The Virtue Auction Ch. 18


Sophia sat with her feet dangling off the edge of the bed. I had untied her so that we could take a short break, and given her the bottle of water I had previously set on my night stand. She must have been thirsty because she quickly downed half of the bottle, so I went and grabbed another one for myself, drinking a few long swigs before setting it down.

“Well, what do you like best out of everything we’ve tried?” I asked, crawling up onto the bed from the side opposite where Sophia sat.

I had taken off my strap-on harness and came up right behind her, straddling her body so my feet hung off the edge too, and wrapped my arms around her belly. Her body was warm and her long, black hair covered her back, sticking to the sweat that had appeared from the exertion. The silky strands felt good as my breasts pressed up against her back.

“Do you like my toys? The wands?” I continued softly, resting my chin on her shoulder. “My fingers?”

I slid one hand down to her bare mound to tease her clit a little with my fingers. My other hand gently cupped one of her firm breasts.

“The tribbing? My mouth?” I suggested, nuzzling against her neck and licking a trail up to her ear before nibbling on her earlobe.

“Or maybe you liked getting fucked with my strap?” I whispered.

Sophia downed the rest of the bottle and capped it. “I liked all of it,” she cooed.

“That’s not what I asked,” I said, rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. “Surely you must have a favorite. I know all of this is new to you, but one of those things must stand out as better than all the rest.”

I flicked her clit gently with one finger, earning me a soft gasp from Sophia.

“Well, your fingers are very skilled,” she said. “And so is your mouth. But the wands feel so good. And the tribbing was really fucking hot. And I did like getting fucked, but the dildo felt too big.”

“That still doesn’t answer my question,” I said, kissing behind her ear. “If you had to pick one, which would you want to do again?”

“Um, it’s really hard to choose. I guess I would want you to eat me out again?” Sophia said nervously.

“Mmm, I would like that too,” I said, kissing her neck. “You tasted absolutely delectable. Such a sweet nectar I could get drunk off of.”

I let go of her breast and moved my hand away from her still soaking wet pussy to embrace her against my body.

“You’ve been such a good girl for me, Sophia,” I continued. “And I promise I will do that again before the night is over, but only after we play one more game.”

I released Sophia from my grip and backed away. I went back over to my shelves of toys and grabbed my favorite wand again.

“This is one that I like to call invisible ropes,” I explained. “Because you’ve been so good, I want to give you one more chance to prove to me that you have complete control over your body, so for this I’m not going to tie you up. Lay down on your back and I’ll explain.”

Sophia obeyed and laid herself down in the middle of the mattress on her back. She propped her knees up with her feet flat on the mattress and her legs apart, already knowing I would want full access to her womanhood.

“The rules are simple,” I said, positioning myself on the bed by her side. “Don’t move, and as always don’t cum. Move any part of your body and I take the wand away. So no humping, no squirming, no trying to make yourself cum. You must stay completely still if you want to feel this wand against your pussy, as if you’re being held in place by invisible ropes. Can you do that?”

“I’ll try my best, Miss Rose,” Sophia nodded.

I turned the wand on and set it to a wave pattern, ramping up and back down, from minimum to maximum intensity. You could hear it rev up and down as I brought it close to Sophia’s mound but didn’t touch her quite yet. I just held the wand there, less than an inch away to tease her. Sophia could feel the faintest of vibrations and whimpered as she tried to fight her instincts to thrust her hips up to touch the toy.

“Oh Miss Rose that’s not nice!” Sophia complained.

“What made you think I was going to be nice?” I asked rhetorically in amusement. “None of my games have been particularly nice. I care about you, yes, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be nice to kaçak iddaa you all the time.”

It was such a huge tease being able to feel the air pulsating from the vibrations of the wand, but not quite feeling it’s touch, and I knew that. But that was the goal. I was trying to make her move even though I’d just told her not to. By now Sophia should have figured out that that was kind of my thing, telling her not to do something, and then trying to make her do it. I still held the wand barely half an inch away from her clit a moment longer. Sophia laid her head back and closed her eyes trying to concentrate on holding still. She balled up her hands at her sides, grabbing fistfuls of the soft sheets.

I pulled the wand away and brought it up to her chest, lightly touching it to the tip of one of her perfect, pink nipples. Sophia gasped softly, and flinched a little as her eyes were still closed. As soon as she did, I pulled the wand away, watching her nipple begin to stiffen from the brief vibrations.

“Open your eyes, kitten,” I ordered. “It’ll be easier to hold still if you can see where I’m going to touch you so it’s not a surprise.”

Sophia opened her eyes and watched as I touched her nipple again. She remained still this time and it hardened the rest of the way. I leaned down and took her erect nipple into my mouth, sucking gently on it. Sophia moaned softly as I swirled my tongue in a circle around it. As I gave attention to her nipple with my tongue and lips, I reached down with the wand and touched it against her clit with just the lightest of pressure. But she squirmed immediately, instinctively raising her hips for better contact with the wand, so I quickly pulled it away again and released her nipple from my lips with a popping sound.

“Ah ah, hold still, kitten,” I chastised.

“I’m sorry, Miss Rose, I’m trying,” she apologized.

“Well try harder then,” I suggested. “Don’t make me tie you up again.”

Sophia nodded and I returned the vibrator to her clit with the faintest touch. I grazed it up and down over her slit a few times, testing her control. She breathed steadily in through her nose and out through her mouth, concentrating on keeping her tight, toned ass against the mattress as I relentlessly teased her.

“Good girl,” I said, leaning back down to suck on her nipple again.

I loosely held onto the wand, letting it’s weight rest against her clit. The lack of firm pressure would hopefully drive her into a frenzy, wanting more but being unable to do anything about it. I intended to draw out the tease as long as I could. I didn’t want her to get to the edge quickly this time. The slower I went, the easier it would be to keep her right on the cusp of orgasm.

As I let the wand lightly tease her clit, I focused on stimulating her nipple with my mouth. I tried various techniques to see what would get me the best reaction. I flicked my tongue across her nipple, side to side, up and down. I nibbled on it, gently biting and pulling a little, which earned me another gasp. I sucked hard, pulling the whole nipple into my warm mouth and twirled around it with my tongue and she moaned loudly, arching her back.

I stopped once again, pulling the wand away and letting her nipple pop out of my mouth.

“This is going to be very difficult for you if you don’t control yourself,” I said, shaking my head. “If you’re already struggling with it now, it will be damn near impossible for you when you get closer to orgasm.”

Sophia huffed in frustration, but didn’t whine this time. She just took a deep breath and braced for me to continue, so I obliged her and returned the wand to her clit, and my mouth to her nipple. I could hear her concentrated breathing over the oscillating buzz of the vibrator, and with every three or four breaths she let out a soft moan. She did well for few minutes, not moving a muscle despite the maddening tease, so I pressed the wand just a little bit harder against her clit, and switched to suck on her other nipple.

Her moans came more frequently now, and it wasn’t long before I felt her hips thrust upward against the vibrator. Once again I stopped what I was doing and gave Sophia a look of disappointment.

“Noooo…” she whined. “Miss Rose this is hard! I want more!”

“Well kaçak bahis too bad, because this is all you’re getting until you stop moving so much,” I said sternly.

Sophia growled, and I could see her cheeks flushing a little. She must have been closer than I thought. I switched the vibrator to a different pattern, one that pulsed quicker but only half as intense. As she neared her orgasm I would have to pay close attention to how her body responded, backing off on the wand’s intensity to prolong her pleasure. I decided to simply focus on her clit now, leaving her diamond hard nipples unstimulated so that I could better watch her for movement.

I kept the tease going another ten minutes, maintaining frustratingly faint pressure against her clit, and pulling away a few times whenever Sophia would squirm a little. I had switched the vibrations again to a steady buzz at the lowest setting. Her cheeks and upper chest were now rosy red, and her moans long and steady, and I knew she was at the state of arousal I wanted to keep her at.

“Miss Rose, I-I don’t think this is enough to m-make me cum, but I’m sssso close!” Sophia moaned, thrusting her hips upward.

“But kitten, don’t you want the bigger prize?” I asked, pulling the wand away immediately. “I didn’t think you wanted to cum.”

“I don’t nnng-know what I want,” she whined. “I want the money, but I want to cum so fucking bad right now!”

Yes, she was almost there, a little bit closer and she’d be right where I wanted her.

“In stead of thinking about what you want, what do you think I want?” I asked, quickly, and firmly tapping the wand against her clit, earning me a loud gasp. “You know I don’t want you to cum, so why are you trying to get me to make you?”

She she didn’t answer but held still for a moment, so I held the wand firmly against her clit for a few seconds.

“Ffff-fuck…” Sophia cursed, tilting her hips to try and pull herself away from the wand this time.

“Ahh, have you changed your mind already?” I asked with a smirk.

“I don’t think I like you right now, Miss Rose,” Sophia said with a hint of playful anger.

I laughed in response and replied, “My goal was never to make you like me, kitten. You are my property, not my lover.”

I pressed the wand against her clit again and her legs trembled uncontrollably. Perfect. I turned the wand off, and repositioned myself between her legs, laying down on my belly. I inches up to her smoothly shaved womanhood and licked a broad stroke over her soaking wet lips, tasting her oh so sweet juices.

“Oh my god,” Sophia moaned. “I’m right there…”

Sophia was so highly aroused, so close to climaxing that all it would take was maybe ten or fifteen seconds with my tongue to push her over the edge. I twirled my tongue around her clit twice and she shuddered.

“Two and a half million dollars on the line,” I reminded her. “All you need to do is hold out a little bit longer.”

I kissed her clit, sucking gently and flicking it back and forth for a few seconds. Sophia’s legs quivered again.

“Fuckfuckfuck…” she muttered, trying to control herself as best she could.

“Don’t cum,” I commanded. “You know in your heart that you don’t want this night to end.”

I swirled my tongue around her clit again, a little longer this time even after she tried to pull her hips away.

“Ohmygodohmyhodohmygod, no no no no,” Sophia moaned, squeezing her eyes shut as if trying with all her might to hold back her orgasm.

“Are you going to cum, kitten?” I asked, blowing gently on her clit.

“Yes!” Sophia squealed, white knuckling the sheets in her fists. “I can’t stop it!”

I saw her perfect pussy clench up as the first contracting wave of her orgasm came uncontrollably. I immediately dove back in, sealing my lips around her clit to suck hard and flicked my tongue vigorously over the sensitive nub. I had kept her on edge for several minutes at this point, so I knew if I went all out now her orgasm would be world shattering, and I was right.

Sophia moaned unintelligibly as her climax took control of her whole body. She shuddered and trembled from head to toe, squeezing my head between her legs. She let go of the sheets and grabbed the back of my head with both hands, pressing illegal bahis my face firmly against her mound. I continued to suck and lick with fervor, trying to make her orgasm last as long as I could. She bucked her hips wildly as if trying to fuck my face.

After what seemed like a full minute, Sophia’s orgasm subsided and she let go of my hair, unclamping my head from between her legs. I gradually slowed the rhythm of my tongue and eased off on my suction.

“Holy shit…” Sophia exclaimed, panting heavily.

She straightened her legs into a wide straddle and flung her arms out to the sides, laying in a flat spread eagle position. I let her lay there for a moment to catch her breath and collect herself while gently kissing her mound. She lay silent for a minute or two before I finally sat up.

“Well, congratulations, you are officially a virgin no longer,” I said with a smile.

“That was amazing,” she said, propping herself up onto her elbows. “But I’m sorry I couldn’t hold it anymore.”

“‘No need to apologize, kitten,” I said, crawling over to lay on my back next to her.

Sophia rolled onto her side and snuggled up against me, draping her arm over my chest and nuzzling her face into the crook of my neck.

“I am quite satisfied, Sophia,” I said, reaching up to stroke her hair. “You have earned every penny.”

“So what now?” She asked curiously. “I mean, is that it? Do I have to go home now?”

I noticed that her first question was about staying with me, and not about when she would get her money. It gave me hope that maybe she really didn’t want our short relationship to end.

“You can if that’s what you want,” I said calmly. “Or you could spend the rest of the night here and sleep with me. The choice is yours. You are free to do as you wish. I won’t kick you out in the middle of the night.”

“I’d like to stay here then, Miss Rose,” Sophia said, sounding suddenly tired.

“I would like that, Sophia,” I cooed. “I would like that very much.”

I let Sophia cuddle with me a bit longer and noticed that it didn’t take long for her to fall asleep. I carefully removed her arm from around me and slid away from her. She was exhausted, and rightfully so, so I grabbed a pillow and placed it gently under her head. I took the covers that had been bunched up at the foot of the bed and pulled them up to cover her sleeping form, then rolled her over to face away from me as I snuggled up behind to be her big spoon and fell asleep with her in my arms shortly after.

The next morning I awoke to the sunlight peering in through the wide windows. I felt Sophia stir and noticed we were still in the same position we’d fallen asleep in.

“Good morning, kitten,” I said softly, kissing her porcelain cheek.

“Mmm good morning Miss Rose,” Sophia mumbled.

“I’m going to take a shower and go get myself some coffee,” I said, crawling out of bed. “You can join me in the shower if you’d like, or just do your regular morning routine however you please and meet me downstairs.”

I was pleased to find Sophia step into the shower with me as I began to wash my hair. We cleanse ourselves up, washing each other as we had the first night, but did not get intimate with each other. It was a nice start to the morning. We both got dressed in robes and went down to the kitchen together for a cup of coffee. I told her that my maids would set out a change of clothes for her that she can keep, and that my chauffeur would be waiting to take her home or wherever she wanted to go. Her money would be wired to her account by noon, and that if there was anything she needed she could call me.

When she had left, I wondered if that was the last time I’d see her. I kept the invigoration open if she ever wanted to come back on her own terms and have a night of fun with me again. I went about my normal Sunday routine, relaxing and taking some much needed time to myself to unwind. She had texted me twice throughout the day, first to let me know that she’d gotten home safely, and a second time to thank me for the time we’d spent together and for the money that was now in her bank account, but then silence for the rest of the day until later that evening after I’d had a nice dinner by myself that Melissa cooked up for me.

I heard my phone buzz and saw that I had a notification from the front desk saying that I had a visitor waiting to come up to my penthouse.

My heart skipped a beat. Sophia had come back for one more night…

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