The room next door


Last summer I was translating for my boss on an international business meeting in Okinawa. We stayed at one of those fancy resort hotels with a great view over the ocean. Of course we had a double suite room, because we make love every night, but one evening he had a meeting with some old friends, and I wasn’t invited. So I did what a girl would do. Take a swim in the hotel pool and check out a few boys on the beach. But there weren’t any. So I went to our suite room, sat in the chair at the open balcony door and looked out on the sunset. It made me long for my lover. I touched myself. I heard some sounds that were familiar, but I wasn’t sure why they were extraordinary. A key turning, a door opening and closing, steps and the squeaking of a sofa or bed. A young female voice sounded through the evening air. “I am taking a shower.” “Yeah, sweetheart, do so.” The male voice was a bit more senior. When I heard a fridge door I knew what it was: Sounds from the next room. It was so strange because it was almanbahis şikayet so clear. They must have their balcony door open, too. I just write down what happened next. I did not see them, just heard them. Sometimes there were longer pauses in their dialogue, but I just knit them together. Male voice: Julie? Female voice: Yes? M: Are you finished showering? I am all sweaty and want to shower, Tell me when you are finished. F: No need to wait, here I am…wait, before you go, I wanna show you something… M: Julie!! What are you doing? Put your towel back on! F: You like it? M: Stoppit! What do you think you are doing? Don’t come closer! Julie! F: I thought you like it. Look at you……You are so …..! M: Take your hand away! F: No, no, don’t hide it! M: Julie! F: Why? I know that Karen does it to you! M: Shit! What makes you think that? F: I lie awake at night, and I hear when she comes in your room. M: It’s not her! F: Then, why do you say her name? Why do you tell her what to do? M: Stop it! almanbahis canlı casino F: But you tell her to do it. You tell her that she should ‘suck it’! M: No, I don’t! F: Don’t lie to me! You know that it is true! M: That’s different! F: No, we are not different! M: It is different! You are… F: I am 18 now! M: I know. How should I forget that! F: Please, say my name, too! When I do it.…say it….please. M: Julie, it’s so wrong…don’t…don’t…ohhh. F: Is it good? …. do I do it right? M: Ohhh Julie…you are…we are…Ohhh, you are so good!…your hands at my balls… Oohh. F. I watched some videos. M: Videos?…. When, where? F: Last week….on your computer. M: Shit…you go to my computer…… F. Am I good at it? Am I good at licking your dick? Squeezing your balls? M: So good Julie…..have you done this before? F: Never…you are my first one. M: So, you have never….? F: No, never…you are my first…I wanted you to be my first. M: Julie, stop…please stop….it should not be me…it should not be me. almanbahis casino I am not your lover, I am your… F: But I want you to be my lover! You ARE to be my lover! M: No, I am NOT your lover, I am your… F: But you are Karen’s lover!….and no, it is not different. She is 20, I am 18. M: Julie, don’t cry…please don’t cry. F: Then…let me continue…let me make you happy. M: But I am happy with you! F: But you tell her how happy she makes you…I want to make you happy, too! M: Ohhh Julie, your tongue…ohhh, don’t stop, don’t stop…ohh…not so hard…not so…ohhhh…gooood. F: I took a shower…please do it to me, too. M: What are you doing? Julie!! F: I saw the pictures, too…the ones of you and Karen. M: The ones where we…? F: Yes, the ones where she is on top of you….the other way around. M: Shit! F: hahahahaha….no…no, I don’t….I promise…hihihihihi… M: Ohhh Julie…so good! F: I want to show it all. Look! Do you like what you see? M: Hmmm…your small hands….hmmm…spreading your cheeks… F: Lick me, lick me, lick me…like you lick her. M: Ohhh,…shit…you are a virgin? F: Yessss…can you see it? Can you see that I never had a man? M: Yes, I can…and you…you taste so good…hmmm. F: Yessss, drink my juice…lick me…lick me hard…yessss…deep…deep…deeper. M: Yesss, put it in your mouth.

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