The Persuasion


A few weeks had passed since my first encounter with Jason. It seemed like we were settling into a more manageable schedule of once or twice per week.I was starting to enjoy being on the receiving end of anal as much as I was in giving it. I wasn’t sure if that was because Jason was on the petite side or that I was just that sort of sexual entity. I was hoping to expand my sexual horizons, but there were only two candidates that stuck out.First of all, was of course Aaron. While he was easily my first choice, things had really cooled down sexually between us. It had been a couple of months at that point since we had experienced one of our encounters.The other candidate was my friend Todd. We had become close friends in our later high school years. He could also be a very complicated individual, though. Todd was an only child and was rather spoiled. He was also a bit of a germaphobe.As far as I knew he had never had a girlfriend. He had either gone alone or brought a female friend to all of the school events. Of every guy in my class, he was the most obvious choice to be gay or at least be sexually adventurous. Well, other than the two that I had already corrupted, at least.I had tried several times to initiate an encounter with him, but he was always quite standoffish. I suspected that his resistance was mostly a smokescreen. There were a couple of times that we had watched adult films together. He always seemed to want to be seated at the back of the room behind me. I was never quite sure if that was because he didn’t want me to see what he was doing or if he wanted to have a more subtle angle to see what I was doing.On this particular day, Todd had stopped by the house for the afternoon. We hung out in my room for quite a while, both listening to music and playing video games. That was the usual activity when Todd came over. He never had a video game system at his house, I suspect that it was because his parents didn’t want him isvecbahis distracted from his studies.A while after he had arrived, my parents headed out to a community banquet. I eventually coaxed Todd outside and we headed to the pole barn. He seemed confused when we walked past the four-wheeler and I opened a storage cabinet located in the back corner of the barn. I pulled out a motor oil box that was full of shop rags and then opened up another box of motor oil that was underneath it.As I did, Todd’s eyes lit up. The box was filled with about fifty adult magazines. It was my dad’s porn stash. I would have never found it on my own. My sister, Sara, had found it somehow. She had a knack for finding things that people were attempting to hide. For some reason, she always felt motivated to share such things with me. Perhaps because she had been witness to so many of my unintentional displays of sexual angst.I had only been aware of it recently and had only perused through it a couple of times. Inside, there was an assortment of standard nudie magazines, high-end adult magazines, and swinger magazines.I carefully pulled a small stack of magazines out of the box and placed them on the box that we had removed. We each picked out a magazine and nervously shuffled through it.After a few minutes of looking through our magazines, I placed mine back in the order that it was previously in. I searched deeper into the box and pulled out a few more magazines. There were several high-end magazines in that group. I found one with Asian girls that interested me and I quickly dove into it. Todd sorted through the stack and found an unusual one that seemed to catch his attention.The magazine that Todd latched onto featured all sorts of lactating women, some were solo and others were sharing their bounty with gentlemen. He seemed to be quite intrigued by the magazine. I am not sure that he even knew that he was interested in such a thing before isveçbahis giriş he actually saw it. He was clearly quite riled up at that point. His hands were shaking noticeably and he kept muttering “Oh my god!” and “Jesus!”After we had sorted through magazines for about a half-hour, I told Todd that we needed to start packing things back up. I knew that we had a couple of hours before my parents would arrive back home, but I had successfully managed to get Todd worked up and I wanted to see if I could initiate something.We headed into the house and back to my room. Todd couldn’t stop talking about the lactation magazine, which was exactly what I had wanted. It seemed quite clear that his mind was not going to be derailed from pervy thoughts very easily.We both sat down on the edge of my bed and were firing away comments about what we had just seen. It was hard to hide the excitement that either of us was feeling. Todd’s excitement was a bit more obvious than mine, though.My friend Todd was not the best-looking guy in my class by a long shot. He was a freckled redhead with skin that was a pinkish shade of white. He usually had a half-grown mustache that didn’t help matters either.He was roughly the same height as me, 5’10”, but he probably weighed around one hundred and eighty pounds, which was about forty pounds more than me. I wouldn’t describe him as fat by any means, but he was pretty doughy.Todd did, however, have one standout feature, which was the one that he was trying to wrangle inside of his shorts. Todd had a long, thick cock that had a blunt, pink head. In my class at high school, there were three guys with standout cocks, Todd was one of them. He was also the only one that I associated with or thought might be interested in an encounter with me.Somewhere in the middle of our talk, I decided to pull out my cock and began to slowly stroke away. Todd acted freaked out and he slid away from me. I was not surprised isveçbahis yeni giriş by his reaction. I decided to not let that affect me and I continued on anyway.Todd kept pointing out what I was doing as if I didn’t already know. I also noticed how often he was looking down in my direction. I told Todd that was what porn was for, you get excited and then get off.A bit later he finally relented and started to unzip his pants. He pulled his cock out slowly and I tried not to stare as he swung it around and to an upright position. At that point in my life, it was the largest cock I had seen in person. It was over eight inches long and thick.After he started to participate in the masturbation session, I started to remove some of my clothes. At first, I kicked my shorts off and spread out a bit. A bit later, I peeled off my shirt also. Todd kept his shirt on, but he did kick off his shorts also.I stood up and turned so that I was facing Todd. We gave each other a look and then I made an obvious downward look at his cock. I slowly dropped to my knees. Todd started to lodge an unconvincing protest as he strangely pulled his hand away from his cock and placed both hands on his thighs. As I reached in and my hand wrapped around his cock, the protest stopped immediately.I started to stroke his cock slowly. It was every bit as thick as Aaron’s cock was at the base, but it did not have much taper at all. The thickness combined with the length had me doubting how far I wanted to go with this monster. It was also becoming increasingly clear that nothing that Jason and I had done would prepare me for the size of Todd’s cock.The closer that I got, the larger his cock appeared to be. Todd’s sack hung low as it was weighed down by his large, prominent balls. From tip to balls, it must have been roughly a foot of manhood.I leaned in and my tongue met him at the top edge of his scrotum. I slowly worked my way up the length of his cock. I could hear Todd’s jagged breathing the entire time. As my tongue explored the ridge on the underside of his cock and finished its first pass I could hear Todd sigh.“Just let me know when you want me to stop,” I said sarcastically as I looked upward.

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