Chapter 12

It”s now been three weeks since Blake, Sam, Calvin, and Mitchel all moved in with us, and life is going great. As surmised, Sam was swimming fully after his third time in the pool, so that”s great. The concrete company came only two days later and poured all the concrete for the barn addition, and then four days later the crew came and built the barn once it was delivered. Geoff taught Sam how to build the pens, and they got them all done, and just in time, because all the new animals have been delivered, as well the new tack for the new horses, which then all those that had no idea how to ride, were taught, and we enjoyed a few nice rides, especially on the nice long trail that Easton and Ethan had made.

Also as surmised, it took only three days for Mitchel”s property to sell, it went into a bidding war, and sold for ten and a half million, and I can well imagine that the house will likely be gone soon, but they may just leave it “til the plans are complete for whatever they plan to put in there. Mitchel and Calvin, because they love to cook, took over almost all the cooking duties for all of us, and when they weren”t doing that, they started building the mini golf course first, and already it”s looking really cool, but they”d borrowed the truck and trailer a couple times and went and got supplies once they had the money. They started in the very centre by digging a large pit, and then several waterways leading to it, to do a pond and creeks to feed it, they say that they”re gonna have fish in it even. It”s gonna look amazing when they”re done

Easton and Ethan have been busy building their newest hiking trail, and claim that they”re very nearly done, even including the bridge that they needed to make. They ended up dropping two good sized trees across the creek, then used their chain saws to make them at least somewhat uniform, then carried all the planks up and screwed them in place. Because this bridge is only just barely a metre high, they didn”t bother with safety rails or anything, since they didn”t really feel it was necessary, and since this won”t be for the horses anyway, they weren”t as worried about it being perfectly flat either. They did get very wet a few times while doing this by the sounds of it, because they had to work in the water a couple times during this part, but the water was only up to their knees at this time, but they say that it”ll probably get at least twice as deep during spring run off. Most of the rest of the trail was just clearing bush and trees to make it easier to navigate, but they did have to do several areas of patching and building up to make it safe as well they say.

In the three weeks I”ve had, I built five more beds, dressers, end tables, and two simple tables with benches, and I took them into town yesterday and gave them to the people who are going to distribute them. While taking that in, I also dropped off at the shipping centre all the things that have also sold that we”ve made, but this was mostly Toby and Brady. Of course I also picked up several boxes from the shipping centre at the same time, since they were there, and we”d ordered lots again, most especially good baby diapers. Shelby has a really good start on his second guitar, and it”s already looking spectacular.

Tonight is a very special night, though, and we had a slightly early dinner, so that we can go and watch the art auction that Gerald”s hosting. He sent us the link, and so, in the rec room, on the big screen, we sat and watched the auction. We”re all quadruple baby diapered for this event, I didn”t wanna risk anyone missing something important you see, but, I also have the strangest feeling that both Art and Blake are gonna flood their diapers in surprise a couple times tonight. I wasn”t wrong, either, they must feel like wrung out sponges by the time the auction”s over and done with. Every piece that they both had for sale, sold, and for a lot.

As soon as everything was finished, and we shut everything down, I looked to both Art and Blake, smiled brightly to them, and ask, “So, what”d you think about that?”

They couldn”t say anything, they”re still completely speechless.

“I didn”t expect the combined total would be nearly five million, but I believe I told you that you”d likely hit four, Gerald said three, but he didn”t see all the people”s reactions like I saw them, and I was paying more attention to that than almost anything else. If my calculations are correct, you earned just over three million Art, and you”re just about two yourself Blake, but then Gerald takes his cut, so, you”re both very rich all of a sudden.”

“But how?” Blake croaked out.

“Because you”re good.” Me and at least five other voices could be heard saying at the same time.

“I only had twenty seven paintings though?” Art said.

“Yeah, but a few of them went for well over a hundred thousand, and the cheapest one went for fifty five. Same as you Blake with only nineteen paintings, your biggest and most popular one went for one fifty, and your cheapest was fifty, so, trust me, you”re both very good.”

“Congratulations.” Geoff smiled warmly to his Baby.

“Thanks.” Art smiled back.

“Congratulations to the both of you. Now you”re gonna haveta paint lots more, so that you can fill your sections at the gallery back up again.” I teased.

“I”ve already got two done.” Art said.

“Same.” Blake said.

“Great. If you can average two a month, then you”ll make shit loads of money, because in a year, I bet Gerald does this all over again.”

“I”m likely to finish the next one in just a day or two, so, I might average three a month, since I getta get a lot more time to do it now.” Art said.

“Same.” Blake said.

“That”s great Babies.”

And with that, we all head to our bedrooms, I know the two artists” baby boyfriends wish to congratulate them for at least an hour, and for some reason, I also feel the need to congratulate my baby for at least an hour as well, maybe for being the best baby boyfriend around. Since we”re so thickly and gloriously diapered, all we do is kiss and stroke to four amazing gay baby boygasms, sharing all our cum in cum kisses. Once the pressure is released, we kiss tenderly for only a little longer, whispering to each other often how much we love each other, and then fall asleep all in love, curled tightly together as we always are.

It”s been a couple weeks since I finished my last project for work, and I”d been expecting another to come in shortly, and this morning, after breakfast and then seriously soggy and amazing very gay soggy baby bum changes, I checked my email, and found that Ted”s asked me to design a brand new multiple use tower, that he says the owners want over the top, fun. They want parking garage space for at least five levels, then five levels of retail space, two levels for an indoor fun house, then two more for a casino, and then the rest up to a total of thirty storeys is to be hotel rooms. When I looked at the address of the property I laughed, because I recognize it, so called in Mitchel and Calvin, and they too laughed when it was their old address. Because the property is so large, and has full street access from three sides, that”ll make entering and exiting the building far easier, that”s for sure. There”s also already an existing parking garage only three buildings down, so, that”s why they only want five levels I”m guessing, even though they”ll technically require more, but I think I”ll do at least one more, but, a lot of cars can fit on each level too, so, I”ll figure all that out. I figure fourteen floors of hotel rooms, in a very large building such as this will be, should easily be twenty rooms per floor, so a total of two hundred and eighty, but I”ll probably make a few nice large suites as well, so say two fifty. Maybe I”ll put the hotel lobby and a pool on the roof, that”d be cool, and different as well, and if I decide to do so, which I think I will, I”ll also strongly urge a stunningly beautiful rooftop garden with fountains and lots of plants. I asked all the others for their input as to what all I should include, and everyone gave me a lot of really great ideas, all of which I wrote down, and used them as I started doing up the preliminary sketches and ideas.

Three days after the auction, Gerald asked for Art and Blake to come in to get their cheques, and so, as a whole family, we head to the city to make the two baby boys very rich. There are a number of places that we all wanna stop at while we”re in the big city, since they have a larger selection of things, so we do have the cargo trailer on the back of the van as well, so that we can fit everything that we all want. There are at least three really good medical supply stores in town, that all carry excellent selections of adult diapers, and so, we all wanna hit all of them and pick up lots. There is, however, also an adult baby store that we”ve recently heard about that”s just opened up, and we all wanna go there and really stock up. (I wish there actually was, even I”d take the drive into Vancouver to visit it, and I absolutely despise driving in Vancouver, or any city for that matter) Art and Blake of course wanna hit up a few art supply stores again, me and almost all the rest wanna hit up a few tool stores and places like that, and Geoff and Sam want to stop at a ranch supply store on our way home that”s way larger than our local one. We”ll be lucky to make it home by bed time, but oh well.

We do go to the art gallery first, since that”s the entire reason for coming, and we made it in izmit escort time for the time Gerald asked for us to be there for. When we rang the bell, Gerald came and answered just a minute later.

“Ah, there”s my money makers. Fuck, you two earned a lot of money the other night, and so, therefore, with the commission that the gallery makes, you”ve made us a fair bit as well. Just one of your commissions to us well more than paid for the show that night, and all that I hadta pay for for both it and the auction, so, that”s awesome. I”ll actually be able to afford to lower the entrance fees, so that more people can come and enjoy. Have either of you got any more paintings ready yet?” He asked, but he”s eyeing the art tubes that they”re both carrying, so must know the answer to that.

“Good.” We all said pretty much together.

“Yeah.” Art and Blake both said, both handing over their pair of tubes, since the ones they”d been working on, and are nearly complete, weren”t quite ready to come yet, but that”s okay too.

“Oh goody, I can”t wait to see them. So, how are things going?” He asked.

“Great.” Everyone says together.

“Good.” He smiles brightly, because Blake and Sam are the loudest, and he”s so very happy that he helped to find them a suitable home where they can flourish.

We were invited to the office next, where he hands each baby boy an envelope, and urges them to open them up.

“Holy fuck.” They both gasp at much the same time.

“Nice eh!” Gerald says happily.

“I never dreamed that I”d ever make any real money painting.” Art said.

“Same.” Blake said.

“You absolutely will, both of you. When we do this again next year, I can well imagine that you”ll probably get much the same again.”

“I personally wager on even more,” Geoff said, “because if you tell everyone ahead of time that these two are gonna be showing again, I bet that brings in even more people, because all of the pieces that were sold this year to those rich people, you can guarantee that they”ve told all their friends, who are sure to look at them, and then want ones of their own, who”ll then show up next year, and pay even more.” I could not help but to agree, and everyone else nodded their agreement as well.

“You know, you”re probably more than correct on that.” Gerald laughed.

“I”d personally bet on it.” I said.

“Me too.” Nearly everyone else, including Gerald, said.

We talked for only a few minutes more, before saying that we have lots of other stops to make today while we”re in the city. Since we”re not far away, and he really does pay me, I did decide to stop in and see Ted and ask him what he thinks of the preliminary sketches I sent on the tower, and he loves it, and says he”s certain that the developer will as well, but that he hasn”t heard back just yet. He visited with Easton and Ethan for a few minutes, asking them how they”re doing, and how happy he is to hear how happy they are. We took our leave only a few minutes later, then hit the bank first, then all the medical supply stores that we know of, and all of us went in to buy all our diapers and doublers, nearly cleaning them all out of stock on all the ones we use, and loaded them all in the trailer. Blake said he had all these diapers, and gladly paid for it all.

Our next stop was the adult baby store, and nowhere did it say that the little baby boys aren”t allowed to enter, so, I make the call, because you have to call ahead and then be escorted in, there”s no markings on the building as to what”s inside, so to save troubles for everyone, and when we were escorted in, the man looked at all of us, looked down, saw what he needs to see, grinned, and welcomed us in. They actually have a really cute show room as you enter, made up like a babies nursery, showing off many of the items that they carry, and oh yeah, we”re so spending a lot of money here. We all feel the diapers that are on display, and so nice, so thick, so soft, and so babyishly cute. We have similar already, but these promise to be the thickest and thirstiest on the market, and they”re super soft and smooth, so we all just know they”re gonna feel absolutely amazing.

We only looked around for about an hour, all of us picking out nice things, but this is not their sales centre, this is only their show room, so, we head into the area where we”re allowed to grab all that we want to take home with us. Everything is in mostly unmarked boxes, except the clothes of course, I told everyone to grab two large cases of whatever diapers that they want, as well as two cases of the doublers, because these are even better than the ones we already use. So, we all do, each of us picking out a different print, because there are lots to choose from. Then we pick out some cute baby clothes, but mostly baby diaper shirts, but at least one cute baby outfit as well, and a really cute pair of one piece jammies that look so cute and babyish, but also so comfortable. We grabbed baby bottles and baby soothers, Geoff and Art picked out brand new kinky certified adult ultra thick and soft cloth diapers, since they wear them more often than the rest of us, but they grabbed more than enough for all of us anyway, then some really awesome rubber baby pants to go over them, which honestly, are so soft it defies logic, and will likely feel just as nice over our disposable baby diapers anyway. Then we really stock up on their baby lotion, diaper rash cream, and baby powder. By the time we”re done, our pile is simply massive, and so, the owner of the store, clearly an adult baby himself, because trust me, he”s not dressed in the normal sense, and his diaper is every bit as thick as you”d expect the owner of a store like this would be wearing, came over with his cordless barcode scanner and started scanning all the items. When the total came up, even I was astounded at how much we just spent, and before I could do so, Art was already there to pay, and you know what, I let him, mostly because he looked positively giddy at getting to do so. It took almost an hour to get it all out and loaded in the trailer, but we”re totally okay with that.

By now we”re all very much ready for lunch and soggy baby bum changes, and couple by couple we”d disappear to the washroom for our soggy baby bum changes, and by the last of us, their garbage can is likely to be far heavier than it ever has been, and we never even remotely cared. Trust me, the desire to change into some of our brand new ultra babyish and thick baby diapers was very high, but we hold off on doing so. We had a really good lunch, talking and joking like we often do.

Our next stops are the various art, tool, hardwood, hardware, and instrument making stores that we want, and in each store we spent not only lots of time, but money too, and by the time we”re finished, we”re almost half full in the trailer, so, lots to play with. Our last stop was the largest ranch and farm supply store that I”ve ever actually heard of, and I”d had no idea that the place existed, but southern BC has a lot of very good farm land, so, stores like this are in every community, this one just happens to be the largest I”ve personally ever heard of, and they do have a lot. We all ended up grabbing things that we want and need, Easton and Ethan grabbed lots of bird feeders, bird, bat, and insect houses for all over the property and their trails, and several other things for all their trails that they plan to do. Calvin and Mitchel too bought some of the same things and many other things for their golf courses. I bought more house plants, since I feel that every house should have lots of plants in it to help naturally filter the air, and we still hadn”t bought enough to do it justice, but I think this might. We all bought various tools and whatnot as well, and this store carries mineral oil in twenty litre pails for animal care, but is perfect for us in wood working for finishing things like cutting boards and salad bowls, and they carry bricks of beeswax from a local honey producer, and so, I also grab lots of that for the same reasons.

Geoff and Sam, however, really stocked up, and got way more of everything than I”d thought they could possibly use. When I asked about it, Geoff said he”s already ordered another greenhouse that”s a little better than double the size of one that we already have, because he wants to get more for not only us, but our animals too, since winter”s coming and we”re gonna need lotsa food for them too. Apparently it”s to be delivered and setup next week, and because it”s such a large one, it”s scheduled to take four full days to build, wow, that is big. They got shit loads of stuff for hanging plants for in the greenhouses, Sam saying that they”re getting more than enough to use lotsa space in both greenhouses at the same time. They even got all the stuff for keeping some honey bees of our own, saying that they”ve both been doing research on it, and not only will we get to keep some of the honey and the wax, but it”ll help all their plants too. I know nothing of honey bees, but it seems to me that they”re getting a lot, because they”ve got two rather large hives, and lots of honey bee larvae.

Art and Blake both stepped forth to pay for everything, and each took half the bill, saying that this is for their boyfriends mostly, but for everyone as well, so, they”re getting this one. I know they feel good to be able to help out like they are, and so, I happily let them, even though I woulda gladly paid the entire rather large bill myself. It took us damn near as long to stuff it all into the trailer as it”d taken us to buy it izmit otele gelen escort all, and we barely have any room left, but we do, and that”s truly all that”s important.

By the time we”re done, so are our thinner daytime diapers, as well we”re getting hungry again, since it”s been several hours since lunch, so, we decide to go for dinner, and same as at lunch, we all disappear in our pairs to go change our baby boyfriends” soggy baby bums, only this time we opt for much thicker, much more babyish diapers, with our newest and thickest doublers, and wow, super comfortable. Even with all our clothes bought around hiding diapers, they really hardly do anything to hide what we”re wearing, but I think, only because we know what to look for, and no one really paid us any attention at all, then once we”re at our table and sitting, no one can see anyway. We had a great dinner, all of us taking a pot of tea, and I think each of us drank a full pitcher of water as we enjoyed our meal.

Finally I paid the bill and we all head home. We do haveta go grocery shopping still, but it”s way too late in the day for that, and we all just wanna get home to our safe place, and decide to go out as a family tomorrow to go do the actual grocery shopping. The drive home was nice and uneventful and went by fast with all of us talking and joking and laughing as we often do, but by the time we make it home, we”re pretty much all done for the day, and only wanna go watch a movie before bed. Of course we stripped nearly the second we walked in the door, showing off our amazing baby diapers and how wet we already are, yet I feel that they”ll easily last “til tomorrow morning anyway.

They didn”t, on at least half of us, but, in all fairness, after having a great kiss and stroke session with my baby, we”d both been thirsty, so, we”d went and had a couple glasses of water before bed, so, that probably didn”t help, and you know what, we”re super happy with that, because our beautiful baby diapers we”re very full and super heavy. We all met in the laundry room at pretty close to the same time, all freshly showered and in our thinner daytime diapers again, only I know that Shelby and I aren”t the only ones with doublers in them, because I can tell all the others do too. We stuffed the washing machine as full as we safely could full of bed sheets and got it turned on. As we were doing so, I decided to order two more washers and dryers, since there”s so many of us now, that having three of each will certainly make life so much easier. I”d designed the laundry room in such a way that doing so in the future was more than possible anyway, and I guess the future is now.

After breakfast, we now have to go and offload the trailer, since it was all left for today. Nothing had been imperative to remove the night before, so, we do so now, utilizing all the carts we have for taking it all to the various places that it all needs to go to, and I”d bought more a couple times now so that we can all do so. Fuck is our diaper closet ever wondrously full, it looks spectacular. Once the trailer”s all emptied out, we all hop back into the van to head to the various grocery stores we need, to more than likely fill the trailer full once again. We hit three stores, Costco being the first, then had to go have lunch and soggy baby bum changes at a good restaurant because we”d spent so much time in doing so, and finally head home so that we can get everything put away, and that includes everything that we”d offloaded from the trailer already, it”d only been taken to their homes, but not put away, so that we could get a reasonably early start on grocery shopping.

Once home, we stripped down to our diapers first, and only then was everything brought in. Then finally we all help to get everything all put away properly where it all belongs, we all work together to do so, so each area takes no time at all. Once all that”s done, we disperse to go do what we wanna do. I head to my office first to do a couple hours of work on the high rise I”m designing, and then down to the shop to start making more tables and benches, since I was asked for more again. This time, because that”s all I”m making, I decide to do six tables and all the benches needed for them, but I”m also gonna try my hand at making a couple chairs too.

Two days later and Easton and Ethan claim that their newest hiking trail is now complete, and ask for us to all go on a nice soggy diaper hike with them, and as it just so happens, we”re all in double mega thick baby diapers that are at roughly half capacity, so, a soggy diaper hike it certainly will be, which is not only perfect, but the only way if you ask me. We all fill our canteens, and then the two baby boys lead us on their newest hike. It”s very nice, and far more challenging than their last one, that”s for sure, but they”d done a superb job on it, and we all say so a few times. I inspected their bridge when we got to it, on their request, and told them that they”d done an excellent job on it, and that it should last many years, causing them to smile brightly from the compliments from not only me, but everyone as well.

The next day, Mitchel and Calvin finished their mini golf course, I”d been able to tell that it was getting close to done, and so, today they finally showed it off, and so, we all got to play, and it was great. Now all they haveta do is the main golf course that goes around it, but they”ve already started some of that work too, not that it really needs a lot anyway.

The new greenhouse started being built the day they were supposed to, and it took them damn near the full four days that Geoff had been quoted, but it”s a big bastard, and looks really good. Almost as soon as the workers were gone, Geoff and Sam started working in there to get it all set up, and it took them more than a week to make all the growing benches that they need, and to hang all the hanging plant stuff that they”d bought for this greenhouse, because the ones they”d bought for the other one are already in and planted.

Two days later, Mitchel and Calvin are finished their golf course, and so, we all go golfing, and it was actually kinda fun, even though I”ve never done so before, other than mini golf of course. They really did do a great job of it, it looks good, they only went with a nine hole, instead of a full eighteen, but that”s okay.

Our two baby artists have completed a few more paintings each, and each time they show us what they”ve done, we all rave about them, but then, they really are so very good.

Shelby has completed his second electric guitar, and it looks and sounds even better than his first one did, it”s truly spectacular what he did, in fact.

Toby and Brady have made several more pieces, lots of jewellery boxes again, but also other things as well, and I”ve done lots too, we”re all keeping good and busy, having loads of fun creating, so, that”s good.

We usually all spend our evenings together, though, watching movies or TV, playing games, or sometimes an evening hike or a horseback ride, whatever we feel like doing, but that”s when we do our together things, all diapered, all the time, of course. We still try and go swimming most mornings to get some good exercise, not that we strictly need it with all that we do, but it”s good for us, and we enjoy it, so, we do so.

The tower that I”m designing, the owner loved the top floor, and the idea to put a huge garden up there, but asked if we could enclose it fully, and have it an indoor garden, and make a restaurant out of it as well, well, I love that idea, and so, do so. The centre part, where the elevator bank will come up, will be where the kitchen is, and on the opposite side will be the hotel lobby and pool, and I really like it, so, that”s what I”m going with. I even put in a water feature and creek, that will meander through the restaurant, lots of area for plants and trees, I think it”ll look spectacular. The rest of the building is coming along nicely, of course, but much of it”s actually really easy to do, because I don”t have to create any of the actual stores, or even the games house and casino, since they”re mostly just wide open spaces that they get to do with what they want. There were areas that they asked to be designed, but they”d already told me much of what they want and need for there anyway, so, that”s good. The hotel rooms are what take the longest time, after all the support work is completed of course, but, each floor really are much the same anyway, there”s no real point in making each one different, so, once one floor is complete, I just copy and paste it really.

As per usual, we”re all well diapered at all times, I doubt any of us are ever less than double diapered, and really, why shouldn”t we be, and most often we”re wearing our ultra thick, ultra babyish, and super thirsty baby diapers, and again, why shouldn”t we. We never wear more clothes than are necessary, though we do occasionally wear our very cute baby clothes or baby jammies, but, hey, why not. In fact, when in the shop, that”s what we tend to wear. Geoff and Art wear cloth diapers more often than not, and with the new amazing cloth diapers that they”d bought for all of us, we all wear them a little more often now as well, since they really are damn near as good, but I do still prefer my tape on baby diapers, and so too do the others, and everyone”s okay with that, since we”re all so alike, that really, any diaper”s a good diaper, as long as you peepee it properly.

Before we know it, winter has already started, and because we”re reasonably high up in the mountains and into a bit of a darıca escort valley, I”d been expecting snow, and snow we got. When it was seen that we were going to start getting snow, we all headed into town to do a large grocery shopping trip, so that we could ensure that we have lots of emergency supplies in case we get snowed in at any time. Normally our area doesn”t get all that much snow as a general rule, but given where we live, we wonder if we”re gonna get a bit more, and how that”ll affect everything. We”d already been in and gotten good quality snow tires put on both the van and the truck, so they”re all set, and we bought a snow plow blade for the truck as well, so that if we need to, we can clear our road, and we”re gonna try to do so every day so that we never truly haveta worry, but there is lots that we just don”t know.

I completed the plans for the high rise, and everyone just loves what I came up with, and as I understand it, construction”s already started, and they”re hoping to have it done in just a year, that”s a hell of a schedule, but that”s their problem. I”ve designed a few more houses in the meantime, though, and when I do them, they”re always for people that appreciate the type of work I do, and two of them wanted me to go all out, gave their lists of desires, usually said lists also include hundreds of pictures of things that they”ve seen that they like, and told me to wow them, and that they didn”t wanna even see it “til it”s finished, I truly do love those ones, and always go all out for them.

Our greenhouses are doing spectacular, and we always have fresh fruit and vegetables, and even the animals always have fresh food, since Geoff and Sam had planted lots extra just for them, so that”s most excellent. Easton and Ethan are now unable to truly work on more hiking trails, and the monster hike up to a lake that they found will take months more after winter to complete they claim, and that it”d been a hell of a hike just to get there, but they”d found the lake via aerial photos of the area, and so, went there, and apparently it”s really beautiful, so, they wanted to make a good trail to get there. Now, in the meantime, they”re playing in the shop with those of us who enjoy doing so.

Just before winter had started, one of Bill”s friends in our local area had contacted me, saying that he”d bought a large property to develop, and said property had something like twenty assorted hardwood trees, including a few walnut and cherry, several maple, two apple, and a peach tree, and then a shit load of birch and alder as well. He asked if I wanted it all, and I said hell yes so fast that I”m certain I broke the laws of physics. I told him to charge me what he feels fair, and he said he hasta pay to have them cut down and have them hauled away anyway, so, he”s giving it all to me for free, and when he asked if I wanted any of the softwood trees for firewood as well, I said certainly, and so, eight large and very full logging trucks dropped off a lot of logs for us, we separated it all, and put the hardwood logs into our shelter to season a bit, since our lumber piles in the garage are already stuffed full. So, that”s so very excellent, but I”m starting to think that another one of the barn structures might just be a very handy addition to our storage, but I”ll put it much closer to the house and make it fully sealed and climate controlled with more super strong racking in it.

Shelby is still making guitars, only now he”s working on a few at a time, since his second one had sold shockingly fast, and for a pretty good amount as well, and since he”s learned how to do so, he”s able to do more and faster, so is generally working on six at a time, always using the most beautiful and figured woods that he can find. His first batch of six that he”d completed sold just as fast, and for just as much, so he”s doing spectacularly.

The younger boys and me are also playing in the shop every day, building whatever tickles our fancy on whatever day, and we do lots. They even help me at times when I”m doing larger furniture pieces for donation, but we all build lots of things to sell as well. We”ve all gotten a lot done, and have sold and donated hundreds of pieces since the end of summer.

Calvin and Mitchel do most of the cooking and cleaning, since they don”t have much in the way of hobbies, but they actually enjoy it as well, and they do knit and sew, which they both found that they enjoyed, so, they do do that at least, and so, they make a fair bit as well. Some of the baby clothes they”ve made for all of us are super cute in fact, and they”re now selling to the adult baby store in Vancouver, so that”s awesome, but then, even I”ve made a few adult baby furniture pieces for them too.

Art and Blake are painting up a storm most days, and are averaging three paintings per month each, so, when the next art show and then auction are done, it”s sure to be a very successful year for them. From all that I”ve seen that they”ve done, because they show us everything, I personally feel that they”re gonna double what they earned at the last one, and while they don”t agree, all the other family do.

Geoff and Sam are taking care of all the animals and the greenhouses, as well the inside plants, and they”re all doing very well. Geoff still teaches all that want to learn all about computer programming still, and they”ve automated a few more things throughout the house, barns, and greenhouses, often having to build cool things in order to do so. Their systems for our power management work flawlessly, and we almost never have any issues whatsoever, and the only time we did switch fully to stored power, the computer alerted us to the problem right away, and when we checked, it was simply because a tree came down and diverted water away from the wheel, and while it did slightly damage the rudder, it was a quick and reasonably easy fix, and not even a whole day was used up from the time the tree fell and we had everything repaired, so, that”s amazing.

Of course we”re still all diapered good and proper every day, and every day we all make sweet gay baby diaper love to our babies in one way or another, and hell, some days it was two or more times, for no other reason than it it bloody well feels amazing, so, we”re all exceedingly happy. We also still take our evenings and rest, most often all together as the odd family that we are, and every night we try and do something different, but still together.

We had a really good winter, and while we did get a shocking amount of snow, with the truck and both tractors, never once did we actually get socked in, so, that”s great. I ordered the largest barn kit I could, and we all built the forms for the concrete company, and they came in and poured that. The crews came in only a week later and installed our new storage barn, which we then installed all the racking that I”d also bought, and then spent more than two weeks milling up all the hardwood that we”d gotten, and while the kiln took longer, we”d stuff it full as much as we could, as often as we could, it was still more than a month later when it was all dried and ready for use, but Shelby was always there, checking every piece for figure, and flagged every one that he wanted set aside, and we always did, but there was a shocking amount of beautifully figured woods, so that”s great.

As soon as Easton and Ethan were able to, they continued building their newest hiking trail, though they”d went and checked both of the others after winter, to see how they fared, and other than some cleanup, and one fallen tree, they did very well. So far none of the snow melt runoff has damaged anything, so that”s really good. They did tell us, though, that their new trail needs seven bridges, but that because it”s such hard terrain, they have to build them in place, since carrying materials up is tricky at best, but not once did they ask for help, and so, we do not.

The rest of us continue our work, all of us having a great deal of fun in all that we do, and we all get a lot done.

From then on, we just keep on going, all of us together, learning, playing, designing, building, and everything else that we enjoy doing. Art and Blake”s second auction went every bit as well as I thought it would, and so too did every one after that, we added on a few more family members over the years, and ended up building a dozen nice little cottages all around the golf course to house all the family that we ended up with over the next twenty some years, and of course this meant we also built a new huge kitchen and dining hall to do so, as well a full on large games house and theatre, but that”s more than okay, we rescued so many baby boys it”s not even funny, and all are happy, healthy, and of course diapered, but we all help to contribute to our existence, and all are happy to do so.

Though our story continues on “til I can”t breathe any more, this is all that can be said about that.

****Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed. If you made it this far, I would love to hear from you, at erich5748 at ail. Thanks to all for all your wonderful comments over the years, it truly has helped me to overcome a lot. As I”ve said many times, I write for myself and simply share with others that enjoy, but I do this solely as self therapy. As always, this story and all my others are mine, so please ask prior to sharing them elsewhere, but if you know of any places that like this sort of story, please do tell me, or ask, I”ll almost always say yes. Like was said at the start of the story, this was an idea given to me by a fan, if you have any ideas you”d like to see turned into a story, let me know, and I”ll see what I can come up with. I cannot promise anything, of course, but if I can, I will. Please support this site in any way you”re able to, to allow us all to use this site as we so love. Thanks again. Until the next soggy diaper must be changed,****

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