at work, I received a call from my Western Regional Manager, by bosses’ boss. “I heard you’ve been poking around for a transfer. Would you be interested in the San Jose territory?”I was dumbfounded. Had I just hit the jackpot? But I played it cool in talking with Mr. Ellis. I asked all the right questions. I learned that the old Rep had put in his notice and was moving back to the Midwest. I asked about the current accounts, the volume, and all the important details.Mr. Ellis said, “I heard you’re engaged now, congratulations. I also heard that your bride lives in Palo Alto. You’re the perfect fit for this opening based on your experience. The company does not want to lose you. I can offer you an additional ten grand a year plus another week of vacation. What do you think?”I played hardball. I did not say a word for five seconds when Ellis asked, “Well? What do you think, Scott?”“I think it is a great offer. The reality is that I’m interviewing with another company in San Diego Friday night. Make it fifteen and we have a deal,” I said.Ellis laughed, “You’re good. I can go thirteen.”“And you’re just as good, sir. You know I’m worth that extra two grand. It will cost the company far more in training a new rep. Fifteen and the week vacation and we have a deal,” I said.After a long pause, “Okay, Williams, you have a deal. The relocation department will be contacting you in a few days,” said Ellis.I hung up the phone and could not believe my luck. Rina and I had an unofficial rule that we do not call each other during business hours but this news was just too important to wait until eight o’clock tonight. For only the second time in one hundred plus days, I called her office, Sand Hill Venture Capital.When I asked for “Miss Marina Flores,” the receptionist asked who was calling. Trying to be professional I replied, “Scott Williams, but she is not expecting my call.”“Oh, hi, Scott. This is Heather. Just a moment,” she said.After a short casino siteleri time on hold, Rina answered the line, “Is everything ok? What’s wrong?” she said. I could hear the panic and concern in her voice.“Everything is great. Take a deep breath,” I told her. “I have good news. No, it’s great news.”“Okay, what is it?” she asked.“I just accepted a transfer to San Jose,” I said. “More money and another week of vacation, too!”“Oh, baby! Congratulations!” Rina said. “We’ll have to talk about this tonight. I have to go ASAP. Harvey and I are scheduled to do a conference call in five minutes. I’ll call you tonight.”**Christmas was a bit of a whirlwind trying to schedule dates with both families for Marina and me. This was the first Christmas that Rina’s family did not spend Christmas day with Jay’s family. With Allen and Jay both having no siblings, they hosted both sets of parents as newlyweds.  Marina and I made a bit of a compromise in that we spent Christmas Eve at Jenny and Jeff’s with my folks and then drove to San Diego to spend Christmas Day at Jorge and Molly’s. For the 26th, my parents joined us in San Diego and all of us gathered at Bud and Laura’s house.One thing I had to do while in San Diego was ask Jorge if it was okay that I move in with Marina when I moved in mid-January. I did not want to assume this would be okay and offend him, or Molly.I must admit I was just as nervous to ask Jorge about this as I was when I asked for Rina’s hand in marriage. When I posed the question, he just looked at me. Finally, after five silent seconds, he asked me, “Where is Bob?” referencing my dad.“My parents are at Jenny’s today. They’ll be at the Smith’s tomorrow,” I said.“Son, I want to talk to him right now. Please call him,” he said motioning to the landline in their kitchen.I was a bit puzzled by his request. It was Christmas Day, and he wants to talk to my dad. I dug out Jenny’s phone number and called. “Hey Jeff, it’s Scott. Can you get Dad on the line?”I handed güvenilir casino the phone to Jorge. “Hello, Bob, it’s Jorge. I just want to tell you what a man you raised. Scott just asked for my permission to move in with Marina when he moves in a few weeks. Can you believe that?”The two talked for maybe another two minutes. There was some chatter back and forth and finally, Jorge said, “I look forward to seeing you and Christie tomorrow. Merry Christmas.”After Jorge hung up, he stepped toward me and held out his hand. “Son, I truly appreciate that you asked me that question. However, once I gave you my blessing to marry Marina you should know that I trust you with my daughter. Besides, that is her home. She owns it. She has paid for it. If she wants you to live with her then her mother and I want you to live with her.”“Yes, sir,” I mumbled. “Thank you.”Laughing, “Scott, you really need to lighten up. You’ve passed all of my tests. I keep calling you ‘son’ for a reason.”**In January combining my furniture with Marina’s was much more difficult than I anticipated. We had agreed on adding some of my nicer pieces of furniture with hers, but there was just so much stuff. I ended up having to rent a storage facility for eighty percent of my stuff.We had talked briefly about purchasing a larger home but thought it might be better to wait until after the wedding. Now that we had made it through the holiday period Rina and Molly had the wedding on their minds but so much to sort out such as formal or casual, religious or not, small or large, and the biggest thing of all, the location.I had told Rina from day one that this was going to be her day and that she would have all the decision-making power. Jorge and Molly had given her a very large budget so Rina felt she should consider her parents’ wishes out of respect. They would prefer a traditional Catholic ceremony, lots of their extended family, and Mexican food at the reception. Marina was having a tough time trying to balance canlı casino her modern dreams and her parents’ traditional wishes.And then Bob and Christie through a curve ball. My mother’s dream for the past decade was to open a winery as an ode to her father. With Jenny and Jeff on the phone, as Rina and I sat at the ranch kitchen table one Sunday, she announced to us, “We will break ground on our winery in about a month. Your father and I have been seriously working on this for over two years, but now the time is right. We will start small, and everything will be built with the thought of expansion. The press and cellar areas, the tasting room, the patio area, the special event grass area, and the parking lot.”Jenny broke in, “Mom, how many acres are you going to rip out? And where do you want to build this?”“Great questions, Jen,” I said.“Here on the home ranch. It will be called Sunset Farms Winery, and it will be about an acre and a half, she said. “We also plan on having a VIP Guest House, which will basically be a four-plex of large one-bedroom and bath hotel-type rooms. They will have a nice sitting area and a small wet bar. These can be used for VIPs, Bride, and Grooms suites for weddings, or for our guests,” Mom explained.“Wow, you’ve thought of everything. And is this workable financially?” asked my CPA sister Jenny.“Yes, we have financing from the bank,” mom said. After a long pause of silence, “Any questions? Scott? Marina? Jeff? This is for the four of you.”Marina and I were looking at each other across the kitchen table. “So much to digest. But I love the idea,” I said. “Jenny, so many of our friends’ families have started wineries the past few years.”And finally, Bob spoke up, “Scott and Marina, we hope you will consider having your wedding here on the ranch. Mom can talk to you two about this later.”“Jenny, we need to talk privately,” I told her. “I’ll call you tonight when we get back home.” I had yet to share with my sister my idea of taking over the ranch someday.Jenny and Jeff said their goodbyes and Mom took Rina by the hand, “You know there is no pressure to have your wedding here. But it is an option. And only with the blessing of your parents. If they are against it then it is a no-go,” said my straight-shooter mother.

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