The Proctologist’s Assistant


It was time for my five-year colonoscopy.  I made my initial intake and information appointment.  At the meeting, I met yet another new Doctor at the practice.  This would be my fourth colonoscopy and my fourth Doctor.  I guess spending your days pushing things up other’s asses is not as glamourous as it seems.This guy seemed okay enough but asked several more questions than the prior Doctors had.  After fifteen minutes of questions, Dr. Jones stated, “According to your records, the prior doctors have had some trouble dilating you.  You seem to have a rather restrictive anal ring.””What exactly does that mean?” I replied.”It means that we should have you come by the office twice a week for the next two weeks to loosen you up some.””How would you go about that?””We use anal dilators to stretch you out comfortably over time.  We’ll get you started here today and give you what you need to do the rest at home.””So, why do I need to come back by the office if I’m doing it at home?””We need to make sure that you’re making good progress.  There’s no point in doing it if it doesn’t have the desired effect.””Okay, so how do I do this?””My assistant, James, will be right in to go over the procedure and to help you with your first insertion.”At that moment, my cock twitched.  It was involuntary, like the way you sometimes jump a little during a scary movie.  You know, when the killer shows up in the background and takes a swipe at the heroine.  I equated it more to that than a sexual twitch, like when a gorgeous girl comes into view.As the Doctor was leaving, he off-handedly said, “You’ll need to strip from the waist down and lie on the table.  James will be right in.”Again, the pulse occurred, and this time I grew to about half-mast.  As I was in my own thoughts, trying to figure out why this was happening, James knocked and then entered the room.  “Hi, I’m James,” he offered.  “Did they not tell you that you had to be naked from the waist down?”Clumsily I began to remove my shoes and socks as I muttered, “Yeah… yes, sorry, I was just thinking about a work thing.””No problem, I have to get ready too.  Take your time.  You are my last appointment of the day, so there’s no hurry.”With my shoes and socks removed, I unbuttoned the top of my jeans.  As I slowly lowered my zipper, James opened a plastic case that contained six dildos.  I know that’s not the medical term, but I’ve seen dildos, and that’s what they were.  They weren’t veined and didn’t have the flaring head, but they were dildos.I slowly lowered my pants and underwear as I gawked at the display.  They were all smooth with rounded ends, much like a broom handle.  The smallest of them being about the size of my pinky in circumference.  As my eyes moved along them, they finally came to the largest.  Holy crap!  That monster was fatter than my own decent-sized cock.I must have looked like a fucking idiot.  As I stood there with my pants around my ankles with my eyes as big as saucers.James smiled as he tried to assuage my fears.  “Don’t worry, you only have to get the third one in comfortably within the two week period.””O… Okay,” I stammered.”Now, why don’t you finish removing your trousers and underwear.”I did as he suggested and tossed them on the chair haphazardly.”So, there are many positions that you can assume to make this easier.  Probably the best for you while doing it on your own is while lying on your side.  Are you right-handed or left?””Right,” I answered as I güvenilir bahis stared at my hands for a moment like they were foreign to me.”Okay, so lie on your left side and curl into the fetal position a little.”I did as James instructed, and once I was in place, he sat on a stool at the end of the bed.  I was beginning to feel what I imagined was a bit of the self-consciousness that women do at the Gynoclolgist.  I was looking straight ahead and waiting for the penetration to begin when my concentration was broken.”Mr. Jones… Steven… I need you to raise your right leg up until you can put your foot on the table.”Popping out of my own head, I did as he requested, only to realize that my previously hidden cock and balls were now on full display, again.  I must have turned an even deeper shade of garnet as I now saw his face.  He was peering at my sphincter like a mechanic replacing a spark plug.”That’s good.  Now, watch how I lube up the smallest dilator.  Make sure that you use plenty of lubrication.  Cover the entire thing making sure to leave a little dollop on the end.  Next, you’ll want to place a generous amount on yourself.  My suggestion would be to take your time and let yourself open up a little.  The more that you can get inside initially, the easier the entire process will be.”I just stared at him like a blubbering idiot, not hearing much of anything that he’d said.  My only thought was that this guy was going to stick a baseball bat up my ass.  Fortunately, in one way, my whole line of thinking had me shrunken down to child-size.  At least I wouldn’t have to worry about my earlier problem.Again, breaking me out of my trance, James asked, “Are you getting all of this, Steven?””Ye…Yesss!” I nearly shouted in my nervous state.”Okay.  Now, put this glove on your right hand.”  As I fumbled my way through the process, he continued, “I’m going to direct your hand a little as you apply the lubrication to your own anal entrance.”I chuckled a little at that, and so did James, which broke the ice and helped me relax.  With the glove on, I moved my hand between my legs.  James squirted a blob of lube onto my middle finger and then moved it toward my pucker.  Just before getting there, he added, “This is going to be a little cold at first.  But the more you move it around and keep contact, the quicker it will warm up.”I’m a rip off the bandaid quickly kind of guy, so I moved in quickly.  I shuttered a little at the cold.  But even more so at the fact that I’d pressed inside my entrance a little.  “Not so quick,” James uttered as he pulled my hand back a little but kept up the contact.  “Just rub in little circles for a minute with little to no pressure.  That’s it, just like that,” he added while releasing my hand.The disgust that I’d initially imagined never materialized as I started to enjoy the feeling.  Again I slipped away, but this time not into the chagrin that I’d previously experienced.  My sensitive star started to reward me for my ministrations.  As I drifted further into my own bliss, I heard, “Uh-hum!”Embarrassment engulfed me again as I started to withdraw my hand. James offered, “Don’t feel embarrassed.  I haven’t met anyone yet that didn’t get a little excited, male or female.  For men, especially, anal penetration is particularly stimulating.  As we begin the insertion of the dilater, you may feel yourself beginning to enlarge.  This is completely natural, as the prostate is alongside the rectal cavity güvenilir bahis siteleri and is very sensitive to stimulation.””Okay,” I replied quickly in an attempt to keep things moving along.”Give me your hand.  I’m going to line it up and press it a little inside.  Once I get it moving in, you will take over and press forward slowly.  The goal is only to stretch your anal ring, so you don’t have to go very deep.”James pressed the smallest phallus into me a little before moving my hand into position.  Once I was in control, I pressed forward slowly.  The effect on my penis was immediate.  It grew rapidly as I eased the small fake cock into my ass.  I was enjoying myself tremendously and had forgotten all about my audience.As my left hand made its way to my swollen pole, almost of its own will, I heard another, “Uh-hum!””That’s deep enough,” James ordered.Fortunately, I hadn’t quite gripped my prick yet and nonchalantly eased the dildo from my ass.”Not all the way out.  You want to leave it inside about one to two inches.””Alright,” I answered as I pushed forward a little more.  My fully engorged prick jumped again as I moved forward.  James noticed my plight but chose to ignore it.  Instead, he concentrated on continuing my instructions.”Now, you’ll want to leave it inside you for about fifteen to twenty minutes at a time.  I would suggest that you do this three to four times a day.   After it starts to feel nice and loose, you can switch to the next dilator in the box.””Alright, so when do I come back?” I inquired, looking through my spread legs.  With my dignity already departed, I kept my finger on the dildo as my prick pulsed in need.James stared at my predicament for a moment before replying, “I have you set up for Wednesday and Friday night this week.  We can also schedule you for Monday and Wednesday next week.  With your colonoscopy scheduled for next Friday, that should be enough stretching to get you ready.””That will work for me.  These late appointments are perfect for me.  Will I be working with you every time?”James momentarily stared before answering, “Oh yes, I will definitely be here for all of your appointments,” he smiled.”Take your time and finish up your dilation.  I have some paperwork to complete and will be back in about half an hour.  There are plenty of paper towels over here and a sink to wash your dilator and hands.  You can lock the door to maintain your privacy, but remember that you’ll have to leave when I return.  Have fun!”James locked the door behind him, and I pressed the dildo further into my ass.  My penis was at full mast and pulsing again as I rolled onto my back.  I grabbed my cock in my hand and began stroking it as I plunged the dildo in and out of my ass.  I have to say that it was the quickest I’ve ever climaxed in my life.  As I lay there with my own cum coating my groin and thighs, I drifted off to sleep.It couldn’t have been more than fifteen minutes when I awoke to James asking, “Are you decent?” as he opened the door.  Coming to, I attempted to cover-up but had nothing to use other than my hands, which quickly became coated in my own drying goo.  I fell off the bed in my struggle, and James grabbed me around the waist to help me up.  Once I was standing, he asked, “Are you okay?””Yeah.  Thanks for the help,” I laughed.James started laughing at me, laughing, and we both were rolling.  In the midst of our amusement, James’ hand slipped across my bare ass.  He quickly iddaa siteleri withdrew both hands as the mirth ended promptly.  The bitch of it was that it felt terrific, and my cock grew a little too.  James attempted an apology, “I’m soo…” before his eyes focused on my growing penis.  He stared for a moment before turning around and saying, “I’ll wait outside,” as he shot through the door.I stood there for a moment, trying to wrap my head around all that just occurred.  As my mind raced, I slowly got dressed and cleaned up my mess.  After a few minutes, I opened the door to find James sitting on a chair down the hall.  I walked in his direction, not knowing what to say.  I stopped in front of him, and his head was down in seeming despair.”You didn’t do anything wrong, James.  I have absolutely no complaints.  If it’s okay with you, I’d like to absorb the night’s events before we talk any further.  But, rest assured that none of this will be shared with anyone else.  Can we meet somewhere outside of work tomorrow at lunch, maybe?”With his head still bowed, James replied, “I only get about fifteen minutes for lunch.  How about after work?  Maybe at McGurk’s pub down the block?””Sure.  Will six o’clock be alright?””That’s fine,” James answered as he tilted his head up to look at me.  “And again, I’m so sorry!””There’s nothing to be sorry about.  The whole thing was a clumsy accident.  If anyone should be sorry, it’s me.”  Whispering, I added, “I’m the one who pleasured himself at your place of business.  So no more guilt on your part, understood?””Yes.”I walked out the door with my head still spinning and wondering about my own sexuality.  I spent the night wondering if it was his touch or James himself that got me excited.  As I bungled my way through my evening routine, I decided that it was more about being touched in those places by another man.  While James was an attractive man, it was more my discovery of anal stimulation that had me riled. Just thinking about it all had me wanting to feel more anal penetration.  Plopping down on the bed, I stripped off my clothes and gathered the dilators and lube.  Following James’ instructions carefully, I slowly inserted the same dildo into my slick ass.  I pushed it fully inside myself and then started a fucking motion.My cock hardened quickly, and before long, I started masturbating.  Just as before, it was a quick ascension to my orgasm.  As I finished coating my chest, I started the pumping motion again.  I noticed that I seemed much looser now and decided to try the next size up.  After a proper lubing, I pressed inside.The feeling was as intense as my first time, and I began to harden again.  This time I eased it out, deciding that my penis could use a break from all the abuse.  After washing everything, I decided on an early night and fell into a deep sleep.  It had been a while since my dreams were so sexually charged.  The interesting thing was that they were all about James.I wasn’t disgusted by or ashamed of them.  Growing up, I’d always been attracted to women, and men were always friends. It wasn’t an anti-gay thing.  I was just a heterosexual guy.  I never even looked at another penis, much less thought of sticking one up my ass.  But now, after yesterday evening’s events and my all too explicit dreams, nothing was off the table.Still, in bed, I reached for the kit and grabbed the second smallest dilator.  With a quick lube, I was inserting it into my back door.  The feeling was phenomenal.  With plenty of experimentation, I realized that it was the width, not the depth, that did it for me.  With that in mind, I grabbed the next phallus in the box.  Lubed up, I lined it up and moved forward gently.

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