The Waitress Who Couldn’t Wait

Aidra Fox

She’d had her eye on him for quite a while now. He came in to the coffee shop regularly with a group of noisy, laughing students from the Business School. He smiled at their antics, but rarely took part, seemingly more reserved. He’d attracted her attention as he was the lone Indian boy, in a group of the usual white Americans. He was his early twenties maybe, just shy of six feet with masses of black hair and dark brown eyes. She felt drawn to him; she felt he was lonely even though he was part of this crowd.

Recently he’d taken to staying behind for a while after his friends had left. She had noticed him watching her but he’d blushed and looked away whenever she caught his eye. She had the feeling that he was screwing up the courage to talk to her, maybe even to ask her out, despite the probable fifteen years she had on him. He shredded paper napkins and played with the sugar until she wanted to slap his hands like a irritable mother.

She studied him from behind the relative safety of the glass cabinets that were home to the gateaux, scones and cheesecake. He sipped his black coffee thoughtfully, perhaps relishing the peace now that his friends had made their boisterous exit. He was wearing a short sleeved shirt and she was fascinated with his hairy arms. She looked to the ‘V’ of where his shirt buttoned and thrilled at the lush hair she could see there. She sighed as she imagined caressing his jaw, dark with stubble. She loved hairy men; proper men. She hated the trend for even men now to shave their legs and their bodies. If she wanted to izmit escort sleep between a pair of smooth silky legs, she’d sleep with a woman. She smiled to herself, wondering if this young man was as physically perfect as he promised to be.

She went over to where he was sitting, and wiped the already clean table once again. He smiled up at her; beautiful white strong teeth and dark lips, dark caramel skin. She realised as her heart lurched how much she wanted him. She suddenly sat down next to him, her hand on his thigh and squeezing. He blushed delightfully and smiled encouragingly.

‘I’ve got a half an hour’s break due now. Do you want to come with me?’ She surprised herself with her forthrightness, but thought if she waited for him to make the first move, she’d wait a long time. And he was gorgeous; she just didn’t want to wait any longer. She wanted to take his shirt off and run her fingers over his chest. She squeezed his thigh harder, to make sure he didn’t mistake her intentions. She looked at him questioningly and he swallowed nervously but nodded in acquiescence.

‘Not much of a talker, are you?’ she laughed, grabbing his hand and pulling him up from his seat and leading him through the door marked ‘Staff Only’.

The little Staff Room was the usual jumble of mismatched chairs, around a low table. She pushed the boy down into an armchair and sat on his lap, facing him. She leaned in and kissed him hungrily, like he was Today’s Special. He kissed back softly, tentatively. She wound her hands through his thick black hair and held his yahya kaptan escort head tightly, prolonging their kiss. She felt him squirming slightly beneath her as their close contact was presumably starting to have an effect. She sat back and started to undo the buttons of his shirt, wriggling on his lap somewhat, enjoying the growing bulge she felt beneath her.

As she undid the buttons she marvelled at his beautiful chest; abundant dark hair around his nipples and a thick line leading down into the waist band of his jeans. She placed her hands on him, loving the texture of the hair. She rubbed her palms across his nipples and felt them grow hard beneath her touch. She kissed each one in turn and licked them softly. The boy let out a strangled groan and found his voice at last:

‘I’m a total virgin you know.’ She sat back and looked him straight in the eye quizzically. He attempted to say something else; to explain, to excuse, to exonerate. But he stuttered painfully and the meaning was lost. She kissed him again, to stop him and this time he kissed her back harder, more urgently. She pulled his shirt down over his shoulders, as far as his elbows, successfully trapping his arms by his side. He smiled as she kissed his shoulders and his neck and closed his eyes in pleasure; opening them suddenly when he no longer felt her weight on him. She pushed his knees apart and opened his zip, releasing him from his white briefs. She unconsciously licked her lips and deliberately licked his cock, slowly drawing her tongue across gebze escort the head. She put just the head into her mouth and sucked gently. His cock lurched dramatically and she felt his whole body tremble violently as he sharply exhaled a word she didn’t catch, didn’t recognise, didn’t understand.

As much as she would have liked to introduce the boy and his beautiful cock to the delights of a good sucking – she didn’t think he would last much longer. And she wanted to feel him inside her. It had been a while. She’d missed sex so much. But she hadn’t missed all the shit she’d had to put up with as well. She was just ripe for a nice straightforward, uncomplicated fuck.

She made him lift his hips up as she removed his clothes and shoes and quickly took off her own somewhat damp panties. She climbed back up into the arm chair, straddling him. She looked into his face, seeing a mixture of anxiety and anticipation there. Caressing his cheek and whispering endearments, encouragement, entreaties; she gently took hold of the base of his cock and lowered herself down on it slowly, swallowing him whole in one deft movement. They both breathed in with pleasure together. He filled her up perfectly and she gripped him tightly; even as she rose up again. She felt his hips buck as she fucked him slowly. They quickly found their rhythm and she ground herself against him, rocking back and forth, feeling her orgasm gathering its forces. She looked deep into the boy’s dark eyes; almost all pupil in his heightened state of arousal. Disconcertingly, she could see herself reflected back in his eyes, but still their eyes remained locked together as they came simultaneously with low moans trapped in their throats. Absolution for both of them; each giving the other exactly what they needed; release, relief, rescue.

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