The Sweet Punishment of Mimi VanDiver


“Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh, shit,” Mimi muttered, as she ran down the sidewalk. Late again for her weekly appointment with Mistress Katrina, she knew that her strict Domme would be highly irritated with her disrespectful behavior. She had warned Mimi that if it happened again that there would be consequences. “Oh, God. She’s gonna skin me alive,” Mimi thought. Her four inch stilettos, not made for comfort much less running, clicked on the concrete. Sprinting up the stone steps leading to the front door, Mimi ran to the elevator and punched the up button repeatedly. When the doors finally opened, she stepped inside and leaned against the wall. Her chest was tight from worry and exertion. She walked down the dimly lit corridor to her Mistress’ high rise apartment. Her foot steps were muffled by plush carpet running the length of the long hallway. Rich red, gold, and burgundy tones colored the hallway, reeking of wealth. Mimi, longing to kick her pain causing shoes off, teetered her way to apartment 1818. Timidly knocking on the door, she waited for the inevitable. “Well, Mimi, prompt, as usual, I see,” Mistress Katrina said, sarcastically. “I’m so sorry, Mistress. I won’t give you any excuses this time,” Mimi said; eyes lowered respectfully. “Good. Please, come in and let me see you,” Mistress Katrina replied. Mimi stepped inside. Like every time, she was in awe with her surroundings. Thick, cream colored carpet covered from wall to wall. She knew how soft and cushiony it felt, having knelt upon it so many times in the past. Silk wall paper, colored in the most royal of blues, adorned the walls. “Mimi, you look beautiful today,” Mistress Katrina stated. Mimi stood still, posture straight, and let her Mistress gaze on her. She had taken great care with her appearance today. Her feminine skirt, a almanbahis şikayet flattering soft pink, floated gracefully around her knees. Knowing how much her lady detested pantyhose, she wore a lacy white garter, nude colored stockings, and sheer white panties. A wispy, cream colored blouse completed the ensemble. “A perfect lady,” Mistress Katrina whispered in her ear. Mimi shivered. Her Mistress’ hot breath tickled her neck. Their bodies, radiating heat and sexual need, nearly touched. She felt a warm, slender reach between her legs from behind and cup her shaved pussy. Mimi unconsciously opened her legs, needing more contact from the hand that she knew would be punishing her so deliciously. “That’s a good girl. Open your legs wider for me,” the older woman hummed; her tongue tracing Mimi’s ear lobe. Mimi moaned aloud, when her Mistress’ tongue darted into her ear canal, probing like a hard cock would do to wet, yielding pussy. She felt Katrina’s fingers scurry inside her panties, making their way to her unguarded holes. Her ass cheeks clenched slightly when two nimble fingers danced over her puckered anus. “There’s just something about your asshole that I just can’t resist,” Katrina whispered. Mimi arched her back, pushing her plump ass outward, and tried to urge those maddening fingers inside; all the while thinking about how much of an anal whore she was. The very tip on one finger probed her sphincter, teasing her, before moving upward to her very flooded pussy. Mimi, unable to control her guttural moans, pumped her hips in time with the two fingers buried deep in her pussy. Her legs were getting rubbery, making it hard to stand at attention. Katrina finger fucked her roughly, teasing her G spot. Mimi’s pussy juices coated her labia, threatening to run down her thighs. She almanbahis canlı casino was about to cum. “That’s enough,” Mistress Katrina announced, abruptly yanking her fingers free. Katrina’s voice was strained, as if the encounter affected her, as well. She pushed Mimi towards her couch. Unsteady from lust and her hated shoes, Mimi stood where she was directed. “Bend over the couch arm,” Mistress Katrina ordered. Mimi felt her skirt being lifted over her ass, and then her panties pulled down to mid-thigh. Cold, slippery lube squirted over her exposed rosebud. A thrill coursed down her spine. She knew what was coming next. Katrina pressed a butt plug the size of a small apple to Mimi’s resistant sphincter. Trying to help her lady out, Mimi pushed her ass out, relaxing her hole. The tip of the plug disappeared into the dark recesses of her rectum. The pressure against her hole increased, as Katrina pushed the toy deeper. Her ass hole burned, as it was stretched paper thin to accommodate the wide girth. Mimi panted; the pressure in her ass becoming unbearable. When it felt like she was going to rip apart, the anal plug fell into place. Her tired muscle ring snapped closed around the neck; the flange holding it in place. After pulling her panties up and righting her skirt, Katrina said, “Stand up. Compose yourself. We have a lunch date.” Alarmed, Mimi said, “But…Mistress! You can’t possibly want to go into public NOW.” “Why ever not? I’m famished,” Katrina calmly stated. “But, people would know that I have…a toy…in my butt,” Mimi cried, embarrassed. “How? How will they know? Do you plan to tell them that you are such a whore that you have to have your slutty ass filled wherever you go?” Mistress Katrina admonished. “No,” Mimi mumbled. “Then, I see no problem,” Katrina said, almanbahis casino “But before we go, I want that bra off.” “My shirt is very sheer! People will see!” Mimi said. “Now, missy! I don’t give a flying fuck what people see,” Katrina snapped. Mimi, doing as she was told, slipped her bra off and laid it neatly on the couch arm. Her nipples were puckered from the drafty room and from the constant stimulation of the soft fabric from her blouse. With a great sigh, she followed her mistress out the door. Walking was difficult with the equivalent of an apple in her ass. The toy rolled around in her rectum, indirectly stimulating her pussy. Mimi could hardly concentrate on the walk. She felt like everyone in the whole city knew that her ass was packed, and that she felt like she was about to cum any minute. They arrived at a private club that catered to the every whim of the wealthy. The manager himself escorted them to a secluded booth in the back of the dim room; totally private. Winking at Katrina, he helped her slide into the booth first, before assisting Mimi. She stiffened, as the manager’s hand cupped her ass; his fingers touching the flange of the butt plug. “Be a dear and help her for me, Reg,” Katrina said, seductively. A large grin etched his regal face. Making her stand back up, he pulled her panties down and assisted her to step out of them. He stand down in the booth opposite of Katrina, tugging Mimi down over his lap. Mimi’s face was pressed against the velvet booth covering; her ass upward. Mimi’s pussy was swollen and drenched. Although she was highly humiliated, she loved every minute of this punishment. She felt Reg’s large, rough hand caress her exposed ass globes. She purred at his every touch, until his other hand slapped her ass sharply. She squealed. Every strike moved her butt plug, shoving it deeper. It was almost as good as being fucked in the ass. Cream flooded her cunt, staining his black pants, as he ruthlessly spanked her. Tears flooded her eyes. “That’s enough, dear. We don’t want to make her cum yet,” Katrina warned.

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