The Playdate with Ruby – Part 3

Big Tits

The big night finally arrived. I was holding hands with my sexy, slutty girlfriend Ruby, riding up the elevator to a high floor suite to meet up with Ruby’s college lover Dmitri and his boyfriend Andy. I had butterflies in my stomach and a buttplug in my ass. Tonight was going to be my first time getting fucked by real cocks. Ruby had prepared me thoroughly. I was nervous, excited, scared, turned on… The anticipation had become almost painful and I needed for this night to happen. For the last week, Ruby had been coming over for my anal training. As soon as she would come in and we had kissed, I would kneel on the couch, presenting my asshole for her to plug. She would lick, lube and finger me until I was opened and then I would be filled for the evening. The plug was only removed for her to fuck me with her big dildo and then reinserted until she wanted to used me again. I would have it out to sleep and then have a reprieve until the next evening when she arrived. One morning during the week, Ruby told me I was to go to work with the plug in. I did as I was told. We had John, a supervisor from another office, visiting that day. I was trying to be casual while I was making small talk in the copy room, but I was very aware of how handsome this late 50s man was and that my buttplug was in, pressing on my prostate. We chatted about the upcoming staff party and he made a joke about how wild they had been in the past. As my mind started imagining getting wild with him, my cock stiffened. I thought I saw his eyes glance over my crotch, but I wasn’t sure. He left with a friendly smile and a wink, saying he’d see me there, brushing against me as he passed. As the elevator neared our floor, Ruby rubbed one hand over my cock and reached back to push the plug in a dip deeper. She kissed me hard, making me moan. “Ready, Nick? It’s time to suck and fuck like a cheap whore. Can you do that for me?” “Yes, isvecbahis Ruby,” I crooned. “I’m eager to please them.” “You will, sexy boy,” she purred. “And we’re going to take lots of pictures and videos. And I’m going to share them on the internet to find us new playmates. Lots of slutty boys and girls to fulfill all our dirty fantasies. Tonight is a big step, Lover. Let’s leave all our inhibitions behind and have a filthy time with these big dicked studs.” I was rock hard as we made out. The ding of the elevator arriving at our floor came and we stepped out laughing and racing to start our date. Demitri opened the door, sharply dressed with his shirt half unbuttoned, giving a glimpse of his muscular hairy chest. He was a little taller than me and undeniably handsome, with bright brown eyes and an olive complexion. Ruby was quickly embraced in his strong arms, kissing him hungrily. His hands wasted no time finding her bare ass under her very short black skirt. After a few long moments, they disengaged and Ruby introduced us. Demitri fixed me with his lovely gaze. “Nick! I’ve heard incredible things about you. So nice to finally meet!” he said cordially. He had an intense charisma that I could already feel radiating through me. He subtly inclined his head, wordlessly inviting a kiss. I paused a moment and then leant in to kiss his full lips as my girlfriend had just done. He was a great kisser. I let him be the aggressor and sucked on his tongue as he pulled away. Andy had been waiting for his introduction. I chuckled nervously as we first shook hands and then was pulled in for a tongue kiss with him as well. Andy had light brown hair and stunning green eyes. Ruby had been very right in describing their attractiveness to me. These were beautiful sexy people who immediately made we want to touch and be touched. “Nick, can I get you some Prosecco? Ruby, a glass for you?” Andy asked. We isveçbahis giriş both welcomed the drink. Demitri guided Ruby down to sitting next to her, while Andy invited me to sit next to him on the loveseat. “Come here, Nick, let’s get to know each other.”We chatted lightly about what their travels had been like and then both men focused on me, asking me about my job, my hometown, whether I had traveled much. The conversation quickly turned sexual, Ruby letting them know that she had been training me all week for then. I blushed, but was feeling very open to all the dirty talking Ruby was telling these studs. “He’s wearing a buttplug right now, boys,” Ruby told them. “Nick, lift up your bum and let Andy feel it.” I did and Andy’s hand felt around my ass, groping my cheeks before centring in to find my plug and giving it a few gentle pushes. He leaned onto me and kissed me again while he fiddled with my plug. Ruby watched us kissing and she started rubbing Demitri’s cock through his pants with one hand while her other hand rubbing her own breast. She soon had Demitri’s pants open and his thick cock sprang loose in my peripheral. As Andy and I seperated, Ruby directed me to kneel in front of Demitri. She was running her hand up and down his rapidly stiffening cock. I was soon right in front of Demiti’s fat cock, Ruby instructing me to open wide as she guided Demitri’s penis over my cheeks, around my lips and then into my open mouth. “Oh, yes, Nick, suck that big cock, baby. Run your tongue all over his shaft. Stick your tongue out and lick his balls while he uses your mouth.” Demitri’s cock felt amazing in my mouth. After a week of hard training with Ruby’s didlo, this warm, spongely uncircumcised dick felt and tasted heavenly. I settled into a rhythm of bobbing my head up and down pumping this exquisite rod deep into my throat and then back out till I was just holding the swollen head isveçbahis yeni giriş with my lips. I could hear the camera snapping away as I gave my all to blowing my new playmate. Ruby slid down Demitri’s body and joined me on her knees on the floor. “You have to share, you greedy cocksucker,” she whispered in my ear and she kissed me around Demitri’s delicious cock. She stole the cockhead from me, leaving me to lick down to cleanly shaven scrotum. I sucked his big balls one after another and worshiped every inch I could get to. He twisted up a little and I pulled his pants off. He took hold of the back of my head and incited me to rim his asshole. I probed and darted my tongue as deeply as I could manage, while Demitri ground his ass on my face. Ruby rose up and made room for Andy, who had also striped off. Andy sat down next to Demitri and Ruby told me to suck them both. These beautiful men held their full erections to my open mouth, pumping past each other’s cock heads as they thrusted in and out of my lips. Ruby got behind me and started to pull my pants off. I was wearing red jockstrap underwear, my ass fully exposed, the bright ruby jewel of the buttplug shiny in the light. Ruby played with my plug while I sucked two big penises at the same time. It felt delightful, being used at both ends, being the centre of so much lust and sexual energy.  Ruby withdrew my buttplug and poured lube on my inviting asshole. “Demitri, come and take my boyfriend’s virginiy. I’m going to guide your manhood into my boyfriend.”  With Andy still using my face, I felt Ruby rubbing Demitri’s fat cockhead over my asshole and in gentle circles around my opening. I could feel myself relaxing as Ruby guided the cock more firmly into my ass. I gasped as the flared head slid past my sphincter, deeper inside, inch by girthy inch. My gasps turn to a moan of pleasure as I felt this gorgeous man start to fuck his dick in and out of my no longer virgin ass. I was getting spitroasted, just like we had fantasized and it felt better than I could have imagined. I squealed with pleasure as Ruby urged them on and recorded everything as a video. 

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