The Phone Call_(1)


The Phone Call

It was exactly one week since I had heard the voice of a woman that sounded so sexy, so enticing that I had thought that I was hearing the voice of an angel. That the very thought of her voice alone was enough to make me want to throw everything that I owned into my crappy car and drive to her in the middle of the night. Walk up to her and grab her by her hips and kiss her with the deepest most passionate kiss that my lips could produce for a woman. I had come to know this woman through a very weird and unusual way. The moment I heard her say that she wanted to see me I could not begin to wonder the torture that one week was for a man that had heard her voice and she couldn’t even begin to think of how it felt or could she?

Well I guess I should start off by telling you my name. My name is Mason and I was a newly fresh recruit who had been in the Navy for just a little over a year now. I had just recently gotten to my boat and did not have too much going on in my life. I was 19 running around after work trying to find out who was getting beer and where I needed to be to get some for myself. Typical 19 year old navy man for you huh? On a Friday night after plenty of liquor and heading up to my room I realized that I had forgotten to call my Mom. It was her birthday. Looking at what time it was I used my better judgment seeing that it was already pretty late that I would just take a little bit of yelling and call her in the morning. Yet 10 minutes after I had turned the television on out of the blue guess who decided to call.

I answered the phone to something that I had not really had the privilege of hearing too often but, an extremely drunk mother on her birthday. I said hello and tried to gather through her slurred words to understand what the hell she was trying to say to me and finally realized I was trying to do the impossible and just said yes and no to her. When in the background I heard this crazy woman yelling “Let me talk to the sexy navy man”. I thought to myself knowing that my mom is middle-aged and what her friends have looked like in the past that oh my god I have some 45 year old woman who is drunk and is now thinking about me in a naval uniform and will never shut up now. I said hello and then she spoke and introduced herself as did I. I was hooked from the moment I heard her voice through the phone. I did not even care at that moment if she was 45 which I learned later on she wasn’t all I could do and think about was how do I keep this woman on the phone with me all night because I did not ever want to stop listening to her beautiful voice.

A couple of hours went by and it was as if by some divine force that this had all happened for a reason. I had never been so unbelievably excited to talk to a woman. Not one time had I ever had so much in common with someone and this was all through the phone. We talked about everything and me being a man, I switched the conversation towards sex. I asked her what turned her on if she thought that I sounded sexy and she responded by saying that she knew I was sexy my mother had being showing off my navy photos. I talked with her more and told her that if how she described herself then I didn’t know if I would be able to restrain myself from just grabbing her and ravaging her sweet succulent body the first time I saw her. She asked me when the next time that I would be coming down and I quickly rummaged through the junk on my desk praying to God that I did not have duty this weekend coming up and my calender was clean as a whistle. I thanked God for once finally smiling down upon me because I did not know how long I would be able to keep myself in line knowing that this sexy woman wanted to see me and possibly even have sex with her. I quickly told her that I would be there Friday and that I would be getting there around 5 or so and that she could expect me then and that she better not think about me or how good my hard, thick mast would feel filling her up inside. She let out a little girlish laugh and thats when I knew that she was going to have just a hard time this week as I would. Both of us thinking how the other one would be and feel. After talking and turning each other on to the brink of near explosion I heard her say that it was perfect and that we should have drinks together. I gladly accepted and spent the rest of the week with her voice running through my mind trying to imagine what she could look like upon the details that she had given me through the phone. I spent nights talking to her learning about her and her me. Each night going further and further each trying to tease the other one more than the other. What turned us on and what we liked in bed and what we didn’t. How she like to have her tantalizing tush grabbed when she was kissed because she liked how her bum felt when it was spread out by the rough, muscular hands of a man. That she liked to be came up from behind and kissed on the back of her neck while holding on to her hips and that it made her so moist when a man does that to her unexpectedly. By the time Friday came around it seemed as if I had known this woman my whole life. As if she had grew up next door or across the street with me. The whole time I thought could someone so great ever come from a drunken phone call from your mother. I was about to find out in less than 3 hours.

I packed my sea-bag for the weekend grab the Cd that I had burned for the road chucked it in my car and drove out as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. The whole drive I was back and forth on how I would introduce myself and how not to be nervous and what to say once I finally met her. What I would do if she was nothing that I had pictured all week in my head. What if she wasn’t attractive, what if she was ugly and was nothing like what she had said she looked like. Beating myself in the head for doing something so crazy so spontaneous but, why the hell not. If not then I would never have to see her again her being in North Carolina and me being in Norfolk. As I rounded the corner to pull in the driveway of my mother’s house I see the truck that she told me she drove along the grass of the neighbor’s house and it felt as if someone had hit me in the stomach and my heart went up into my throat but, at the same time I could feel my member begin to twitch and rise in my pants just imagining being with the woman who had such a sexy voice that had been in so many of my dreams all week.

I pulled into the driveway called my mother to find out where she was and realized that I had to wait an hour for her to get there and it was a hot freaking day in June and here I was in a dress uniform feeling like a cat in heat knowing that she was just a few steps across the street from me. I crawled back to my car turned the radio on and lit up a cigarette one of many that I had had on my nerve wrecking drive to my home away from home. I sat with my eyes closed and suddenly I was startled by someone who had walked over to my car to ask me to turn my radio down. I apologized and quickly reached over to turn down the music then, turned back to see who this person was that izmit rus escort had the audacity to come over and complain about loud music at 5:30 in the afternoon. I was speechless. I was staring at a woman that had just recently got out college. She had the perfect shape for a woman nice creamy hips which made her look just like a genie from a bottle. Her face was so fair, pure and radiant I could tell that she was just all natural beauty not the beauty you see on caked up super models. She had nice breasts that sat high up on her chest that you could see rise up and down with every breath. Not to big but, also not too small. She looked like a woman that every man ever dreamed of from the moment he realized how precious a beautiful woman was. Dumbfounded I sat there with my jaw wide open with words on the tip of my tongue but, a brain that was quickly re-directing blood flow to a ever growing erection that was in control of all train of thought of me at the very moment. She quickly introduced herself as Jennifer and the moment that her voice strummed upon my ears I finally realized who this beautiful, elegant and, gorgeous bombshell of a woman was that had graced my eyes.

I quickly responded with my own introduction trapped in the seat of my car by her being in front of the door making me feel a little intimidated not only due to this but, also the fact that for her being 30 years old she looked so young and radiant nothing at all what I had expected to see when I saw her. We talked for a few minutes and her asking why I was so shy now and not on the phone. That I was just what she expected from the picture and if she was at all what I had expected to see from her description over the phone. I told her I didn’t even recognize who she was because she wasn’t at all what I had imagined or stroked myself to in the shower all week. After talking she finally asked me to come over to enjoy a few margaritas while I waited for my mother to get home. I told her I would be right over like a puppy following the commands of his master entranced with her every fabric of being as she turned to leave I leaned over to watch her walk away and I saw the juiciest bum that I had ever seen on a woman it was absolutely gorgeous. Since I had always been a man for a great butt rather than a great rack. I took some time frantically searching for my liter and cigarettes so that I could calm myself down and lose the hard, throbbing erection that had come to surface in my pants not that the uniform wasn’t tight enough in the first place. I smoked my cigarette and built enough nerve to walk the 100 feet to the back deck to finally begin the night, one that was to be a long one.

I walked back and said hey to Judith my mom’s neighbor and she introduced me to her boyfriend Chip, the coolest hippie guy you would ever meet. She threw me a cup and invited me to the pitcher of margaritas which I gladly partook from. As I poured my drink I looked over at Jen and sent a sultry glance to let her know that she was so much more than what I had imagined and I hoped that she felt the same. I sat there in silence for awhile unsure of what to say not only to Jude and Chip but, to Jennifer whom I had hardly laid eyes on since I had come over due to the fact of how extremely nervous I was and not knowing exactly what to say to her in front of her friends. I shared stories with them of how I had been doing,what I did in the Navy, how Judith lost all her weight just a bunch of small talk. Then we all realized that we had gone through the pitcher and Jen volunteered to make a new one. I took this as a opportunity to finally be somewhat alone with her for just a few minutes and excused myself to the restroom. After I finished I walked into the kitchen as quietly as I could and saw her standing with her back towards me. I bit my lip trying to restrain myself from walking up and just grabbing her rump but, instead walked up behind her grabbed her around her hips ran my hands over her stomach feeling her body rubbing every sexy inch of her sexy stomach that I had wanted to touch from the moment I saw her, rubbed my semi-hard member along the crack of her bum and kissed the back of her neck which wasn’t rejected. As soon as she felt me she thrust her butt back to meet me, rolled her head back in the sudden intense bliss she was feeling. Just as she was about to turn I opened the door and walked out leaving her there with warmth that she hadn’t felt in awhile between her legs while she realized the dampness that was collecting in her panties.

A few drinks later I walked over and saw my mom’s car sitting in the driveway. Hating that I had to leave so suddenly but, also thankful that I could finally get into something that was a lot more comfortable even though I did look sexy as hell in my uniform. I told them I would be back in a little while that I had to shower and change clothes I threw a wink towards Jen’s way and watched her smile at me and walked away. I rushed over and grabbed my sea-bag out of my car along with a bottle of so-co just to give me a little extra confidence(nothing like a little liquid courage) and found a nice looking shirt and some shorts and headed to the shower. Taking shots as I washed up, I began to rub my throbbing member and exploding my cum off of the thought of this sexy fox of a woman that was waiting for me next door imagining her bent over anywhere and wanting me to enter her and have my throbbing rod inside her feeling her love tunnel suddenly become engorged with my manhood bringing her to orgasm after orgasm till she could barely stand. I erupted with a huge climax all over the shower wall. I quickly cleaned it up and finished getting ready trying to look as good as I could and walked back over where I heard music and laughing. The little get together was finally loosening up. Which I was extremely thankful for now after 5 or 6 shots in the shower and my previous margaritas along with how lush my neighbor’s were we would have no problem with talking and having fun.

I was welcomed with a fresh margarita and the best looking take me now and never let go glance by Jen and I could tell she was no longer shy with me and that she liked my choice of clothing which favorably hinted at the shape of my broad strong shoulders and the manly, enticing aroma the flowed from my body. I returned the favor along with a charming smile and watched as it seemed to just make her rosebud quiver in her panties and melt into her chair. It was finally my turn to be the one in control. No longer was I shy or intimidated by her I could be the one to take the reins. I no longer saw a seductress in front of me I saw a woman that was being seduced and I had yet let any words escape my sensual lips. Time went by and we started to become a little famished. We all decided to hit up a local restaurant for a bite to eat and a few drinks. I decided to ride instead of drive and hopped in the passenger seat of Jen’s truck. Jude and Chip left before us in a hurry. Once Jen got in the car I looked at her staring enticingly into her glowing orbs reflecting the moon in their glaze izmit escort of want and need. Leaned over and pressed my lips against hers which felt as soft as a cashmere with a rush of orgasmic pleasure creeping slowly down my spine as my tongue darted in a blaze of passion with hers but, only for a second just to make her mind ran haywire with the thought of me and the very extent of the emotions that were not only running through her mind but, also through her body the whole time we were sitting at dinner eagerly waiting to finally be alone with one another.

We finished dinner and shared more laughs over cigarettes and drinks and shut the place down. Walking back to the truck I was completely mesmerized by the sway she had when she walked, her hips, her thighs, her legs and most importantly the magnetically drawing shape of her bum that she proudly shook as she walked as if some how knowingly I was not only entranced by her but, hypnotized as well. I got into the truck when suddenly I am mauled in a series of passionate, fiery barrage of erotic, intoxicating kisses. Within seconds I have a tongue engulfing mine and mine in hers. I share a passionate yet desirable, wanting, needing kiss with her while running my hands along her sexy, shapely figure. Through her hair, gently rubbing my nails along her back while creating goosebumps all over her body sending tingles and shivers coursing through her. Then finally to the one thing that I had wanted and longed to touch all night. I put my hand on her bum and gave it a firm squeeze. It was perfect. The mixture between her firmness and softness the the touch made me realize this had to be best bum that I had ever felt in my life. Had I left my hand there for a split second longer I would have erupted into my shorts ruining the passionate night that was in store for both of us. I quickly regained my composure because I knew that a woman like this deserved a little more than and quick thank you and I intended on showing her this and had to once again restrain myself and remind her that we had to get back to Jude and Chip. She reluctantly agreed and started off towards the house. We walked out back and were quickly looked at and in a split second knew that we had been caught and started laughing like two young high-school teenagers in love. I got up and grabbed a couple of beers for Jen and myself and we both waited the long painful wait for Jude and Chip to finally head off to bed so that we could pick up where we had left off in the truck. I heard the magic words my heart skipped at beat as I watched Chip slap Judith’s ass as they headed up the steps to have some fun of their own that had been boiling all night.

I glanced over at Jen’s bottle and noticed it was empty and offered to get her another beer which she gladly accepted. As I handed her the beer a leaned and and stared into her eyes which seemed like an eternity in waiting and lingered for her lips to meet mine. I took her into my arms as I leaned in towards her and fiercely kissed her feeling a sudden spark that erupted between us. Her tongue swirling with mine, my hands running through her soft brown hair, rubbing my hands along her elegant neck, then down the spine of her back. Finally I broke off and kept my eyes peered into hers never to let the fire that was kindling between us to extinguish. As I sat with my cigarette and my beer before I ripped her clothes in a rage of passion right there on the porch like a animal in heat. After talking for hours and realizing it was getting late I decided to move things inside and see how long I could tease and tantalize her and how moist I could make her before she wanted me as bad as I had wanted her since the first time I talked to her. I sat down with her on the couch, stared into her eyes seductively and waited till I saw the fire that was burning in her rise as she leaned into kiss my lips and and as I kissed her back with the same passion in return. I slid my hands along the hem of her shirt feeling for the first time her smooth soft skin. Up her shirt till I felt her soft succulent breasts and held them in my hands and caressed them teasing her and listening to her as she moaned as I gently rolled her breasts and nipples between my fingers, kissing her neck seductively turning her on more and more listening to her moan over and over again as I teased her body more and more.

I slid my other free had between her legs and felt the heat and moisture coming from her within her flower garden until I felt her slide her small hands up the side of my shorts and felt her grab my already throbbing member through my underwear and seeing her face when she finally touched and held my 8” shaft in her hands and once again felt her rosebud twitch with excitement. She rubbed all along my shaft then slid her hands underneath my underwear where I felt the softness of her skin touch my skin and I moaned in pleasure having the want to feel this since I had seen her sexy body at my car and the thought of her very existence so many times in my desires in the shower. She seductively whispered into my ear with a tantalizing voice that she wanted me to take her in the bedroom and had been thinking about it even before she had crossed the street. I followed feeling every pulse of my beating heart rush the the veins of my iron- hard erection. She laid down and I fell on top of her. I took her from behind her neck with my rough manly hands and seductively pulled her in to kiss her, biting and sucking on her lips feeling her want for me every second that passed. With every gasp, moan, with every flick of my tongue along hers, with every bite I made gently on her lips, and when ever I sucked her lips seductively into mine. I took her shirt off and gazed onto her body and was in awe at how sexy this woman was that was lying beneath me noticing every inch of her instantaneously. I unclasped her bra and freed her breasts from their containment that held them from my sight all night. Pulled her close into me feeling forcibly with passion so that I could feel her breasts on me and kissed her once again teasing her lips to let her know how turned on she was making me and how much I wanted her , how much I need her at that very instant. I took her breasts into my mouth and gently sucked her nipples. Teasing them with my tongue and gently biting them between my teeth listening to her moan into my ears and feeling her tremble and shake beneath me. I slowly worked my way down her chest onto her stomach feeling the fine hairs that ran along her stomach tickling my lips as I slowly made my way to the edge of her pants and licked along the line of her jeans teasing her with my tongue till the point that she grabbed me by my face and forced me to look into her eyes so that I could see how badly she not only wanted me to take and pants of and lick her love bud but, how badly she needed me to. I slowly unbutton her pants and seductively slide her zipper down with mt teeth leaving her with anticipation of the pleasure that my tongue was about to induce to her body , leaving her thinking of the orgasms about to come. I slowly slid her jeans off over kocaeli escort her bum down to her knees and hearing her gasp and her breath catch in her throat as they ultimately slid across her toes. Kissing her slowly, teasing every inch of her body before I reached her love garden. Working my way up her calves, then to her knees and thighs, till I was at her panties and I rubbed my face into her soft lips smelling the aroma of her rosebud that had been moist all day. Thinking about this since she first thrust her bum back to meet my thrusts earlier in the day. I slid her panties to the side and teased her with my breath. Breathing along every part of her beautiful love tunnel making her wait yet even longer knowing the pleasure that was to come. Making her want my tongue to grace upon her lips tasting her juices and wanting to make her cum over and over again. I watched her twitch and moan and shake with excitement to the point of no return and decided I had teased her enough.

I slid her panties all the way off and and finally slid my tongue along her lips parting them as I tasted her flesh. Feeling the heat and wetness from her rosebud that she had made from the longing and wanting to be with me since she had first laid her eyes on me at my car. Teasing her by licking her but, making sure that I my tongue never grazed her clit directly leaving her excited yet frustrated at the same time. I took a second to take one final look up at her eyes before I blessed her with a flick of my tongue over her clit and she knew and understood the sensations that were about to gush throughout her body as she impatiently waited for my tongue for she knew how incredible it was going to be. I licked her clit and automatically felt her hands force my head in between her legs as I continued to lick and suck her clit as she came closer and closer to orgasms. Her body shaking with intense pleasure till finally she felt her orgasm rising throughout her body and released it on my face. Squeezing my head between her legs as her body was overcome with her orgasm feeling the bliss rushing through her body from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. Her orgasm subsided and she kissed me passionately tasting herself on my lips. She flipped me over and ran her hands up my shirt feeling my hard warm chest and the excited beat of my heart. Removing my shirt and kissing my chest and stomach moving down to my throbbing penis which was still contained in my shorts roaring with every passing second to be released. She unbuttoned my shorts and slid my erection from my underwear and into her mouth.

I rolled my eyes back into my head from the pleasure that suddenly rushed through my body and on my hard manhood. She slid her mouth slowly working up and down and taking care to suck along my head. Rubbing my loins with her free hand as she removed my engorged flesh from her mouth and ran her tongue along the underside of my shaft. Once I could take no more and just wanted to feel the walls of her womanhood stretch along my hard member. I grabbed her and flipped her onto her back and laid over her passionately staring into her eyes while I slowly, deeply, probed into her lips once more passionately as I held my head feeling the heat of her womanhood spread along me as slowly slid and plunged into her hot dampness . I heard heard moan as the sudden largeness of my member filled her in a way no other man had. As she scratched my back as every inch of my buried inside of her.

I took a second to enjoy the feeling of being inside her feeling pleasure in every single nerve along my flesh. Feeling every muscle tighten down on me as I drove in and out of her feeling her grasp for breath every time that I thrust inside of her. Quickening my pace with every plunge I made inside her I felt her love mound squeeze me ever tighter on my erection and I knew that any second she would reach a blood-rushing climax all over me and as I plunged in and out of her with every stroke exiting all the way out from her sweetness and sinking deep inside suddenly filling her over and over again. Until finally I heard her scream in ecstasy as her body writhed and convulsed beneath me feeling her wetness along my shaft as I continued to sink deeply into her ever hotter love tunnel never missing a stroke keeping her ecstasy going till finally she whispered into my ear that she wanted to fell my hard, large man-flesh fill her up from behind.

I got onto my knees and watched her as she seductively and playful turned towards me so that I could see her magnificent bum crawling slowly to her hands and knees. Slowly backing her round juicy flesh up to me and I slowly slid my man-hood between her fold of wetness feeling her walls stretch along the length of my erection as my invading member slowly sank deep inside her filling her to the brink. The tightness, the incredible amount of heat and wetness radiating from her became unbearable as I reached down and forcibly grabbed her hips and thrust my manhood deep inside her. Feeling with every stroke her cervix at the head of my member making her grab the sheets forcibly and pushing her face into the pillow to keep from screaming in absolute bliss. With every stroke sending signals of pleasure through her body bringing her closer and closer to climax.. I heard her moan and start to scream and with every scream my strokes became harder and faster plunging deeper and deeper inside of her womanhood. Hearing her scream for me to fill her up more and more till she could have no more inside her.. Then finally she screamed that she was going to come and I thrusts and slid in and out of her with vigorous speed till finally she moaned and screamed in a dizzy explosion of feeling and erotic bliss that had been building inside her. Her love tunnel flexed and squeezed my my hard member from her orgasm every stroke inside her tight wetness bringing me ever closer to climax. I could feel my loins boiling over from a orgasm that had been wanting to be released since the first time I had heard her voice. I felt as the release rose along and through my shaft until finally I pulled out and lost control of all feeling as my white-hot eruption spilled all along her beautiful bum and with every hot drop that fell on her hearing her moan as every drop fell onto her

I laid down and she fell into my arms and we looked at each other there in the faint light of the summer moon outside as we watched each others chest heave up and down and we looked at each other and realized that we enjoyed the way we kissed each other with open mouths and not just push our lips together thats when I realized that she was the one for me. That we both wanted to see what would come of it. That we had never just talked to someone and seen someone for the first time that we felt so absolutely comfortable, relaxed and, extremely attracted too. On top of having the best sex that we had ever had with each other. Thats when she said that she was heading on vacation to a lake up in Virginia for the fourth of July and I realized that if she was going to celebrate independence that it may as well be with someone that helps protect it. Seemed like this navy boy was headed yet again for another road trip but this time it wasn’t to someone he didn’t know it was to someone he thought he could love.

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