The Story of MasterMcBride-Part 1


The Story of MasterMcBride-Part 1People often wonder how I got to this point? So I have to admit, it started when I was a young boy. Even before my early teen years, I was always interested in my body and the bodies of my friends. Some call it playing doctor, but I was able to find others who were as inquisitive as I, and playing doctor was a way to explore and learn about other people’s bodies about my same age.At that age, it wasn’t sexual though. Nobody became sexually aroused, no erections, no masturbation, no penetration, just a forbidden time that we as friends enjoyed learning about each other and our bodies. We discovered how our bodies were much the same, yet different with girls obviously not have a penis, they still looked the same as me. What was funny, was that difference didn’t entice me to delve further into a fascination with a woman’s vagina, but set my interest into one of our more common parts. The butt, even more elusive, the rectum. Even at that young age, I loved the butt and the butt hole. We all have one. Yet, everyone’s a bit different. kaçak iddaa Little did I know how much pleasure could come from it. Now, up to this point, I was very comfortable with my body. We all looked pretty much the same from what I had found so far, but, an unintentional lesson in school made me more aware of my differences, even within my own sex. It was about the time we started 5th grade in school when we were told that we had to wear special clothing for physical education. I thought no big deal at the time, because I felt confident that I was just like everyone else. When I started class, I changed into the shorts and tee shirt provided. But when the class ended, the instructor advised everyone that they had to take a shower before changing in to our regular clothes. Now, that is something I had never done. Get completely naked with twenty other boys and wash myself was just a bit of a shock. But I did as told. I removed all my clothes and walked to where I could hear the other boys. As I neared the showers, you could hear the other boys kaçak bahis talking and laughing, with the sound of water hitting the tile floor in the background. As I walked in, here were about twelve boys, all dancing around under the water nude. Some were soaping themselves as others were washing away the suds. It suddenly hit me, I could see all of them! As I looked around, I was amazed by all the different body types. Some of the boys were skinny and some thicker, but we were all boys, and we pretty much the same, except one. This one boy. He caught my attention and I couldn’t help myself but stare, but, I noticed that around his penis, he had a little dark circle of hair surrounding it. Otherwise, he looked exactly like me. I had never seen this before and unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of the body changes that we were all going to endure for the next few years. Now this was before the internet and in all honesty, up to this point, I had never looked at a porn magazine so I was very naive as to what was to come. I found myself looking forward to the illegal bahis classes, especially physical education when we all went in to take showers. I kept finding myself looking at the other boys. Looking at their penises, their scrotum, and even once in a while, I’d catch a glimmer of their rectums as they bent over to wash their legs. It was almost like playing doctor, but it was with multiple patients. But, as time clicked on, so did our changes. By the end of the year, the one boy now had a solid bush of hair that hid his penis, and others were starting to grow a light batch circling their penises. Me, on the other hand, was still bare as the day I was born. But that was okay. I still looked like most everyone else.But, the end of the school year came, and summer break ended. School started once again. I was actually excited to see everyone again. Especially our mutual shower time. But, as I walked in to the shower for the first time after our break, I found that many of the same boys who were like me at the end of the last school year, now also had hair starting to grow around their penises, yet I remained the same. The biggest shock was that also quickly found that many of the other boys were changing in different ways I had never imagined! (continued)

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