Subject: The Training of Dr. Adkins NOTICE: THE FOLLOWING IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. Thanks to all the great work that the Nifty Archive does and the writers it publishes. Please consider supporting them with a donation. Any feedback will be highly appreciated, write at ook. English is not my first language so deal with me and my messy grammar! If you have read my previous entries you may be surprised to see that this time there isn’t much fun stuff happening in the first chapter as I intend this project to be lengthier and a little more structured that the others. Be assured though that an array of different topics will be present from the second parts on, those including but not limited to: incest, intergenerational sex, watersport, feet worship and so on. Stay tuned. ******************* THE TRAINING OF DR. ADKINS To Vitmyro, a paradise among the mountains. Just a couple of months shy from his graduation at the medical academy of the Capital Matthew, Doctor Adkins to be precise, was a clumsy 28 years old man. Although standing at 5’9 (1,80 m) his soft white skin, easily reddened by the sun and filled with freckles, the round metallic glasses and those hazelnut colored curls framing his face made him look more like a giant adolescent than a doctor able to practice. His appearance may be not that credible to an aching patient however his knowledge in the medical field and his calm disposition made him graduate with top grades and the congratulations of every single one of his teachers. The clumsiness, to him innate, was overcome by a methodical attention to details and a drive to help others as soon as he saw a sick person. He was now sitting alone, unbeknownst to him headed to the place that was going to change his life forever. Matthew couldn’t stop fidgeting with the handle of the small briefcase on his lap. He wished, in vain, to sleep for most of the seven hours bus journey, like he used to do when as a child his family would travel to the seaside; but, alas, the thought of his first big job opportunity after his graduation from med school was too exciting. It was also something he didn’t prepare for. The application for this particular position was just one of the thousands forms he sent out to all the hospitals and clinics in the country. Being also controlled by the army he realised his chance of getting it were pretty slim from the get go. But with just a phone call during lunch his life was going to do an 180° flip. He was informed that the only doctor of the small town of Vitmyro was looking for an assistant after being forced on a wheelchair. The stern voice from the other side, certainly someone in the military, just gave said: “Meet me in front of the main station tomorrow at noon”. Matthew wasn’t sure about what just happened. With the receiver still in hand he looked around his childhood home. “Tomorrow, at noon” mumbled. “Tomorrow at noon at the station” repeated. “Who was it honey?” asked his mum peaking a white little head from the living room into the corridor. “Mum I need to be in the capitol for tomorrow at noon” “Oh, why, honey? Is everything ok?” both now in front of the small telephone station. “I think I got a job, I don’t know yet. God, I need to get ready” blurted out the man turning on his spot as to decide where to go first. Seeing his son panicking, she knew too well how to calm him when things got too chaotic, the mother put both hands on his shoulder and calmly said: “Honey, I’ll call you uncle to see if he can give you a ride, you just go pack. And don’t forget your slippers as your usual.” “Thanks, mummy” and with a kiss he sprinted towards his room. “Thank you uncle, tell mum and dad I’ll call as soon as I get there. Thanks again” and closing the door of his uncle truck he ran to the station. He was on time, he was sure of that. Looking around the main hall he realised he didn’t know who to look for. He didn’t even ask for a name, what a horrendous first impression he was giving. It was 11:40, he still had time he thought. “What should I do? What should I do?” whispered to himself. He stood there, coat in his left arm and the luggage in his right for almost fifteen minutes. Continuously looking around for someone he didn’t even know. “What an idiot, this is not how you do stuff. Idiot…” continued. It was at that moment, when the clock struck 12:00, that a booming voice from behind asked: “Doctor Matthew Adkins?” Matthew turned around and was surprised to see a that voice coming from a man not taller than 5’2 (1,6 m). He seemed to in his late fifty, balding and with thick moustaches, the dark blue coat he was wearing confirmed his prediction: the man was in the military. “Yes, it’s me, nice to meet you sir” greeted Matthew holding out his hand. “I’m Sergeant Wilson, follow me we don’t have much time” responded the man taking hold of Matthew by the left arm and guiding him to some benches outside the building. “After reviewing your application and receiving great praises from your former professors you boy were selected for the position as doctor assistant in Vitmyro, as you know it is a great honour to be handpicked for this role” the man articulated. Matthew didn’t know it, not a clue, he had never heard of the city of Vitmyro before, and he didn’t even know why the military was involved in the health sector. However he didn’t want this man to realised it and just kept nodding and filling every pause with an “of course” or “clearly”. “Usually we take some more time to give a full interview to the applicants before sending them to critical locations, but due to the health condition of our doctor currently at Vitmyro we are doing things a little different.” continued the man. He was talking in front of him, looking into the busy road of the capital, the words came out of his mouth one after the other like he prepared the whole speech beforehand. Pointing at the buses on the east side of the train station he continued: “You’ll have to be interviewed on site by Lieutenant Ryde. After his final approval you are expected to work for us full time for at least the next full year.” Now looking directly at Matthew “Understood?”. “Good!” the man stood up and passed a brown briefcase to Matthew along erzincan escort with a bus ticket. “Goodbye Doctor.” Just with those last word Matthew saw the man disappear among the crowd in front of the station. Stunned was a euphemism for how Matthew was feeling right now. He didn’t manage to ask anything to this Sergeant or at least get something useful out of him. What if after all this the Lieutenant didn’t approve him? — Did they talk with his professor from the academy? — Why didn’t they tell him? — Why is the military involved in all this? Question after question started cramming into his head, feeling overwhelmed by all the thing he didn’t know Matthew started taking deep breaths and focusing on what he knew. The ticket! The bus ticket in his hand had written 13:05 on it. Scared he looked at the giant clock behind him, as soon as he was the arms indicate he only had 10 minutes to take the bus Matthew took hold of his coat, luggage and the briefcase and ran towards the bus terminals. The lady behind the counter pointed at a green bus on platform 6 and tickling on a clock urged Matthew to hurry up. With a final sprint, and after handing the ticked to the driver, Matthew plopped into one of the seat in the back of the bus. His round glasses slipping from his nose after the sudden sweating. As soon as he managed to load his luggage onto the racks he bus’ engine came to life and the long journey to Vitmyro began. Matthew, after regaining some composure, leaned on his seat and opened the briefcase just to put it right back on the seat as the sweat from his back glued his underskirt to his skin making him shiver. After he took off his wool gilet and rolled up the sleeves of the white shirt Matthew could finally glance at the content of the briefcase. Putting it on his knees he counted a set of keys, a parcel and a letter. That was all. The letter was addressed to the Lieutenant, so he decided not to open it, as for the parcel it was without any writing or stamp. Fearing no repercussions he decided to open it, inside was full of different papers with the military stamps on them. After reading the first one he noticed they were all some sort of permits. He read them one after the other, but still no new useful informations were to be found. Lost in his thoughts Matthew was brought back to the real word after an abrupt stop of the bus. Looking outside the windows he noticed they already were far from the capital, fields of maize and other cereals filled his they were opened the plastic surrounding the bus’ doors produced a hissing sound followed by a metallic click. The vehicle even if nice looking from the outside revealed its true age. That was going to be one of the endless stops the bus would make before arriving to its destination. Every attempt of getting some sleep was, indeed, interrupted by them. Matthew not knowing were to get off was always scared to fall asleep and miss his stop. After the first hour he decided to go ask the driver. “I don’t go to Vitmyro, you have to take another one at Migdelane” informed the driver. “Don’t worry though that’s the last stop, now go back to your seat” hushed him off. Reassured by the fact he was not going to miss his stop Matthew calmly walked back to his seat, he was ashamed when he noticed that he by himself occupied four of them. The bus was now almost full, mostly with old people carrying bags full of vegetables or produces, a couple of kids coming back from school and two well dressed men coming back from the city after a business meeting. Once back in his seat Matthew could finally relax a little and closing his eyes dozed off for what seemed hours but were just 40 minutes. If the drive up to that point was going fairly smooth looking outside he could see the scenery changing rapidly. What up until now were fields and plains now consisted in small hills turning steeper and steeper by the minute. The road themselves narrowed as the bus kept going. All those factors combined took a toll on the old vehicle that was forced to slow down its march. Matthew didn’t have a map with him but he was pretty sure his destination must be somewhere up in the mountains. During one those stops a man carrying a giant backpack and a sleepy kid in his arm get on and trying, unsuccessfully, not to bump into the other passengers made his way to the back of the buss. There he asked Matthew if the seats were free, the doctor nodded and helped the man put the backpack on the racks near his luggage. Once all were seated, Matthew, vacant seat, the man, the boy the two adults introduced themselves. “I’m Matthew” “Owen, nice to meet you. This is Viktor” said the man caressing the cheek of the boy with the back of his hand. The kid was now sleeping with the head on the man’s lap, he looked around seven years old, he had long straight jet black hair all ruffled by the sleep. His skin was tanned as was the skin on the man. Matthew looking at Owen noticed he was pretty tired. He had a short buzz with signs of premature balding, Matthew noticed that from the receiding hairline you could see the colour of his scalp. Even though very slim Owen was jacked, the muscles of his arm relaxing after carrying all that weight were glistening with sweat giving him the appearance of one of those oiled up guys you see at the circus. Owen turning his thin face towards Matthew continued: “Me and my son are going up to the mountain were you headed?” “I’m going to Vitmyro, I think I’m the new assistant doctor there.” Confessed Matthew toying with his hair. “Cool, we too are going up there, to work in the mine, I got my cousin spot” he said turning his whole body to Matthew now. “He got hurt eating something he shoudn’t’ve, almost dropped dead” explained the man looking exhausted. “Oh I’m so sorry, how is he now? What did he eat? Intoxication?” inquired Matthew, his doctor side taking the reins. “Man sorry, I gonna rest a sec, ok?” whispered Owen shutting his eyes mid sentence. Matthew followed his example. While they were sleeping it started pouring. The roads now filled with mud slowed down the bus even more. Outside it was now pitch black, the lights of the vehicle the only source of illumination erzurum escort in all the forest. When they reached the penultimate stop the driver shouted: “All the ladies down, last stop for you!” Matthew and Owen too far back and too deep into their sleep didn’t hear a thing. Another our passed and the bus finally made its way to Migdelane. The rain turned into a drizzle, the air colder than expected for a day of late summer. Still groggy Viktor woke his father. “Dad! Wake up, we arrived!” Hearing the acute voice Matthew woke up too. All three of them stretching their limbs picked up their possessions and calmly descended from the bus. “Thanks mister.” Waved the doctor at the driver before making the final step outside. The fresh mountain air hit Matthew in the face, the hours spent inside the vehicle, breathing in and out the same stale air made him appreciate this coolness even more. Looking around he noticed he was alone. All the other passengers left the station in a hurry. It was getting late, supposed to arrive around 8:30 p.m. he checked his pocket watch to see it was way past 10. Tripping on his drowsy legs he managed to exit the small station into the main street. There he saw a single road curving ahead of him, on both sides a dozen of building. No one around. “Doctor!?” an annoyed voice called him. Turning around Matthew spotted a sidecar and a man wearing a trench coat. “Yes? I’m Dr. Adkins” “You made it, eventually” sighed the man. “You are?” asked the doctor getting near the other side of the moto. “Officer Maliki Pawl, put your stuff on the cart and hop on.” Said the stranger throwing an helmet at him. Of course Matthew missed it. “Oh I almost forgot, it’s been almost three hours that I’m standing here…I need the permit” Matthew not sure what to do stared at the man until he remembered about the papers in the briefcase. Taking all the out he passed them at the officer saying: “Which one?” Pawl flicked through the papers and picked one out: “This one…now hop on” and tapped the seat of the moto. The drive up to Vitmyro was shorter than expected. Along the way they stopped at a couple of checkpoints and after showing their permits continued driving toward the mountain top. The wins was getting colder and the air pressure made Matthew’s hear pop. Holding at the officer back he tried shielding from the gusts of air. After thirty minutes or so they finally arrived. One last gate stopped them to enter the town of Vitmyro. While Pawl cleared things out with the other officers at the gate Matthew finally saw his final destination. Vitmyro was standing in front of him. A small town nested in a valley between two smaller peaks, with a way bigger one behind it. The drizzle made the air foggy and the lights he’d see in the distance shivered and flickered as if his eyes were a lens out of focus. In direct contrast of the town of Migdelane now the roads were many and all turning right and left. Some venturing up into the mountains. Matthew jolted as the gate in front of him started sliding open. “Follow me!” said an other officer. He simply obeyed. “The Lieutenant is waiting for you inside.” Instructed the man pointing at a building right on the left side of the gate. Matthew knocked at the door and waited. An automatic click unlocked it and the doctor could hear from the room at the end of the corridor a manly voice stating “Come in.” Closing the door behind him Matthew followed the voice until he found himself in front of a very elaborate wooden door. “It’s open.” With his left elbow the doctor slid the door open and was hit in the face by a warm yellow light. The room was all covered in wood from the roof to the walls. It felt like being inside a toy house. Shelves filled with books and binders covered two of the walls. In the centre of the room a giant desk made from what seemed the same wood of the door was embellished with vines, grapes and different kind of birds. Behind it an armchair of red velvet on top of it a giant. “Take a seat doctor” ordered the man. Matthew sat on one of the two simpler chairs, of course made out of wood. “I’m Lieutenant Carlisle Ryde, pleased to finally meat you” said the man holding out one hand. “I’m Doctor Matthew Adkins, sorry to have kept you waiting” said the doctor returning the hand shake. Matthew studied the man, he was one of the tallest men he ever saw, 6’9 (2,1 m) of pure muscles. His white shirt was hardly able to contain two enormous pecs and the arms’ muscles. A mat of white hair covered his forearms, as white were the short hair on his head and the short beard covering his squared jaw. Locking a pair of bright blue eyes with the green ones of Matthew’s the soldier announced: “Now due to the late our just do some formalities so you, we, can rest.” Matthew nodded. “I think you have something for me” continued “A letter” To which the doctor, still processing the existence of such a man, fished the letter from the briefcase at his feet. The Lieutenant took the piece of paper and without looking away from Matthew dropped it in the top drawer of his desk. “Thank you, doctor” “Now…” Lt. Ryde pondered the plain of action in his head “We’d have Dr. Cambden meet you right away and explain what your role consists in” Matthew nodded. “But he’s too late for him now so I’ll just ask you to comply to your doctor duties before escorting to your rooms.” Pointing at the briefcase “You already have the keys I was told.” “Yes sir, I found them inside it” replied the doctor. “Now…” once again a short pause “Follow me to the examination room, as you may know we control all the people entering our city to avoid the spread of diseases” As Matthew did with the man in the train station he just nodded hoping to eventually get all the informations. “Usually we check for lice, scabies, infectious diseases and signs of stds” instructed Ryde “From now on you will take care of this aspect, Dr. Cambden being on a wheelchair has some trouble fulfilling this duty. For your work hours the Doctor will explain you everything tomorrow, you’ll have to meet him in the clinic at 7 tomorrow morning. ” From the same drawer he put the letter the Lieutenant took an esat escort other pair of keys and handed them to Matthew. “Now. Follow me” no pause this time. Lt. Ryde stood up and started walking back to the corridor Matthew came from. The doctor picked up all of his belonging and ran after Ryde. His figure was outstanding, Matthew felt like a child being escorted to the principal. Without paying attention to the Doctor the Lieutenant turned to the left, then right and right again. Once in front of a metal door Ryde explained: “Luckily you have only two patients tonight, the fastest you do the check up the fastest we can go” Opened the door both of the enter a white room, as any hospital room this too had tiles on the walls and just a couple of carts with medical supplies, one bed and some metal chairs. Matthew was surprised in seeing inside the room a naked Owen and Viktor. They were both cupping their hands to cover their genitals. Lt. Ryde closed the door behind them and instructed the guard inside to leave. “Now, doctor do your things” said Ryde pointing at the couple with the whole hand. With just that simple instruction Matthew entered in his doctor form, and looking at the naked figures in front of him he decided to start with the father. “Mr. Owen let’s start with you, shall we?” and without waiting for an answer he stood in front of him and extending his hands started feeling the underneath of the man’s ears. “No sign of glans inflammation” said out loud to both the Lieutenant and the patient. Owen was ashamed of being naked in front of those strangers, he grew up in a very modest household and he never let Viktor see him in the buff. But being stripped of his clothes by two armed guards and pushed inside this sterile room scared him and just followed what he was told. Moreover the guy he met on the bus turned out to be the doctor in charge of this examination, he hated being naked in front of others, especially people he already met. Matthew now focused on Owen’s face. “Clear head, no sign of lice” “Mouth clear, good teeth, no lesions” continued opening the mouth of the man with both hands. “Arms up please” Owen stood still. “Arms up please, Mr. Owen” The man finally obliged and leaving his genitals swing freely in front of everyone closed his eyes wishing this nonsense to be over soon. Viktor, who have never seen an adult penis, gasped at the sight of his father and came closer to the examination. Matthew started feeling the armpits first, then the back, the side of the legs. “No sign of rushes or crusts” Finally he dropped on his knees and taking hold of both testicles and penis he checked for signs of stds or crabs. Grasping the semi hard penis with one hand he retracted Owen’s foreskin until his glans was visible. “No signs of stds, just some smegma due to lack of cleaning” said looking directly at Ryde. The man stood there smiling. With two fingers Matthew collected the residues from under the man crown and drew the content to his nose. “Nothing to worry about, Sir” “Now please Mr. Owen lean your top half on the bed.” But the man was petrified. After repeating the same instructions three times Matthew caressing the man back forced him into the correct position. Bottom up. Falling back on his knees the doctor started spreading the ass cheeks apart and examined the man’s anal region. “Once again, nothing to notice. Sir” Standing up, locking eyes with Ryde the Doctor inserted an index in the man anus and checked for bumps. Owen gasped at the new sensation inside him, the shame was quickly overcome by the pleasure of having his prostate stimulated. Smiling Matthew retracted his hand and gladly announced: “This patient is completely healthy, he just need a good shower!” “Sir. In that locker you’ll find some clothes. Dress up and wait on that chair” instructed Ryde to the man still with his gaping ass in the air. Owen slowly stood up and calmly, looking at his feet, cupping his genitals once again went to take some clothes. “Now. Check the kid” “Mr. Viktor now let’s check you too” said Matthew picking up the kid and sitting him on the same table used to check his father. Viktor for the whole time was shocked from the sight of his father being manhandled in that way. His mouth open for the entire time now felt dry. Still with his mouth agape the kid received the same attention of Owen’s. Matthew checked his head, ears, armpits and whole body. The doctor used the same hand he used to control Owen’s penis to check the kid’s mouth. Viktor smelling this new, musky odour was brought for the first time to an erection. “Hurry up doctor, is almost midnight” urged Ryde getting close to both of them. Sitting on one of the metal chairs Matthew held the little prick and tried to peel the foreskin back. The kid had a tight one and it didn’t retract completely. “Sir, we have a phimosis here, he will need some ointment and some exercises in the near future.” Explained the doctor to the Lieutenant now standing on his left. Finally Matthew instructed the kid to get on all four on top of the bed. And as he did before to his father he started checking the anal cavity. Using his pinky the doctor checked for lesions and bumps once again. Viktor couldn’t hold in a squeaky sound and he started squirming as the finger inside him kept tickling him. Lt. Ryde cupping the kid head with one of his giant hands and putting the other on the shoulder of the doctor exhaled: “Good boys, now get dressed and head out a car is waiting for you.” And without any more words he left them alone in that white sterile room. It wasn’t until the metal door shut down that Matthew returned to be the clumsy 28 years old as always. Looking at Viktor he retracted the finger still inside the kid’s anus and helping him down started getting ready to leave. Once on the ground Viktor spoke his first words and asked to Matthew: “Doctor? You seen the policeman pants when he left?” and holding his forearm in front of him continued “His prick was this big! You seen it?” “I did Viktor, I did.” And brushing his hair hushed them toward Owen. ******************** If you made it to here I’d like to ask you to let me know your thoughts and opinions. I love seeing your reactions to my work and every single one of your messages helps me become a better writer. So keep the emails coming guys! I really appreciated every single one of them. You can do it at ook Thanks again for reading my story, I hope you enjoyed it.

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