The Outdoor Life Pt. 06

Big Tits

Working at an outdoor centre you meet a lot of people, kids mainly, but also adults, the adults that accompany them.

Now, most of these adults are teachers, so the kids have a familiar face they can turn to if they need to, and most of them don’t just come along for the kids, but to have some fun as well.

Anyway, on this particular week, I was working with a great group of children, and their teacher, Mrs Shelton.

Mrs Shelton was in her early forties, and was a tall, blonde, mature woman, who appeared to have a nice slim body, under her stripy blue and white top, and her tight jeans.

She was also very cheerful, friendly, and got involved in all the activities, so it quickly turned into a pretty good week, for all of us.

Anyway, on their last day, on the last night of their stay, as I was putting away the equipment we had been using that evening, Mrs Shelton came strolling up to me, and cheerily said “Steve!”

“Yes, Mrs Shelton?” I replied back, as I stopped and looked over at her.

“I was wondering, if you would like to join me in the lounge, for a drink?” she then asked, with a smile.

Now, the thing you need to know here is, the guest lounge was strictly for guests, our manager Tony had made that clear at the beginning of our employment, and the only time ‘we’ instructors were allowed in there, was to clean, or if we were invited in, by a guest.

This was because, he saw it as a perfect time to do some P R work for the company, to encourage them to book again and smooth out any minor problems they may have encountered, but weren’t willing to make a fuss about.

Anyway, if we did get invited to the lounge, for a drink, he encouraged us to agree to it, as long as we didn’t overdo it.

So, with that in mind, I cheerily replied “Okay! I’ll meet you in there shortly!”

Mrs Shelton smiled happily, then strolled off to freshen up, and after I had put away everything I needed to, I made my way to the lounge.

Now the guest lounge was at the front of the house, and it was the old living room, that the company had nicely decorated, filled with expensive leather sofas and chairs, a television, and had an honour bar, at the far end of the room.

That’s where Mrs Shelton was sat, at the bar, and now dressed in a pretty pink blouse, a knee length black skirt and a small pair of black heels.

She now looked like a pretty hot MILF, so, I eagerly made my way over to her, and after getting a bottle of beer out of one of the fridges, I sat down beside her, and we started to chat.

As we talked Mrs Shelton drank a glass of wine, and the evening progressed quiet well, talking about her and her groups stay at the centre, before we moved onto other topics, and soon were laughing and joking about many different things.

Anyway, the jokes, the laughter, and the drinking, continued, and the evening went by pretty quickly.

As it did, I couldn’t help but notice, despite being almost twenty years older than me, Mrs Shelton was actually still very beautiful, with a happy smiling face, and her long blond hair framing it, and I quickly began to find her, quite attractive.

Anyway, as the late evening turned to night, all the other adults headed off to their rooms, until, Mrs Shelton and I, we’re the only ones left in the lounge.

Then as she finished her fourth glass of wine, she asked curiously “Steve. Would you mind coming up to my room? The window is a little sticky, and I… need a little help closing it!”

“Err… sure.” I replied, remembering I was still on P R duty, so I was technically there to help, with whatever she needed.

So, I finished my beer quickly, and then Mrs Shelton led me up to her room.

Leaving the lounge, we climbed the main staircase to the second floor, then strolled along the corridor, and once we reached her room, Mrs Shelton unlocked the door, and led me inside.

The room was one of the centre’s nicest, with a large double bed up against the far wall, an old, but expensive looking wooden wardrobe and desk across from it, an on suite bathroom through a door beside the bed, and the window, was across the room, and it gave anyone looking out, a nice view out over the nearby fields.

I quickly moved towards the window, as Mrs Shelton closed the door behind her, and then taking hold of the wooden frame, I gave it a good firm jiggle, until it finally closed shut.

“There! All closed!” I said cheerily.

I then turned around, and instantly stopped and stared in disbelief, as Mrs Shelton, stood in front of the door, blocking my exit, in just a black bra and matching knickers, and her heels.

“What do you think?” she asked eagerly, posing proudly for me.

I stared at her slim mature tanned body, with what looked like C – cup boobs under her bra, and her long tanned legs, and after a moment I nervously replied “You… err… look, very pretty!”

“Just pretty?!” she asked back curiously, before she started to stroll towards me, and then asked “Because I thought, I was looking very hot!”

“That kaçak iddaa would be another way to put it! Uh huh!” I replied, still a little nervous.

Mrs Shelton grinned, as she wrapped her slim arms around my neck, pressed her half naked body up against me, and then asked, inches from my mouth “Would you like to touch my… very hot body?”

“What about… Mr Shelton?!” I asked nervously back.

“Well, he’s not here, but if your into that kind of thing, I supposed we could arrange something, for another weekend?!” she replied sarcastically back.

“No. I meant…” I quickly replied, before Mrs Shelton said “I know what you meant. But don’t worry about it. He’s not here. It’s just you… and me!”

She then leant in and kissed me, and after a moment of still looking very stunned by what was happening, I finally began to kiss her back.

Our lips locked together, as our tongues eagerly explored each other’s mouths, and as we stood there in the middle of her room, kissing, her slim hands began to roam around my body.

She then found my trousers, and taking hold of them, she quickly unbuttoned them, before pulling down the zip, then let go of them.

My trousers instantly dropped to the floor, and once they were out of the way, she reached down wrapped her soft warm hand around my growing member, and began to stroke me into life.

I immediately moaned softly at her touch, as we continued to kiss, and as she jerked me into life, in her tight grip, she pulled her lips from mine, glanced down at my dick, and then said happily “Oh, goodie! A big one!” before she looked at me and said lustfully “I do love a big one!”

“Okay!” I replied, not sure what else to say to that.

She then smiled, and said “Now, let’s see if it taste, as good as it looks?”

Mrs Shelton then bent over, opened her sweet wet mouth, and still holding my firm dick, she then clamped it around my hard member, and then began to slide her lips down.

I groaned happily, as her wet hungry mouth slid down my length, and then I moaned some more, as her lips then pulled back up, before sliding back down again.

That hot, blonde mature woman, probably old enough to be my mother, then steadily bobbed her head up and down, sliding her wet little lips back and forth along my hard dick, and I happily stood there letting her, enjoying the moment.

For a good few minutes Mrs Shelton sucked and licked my hard cock, drooling all over it, making it very hard and very wet, and she even tonguing my balls a little too, and I couldn’t believe, this hot married woman, would behave in such a way, with a guy she barely knew.

But she was, and I was loving it, then after a little longer, she pulled her mouth from my hard member, sighed happily with a big grin on her face, before as she stood up right again, and then said “Now, I think it’s your turn!”

She then strolled over to the bed, kicked off her heels, before she climbed onto it, then turned around to face me.

Then she hooked her thumbs into her black knickers, and pushed them down her slim long tanned legs, and off, and once they hit the red carpeted floor, she eased her legs apart, to reveal a perfectly bald smooth pussy, with just a hint of thin, blonde, triangular bush above it.

“Well?” she then said, looking at me eagerly.

I quickly kicked off my trainers, stepped out of my trousers, then pulled off my t-shirt, and then eagerly moved towards the bed.

Now completely naked, I moved to Mrs Shelton, and then stepping between her slim open legs, as they dangled over the edge of the bed, I then knelt down, and leaned into her.

Leaning right in, between her open thighs, I then stuck out my tongue, and then gently brushed it over her tanned mound.

Mrs Shelton instantly moaned happily, as she felt my tongue rub against her, then she moaned again.

Then steadily, I began to lick Mrs Shelton pussy, running my tongue up and down her sweet bald mound, licking her most intimate area, and making it moist.

“Oh fuck Steve! Oh fuck!” she moaned breathlessly, as I continued to lick her.

My pink wet tongue then brushed up wards again, and as it did, it found the gap between her inner pink lips, before it slipped into inner moist hole.

“Oh yes, Steve! Lick my hole! Lick my wet little hole! It needs a good licking!” Mrs Shelton then moaned excitedly, as one of her hands then held onto the top of my head, and she began to grind against my mouth.

For the next few minutes, I continued licking and probing her sweet little pussy, making her moan over and over, as I tongue fucked her married wet hole, and teased her little pink clit.

Then after a little while longer, Mrs Shelton placed both hands on my face, and lifted my head up to look at her, and breathlessly she said “Enough foreplay! Fuck me with that big young cock of yours! I want to feel your lovely big member, inside of me!”

“Okay!” I replied eagerly back.

So, I stood up, climbed onto the bed, crawled between her open stretched out legs, and kaçak bahis then I positioned myself at her moist pink, entrance.

Then I gently pushed into her, easing my big hard dick into her moist pink slot, and she moaned excitedly, as she felt my big round cockhead stretching her mature pussy open, and sliding inside.

“Oh fuck yeah!” she moaned loudly, as I sunk into her cunt.

My hard cock slid deep into her warm wet hole, going in almost all the way, and then, I laid on top of her, pressing my naked body against hers, before I eased my hard cock back, then pushed into her again.

“Oh fuck!” she then moaned loudly again, as she felt my first firm thrust, deep inside her pussy.

So, I did it again, then again, and happily, I began to fuck that hot, blonde, forty year old woman.

“Oh yes! Steve! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! I want it! I want it so bad!” she moaned encouragingly, as she lay beneath me, taking my hard member over and over again.

My bare arse lifted and dropped eagerly, as I pumped my hard cock deep inside of her, and Mrs Shelton moaned excitedly with my every thrust, as I fucked her just like she wanted.

For the next few minutes, I eagerly continued to slide my hard length in and out of her warm wet hole, and as we fucked, her slim tanned arms wrapped around my neck, and her legs lifted and hugged my hips, holding me in place.

Then after a while, I felt the need to fuck her harder, so placing my hands on the bed, either side of her head, I lifted myself up slightly, and then began thrusting into her, firmer and faster, pushing my hard dick, deeper into her warm wet cunt.

“Oh god yeah! Oh yeah!” she then moaned happily, as my hard cock drilled into her mature pussy.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Steve! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she moaned excitedly, still clinging to my shoulders, and now thrusting her hips up, to meet my thrusts down.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she then moaned over and over, as I pumped excitedly into her.

Mrs Shelton was now moaning so loudly, I’m pretty sure the other guests could probably hear her, but she didn’t seem to care, so I wasn’t going to either, and eagerly I kept fucking her, making her cry out some more.

For another few minutes, I thrust back and forth inside of her, pumping her wet hole again and again, and making her moan excitedly every time I did.

Then after a bit, breathlessly, Mrs Shelton exclaimed “Steve! Steve! Stop! Stop!”

“You okay?” I asked concerned, quickly doing what she wanted, and worried I had hurt her, or something.

She then looked up at me, smiled, and said “I’m fucking fabulous! But I really want to ride your big fucking dick, before you blow your load!”

I smiled back at her, because I liked the way she had just said that, before i then rolled off of her, and laid back on the bed, with my big hard member pointed skywards.

Mrs Shelton then sat up, then got up onto all fours, before she straddled my waist, and with a big excited grin on her face, she lowered herself onto my hard member.

Her wet mature pussy slid down onto my fully firm dick, and then she sighed happily, once she was fully sat on it, with it deep up inside her of her.

Mrs Shelton then gently, began to grind against my crotch, letting her mature little cunt rubbed back and forth against my hard cock, until steadily, she began to lift and drop on me, and with her hands resting on my chest for balance, she moaned with pleasure, as she began riding my dick.

I happily lay under her, watching as that hot blonde mature woman, bounced up and down on my dick, and I couldn’t believe this was really happening, I couldn’t believe this hot married MILF, really wanted to fuck me, but she did, and I was really enjoying it.

For several minutes more minutes, Mrs Shelton rode my hard young cock, lifting her wet cunt up and down, as slipped back and forth along my length, and as she continued to ride me, she took hold of her black bra and pulled it off, revealing her nice round tanned, C-cup boobs, with their hard pink, little nipples.

I then happily watched her mature boobs bounce up and down in front of me, as she lifted and dropped on my hard meat pole, until I really needed to touch them, and so, I lifted my hands up, and placed them on her tits.

That hot mature woman moaned more, as I began squeezing and fondling her lovely hanging tits, and happily, she continued to ride my member as I did.

A few more minutes went by, as we fucked just like that, until finally, with a happy sigh, Mrs Shelton leant forwards, lowered her head, and started to kiss me.

I kissed her back, and as we explored each other’s mouths again, I moved my hands around, and placed them on her soft round arse cheeks, before I steadily began pushing up into her, and instantly, she moaned again, as she felt me thrust up into her.

I pushed my hard cock up into her wet mature pussy, before easing back down, then pushed it up again, and with my every thrust, Mrs Shelton moaned again and again.

We continued to illegal bahis kiss and fuck for some time, with her naked mature slim body, on top of my younger naked slim body, and even though I hadn’t really thought about fucking an older woman before, I was glad, I was doing one now.

Mrs Shelton continued to lay on top of me, moaning happily, as I continued to pump up into her warm wet cunt, then after a bit, I wanted to try a different position.

So, I gently sat us up, then placed my feet down on the carpeted floor, before holding onto her tightly, and with some effort, I lifted myself up onto my feet, and then stood up right.

Mrs Shelton then moaned loudly, as her body weight forced her pussy to slide down deeper onto my hard thick member, and with her slim tanned legs hanging over my arms, she clung to my neck.

Then after a moment, I raised her up a little, then dropped her again, onto my cock, and as soon as I did that, she moaned loudly again.

So I did it again, and then again, and every time I lifted and dropped her, she moaned out loud, loving what I was doing.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” she moaned over and over, as I started to bounce her repeatedly, on my big hard dick.

I eagerly continued to fuck Mrs Shelton like that, lifting and lowering her on my hard member, enjoying the feeling of her wet mature cunt, sliding up down my hard shaft, as she clung to me, and cried out for more.

But after a little longer, my legs began to tire, and so eventually I was going to have to put her down, before we toppled over.

So, I turned around, moved us back to the bed, and gently laid her down on it.

As she lay back on the bed, she looked up at me and smiled, and said “Oh God Steve! No one’s fucked me like that, in ages!”

“Well, I am here to give you the best time, I can!” I replied cheekily back.

Mrs Shelton instantly laughed, then reached up, placed her hand around my neck again, and then pulled me down towards her.

Our lips locked together again, and as we kissed excitedly once more, and as we did, I gently began rocking back and forth inside of her.

That hot, older woman, then moaned happily, before she pulled her lips from mine, looked up at me, and said “Fuck me hard Steve! I want you to pound my pussy, like you own it!”

“Okay!” I replied, liking the sound of that.

So, I raised myself up off of her, until I was stood up right again, then holding onto her slim tanned hips, I began thrusting into her firmer and faster.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!” she moaned loudly, quickly excited by what I was doing to her.

My hard cock once again, slid back and forth inside her wet little cunt, as I started to pound into Mrs Shelton, and she excitedly moaned and groaned with my every thrust.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” she then exclaimed excitedly, clearly enjoying what I was doing.

After a good few minutes of this, Mrs Shelton was moaning constantly, as my hard cock continued to pump into her, and then, as we continued fucking, her slim tanned legs lifted upwards, and pointed towards the ceiling.

“Oh god! Yes! Pound my pussy! Pound it! Pound it!” she then moaned, urging me for more.

That hot mature woman, was now lying back on the bed, with her slim tanned legs pointing skywards, and she held onto the sheets, trying to stay where she was, while I continued to thrust in and out of her wet cunt, giving her what she wanted.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she then moaned loudly, crying out for more.

I now had my hands on the back of her thighs, as I pumped as hard and fast into her moist little pussy as I could, and as my balls began slapping against her arse, and her moans cried out around the room, I felt my excitement begin to grow.

“Oh fuck!” I then said, trying to fight off the build-up.

“I’m nearly there!” I then groaned, trying to hold on as best as I could.

Mrs Shelton groaned heavily, as I continued to pound her mature pussy, before replying “Cum on my pussy Steve! Cum on my pussy! I want to see you cum on my little mound! I want to see my little married pussy, covered in your wet white cream!”

“Okay!” I replied, and eagerly, I continued to fuck her.

With her instructions clear, I happily carried on fucking her as hard and as fast as I could, pumping into that sweet older cunt, and as I did, she continued to lay back on the bed, with her legs upwards, urging me for more.

For another minute or so, I kept pounding into her warm wet pussy, pushing in as deep as I could, before quickly easing back, then pushing in again, then easing back again, then finally, with just another few thrusts, I felt my excitement quickly peak.

“Oh shit! Here it comes!” I then cried out excitedly.

“Give to me!” cried Mrs Shelton excitedly.

I then pulled my hard cock from her moist little hole, took hold of it, and then giving my member a good few firm tugs, I exploded.

My white wet goo shot out, and splattered right over her bald pussy, covering her little bare pink lips in my cum, and with a happy groan, I continued blast it out.

Dollop after dollop of my sticky wet load, spurted out, and landed all over her mound and lips, and then began to dribbling down towards her arse.

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