The Perfect Assistant


When I graduated from high school I was not sure what I wanted to do with my life. So like many of my classmates, I applied to some colleges that interested me. I was accepted and started classes the next semester. I was a good student in high school and didn’t really put forth a lot of effort but I did get good grades. I thought college would be the same for me; boy was I wrong. I was a party girl and by the end of the first semester my grades showed it. Deciding that I was kidding myself and wasting a lot of money, I left school knowing my heart was just not into it anymore. I needed a break from school.I knew I needed a job, but had no idea what I wanted to do. A friend of mine told me that her dad’s company was looking for some office help. If I was interested, she offered to talk to him about me. I figured working in an office would be better than working in a factory or store so I told her I would be interested.She spoke to her dad and I was given an interview a week later. I was hired and worked my way up through the secretarial opportunities until I became a supervisor. I liked being paid and having money, so I never really thought about going back to school. The money kept getting better as the responsibilities became more extensive. After working there for ten years I was comfortable, but felt an uneasiness which was frustrating. The company was changing and many of the changes were becoming increasingly difficult to accept. It seemed that more workload was expected to be handled with fewer and fewer workers. We also were not being compensated for our increased productivity.One Saturday morning I was sitting in my apartment having my coffee and reading the paper, as my lover was still sleeping in bed. An ad caught my attention. It was for a job in an office that dealt with finances. The job description seemed to line up perfectly with my job experience and abilities. I made a mental note to check into this position further to determine if I could better myself.My lover woke up horny and we continued the wild sex session from the night before. Needless to say, with this distraction, I put the paper to the side totally forgot about the interesting job ad.Then on Monday at work, it seemed that if something could go wrong, it did. The day was horrible. I was being blamed for things that others were doing wrong. Instead of the old work atmosphere they were into playing the blame game. I hated it! It use to be, when things went wrong, we worked as a team to determine the cause of the problem and try to make the corrections necessary as a team.Even though my supervisor acknowledged that it was not my doing, I was being made out to be the fall guy, because I should have known what my people were doing. I left work that day feeling like a useless dog kicked to the curb. I felt totally frustrated, to the point that I was holding back the tears as I drove home.Pulling into the garage, I sat in my car for probably a good ten minutes sobbing out of control. Then the light bulb went on! I rushed into the house and grabbed Saturday’s paper, opening it up to the ad for the position that caught my interest previously. I went to work and got my resume together and submitted it the next morning. A few days later I received a call from the company and we scheduled an interview.As soon as I got off the phone, I began planning how I would present myself for the job interview. I picked an outfit to highlight my assets but also to look as professional as possible. The morning of the interview, I was nervous as hell, as always, about my appearance, but felt an inner confidence in my abilities. I wore a navy blue business suit that was mid-thigh in length, that exposed my toned legs and accented my firm ass. I wore matching blue heels that enhance the appearance of my five foot eight inch frame. A silky white blouse gave off a very professional appearance, but also a feminine softness. I may have left one or two buttons undone to highlight my 38DD girls; but I still felt I looked professional and feminine, but not slutty. As I stood there in front of my full length mirror I smiled and was pleased with my appearance. I was ready!As I entered the beautifully appointed offices of the new company, I had anticipated that I would be meeting with a representative from the human resource department, but instead I was told I was going to meet with one of the firm’s partners. My anxiety level immediately shot sky high. But suddenly a distinguished looking man walked into the waiting room and greeted me warmly. “Hi, are you Donna?”“Yes … er, yes I am,” I replied.“Hi, I’m Leo. We are a bit relaxed here and not very formal. I hope you don’t mind my calling you by your first name?” Leo’s smile was comforting, which caused me to relax instantly. “No, I do not mind at all,” I replied.The interview went very well. Leo knew how to put anyone at ease and I felt I made a very good impression. As I thanked Leo for his time, I told him if he needed any further information he bahis siteleri could feel free to call me. Leo told me he needed no more information from me because he has already made a decision and offered me the job right then and there. I was dumbfounded! He handed me a piece of paper which explained my compensation package, as well as what benefits that were being offered.“I do not expect you to answer me now Donna, but take this and look it over and give me your answer within the next couple of days. If you decide not to join us I will have to go to plan B. One last thing you should know, if you decide to come work for us, you will be my assistant and work closely with me.”“Assistant?” I ask. “Yes, my assistant. I do not like to use the word secretary. I prefer the title of assistant, because it is my experience that women who have worked for me, have grown in their abilities and have become much more than just a secretary.”I left the interview and was elated. I couldn’t stop thinking about Leo and the company. Before I arrived home I already made my mind up to take the job. I called Leo that afternoon and told him I would be happy to accept his offer. We agreed on a start date and I wrote my resignation from my current job that afternoon.When I started the job, Leo and everyone else in the company immediately made me feel welcomed; even to the point of having a dozen roses delivered to my desk that morning. As the weeks went on, I knew I had made the right decision and became more and more comfortable in the new firm and all the people with whom I worked. Leo and I worked very well together and I was looking forward to go to work every day, without exception. I also did not mind at all, when I was asked to stay late. My new position was simply perfect in every way.Leo made me feel so comfortable while we worked. Over time we would share personal details of our life. He helped me through a number of break-ups and a few crushes as well. He confided in me telling me how his marriage is not what it appears to be. He admitted to me that his wife had lost all interest in any type of a sexual relationship. I felt so bad that this amazing man who was so compassionate wanted something so desperately, but his wife would not or could not provide it for him. He was hurting and I hated that for him.A few times after working late with Leo, he asked if I had any plans and when I didn’t he asked me if I would join him out for dinner. He went on to say he was reluctant to go home and would love the company. Our bond grew stronger; we both could feel it and I started looking at Leo in a different light.After one of those nights that we had dinner together I was in his office as we were discussing some of the clients. When we were done I stood from my chair at the table and turned. I awkwardly turned right into Leo, not realizing he was right behind me. He suddenly wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the lips. I stood there dumbfounded, but also did not try to get away. His arms then tightened around me, as he kissed me again; this time with more passion.Simultaneously we came to the realization of what was happening, and we both pulled away. With us both being embarrassed that we let it happened, we retreated to our own desks. For most of the next day, it seemed that Leo purposely stayed away from me. At the end of the day, he approached me asking if I would join him for dinner. Although I was hesitant, he explained that he felt it was necessary to discuss the prior day’s experience and to clear the air. I felt I owed him that much, as I felt I was as much to blame as he was.We went to dinner in an upscale restaurant that was in the lobby of a five star hotel. I really didn’t think anything about it at the time. Our conversation was normal until the topic switched to our kiss of the prior day. Leo confessed that he felt bad that he put me into that position. I told him I was just as much to blame as he was and we need to get past this.Leo confessed he didn’t want to get past it; rather he wanted to take our relationship to the next level. I gave him a confused look and asked what he meant by that. He told me how he had fallen in love with me and wanted to express his love for me sexually. While I felt this was wrong on so many levels, I also realized that I had fallen in love with him and I wanted to express my love for him in the most intimate manner possible.He took my hand and placed a key card in it, saying, “this is for suite 821. I am going up to it now, if you are interested, I will be waiting for you. If not, I will never speak of it again and will not pursue it anymore. With that Leo got up and walked to the door. I watched as he got on the elevator and disappeared.I sat there for a while not knowing what to do. I knew what I wanted to do. In fact there had been any number of times when I pleasured myself, it was a lust in my heart that I felt for Leo that always drove me over the edge. I looked down at the key card and closed my canlı bahis siteleri hand. Almost as if in a trance, I walked into the lobby and pressed the up button to call the elevator. Mindlessly I entered the elevator car and pressed 8. Although it seemed dreamlike, I knew in my heart that I wanted this to happen.The elevator doors opened on the eighth floor and I walked slowly to suite 821. Nervously, I slipped key card into the slot and opened the door. When I entered the suite Leo was standing there with a huge smile on his face, holding two glasses of wine. As the door closed behind me, I stood there motionless. I don’t think I could have moved if I wanted to. Leo approached and kissed me softly on my lips. As he handed me the glass of wine, he told me how happy he was that I had acquiesced to his invitation.With that he guided me into the suite. It was a large living room with two big pillowed couches, a massive television, and a hot tub that looked out over a beautiful view of the city. Soft music was playing as the lights were dimmed and we hadn’t even entered the adjoining en suite bedroom. Leo took the glass from my hands and placed it on the bar. As I looked out to the breathtaking view of this metropolis, Leo, standing behind me, wrapped his arms around me and kissed the side of my neck. My knees grew weak. Then I felt his hot tongue trail a path up to my ear and he whispered how he had been dreaming of this very moment since that first day we met, when he hired me. It had all been a fantasy, but his feelings for me had developed over the ensuing months from pure lust to a point of loving passion. He turned me around, pulled me tight to his body and once again kissed me passionately.As he kissed me, his hands roamed lovingly up and down my body. The passion built as the heat between us rose quickly. Our kiss became hotter and more aggressive. Soon Leo’s hands found my tits, that he groped and caressed. Our moans of passion filled the room, as our lust built to white hot.I was wearing a peach floral dress with peach heels, nude stockings, a peach colored push up bra and no panties. Did I know how this evening would develop? Perhaps, or perhaps only hoped. As our kiss continued, Leo unzipped the back of my dress, pushing it off my shoulders. My outer layer floated to the floor pooling at my feet. Once again Leo kissed my neck as he reached behind me and undid my bra exposing my 38dd’s. He stepped back, as I stood in before him in only my stockings and heels. He smiled as he whispered, “even sexier and more delicious than I expected.”His smile became even larger as he noticed my pussy was waxed smooth. “I love a smooth pussy,” he said, as he reached out and tenderly ran his finger tips over my smooth labia. I moved towards him and I undid his belt. My pussy began to moisten, as I lowered his zipper. The sound of his zipper descending was almost deafening in the silence of our romantic cocoon. My fingers then unbuttoned his shirt and once removed, I tossed it to the side. In one movement I pushed his slacks and briefs down over his hips slowly until his hardening cock came into my view.As I squatted before him, his thick eight inch cock sprang out almost striking me in the face. I looked in his eyes as I reached out to take hold of his throbbing cock. I slowly caressed it, feeling it grow in my hands. With our eyes locked together, I knelt in front of him and licked up and down his thick veined shaft. I then licked his balls and back up his shaft to its domed tip. The lust we felt was almost palpable as I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and took it into my mouth. I worked more and more of his meat into my succulent mouth until my lips were at its base and his pubic hair was tickling my nose.After a few minutes of fellatio, Leo pulled me up to my feet and guided me into the bedroom. There was a massive king size bed that we both literally jumped into and began cuddling our naked bodies together. As we caressed each other’s bodies, Leo kept telling me how he couldn’t believe I was there with him and how he was the luckiest man in the world to be laying here with this goddess of all women. I challenged him, arguing that I was the luckiest woman in the world, not only because I was there with him, but also because he hired me six months back. I chided him, “should I continue “assisting” you?Leo smiled at my inquiry and kissed me saying, that he hoped that I would continue. He moved over me as he kissed his way from my face, down my neck and onto my tits, where he spent a large amount of time kissing my globes and sucking my bullet hard nipples. He then continued his venture downward until he moved between my legs.It was so hot and arousing to have him stare with obvious lust at my womanhood as I spread my legs wider giving him even more access. His fingers lifted my hood and he licked my swollen clit. I gasped as I felt his tongue. He licked and sucked my clit driving me crazy, knowing I wanted something in my cunt. canlı bahis He must have sensed it as he took his fingers and opened up my pussy, his tongue licked my slit from bottom to top. My moan was so loud I thought the entire hotel must have heard it. Leo continued to lick my hot pussy as he made me wiggle and squirm all over that bed. My hips raised into his mouth as I screamed my body shaking and I exploded in a wild orgasm.I laid there breathing heavily and feeling incredible; I simply couldn’t move in my state of euphoria, relishing the waves of pleasure rushing throughout my body. My first move was to reach out and take hold of Leo’s rock hard dick once again. I leaned over to Leo and took his cock in my mouth again. His cock disappeared into my mouth and breached my throat. I looked up into Leo’s eyes I could see him smile from ear to ear. I wanted to please him; I wanted to do whatever he needed to make him happy. I worked my mouth faster up and down on his dick. I wanted to make him cum and I wanted him to cum in my mouth so I could taste him.However, he had different ideas. He pulled me off his dick and explained that he loved the feel of his cock in my mouth, but he wanted to fuck me before anything else. He didn’t have to ask me twice. I wanted this man and I needed to have him invade my body. My legs opened wide as his dick slid into my hot wet cunt. Slowly he drove it deep in me; his cock spread me open as he filled me with that beautiful cock.I moaned into his ear, “Yes baby; yes! Fuck me. Give me all of that hard cock. I want it all.”As he heard my plea for his cock, his thrusts became harder and more aggressive driving his cock hard and deep into me. I moaned louder and begged for more of his cock, I wanted all of him, and I knew I wanted to be his dirty little slut. His thrusts were so hard my tits were bouncing all over the place like a bowl of Jell-O. His dick rammed harder and faster into me I was moaning and screaming with pleasure. My body started to shake and shiver out of control. I wrapped my arms and legs around Leo and held him tighter as I whispered in his ear….”Oh yes that’s it baby; fuck me hard. I’m going to cum and I need you to fill my cunt with your spunk!” He thrust harder and I screamed, as my body exploded with another orgasm. As I came it drove him over the edge as well and with a few last hard thrusts, his throbbing cock blasted his hot creamy load into my soaking wet pussy.He collapsed on me; neither of us could say a word. Our heavy breathing filled the room, as he lay lifelessly on top of me. I so relished this feeling of happiness from giving myself to my lover. After what seemed like hours, I could feel Leo’s dick pop out of my womanhood and his cum oozing out of my cunt and running down the crack of my ass. He rolled off of me and relaxed next to me. I gathered up enough strength to move to him and took hold of his wet juicy cock and licked and sucked him clean. I loved the taste of his juices and mine mixed together.Then in a totally unexpected move, Leo lay me on my back and performed cunnilingus on my spent pussy, sucking his own cum from my hole and licking our combined ejaculate even from the crack in my ass. I was blown away with this act of nurturing and caring.After we rested for perhaps an hour, I felt Leo climb back into bed. Where he had been was a total mystery to me. He then went to the lower end of the bed and began kissing and licking my ankles, up over my calves, then onward to my thighs. His strong hands were placed between my inner thighs and pushing them outward; as if he needed to force them apart … NOT! Leo was closely inspecting my quickly moistening cunt.I suddenly felt a foreign object being pushed between my labia. As I moved, even a little bit, I felt the object was moving almost on its own and stimulating feelings that I had never experienced before in the core of my sex. He then push another object, the same as the first into my kitty. When I had naturally sucked this ball inside me, it crashed against the first and now these two objects continued to crash into each other and the stimulation increased exponentially.“Leo, my God, what the hell are you doing to me?” He smiled and responded, “patience love; one more.” And with that a third ball breached my sex and my arousal shot through the roof immediately. My lover had, in the most stealth like manner, sneaked a set of ben wa balls into our love nest. For the next hour I experienced orgasm building upon orgasm. The experience of Leo pulling these toys from my cunt through my lower lips was at least as stimulating as when he first introduced me to the balls when he pushed each of them inside my body.We spent a few more hours in bed enjoying each other and bring each other to a few more loving orgasms. When we left that night I went home, called my most recent lover, who I had been seeing for a few months at that time, and told him we were over.Although Leo is still married to this day, from that night on I became his woman and continue to be to this day. The sex continues to be amazing and only gets better with him. I love being his dirty loving mistress. Some might consider me a whore, but I would not change anything about our relationship.

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