The New Au Pair From Sweden Pt. 02

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Reading the story ‘The New Au Pair From Sweden’ first, would give you background to this story.

Libby’s Take (3)

I had a late start, but a long shift ahead at the hospital the day Tom went on his business trip.. During the working day, when I had brief moments of relaxation, my mind was consumed with mental images of Elise our au pair. Her bare thighs on show under her robe as she slowly walked up the stairs to her room, her pert hidden little breasts when we were chatting, her bottom in a tight skirt.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I replayed over and over our hug, when I had felt her breasts pressing against me. I remembered her promise that she would make me feel really good.

I had no message from Tom but that was not unusual when he went off on a business trip and especially now that things were strained between us. I just assumed Elise had taken him to the station.

I had arranged for Elise to have the rest of the day off as long she was back in good time to exercise the dogs.

Elise was watching TV when I got home from the hospital and went into the lounge. Immediately she switched it off.

‘Good evening Mrs. Smart,’ she said, standing up to take my coat. She had on a tee shirt and jeans. I couldn’t help but notice the outline of her nipples through the thin cotton of her shirt.

‘Did Tom get away OK?’ I asked her.

A little smile played across her lips.

‘Yes, Mrs Smart,’ she replied. ‘I made sure we were early for the train. We just had a little chat in the car while we were waiting.’

I made a non committal little grunt. I bet he just loved that I thought bitchily to myself.

‘Thank you,’ I sighed and flopped down onto the sofa. Again the heady scent of her perfume enveloped me.

‘Shall I make you a sandwich Mrs Smart?’ she asked, ‘or a milky coffee?’

‘I think I’ll take a quick shower Elise,’ I answered, ‘and then I’ll have a glass of wine. I’d love it if you joined me.’

‘Of course,’ responded Elise. ‘I would like that very much,’

I took my time in the shower. I badly needed to unwind. I decided not to get dressed properly, just putting on a pair of fresh white panties and my toweling robe before going back downstairs.

‘Better madame?’ asked Elise handing me a glass of white wine.

‘Mmh yes, a little,’ I answered. My hand went to my brow.

‘Libby are you alright?’ Elise asked with a little anxiety in her voice.

‘It’s nothing,’ I replied, ‘just a bit of a headache.’

‘Come Libby,’ said Elise patting the sofa. ‘Sit here. Let me help you.’

She took a small vial out of her jeans pocket and poured a little into her hands. She moved behind the sofa and I felt her cool fingers on my brow. She gently massaged my brow, fingers moving outwards, then back to the middle and again outwards. She gently stroked along the bridge of my nose. My eyes closed. it felt so good. She massaged my temples with her fore fingers. I sighed.

‘A little better?’ she asked.

‘Yes thank you,’ I answered. ‘I’m so tired.’

Elise moved round and sat beside me.

‘Cheers,’ she said and we clinked glasses.

We made small talk in the time it took to finish our wine. I leaned my head on her shoulder and she stroked my hair.

‘You need to unwind properly Libby,’ she said softly. ‘You are off work tomorrow?

I nodded.

‘Good,’ she said. ‘I will give you a proper massage then.’

I lifted my head a little to look at her and she kissed me lightly on the lips. Again i felt a little faint. Her fingers drifted down to my breasts. I caught my breath as she found my nipples and lightly pinched them through my robe. I was like putty in her hands. I couldn’t resist her.

‘Come,’ she said, ‘you need to go to bed.’ I let her help me to my feet escorts in london and taking my hand she led me upstairs to my bedroom door.

Our eyes locked and she kissed me again. Her hands drifted round my waist and then lower. Her fingers stroked my bottom then ran across my panty line. I let out a muffled groan wanting more but then she stepped away from me.

‘Time to sleep Libby,’ she whispered.

I felt a sudden rush of disappointment which I could barely cope with.

‘I will bring you tea in bed in the morning Libby,’ said Elise smiling. ‘You must rest.’

She turned and went down the corridor to her room.

Despite everything exhaustion overtook me. I fumbled to get my nightie on and was practically asleep before my head hit the pillow.

The next thing I I heard was Elise pulling back the curtains. I tried to unglue my eyelids, My throat felt really dry.

Elise came over to the bed and took my hand.

‘Good morning Libby, ‘did you sleep well?’ she inquired.

‘Yes I did,’ I replied groggily. ‘What time is it?’

‘It’s 11.30,’ she answered.

‘What!’ I exclaimed, ‘It can’t be surely?’

‘Relax Libby,’ she said, ‘you have been very tired. Sit up when you are ready. I will bring up your tea and toast.’

As soon as she left I struggled out of bed and sat down on the toilet. My bladder felt really full. I let go a long whizz and sighed with relief. I splashed water on my face and cleaned my teeth. I went back through, plumped up my pillows and got back into bed, pulling the sheet up round my waist as I heard Elise coming up the stairs.

‘Tea is served,’ she giggled.

I took some sips of my tea. I was eventually coming to.

My eyes drifted the length of her. I couldn’t help myself. She had on a pink tee shirt. Again I could see her nipples through it. Her attire was completed with a little white skirt that was halfway up her thighs, ankle socks and tennis shoes.

She yawned and stretched her arms high above her head. The tee shirt rode up revealing her flat toned tummy.

‘Gosh, please excuse me,’ she exclaimed, toying with the hem of her skirt.

She was flirting with me. and I flirted right back. I openly stared at her thighs. I wanted her to get in bed with me.

I finished my tea and she took the cup and saucer.

‘We can do it in the spare room Libby.’ She paused, glanced at my breasts. I flushed a little, felt my nipples harden. She had that glint in her eye I had seen before.

‘The massage I mean,’ Elise continued.

She was playing with me now, I well knew.

‘Come through when you are ready Libby. I will go and prepare for you.’

I could feel dampness in my panties when she said that.

Finally I dropped the sheet swung my legs out of bed and went through to the spare room in just my nightie and panties. I noticed Elise had placed a very large soap bag beside the bed.

She asked me to take off my nightie and lie face down on the bed. I started to tingle. She must have poured some oil into her hands. I could smell its fragrance as she dug her fingers into my shoulders and the back of my neck.

Soon I felt the tensions there begin to dissipate and I drifted into a half sleep as she worked on my arms and fingers, then my back and spine. I was feeling better by the minute.

She laid a hand on the top of my head paused and then I sensed her moving.

I waited and soon felt her fingers begin to oil my feet and toes before kneading my calves and then moving onto the backs of my thighs.

‘Spread your legs Libby.’ she said. I wriggled and obeyed, conscious of the view she would be getting of the crotch of my panties. I didn’t want this to stop. I felt so good and was beginning to get turned on. Her fingers were on my inner thighs, moving Escort in dubai closer and closer to my pussy. But then she stopped once more and gently she laid her hand on my head again.

‘Please sit up when you are ready Libby,’ she murmured.

I lay supine, relishing the good vibes coursing through my body and then I rolled over and woozily swung my legs off the bed.

‘Good,’ said ‘Elise., ‘and now to finish I want to groom you.’

‘Groom me?’ I asked puzzled.

‘Yes Libby. I mean trim your pussy.’

I must have looked shocked. I started blushing.

‘But I’ve never done that before,’ I stammered.

‘Though you have trimmed yourself before down there I would expect,’ said Elise.

‘Well, yes,’ I replied. ‘I did it in what had been a vain hope that Tom would eat me out. I have to tell you that that didn’t go well though.’

My god. What was I saying?

So this time I’m going to trim it for you,’ said Elise, giving me a firm look.

‘Unless you prefer me not to of course,’ she continued, a hint of displeasure in her voice. It dawned on me that I was no longer in charge here and I was suddenly very afraid of annoying her.

An overheard conversation on the train some time ago suddenly flashed through my mind. Two girls opposite me, whispering and giggling, but louder than they thought. One had looked over at me just I had turned my head to the window, pretending I was oblivious to their chat but I had pricked up my ears.

‘Pussy’ was the word that had caught my attention. I stared at the passing landscape as I strained my ears to try and hear more.

‘I’m going to munch on Angie’s cunt, she just doesn’t know it yet,’ said the first girl.

‘You are not!’ gasped her friend.

‘You bet i am,’ said the first girl, ‘after I’ve shaved her pussy and tidied up her little bum hole if needed!’.

I had been completely shocked at the time by such language from these girls.

Elise was saying something to me. Anxiously my mind drifted back to the present.

‘Please don’t be angry with me,’ I said.

She gave me a look..Are you feeling OK Libby? she pouted. ‘You have gone very red.’

‘Yes,’ I stuttered. ‘Yes I am.’ Really though my legs had gone wobbly.

‘I really don’t know if i want this.’ I prevaricated again.

‘Remember what i told you. I can make you feel very nice,’ said Elise. She moved closer and put her hand on my bare thigh.

‘Please take off you panties and sit on the edge of the bed Libby.’ There was something of an air of authority in her voice despite the ‘please’.

‘I’m still not sure,’ I said weakly.

She ran those cool fingers up and down my leg.

‘Take them off Libby,’ she whispered.’ I know you want to.’

I was being seduced. I was already half naked and I gasped when she moved her fingers and cupped my pussy over my panties. I gave a little moan of surrender and awkwardly worked my underwear done to my ankles, then watched as Elise slipped them off my feet. She buried her face in them. My mouth dropped open.

‘Mmh you’re wet Libby,’ she whispered.

I shivered. I sat back on the bed, supporting myself with my hands.

‘Spread your legs for me Libby,’ she said, ‘still staring at me with those beautiful blue eyes.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this. My arms started to tremble and I lay back on the bed and opened for business.

Eyes closed I was suddenly aware of Elise’s warm breath on my pussy where my husband had once been for about thirty seconds max. I let out a little moan as she said, ‘.mmh you are very hairy Libby. We need to do something about that.’

My heart was racing like a young girl.

‘You have a very pretty pussy,’ murmured Elise.

‘Tom doesn’t think so,’ I gasped. ‘He says that it isn’t pretty enough to Dubai Escorts look at, never mind eat it.’

‘There there. what an unkind thing to say,’ said Elise. I moaned as she ran her tongue up my pussy lips and flicked it at my clit making me jolt.

‘He’s crazy, you taste wonderful!’ she said in a husky voice.

‘Now I’m going to tidy up that beautiful cunt of yours.’

I closed my eyes listening to the snip snip of scissors as she began trimming my pussy hair. Occasionally she stopped and blew hair from my pussy. Her warm breath was exciting me and she warned me not to squirm.

Finally Elise said,’ there.’ I could hear the satisfaction in her voice.

‘I’m finished,’ she went on. ‘I’m just going to rub some soothing lotion in now.’

I bit my lip as those gentle fingers cosseted my throbbing pussy, round and round, up and down. My clit had emerged from its hood and I arched when she ran a finger round it. ‘Please.’ I begged and groaned when she slipped a finger into me.

‘Oh Elise, I groaned again.

‘Mmh,’ Elise continued, ‘you are really wet now Libby’ she whispered… She began to swirl her finger inside me. A lewd squelching sound escaped from my vagina and I thought I would die of embarrassment and then ‘plop’ she eased her finger out of me.

She moved back down on me and again I felt her warm mouth close to my pussy.

‘Lift up Libby,’ she said and as I strained to obey her she reached under me and ran a finger down my bum crack. i jolted and then gasped as she teased my anus with her forefinger.

‘And such a pretty little pucker as well!’ said Elise. I jolted again as she eased the tip of her finger into my hole making me squirm.

‘Spread your pussy lips Libby. Open your cunt for me,’ ordered Elise as she pushed her finger further up my anus. I wiggled and panted as I obeyed her and then felt her tongue lapping at my spread pussy.. ‘Oh fuck,’ I gasped as her tongue slid into me and began to explore.

Wantonly I reached blindly for her hair and pulled her head into me, mashing her face into my pussy. Her tongue was driving me crazy.

‘Oh,oh, oh,’ I groaned starting to thrash about. But she clung to my hips as she devoured me relentlessly with her tongue and sweet mouth. My breathing had gone ragged.I was trying to heave up the bed.

She took her mouth away and crack! Spanked me once hard, and then another one. Crack! on the other cheek.

That did it.

‘Oh god,’ I panted I’m going to cum. O god yes Elise,’ i moaned as I felt my orgasm approaching. Shamelessly I pulled her head back into my throbbing pussy and let go, pressed my cunt into her, soaking her face with my pussy juice as I let go…

Later as I recovered we cuddled on the bed.

‘I do hope you will come back after your holiday,’ I whispered into her ear.

‘Why yes I hope so too,’ she said as she nuzzled into my neck and guided my hand down into her panties. Her hand went to my breast, gently squeezing it, then she found my rigid nipple ad started rolling it round and round with the palm of her hand, and then pinching it lightly. Then her fingers moved to the other one.

My tits started to ache with desire. She pulled my nipple away from my tit and twisted it. I gasped as i felt myself leak again.

‘Am I hurting you?’ she asked.

‘No,no,’ I managed. ‘Please, do anything you want to me. I love it so much.’

She felt completely bald down there as I lovingly stroked her tight little pussy. I eased a finger up her and felt her respond.

‘Take off my panties Libby and go down on me,’ she murmured huskily.

I needed no second bidding. I went under the sheet kissing and licking her breasts on the way down, ran my tongue across her smooth stomach and hooked my fingers into her panties, dragging them down her legs.

She kicked them off her and spread wide for me. The aroma of her pussy was intoxicating as I lowered my mouth on it.

I had no idea where all this was going and right then I didn’t care. I only knew I did not wish it to end here.

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