Subject: The Premontion Part 19 Well, my friends its Thursday once again and here is the newest installment of our serial. Did you know that is how Charles Dickens wrote a lot of his books? They started as weekly serials in the newspapers. I always thought that was interesting. Anyway I finished SIlver Spoons. Thats a fun series. Now I’m watching the original Dennis the Menace. When I was a boy in the late 70s I watched it regularly. I thought Jay North was the cutest boy in the world when I was little. I am falling in love with him all over again now. He is still alive if you didnt know and is 70 years old. Although he was abused by his aunt and uncle during the show he wasnt one of the child stars that their parents took all their money. His mother invested all of his money in real estate and it is my understanding he is doing well financially. If you want more information about Jay it is in Wikipedia. A sight that also runs on donations like Nifty.Im sure you have heard enough about me and jay North now SO make a donation to Nifty Archive Alliance Donation I know they appreciate it. I also appreciate the hard work that Zero does editing to make this story better for all of us. He does an amazing job. As always I wish you Peace Love and Good Happiness Eric The Premonition Part 19 Written By Eric Murphey Edited By Zero Moss “Daddy, I’m scared,” I hear as I am shaken awake. “What’s the matter, Jimmy?” “I had a bad dream.” “You want to talk about it?” I ask as I glance at the clock that reads 2:38am. “Kinda.” I slip out of bed and re-cover Jack with the blanket. I scoop Jim up in my arms and head to the living room. “You thirsty?” “Kinda.” I sit him in my chair and grab us two glasses of Tang. I go back, hand him one, and he scoots aside for me to sit down. Once I do, he slips up onto my lap, and I wrap my arms around him. “So tell me about your dream, buddy.” “It was real super scary. We was all sleeping like normal and stuff. And me and Eddie woke up and we went to see what was for breakfast. But you wasn’t there, so we thought it would be funny to go wake you up by sucking you. So we go in and it’s just Jack laying there sleeping. So we wake him up and he don’t know where you are. So we get dressed and go do our chores thinking maybe you went to see Mr Earl or Mr Washington. We do our chores and then go and wait a while. We was all worried, cuz you always tell us when you gotta go somewheres. So we hear a knock on the door and it scares us. But we see it’s Joseph and he is crying. He asked us if his mommy and daddy was here. We said no and that you wasn’t here neither. So we are all real worried and stuff. So we walk to the Washingtons’ farm and we get there and nobody’s there. It’s all empty and stuff. No furniture or animals. Everything was gone. We was all real scared then and we run back to our house and you ain’t there yet. We waited for days and you never showed up. All the grownups was gone. We was scared and didn’t know what to do.” He barely takes a breath during his whole speech. I hug him close and kiss the top of his head. “Buddy, I bet that was scary.” “It was, and it was so real like.” “Sometimes, dreams are that way. But I would never leave you boys.” “I know, but it was super scary. I’m sorry I woke you up.” “No, don’t be sorry for that. If you ever get scared, you can wake me up anytime. We can always get back to sleep later,” I reassure him while giving him another reaffirming squeeze. “Daddy?” “Yes.” “How come you love the other boys more than me?” “Whatever would make you think that?” “Well, you do more stuff with them.” I’m trying to think of what he is talking about. I always play with all of them. I make sure to give each of them a pretty good amount of my time and not show any favoritism. “Jim, I’m not dismissing what you are saying. But I think I spend the same amount of time with all of you boys. I play with all of you boys pretty equally I thought.” “No not that, daddy. Sex stuff.” “Sex stuff?” “Yeah, you did Eddie a couple of times in his butt. I know you and Jack do it a lot, cuz he really likes it a lot. But you never done me like that.” “I didn’t think it was something you really wanted to do.” He looks at me with his big blue eyes and tells ardahan escort me, “Well, I do. I want to do stuff like that a lot. But you don’t act like you want to do stuff with me. Is there something wrong with me?” “Oh buddy, there is nothing wrong with you at all. If you want to do stuff like that, you let me know and I will. I just don’t want to make you do things you don’t want to do.” “So you will then?” “If it’s what you want, I will, anytime you ask me.” “I’m asking,” he says, grinning At this point, I’m thinking I want to go back to sleep, but I’m also thinking this is important to him and I shouldn’t put him off. So I do what a good dad would do. I kiss him on top of his head and reach down and start to fondle his little penis. It never ceases to amaze me how fast it gets hard. I pick him up, walk over to the couch, and bend him over it. I grab the lotion and start to smear some over his little rose bud. Now my cock wasn’t as fast to react as his was, but it has indeed reacted. I slowly insert a finger and it’s tight, but he pushes back against me. “Are you okay?” “Yeah. I like the way that feels, daddy.” I work one finger in and out of him for a while until it glides in and out easily, and then I add another finger. I am a little slower entering him with the second finger, but I do get it in without a lot of hassle. I reach between his legs and his little nail is still hard. That’s a good sign that he’s enjoying what I’m doing. I start running my fingers over his prostate as I work them in and out. He seems to really enjoy that as he moans every time I pass over it. I work his tight little hole for a few minutes until it is easier to manipulate my fingers. I pull and stretch him out, then add some more lotion and slip in a third finger. “Still okay?” “Yeah. It hurts a little but it’s good, too.” “Want me to stop?” “Noooo.” He half moans and whines. I work in the third finger which takes a few minutes, but I got all three in completely and start working them around. I’m twisting my fingers and stretching his tight hole. “Oh daddy, that feels really super good!” His face is sideways on the couch so that I can see half of it, and I don’t see any pain, just pleasure on it. I lather up my cock. “Now if this hurts you let me know. It’s not thicker than my fingers, but it is longer, so I will go slow.” “I will, daddy.” I pull out my fingers and see that his boy hole is dilated: a very good sign. I line up the head of my cock and push slowly in. It pops in fairly easily. “You okay?” “Yes,” he says as he pushes back so that another inch slides in. “Oh my,” is all I can get out as I feel his very tight hole’s heat around my cock. I stop and wait a minute. “Jimmy, when you are used to it, why don’t you push back. That way I know I am not hurting you.” His response is to push back another two inches so that now my cock is half in him. It takes all the self-restraint I have not to shove it in the rest of the way. He moans as my cock hits his little inner button. He rocks slowly back and forth, about an inch sliding in and out and hitting his prostate each time. “Oh, I like this. I like this a lot,” he moans and then starts taking more of me in him. It doesn’t take a minute before he has me buried to the hilt and continues rocking back and forth. “Oh gosh dam,” I mumble as he rocks on my cock. I start meeting him as he pushes. Before long we have a good rhythm going. I grab his little hips and start working in out out faster. Watching my cock slide between his little cheeks and into him is truly one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen. I rank it right up there with the other two boys. I can’t say any of the boys feels any better than the others. I can say that Jack not only likes it, he craves it. He loves it and will ride me every night if I let him. But sometimes I’m tired; okay, a lot of the time I’m tired. We work hard and play hard, so when it’s time for bed, I’m ready for sleep. I really want to see Jim’s belly and chest as I’m making love to him. He has the sexiest little body and I want to see it. I slip out of him and flip him over quickly and reinsert my cock. I start running my hands over his little nipples, then over his tight little belly. He lifts his legs and artvin escort puts his sexy little feet on my tummy as I push into him. He reaches down and starts rapidly stroking his hard penis. I love watching him play with himself. I am getting really close just watching him. I take his feet, lift them, and put them against my cheeks where they feel so soft. I feel myself about to cum. I can’t hold back any longer and I start to shoot into him. “Oh Jimmy, it feels so fucking good!” I blurt out as the first shot enters him. I feel his ass tighten and his stroking becoming erratic as he is getting his drymax. “Oh daddy! Oh yes daddy!” he moans as I feel his ass constrict around my cock. I shove in as far as I can as the last shot unloads in his tight ass. I shot so hard I’m surprised I don’t hear him gargling my cum. As I start coming down from the orgasmic bliss I take one foot of his and kiss it and then kiss the other. I lay his legs beside me and lean forward to kiss him. “I love you very, VERY much Jimmy, and not because we just made love. I love you no matter what.” He smiles and responds, “You been calling me Jimmy tonight. You don’t do that very often. “I didn’t think you liked it.” “I do from you.” “Do you want me to always call you Jimmy?” “No. Just in sexy times. I like it a lot then.” “No other times then?” “Daddy, you can call me Jimmy all the time if you want to. It makes me think of before, you know before when things were normal. Makes me think of my mom and dad.” “Did you have good parents?” He grins. “They were the best. They loved me lots.” “I wish you could be with them still.” “Yeah. But I think they would have liked that you are my new daddy. That and I know they would be happy I am with Eddie and Jack too. Before they would laugh and call us the three stooges when we would do goofy stuff,” he grins at the memory. “Which I’m sure was a lot.” He giggles as he tells me, “Yeah. We had lots of fun. We was always together even before.” “What did your folks do for a living?” “My dad was an aircraft mechanic and mom was a nurse.” “So they were pretty smart then.” He smiles and I tap his nose. “So that’s why you are so smart then.” “Jack is way smarter then me.” “Jack is pretty smart. But I think all three of you are about the same. All of you are super smart and make me look like I’m a retard.” “Daddy, you shouldn’t say that. It’s a mean word.” “Even if I say it about myself?” “Yes.” “So, no `retard’ word then?” “Daddy, it’s like the N-word. It’s bad.” “I suppose you are right.” “I know I am.” “It’s just that when I was your age it was common to say `retarded.’ It was actually the acceptable word. It’s hard to change habits like that sometimes.” He puts his finger to my chest. “You can do it.” “You ready to go back to bed?” “Can’t.” “Why not?” “Your big cock is still in me. I can’t walk like that.” “No, I don’t think it would be easy.” I slowly pull out and my cock is still half hard. I think if it wasn’t the middle of the night I could go again. He slides up and races to the bathroom to expel most of what I deposited in him. I walk into the kitchen and wash off my cock, then sit in my chair and wait for him to return. I take a long drink of Tang and it hits the spot. A few minutes later he comes out and sits back on my lap and takes a drink of his Tang. “Daddy that was really nice. When can we do it again?” “Soon. I don’t want to say a certain time or day because sometimes things happen that we can’t prevent. But soon I promise.” “Daddy, can I tell you a secret?” “Of course.” “Jack loves you a lot.” “Jimmy, that’s hardly a secret.” “No, he loves you more than a lot. He wants to be your husband when he gets big.” “Well who knows, maybe it will work out that way. Would it upset you if it did?” “Shoot no. Jack’s a gay boy and he knows what he likes. I just like to feel good and when I get bigger I want a girl to be my wife.” “I hope that we can find you one.” He grins at me and yawns. “Ready for bed again?” “Yeah, can I sleep with you and Jack?” “Anytime you want to buddy. Any time at all.” I carry him back with me and we slip into bed. I look at the clock it reads 5:15. “Be right back,” I whisper. I go to the kitchen, take out two bowls, and ataköy escort put cereal on the table. I write a note telling the boys that Jim had a rough night and we will probably sleep later then normal and to have cereal for breakfast. I head back to the bedroom where I find Jim and Jack snuggled together and Jim already asleep. I look down at Jack and think about the fact that he wants to be my husband. I am honestly really touched, though I doubt it really will happen. I lay down and am asleep in seconds. I wake up slightly when I feel Jack crawl out of bed. I smile when he kisses my cheek before he goes to the bathroom, then am back to sawing logs in seconds. I am sleeping soundly until Eddie barges into the room. “Dad, Mr Earl is here and he says it’s an emergency.” I’m up in a flash and grab a pair of shorts and am in the kitchen seconds after Eddie. “What’s the emergency?” “I saw smoke coming from about a mile and a half maybe two miles away over that way,” Earl says, pointing in the direction of what he saw. “Be right back, then we will go get Mike.” I race into the bedroom throw on some Levis, a t-shirt, and boots. I grab my pistol and a couple of extra clips. I’m back out in a minute and a half, and grab the truck keys from beside the door. “Boys, stay here and do not go outside until we get back.” “Yes sir,” they all answer. Earl and I race to the truck and are at Mike’s in two minutes. I slide sideways into his gravel driveway and he comes rushing out of the barn. “Mike, Earl saw smoke about a mile or two that way.” We both look and see a thin trail. “Let me tell Sarah and get my Colt.” He rushes in and is back is out in less than a minute. He races and hops into the truck as Earl slides to the center to make room for him. We race back to Earl’s house because it’s the closest we can get with the truck and not be noticed right away when we show up at the scene. We can decide then if we want to talk to whomever is there at all, or if we want to just back away and leave them be. “Alright, here’s my thinking: we sneak up and see what’s up. If they look friendly, then we approach; if they don’t, well, we don’t,” Mike says. “Should we flank them?” I ask, trying to sound like I know what the hell I’m talking about. “I think that seems like the best plan. What we will do is go down there and when we get close, we’ll separate. That way, if there are several of them and they catch one of us, the rest of us can sneak back around and do whatever needs done,” Mike says. “I sure hope they are friendly. It’s never been a dream of mine to take someone’s life. But if it’s them or the boys, well, they ain’t gonna make it,” I say with sincerity. “Okay guys, once we get started, no talking. Hand signals only.” Mike goes through hand signals’ meanings. and then we are off through the woods toward the smoke in the sky. I am thinking that my heart is going to give us away because it’s beating so hard I’m sure they can hear it. We make our way slowly so as not to make much noise. About half way there, I nearly have a heart attack when I rabbit scurries in front of us. I swear I am so in tune I can hear everything. I’m sure that my blood pressure is like a billion over half a billion. We make our way up pretty close to where the smoke is coming from, and then we fan out following Mike’s instructions. I see the other two fan out and I go straight. I come up to a clearing in the woods. I see a little campfire and smell something cooking on it that looks like a squirrel. I see someone sitting at the campfire, poking a stick into the squirrel, but I can’t see their face because their back is toward me. They certainly don’t appear to be big, so that’s good at least. I remember, though, that a lot of the cruelest people in history were short, Hitler for one. Always baffled me that he was such a cruel man, and yet he was a vegetarian and loved dogs. I guess the Chinese are right with the yin and the yang, or so it seems to be. There always seems to be a bit of compassion even in the worst of us, and a bit of hatred in the best. I get to the edge of the woods, crouch down, and wait. I see the other guys coming up to the edge. Suddenly, I hear a twig snap. The campfire person’s head pops up and they look right at Earl. They get up and race towards me but do not see me. As they are getting close to me I stand up and snatch them by wrapping my arm around their waist. I look and see a terrified boy of maybe 14 at most look into my mil let me know what you thought of this chapter.

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