The Sexy Roommate


Eighteen-year-old Katherine Sparks moved into her dorm room to find gothic-looking posters up on the right side of the room. She planted her box of stuff on the single bed on the left. A busty pretty girl with long black hair in a black skirt and short cut top with heavy gothic makeup on walked in. She turned to her.”Hi, you must be my roommate, I’m Nina Davis,” she said and shook Katherine’s hand. “Katherine,” Katherine replied. Her blue eyes lingered down to her roommate’s bust and gulped. Look away, stop staring, almanbahis şikayet she thought to herself. She felt a weird feeling stirring in her groin area as she stared at her roommate’s breasts as Nina bent down to tie up her boot shoelaces. No, please don’t say I’m attracted to my roommate. I’m straight. Into guys not girls. But the more her eyes stared, the more the stirring of arousal in Katherine’s groin grew.Nina stood back up and smiled. “I gotta run. See ya later,” she said with a wink and then walked almanbahis canlı casino out of the room.Katherine shut the door and locked it. She went over to her bed and lifted off the box and placed it down on the floor and then lay down on the bed on her stomach. She felt overly tired all of a sudden but she couldn’t fall asleep as thoughts of Nina entered her mind and her big, luscious breasts. The stirring grew stronger and Katherine began to rub herself up and down. She took off her pants and continued almanbahis casino to rub her wet pussy up and down on the bed making it creak.Katherine moaned out softly as she turned on her back and her left hand went inside her panties and felt how wet she was. She moved her left middle finger around on her clitoris and then up and down her pussy. “Oh, Nina,” she said out loud, breathing heavily. Imagining her roommate’s busty breasts made Katherine rub faster and faster on her pussy until her body went into spasms and she moaned out as she orgasmed. Once she regained her breathing, Katherine put her pants on again and then unlocked the door and began unpacking her box.  Nina came back to the dorm room that night a bit drunk and walked over to Katherine’s bed.

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