Subject: the Wedding photographer’s secret life 4 Wedding Photographer’s Secret Life 4 Bald Hairy Man This is pure fantasy. If you are offended by stories about gay men and gay sex, or if you are under age, DO NOT READ IT. It is not a guide to safe sexual techniques. It does not depict real men, or real situations. It does not depict necessary safe sex practices. Fantasy characters can do anything they want, real men can not! I was expecting a wild night of crazy sex. That may have happened in another bedroom. I fell asleep when my head hit the pillow. I woke at six the next morning. Rusty was sleeping next to me. I must have been a deep sleep. He was snoring like an old fashioned steam engine. I went to the bathroom and took a shower. The toilet and lavatory were in a separate compartment, and the shower was large enough for the or four men. It was clearly a recreational facility. “Is there room for me?” Rusty asked as he peaked in. “The shower is bigger than my bedroom when I lived at home,” I said. “When Tony opens his Bed he’s seasoned. I don’t like pain or abuse. No one here needs to be forced into sex. We all like it. That “no pain, no gain shit” attitude is just that: shit.” “Well, you sure are clear about your intentions,” I said. Rusty smiled. “I realized a long time ago that naked men can’t hide their intentions. Cocks don’t care about manners or pretension. They have only one interest. Fortunately, the lure to make sure you take care of that one interest is intense pleasure,” he explained. “I guess it’s hard to tell a guy you aren’t into it when you’re sporting a rock hard cock?” I said. “When you are sucking a guy, you know he’s getting ready when precum begins to flow,” he said. “You can’t fake it.” “I guess an orgasm is hard to fake, especially when you are sucking a guy off?” “You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to know what’s going on,” Rusty said. “It’s best if you just admit you like it and let nature take care of the rest.” He came close to me and reached over and fondled my balls. “I’m feeling natures call now!” He said with a laugh. “Is it possible that you feel that call pretty regularly?” I asked. “Not as much as I used to,” Rusty replied. There was a pause. “I feel the call strongly with you.” “I’m always willing it seems,” I said. “I’m waiting for a time when you are as excited ejaculating in me as I am when I shoot off in you,” he said. “I am not after love. I guess sex is something like turbo lust. Have you felt something special more than a cum dump?” “Not really,” I said. “Have you?” “Once in a while,” Rusty replied. “I’m a star in the fake wrestling word. For some men feeling me shoot in their ass is a dream come true. I am use to that, but I discovered that it’s still special when I unload in them, either in the ass or mouth. I don’t know if that is me, or their reaction to me that does it. One guy wrote me that he had pals who wanted to fuck him so their cock could be where my cock had been.” “Shooting off with the stars?” I suggested. Rusty burst out laughing. “By the way, your pals are good guys and good to be with,” he said. “They are lovers not just guys trying to get off.” “I assume they, and you eventually do get off,” I said with a smile. Rusty smiled as he dropped to his knees and sucked my cock. A little later we dressed bursa escort and went to breakfast. It was a winter wonderland outside with more than a foot of snow covering everything. It was sunny and it was beautiful. The radio asked that everyone stay inside and off the roads so the snow plows could work their magic. They would plow the primary roads first. Tony told us the plows reach his road between the late evening and dawn. Tony made a traditional breakfast of bacon and eggs, a coffee cake, hot chocolate and coffee. I almost looked around to see if my Mom was doing the cooking. It really hit the spot. Afterwards we dressed and did some shoveling and cleaning off the cars. It was cold, but very sunny so it was a perfect winter’s day. It looked like a Currier a total slut when I with a naked guy,” Salvatore said. “I don’t have much experience, but I have yet to have a problem taking a cock,” Bobby said.”I have a strong suspicion I wouldn’t have a problem with yours.” The exercise room had one new feature. There was a sling in the corner. Rusty, Salvatore and Bobby were talking wrestling, and I wasn’t into that. Tony came over to me. “Have you been in a sling before?” he asked. “I’ve never seen one except in porn,” I said. “It’s surprisingly comfortable,” Tony said. “There is one problem. If you are uncomfortable with anyone in the group fucking you, it’s not for you.” “Would they cum in me?” I asked. “Not necessarily,” Tony replied. “They may not plan to breed you, but a hard cock in a tight place has it’s own mind. It may be too much to control. I should warn you. I have an ulterior motive; I want to fuck you.” “Do you want to breed me?” I asked. “Of course I do,” he replied. “Everyone wants to fuck you.” Tony helped strap me into the sling. Since my legs were spread wide, and my asshole fully exposed, I felt more totally open than ever before. My ass was defenseless. Rusty eased his well lubricated cock into my ass. His cock slid into me with no effort on his part and no resistance from me. His cock was not an invader. It was a friendly visitor. Rusty’s cock was the forerunner of multiple friendly visits from most of the men. I felt as if I was a violin being played by master violinists. Each man had his own style and technique. It was effortless on my part, but the men were all enthusiastic. The men had different fucking techniques, but there was only one variation. Would they shoot off in me, or pull out. I think Collins didn’t intend to breed me, but he had a surprise orgasm. He was still spurting when he pulled out. The dribbling sperm on my ass, was treated as icing on the cake. Bruno was next in line. His tool was long and thick. Usually, my sphincter was the last barrier to going deep in my ass. Since I was spread-eagled open, it was no longer a barrier. It became an effective massaging tool. That was good for my tops, especially for the men with thicker tools. My sphincter was magic for Bruno’s cock. He took his time and had a spectacular, very vocal orgasm. He shook ans shivered with each ejaculation. I wondered if his deeply implanted load with be an asset or a problem for the other men. Five minutes later I laughed to myself. What ever the state of race relations in the country, Bruno’s load in my ass was a definite asset. Delaney loved it. bursa escort bayan After he shot off, he said, “I didn’t know I could feel anything new. Don’s sperm filled ass a gay man’s dream come true. It was beautiful. He’s still tight and the lube is warm.” Tony asked me, “Do you need a rest before the next cock?” I told him I was fine. Salvatore was ready. Salvatore was in his mid fifties and liked younger men. Much of his staff were younger men and women. He never played with them. Sex can cloud your judgment, so he was strictly professional. He later told me that his father had a problems with female staff, and that almost was disastrous. “Good fucks aren’t always good cooks,” he explained. Salvatore was well endowed but careful. He knew his cock wasn’t for every man. It was good for me. He knew how to please. While he was passionate and excited, he also wanted me to be equally excited. Somehow I knew that as I felt his sperm squirting in my ass, I would be seeing him again. I had assumed that being gang banged in a sling would be impersonal and mechanical. I assumed that could be, but while the men at Tony’s party liked sex a lot, they wanted to please me too. Salvatore said sex was like ballroom dancing, both dancers had to be involved to be successful. The afternoon frolic wound down and we had another good dinner, followed by interesting conversation. The men had many interesting experiences, and everyone had a good sense of humor. I was tired due to shoveling snow and the afternoon sex so went to bed early. I woke up with Rusty and Salvatore in bed with me. We had a nice interlude, showered and went to make breakfast. The county and state crew had been busy over night and the road was clear. A warm front had come through, and as soon as the sun hit the roads, blacktop emerged. Some of the guest went home to do shoveling and storm cleanup. Leland, Salvatore, Rusty, Bruno, Delaney, Dudley, Tony, and I remained. We had a pleasant day of conversation inter-spaced with sex. I was the youngest man there, but they were not at all aggressive or pushy. I had a long talk with Leland. He had been a high school and college star athlete. He was a successful wrestling and football coach before the became an Athletic Director. He told me he had always been gay, but never connected with the coaches he admired. “One of my coaches cut a poor player from the team. The guy thought he was better than anyone else on the team, and he would hit our players to get the ball for himself. He claimed he was cut because he rejected the Coach’s sexual pass. A few weeks later the coach killed himself,” Leland told me. “Eventually the player said he made it up. That was a few years after the coach’s funeral.” “Is that why you didn’t visit me when I was in the sling?” I asked. “I don’t do young guys,” he said. “I’m not that young and I assume you noticed I am not the delicate type,” I said. Leland laughed. “I have noticed you aren’t a wallflower sitting alone in the corner of the ballroom. I’m not much into slings. Slings are a little to industrial for my tastes,” he said. I smiled and said that I had no problem with pre-industrial sex, adding, “I am afraid I am also a size queen, and I would love to sample your cock.” “I shoot huge loads. Guys complain I make a mess,” he said. escort bursa Five minutes later we were naked and going at it. Leland was a big man, but his cock was a good fit for my throat and was a perfect fit for my ass. I had thought that as an athlete he would have been driven and forceful. He seemed relaxed and calm. I realized he was able to be both relaxed, and remain rock hard the same time. He said my ass was made for his cock. It was tight, stimulating and comfortable. That was good for me, but it was great for Leland. I was a young man for him, and he had been avoiding young men when he was a coach. I am also a low stress man. I was increasingly comfortable with sex, and while getting fucked by a new playmate was exciting, I assumed it would be good. “My cock is a perfect fit. Is it okay for you?” Leland asked. I squeezed my sphincter in response. He continued thrusting. He began increasing the pace of his thrust, until I felt his cock throbbing as he ejaculated. I could feel each volley of sperm. When he pulled out, Rusty came over to me. “Is there room in your ass for another load?” he asked. He leaned over and whispered, “Leland turns me on. I would like to use his cum as lube.” I nodded and a second later his cock was in me. His cock seemed a little bigger that it had been before. I wondered if Leland’s sperm was inspirational. “Am I right thinking that you are still into sex even when you are well used?” he asked. “I still like sex and I don’t feel used,” I replied. “I guess my tolerance for sexual activity must be pretty high.” “My virgin days are long gone, but your ass still feels virgin, even though I have watched you being fucked for two days,” Rusty said. “Maybe I’m just a slut,” I said. “I think it is more of a gift. You can accept sexual pleasure as a gift. You see it as a pleasure, not as a sin. Some men consider sex as a guilty pleasure. They love it but it’s dirty, impure, tainted. Some of the religious think it’s evil. Rusty said. “Sex is an essential part of life. It isn’t pleasurable by accident. Without sex most advance life on earth would vanish,” he paused and added. “Without sex amoebas might be the most advanced life form on earth!” “Is that just a long way to say you want to fuck me?” I asked. He laughed and lifted and spread my legs and slipped his entire cock in me in a single thrust. “Damn! Leland’s cum is everything I hoped it would be,” he said. “It is the perfect lubricant for your ass.” “I feel as if I am on the way to the Emerald City. I said. “Everything is upside down. I’m confused.” “Just once and a while it’s good when you let your cock be your guide rather than your brain,” Rusty said. “Often that is a bad idea. I only make exceptions when my cock in the ass a receptive man.” “Don is that man?” Leland asked. “I think Don is becoming that man,” Rusty said as he made a hard thrust. Rusty had good aim and I enjoyed it. “Damn, it’s good,” he said. “Some men claim the first time you fuck is the best time. Cocks and prostates don’t wear out. If you are doing it right, it gets better with practice.” Leland laughed and said, “I guess it’s like eating something in a restaurant. If it’s really good, you don’t say it’s great, but you will never order it again, the first time was the best and it will never be that good again.” We laughed. “If Don is still in the mood, I just shot off and if you are interested in using an old wrestler’s sperm as lube this is your chance,” Rusty said. Of course I was still in the mood. Leland replaced Rusty, and all was well.

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