The Urinals – Part 1.


The Urinals – Part 1.This story is a work of fiction.I was 19 years old and a total virgin when it came to men, I’d had relationships with women before this point in my life and I’d assumed I was a straight guy, until this day.I was out, drinking with some mates of mine. The problem with drinking is that sooner or later you’re gonna need a piss and when that happens you have to visit the toilet, the toilets in the places I drink tend to be pretty fucking disgusting, they stink of stale piss and you never really want to spend a lot of time in there. I went in to do what needed to happen, stood near the urinal and pulled out my cock, pulling back my foreskin I let it loose and started to piss. You know that feeling when you finally piss after you really need to? Fuck, bahis şirketleri it felt so good. I was so busy with doing what I was doing I didn’t pay much attention to the guy that came up to the urinal one away from me until he spoke to me, in a sort of a gruff voice he said “hey son, enjoying yourself?” I looked over at him and said “yeah, having a good night.” but the look in his eyes told me he wasn’t really interested in if I was or wasn’t having a good night, he looked pent up. I carried on pissing until my bladder was empty and sighed a sigh of relief, “enjoy that piss, son?” he was starting to creep me out, this man, old enough to be my father, practically leering at me. But back then I was so innocent, I didn’t connect the dots at first, it took me longer bahis firmalar than I’d like to admit too..”You’ve got a nice cock there son, your girl must be happy with you.” he smirked at me and I realised he’d been taking glances of my cock while I’d been pissing, I quickly went to put it away but he spoke up “Oh, don’t put it away, I like looking at it, it’s a good cock.”, I was shocked but slightly flattered, I don’t know why I went along with him but I did, I moved my hand away and left my cock hanging there, “Y-you think so?” I stuttered, nervous and unsure, what was I doing? This was crazy! Then I noticed something else, the man hadn’t been pissing, he’d been standing there with his cock out, looking at mine.. “You don’t need to piss?..” I tried to play it kaçak bahis siteleri off as friendly banter between men, but he smirked and said “No, I came here for something else tonight.” my heart fluttered, I wanted to get out of there but I also wanted to see what he was talking about. He told me to look, and gestured down with his head.. His cock was hard, I was shocked by it, I’d never seen another mans hard cock outside of porn, never in person.. “What ‘ya think, son?” he grinned at me, and I was lost for words. “Uh, I-I..” he laughed and patted my arm with his free hand “Don’t be so shy son! We’ve all got a cock here, right?” I nodded, still somehow transfixed on his cock.”You getting yourself excited too, son?” I looked away from his cock and down at my own, to my surprise I was hard too, I blushed hard, my face turning red. He laughed again “You’re a cutie, ain’t ‘ya?” he moved closer, stepping towards me he reached down and touched my cock.. I jumped back in a panic.. To be continued.

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