Subject: The Runaways Chapter 7 The Runaways Chapter 7 Disclaimers: Everything you read in this story is my intellectual property and as such should be treated with utmost respect. The people described are not living, breathing human beings mind you. They exist only in the realm of pure imagination, somewhat. These are my fantasies that I have developed over the years. The people described in the story do not really exist, but are rather the combination of several different people. Thus I am not harming anyone, because they combine features and thus are not really in existence. ANY RESEMBLANCE TO REAL PEOPLE IS ENTIRELY COINCIDENTAL ON MY PART. All other disclaimers/rules/procedures apply. If you are under the legal age of viewing this material (depending upon where you live, that could be any age) please direct yourself to something else that will occupy your time. This is my first attempt at writing for Nifty, so please take that into consideration while reading. I’ve read plenty of Nifty stories over the years, and have enjoyed many of the stories that I consider good, now I’m just trying to pay it forward. It’s going to be a chapter story, so if you are looking for a quick toss-off better move onto the next story. Other than that, I sincerely hope you enjoy my story. Constructive criticism/feedback/comments are duly appreciated. Please direct them to my email at hoo. All are welcomed! Sorry I am late posting the next chapter, I have been in the hospital since Christmas and was release on New Years eve. It was diagnosed as heart failure which was cause by a new medication. To everyone taking any type of medication please be aware of the warnings for your medication. If you gain more than five lbs. in one to two days or become short of breath, go to your doctor or ER right away. My mistake was waiting too long. Now six days later I am back. So enjoy the story. The Runaways Chapter 7 (Chase) I was kind of scared sitting in the shelter even with Willy sitting there with me. It was kind of dark inside with no windows. I wasn’t sure but I think Willy was scared too which didn’t make things any better. It seemed like days since Tanner left. I liked him. I liked him a lot. I am not sure where these feelings are coming from because I always liked girls. Even after Mr. Granger started abusing me at the foster home and made us have sex with older men. I didn’t like what they were doing to me. I hated it so much. The only time my cock would get hard during the abuse was when guys would suck on my cock. I surprised myself when we were in Tanners office, I started to get hard. He is so handsome and he did not try anything with me when I knew he could. It killed me when he had Willy go get ice and then put it on my hard cock. I wanted to show him my hard cock. It felt good having him look at me. I would get a second chance to show him again. This time it was back at his house in his bathroom. He was naked in front of me with his penis half hard. Willy was in the shower and Tanner is looking at my leg. When Willy pops his head around the curtain and ask Tanner if he is clean enough. Tanner got up and looked in on Willy. Moments tandoğan escort later He stepped into the shower with Willy. I could hear moans of pleasure, I wasn’t sure what they were doing but it sounded fun to me. Even if it was just a great shower. They must have been in there for a good 10 to 15 minutes. Willy was the first one out of the shower, Tanner had brought some big fluffy towels when he came in after putting our clothes in the washer. Tanner finally got out of the shower, I could see his now raging erection. He bent over and started to run the water into the tub. I could see his beautiful butt. I tried to think about other things while looking at him. Tanner is a beautiful man. I have never been attracted to guys, but something about Tanner turns me on Tanner picks me up and puts me in the tub but leaves my hurt leg out of the water. He picks up the wash cloth and slowly washes around the edge of the wound. I was getting a boner while I sat in the tub. It felt good to have him washing my body. Tanner noticed my hard-on and told Willy where he could find some ice. I knew what he was going to do with the ice. I figured he had a reason for doing it so I wasn’t going to fight him. Tanner seemed to know what he was doing. Willy came back with the bag of ice under his balls. I had to laugh when he told Tanner that he needed it too. But Tanner dumped the ice in the water. It quickly took care of my hard-on. Tanner drained the water from the tub and helped me to my feet. Turned on the shower, stood me up and then stepped in the shower and soaped me up. Now I understand why Willy was moaning before, it felt so good. His touch was so gentle but yet so strong and soothing. When he washed between my ass cheeks, I could feel his finger touching me on my little bruised hole. His touch felt so gentle, it felt even better when I pressed back and his finger slipped inside. I wanted his cock inside me so bad. I hated getting fucked by the guys at Mr. Grangers house. Tanner is different he is gentle and kind. He was helping us and I wanted to repay him and I knew by letting him fuck me it would be one way to pay him back. Only he didn’t, he just continued to wash me. When we finished he help dry me off then carried me to his nephews bedroom. Their he set me down and went to find clothes to fit me. He found some underwear but they were to small. He wrapped my leg again, then put me in some sweat pants and a shirt. He took Willy out to the hall and talked to him. Then he got my jacket and carried me out to the car. I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I know we are at a hospital. I know my leg hurt really bad and Tanner helped the best he could. We had to lie about who I was because Tanner did not want to turn us in and I am glad he is helping us. The nurse and Doctor were really nice. He asked me how it happen and I told him a big lie. I told him I fell on the thing that death carries around with him. I guess it’s called a sickle or something like that. My leg hurt really bad but I wasn’t going to let it show. Tanner had to leave and the doctor asked the nurse to go get some stuff. tekirdağ escort Then he turned to me and continued cleaning the cut. He looked up at me and said. “Hi Chase you don’t remember me do you?” he asked. “No?” I said. “Well, I knew your father and mother. Don’t worry I am not going to say anything to anyone. But I do want to know why are you with Tanner Boyer? he said calmly. I didn’t want to lie so I told him Tanner was helping us because we ran away from the abusive foster home we were living in. He seem to understand. “Ok, here is what I am going to do. There was a flyer that came over the fax machine. They are looking for you. You are in good hands with Tanner so I am not going to say anything. But if you need anything or are in trouble call me.” he said handing me a card. The nurse came back and handed him a needle and some medication. He had me take a pill and then stuck me with the needle. He said it will take care of the pain while he sewed my leg up. I looked at his card and it read. Dr. Calvin Richards it had three numbers his office, home, and cell numbers. He sent the nurse out to get a soft cast. Well at least that is what he called it. Then while she was gone he said to me. “Trust Tanner he will keep you safe. If you have any injuries other than this one have him take pictures to document them.” he said and asked. “Is Willy with you?” “No, he is at Tanners house.” “Good, do what Tanner tells you to do. If you need help I will come out to see the two of you. But Tanner has to be the one to contact me. Except in a real emergency and Tanner is unable to help you. Ok?” he said. I agreed. “Then asked how he knew my parents?” “It’s a long story and we don’t have the time.” The doctor said. His nurse came back and Tanner was moments behind her. The doctor pulled Tanner outside to talk to him. I am not sure what they were talking about. But it didn’t matter to me. When they returned Tanner picked me up and carried me to the car. I was asleep in moments after we hit the road. Next thing I know Tanner has me in his arms and carrying me into the house. He took me up to the bedroom we changed in but Willy wasn’t there. Tanner looked scared and in turn it scared me. He went out to find him. I started to get undress and was just in the sweat pants and putting on the tee-shirt he gave us earlier. Tanner came back in said he had found Willy in his room sleeping. He helped me take the soft cast off and took the sweat pants off. then put the soft cast back on. I could see that Tanner was checking me out. The underwear I had on were a little tight. I might be bigger than his nephew in the penis department. Tanner picked me up and carried me to his bed room and put me next to my brother. Then told me he was going to sleep in the other room. I begged him to stay. He finally broke down and crawled in bed with Willy and I. I figured he was going to leave once I fell asleep but he stayed. The next thing I knew Willy’s hard penis was sticking up against my underwear cover ass cheeks. I could smell food which woke Willy up too. Willy got up and was leaving the room as I got off the bed and started tokat escort walking toward the door. Willy saw me get up and came back to help me. Since Willy had no underwear on , I decided to take off the underwear. I figured he would stop me, but instead he help me toward the food. “What are you doing out of bed?” Tanner said as he rushed over to pick me up revealing my semi hard penis. I laughed to myself, I took the underwear off when Willy got out of bed. I could see Tanner looking at it and he was starting to get hard. It was obvious to everyone in the room. Tanner turned around and Willy was stroking his six inch cock. I had to laugh when Tanner told him to do that in the bedroom. I was stroking mine now and Tanner noticed mine when he turned around. I was all smiles as he looked at my 5 3/4″ inches. He asked if I needed to use the bathroom. I told him I did. So he carried me to the bathroom we all showered in last night. Tanner told me to call for him when I was finished. I guess I really did need to go but before I did I jerked off thinking about Tanner. I don’t know why but I fantasized about him fucking me. I never liked it when those men did it to me. But for some reason I wanted Tanner to fuck me and fuck me hard. When I came I caught it in some toilet paper and flushed it. I guess I didn’t want any evidence of my ejaculation left. I then pissed and took a dump. For some reason it hurt as I did so. My asshole was still tender from the last guy who fucked me. He had a huge cock at least 11 to 12 inches long and as thick as my wrist. I didn’t cry out when he fucked me. That was a week ago and it still hurts. I know I should tell Tanner but I am embarrassed too. Even though the doctor told me I should trust him. I called out to Tanner and waited. When Tanner came to the door, he knocked before coming in. I thought that was cute. This guy is a gentleman. Hell mom or dad never knocked nor did Mr. Granger, they just walked in the door. Mom even caught me jerking off one time. I know its not funny. Tanner made a funny face as he picked me up, made me wash my hands before he carried me to the kitchen. What ever he was cooking it smelled real good. Willy was in the kitchen sitting down, waiting for us. Tanner took something out of the oven that smelled really good. There were cooked apples and cinnamon, strawberry’s, bananas and blueberries. He told us to put it on top of the thing he put on our plate. He had bacon, sausage and hash browns. We ate together just like a family would. I thought back to when we were younger even then we really didn’t eat together. Our nanny would make breakfast most mornings. Mom and dad would be off to work. We didn’t get to see our parents to often because of their work. They died after a car accident, They were still alive but in really bad shape when we were allowed to see them. Kattie our nanny took us to the hospital to give us one last chance to see them before they passed away. I don’t really remember much after the hospital it was all a blur. But now we are here with Tanner and he makes us both feel safe. Willy said something to me but I was still in my own little world. Nifty is kind enough to post these stories for you to read so in return please donate to this fine cause @ fty/donate.html Thanks again for reading all remarks are appreciated Other stories on : Unexpected Relationships (Gay/ incest) Turnhurst Manor (Adult/Youth) completed story

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