Subject: A Neglected Boy The Twins LXXXV Please support Nifty to keep stories coming. fty/donate.html Thanks to all Nifty Staff for their help. Please remember this Story is fiction, names fabricated, locations may be accurate. Included links are fun. … There may be some sex; it will be gentle and loving. Just a reminder the story is told by either Jake or Kori in alternating Chapters. A Neglected Boy “The Twins” LXXXV [email protected] From the end of Chapter LXXXIV After some `fun’ with Keith and Ethan Morning came way to fast…… Chapter LXXXV ….. Morning came way to fast and I was half asleep but sure that the noise I was hearing was the sound of Jabbering’s engine. I looked over at Jake his arm gently across “The Twins” sleeping as if he was in some type of coma from the exhausting activity of earlier in the night. I was fully awake and that is Jabbering’s engine I hear; and just when did “The Twins” crawl in bed? As quietly as I could I slid from under the covers and out our cabin door into the salon. I was greeted by a smiling Antonio and Kris who quickly cracked up laughing at my state of nakedness. I wasn’t even concerned as now it wasn’t only Jabbering’s engine; I was hearing but the sound of anchor chain clanking its way into the chain locker. Pirates! … No time for shorts or even boxers I scrambled up the companionway and slammed head on into Ethan. He was as startled as I but more because I was totally naked and now in view of several other boaters waving at Ethan or my nakedness. . . . . “Kori !!, geeeeze, go put some clothes on, maybe take a shower first.” . . . . Thanks Ethan, I said as I stepped back and down one step of the companionway … a little less for all the world to see. Ethan, now with Keith at his side, and both smiling looking directly at my shriveled up `thing’ explained that they thought Jake and I would be tired and were completely capable of getting Jabbering underway and headed back to Mystic. I looked around to see that they had removed the tent like covering over the boom and unzipped the mainsail cover. Everything on deck was stowed. All the electronics were up and running with our Navionics showing a heading of 264 degrees and 64.33 miles to Block Island. The Garmin radar was running and they had already marked a few large boats that they were watching as Jabbering headed for the open waters of Nantucket and Rhode Island Sound. I thanked both boys and as I turned to go down to the salon, I heard Keith say … … “it’s a lot smaller than last night Ethan … kinda cute like that, don’t you think?” … … I knew exactly what they were referring to and I had to really smile when I heard Ethan say . . . . “I bet he was lots of fun when he was 13 … I think he was a lot like Antonio.” … … If they only knew how much fun I really had. Reaching the bottom step, I was greeted by 4 smiling faces. Marco quickly covered his eyes pretending not wanting to see a naked boat captain; the spaces between his fingers got him a quick slap to the back of his head by Lorenzo whose smart mouth asked if a penis gets smaller with age. Now all 4 boys were laughing and that woke Jake and “The Twins”. Justin and Kyle burst through our cabin door and into the salon. I got a huge hug from the rug-rats followed by instructions … … “Dad take shower” … … it was more laughs and Kris volunteered to help with my shower. I set things straight and told him and Antonio to get breakfast ready for everyone while I followed the rug-rat’s instructions. I walked into our cabin just as Jake was sliding from bed. He looked so tired. I ruffled his hair and dragged him to the shower. If we get another boat, a bigger boat, it will definitely have a much larger shower. Jake and I were just about finished when the shower door opened and a naked Lorenzo squeezed between Jake and me. He had Hawaiian body wash and squirted it all over Jake and I. How many seconds did it take for things to heat up? … … Jake turned the water to cold rinsed Lorenzo and pushed him out. That little Italian kid could be heard laughing all the way to the breakfast table. Jake and I finished a quick shower and joined everyone for breakfast just in time to hear Lorenzo tell his brother and the others . . . . “Kori’s not that small n neither is Jake.” Breakfast was fun and the stories continued about what Lorenzo and Marco were going to tell their friends about school in the states and their sailing adventure. Jake and I hope somethings will be kept a secret. We will miss them and we all look forward to seeing them for Christmas. Breakfast over we all went topside to join Ethan and Keith. Uniform of the day, while in mostly open waters, was clothing optional. Jake and I in our bright Island shorts and t-shirts, Ethan and Keith in and out of shorts and Speedos and frequently sprayed with cold water. I think that was because kocaeli escort bayan the sun was so hot, or because they were so hot or seeing Justin, Kyle, and Marco messing around naked. It’s funny to watch Justin, Kyle and Marco as they will sit and talk and mindlessly play with their `little thingies’ … erection … soft, erection … soft; did I do that when I was their age? Now for Lorenzo, Antonio, and Kris … well, they were in shorts, naked, with Speedos on, Speedos off. They were topside, below decks in and out of the rug-rats cabin a number of times and their `things’ seemed to always be in a state of `puffed up’, soft, or erect. It was just before lunch when Kris hollered out “SHARK ! ! !” if there were any erections they all went soft when we spotted a large white off the starboard side. ton/news/local-news/2020/08/10/white-shark-feasts-dead-whale-nantucket … Only Keith, Jake and I were left topside as the remainder of the crew disappeared below decks. Everyone returned minutes later in shorts, shirts, socks and boat shoes. I guess being dressed is the best protection from `Great Whites’. It was only minutes later that our marine radio was giving several sightings of `Great Whites’ in the Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Block Island area. The cockpit became crowded and quiet as the mood became serious. Jake and I noticed the concerned looks on some faces and decided it was time for lunch. This was a perfect time to get Marco, Kyle, and Justin introduced preparing lunch for the crew and their minds off the now numerous sightings of `Great Whites’. Peanut butter n jelly sandwiches, chips and fruit drink with diet sprite. Two large jars of peanut butter, mostly on bread a little on the counter and some on Jake’s nose and the crew was happy. Jake and I cleaned the galley and set things up for the rug-rats, Marco, Lorenzo, Kris, and Antonio to play a game of Monopoly. Large bowl of cut apples, grapes and snack crackers should hold them for an hour. Jake and I joined Keith and Ethan in the cockpit. I think it has been one of our greatest joys to watch the teens grow. I can see how they have become serious about sailing and both have great technique. I don’t know how things went from one subject to the other but, they ended up on their thoughts about college. Jake and I were somewhat surprised when both Ethan and Keith had decided to remain at Yale rather than Ethan’s choice of Brown and Keith with his early thoughts of Princeton in social studies and a minor in history. Ethan continues to think that he will major in Archaeology and minor in Anthropology while Keith explained that as he has been at University School, he sees how the students love Jake and the history department. All hell seems to have broken way when Kyle and Justin hit the top of the companionway and landed in Jake’s and my lap. I got a big kiss; Jake got a big kiss and as fast as they arrived, they disappeared like Houdini. It happened so fast I don’t think either Jake or I realized they were naked `again’ or why we got such a pleasant surprise. The companionway rattled and soon Lorenzo and Marco with a quick step landed big kisses on my cheek then on Jake’s. … … Ok, what’s going on? Those 2 Italian kids, like the rug-rats, disappeared back down to the salon. I was just about to get up when Antonio and Kris darted from the top step. Kris had his hands on my shoulders pushing me back as was Antonio doing the same to Jake. I know I was surprised and I bet Jake was too when we both got a kiss … not a peck … a kiss, a real kiss. Ethan and Keith were laughing as Antonio and Kris, like Houdini, disappeared into thin air. I’m not sure what Jake was thinking but, I was thinking I would have really liked it if Kris would have stayed a few minutes or an hour or two. Jake got up and went down to the salon to find out what was going on. Soon Jake appeared having discovered what they had been up to. The `trouble makers’ had been playing monopoly when Kyle landed in `Jail’. Now the rules had been changed and anyone who landed in `Jail’ had to pay $200.00 and give me or Jake a kiss. Justin wasn’t about to let Kyle give me a kiss without giving Jake a kiss. While they were doing the kissing all the brats put their little monopoly pieces in `Jail’ too. It was a `dare game’. I didn’t mind and by the look of Jake’s face neither did he. Ethan and Keith had been sailing Jabbering for almost 7 hours. We were slightly ahead of the plotted course so Jake and I took over to give our now very experienced crew a good break. I took a look below at our trouble makers surprisingly they were all being good. Jake was watching the boat on autopilot and we had a chance to just sit and talk about the rest of the summer and trip to Nova Scotia. A quiet Lorenzo appeared at the top of the companionway and sort of wormed his way between Jake izmit sınırsız escort and I. He didn’t say anything and I kinda had my arm around his shoulders with my left hand gently rubbing the top of his head. He leaned against me and I soon realized he was crying as my t-shirt became wet with tears. Jake glanced over and knew what was going on. I think he was getting emotional as he stood, disengaged the autopilot and took the wheel. Lorenzo is sometimes difficult to figure out. On one hand he’s a tough nut, the leader of the pack and a minute later he is all soft and cuddly. In a very soft whisper I heard . . . . “I love you and Jake. Marco and I love Mom but we don’t want to go home we want to stay here. Kori ask my Mom to move here, please.” … … I held Lorenzo tight. My mind was whirling. I hated every second of the thought of Lorenzo and Marco leaving and returning to Naples. My hope is that when they see their Mom, Alina, they will forget wanting to stay. Oh, please let it be that way. We were just a mile off Block Island when Jake spotted a very large `Great White’. We called all the boys on deck and got some good pics and video. Ethan and Keith were keeping count and for the trip this makes 7 total and the radio has now said there have been sightings in Long Island Sound. Ethan and Keith thanked Jake and I for the break and it was obvious that they wanted Jabbering back in their hands. So good to see our teens actively taking the responsibility of handling the boat; the thing is they’re good at it. Kris, Lorenzo, and Antonio continued to watch the shark. Justin found a safe place sitting in Jake’s lap and Kyle and Marco were squeezed tight to my right and left. The wind was perfect and we were making good time. I told Ethan and Keith to set a new course for Fisher’s Island and it was fun to watch Ethan’s face as he thought I was going to say I’d take Jabbering from there but, what I said was that I would let them take the boat all the way to Mystic Sea Port. A million dollars couldn’t have made those two boys happier. The remainder of the afternoon was just fun and games for the other boys and serious work for Ethan and Keith. It would be our last night on Jabbering so Jake and I pulled out all the food we could find. It was burgers, grilled chicken, salads, (thanks to Antonio and Kris), special drinks made by our bartender crew Kyle, Marco, and Justin and the very best Italian garlic bread, a specialty of Lorenzo with extra garlic, toasted alongside our tangy marinated chicken. We topped off dinner of with a huge fruit salad and whipped cream. The fun was watching all the boys each with his own specialty. Tomorrow when we arrive home it will be extra laundry detergent and bleach for their t-shirts that all showed many parts of the dinner making. Ethan and Keith are acting very strange … almost like adults. … Teens acting like adults? Keith and Ethan flipped a coin to see who would have honor of backing Jabbering into our slip. Justin, Kyle, Marco, Lorenzo, Antonio, and Kris sat, not so quietly, around the cockpit and atop the cabin giving Keith advice. Easy, more to port, to fast Keith slow it down, you’re going to hit the dock, … Stop!, go forward, Ethan jump you can make it … did you put the fenders out? … … “Dad doesn’t take this long Keith” … … “shut up Kyle, you’re getting a wedgie when I get hold of you!” Jabbering was docked, finally. … … Kyle disappeared. … … Keith and Ethan pulled the large electric cable and Jabbering was on shore power. The electronics were turned off and all hands were instructed to help stow everything not needed and to help washdown the deck and cockpit. I should explain that we had 2 hoses from the dock with fresh water. Kris had one hose; Lorenzo had the other hose. Jake quickly looked like a drowned cat and I was laughing untilllllll ……….. Lorenzo was laughing thinking he got me really good … but what comes around goes around and now he was in the grips of Keith. Kyle tried to help Lorenzo and Ethan made true on Keith’s promise and Kyle’s boxers were up around his chest. Well, it had been a long day and I think we all needed a little fun. It was getting late and the boat looked fairly clean. Showers were taken in the cockpit and on the cold side, no they were just really cold. I think we were all looking forward to a nice warm bed. The bed was warm so covers ended up tossed aside. Everyone was very tired and the only fun was dreaming about what adventures lie ahead. I felt someone tapping the side of my head and as I opened my eyes I was greeted with a big smile from Kyle then a nice little peck on the cheek as he whispered . . . . “I’m hungry `Dad’ . . . . I looked over at Jake who was contently sleeping with his arms around Justin who had his arms around Marco who was apparently in some izmit anal yapan escort type of sleep coma. I grabbed Kyle and begged for just 15 more minutes; result= a sweet little kiss as he pulled off the covers … slapped Marco and Justin … and hollered at Jake to wake up … “time for breakfast … you lazy `Dads'”. Sometimes I think Kyle is a slow learner. Why would he slap Marco and Justin and holler at Jake and pull covers off me knowing that he would be tortured? … … and he was! Kicking and thrashing about he was dragged and pushed into a very cold shower and held in place by Marco and Justin. I could detect the aroma of bacon and Jake was all smiles with his nose in the air at the smell of his favorite Amoretto coffee. Jake, Marco, Justin, Kyle, and I joined the rest of the crew for eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast. Keith and Ethan were passing the toast and handing out orders to each of us about getting things packed. Jake noticed first and nodded at me to look at Lorenzo. He was quiet and had hardly touched his plate. One little tear, then another. Slowly he got up and went to the forward cabin and shut the door. The table became very quiet. Marco was next and just as he pushed away from the table there was shouting and banging from topside … in Italian … “buongiorno, ci serve un caffè e dove sono i miei ragazzi?” … It was Alina shouting “good morning, we need coffee, and where are my boys?” There was a lot of scrambling for clothes … only 4 of us were in shorts the rest either in nothing or boxers. The expression on Marco’s face was panic and Lorenzo’s head peeked out from the forward cabin … “was that my mom”? … he was trying walk and put on shorts at the same time … Yep, he ended up getting a close look at the galley floor, (deck). Ethan was first up the companionway to the cockpit to greet Alina, Henry, Antonio’s grandad, .. and .. `Big surprise’ … Angelo, Marco and Lorenzo’s father. Ethan was also first to get a big kiss on each cheek and just about to be introduced to Angelo when Marco and Lorenzo arrived. The cockpit just wasn’t large enough for everyone. Half the crew now on the dock the others in the cockpit as introcuctions and hugs and kisses, lots of kisses, for everyone. Jake and I could see how Henry really is that great `granddad’. The boys really love him. Antonio was close and Kris closer as Henry had his arms around both of them. Marco and Lorenzo hugged by their mom and dad and the chatter in Italian was nonstop. I watched Marco and Lorenzo almost afraid something might be said about going home but, it was a different story. Marco was glued to Alina and the tough one, Lorenzo, well, he never let go of his `dad’. It was so obvious the bond between them. The feeling of excitement continued as we packed witht the `help’ of Henry, Alina, and Angelo. Angelo held up a pair of swim suits … looked at Lorenzo … Lorenzo snactched them and tossed them at Antonio saying . . . . “Hey! These aren’t mine” …. Antonio smiled and simply tucked the `elephant faced’ swim suit in his bag. I wonder what Angelo was thinking? Henry took Alina, Angelo, Marco, and Lorenzo with him but Antonio and Kris would ride home with Ethan and Keith while Jake and I had the rug-rats. Dinner tonight would be at the Judge’s house and I can only imagine the fun that will be. We arrived in New Haven at noon and Ethan and Keith dropped Antonio and Kris at Henry’s. Now it was unload, laundry and try to get things organized. Why does the house seem empty and so quiet? Justin and Kyle played the disappearing act only to be discovered in their room all curled up together fast asleep. Keith, Ethan, Jake and I emptied the Willys and SUV sorted clothes that smelled like the `high school locker room’ put them in the wash with extra bleach and turned on the jacuzzi. The sight of naked teens stepping into the jacuzzi is always so enjoyable and can be exciting … today it was just enjoyable to see them as they joined Jake and I. We talked about getting Jabbering ready for our trip north as the rug-rats appeared and quickly dropped their shorts and slipped in beside Jake and I. Time passed all to quickly and we arrived at Henry’s and enjoyed a BBQ of lamb shish kebab. Alina, Angelo, Marco, and Lorenzo will be leaving in the morning for their return flight to Italy. The evening ended with hugs and kisses and the promise to return for Christmas. We said goodnight and there is no way to explain the empty feeling as we closed the doors of the SUV and drove from Henry’s driveway. Justin and Kyle both crying. Keith and Ethan completely silent. Jake was driving and I could see his tears … it was as if a part of us was being ripped away. We arrived home and nothing was said … … we all just went to bed. I don’t think Jake and I have ever held “The Twins” so tightly. A quiet knock at the door then Ethan and Keith entered. The two boys stood at the foot of the bed holding hands. It was silence for a minute .. then Ethan said … “Love hurts” they turned, shut the door and returned to their bedroom. To be Continued: A Neglected Boy “The Twins LXXXVI

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