Subject: The nephew problem-5(Gay Incest, Mb, oral, anal, masterbation & incest) The nephew problem-5 A story by:Papa Bear The following story is completely fictional. None of the events or characters are real. Warning: This story contains sexual relations between a consenting youth and an adult male. If this kind of story offends you, is illegal in your municipality or you are under the age of 18 leave now! This story may contain explicit sexual content involving incest, anal and masterbation, between a M/B. If you enjoy this story and other stories here on Nifty, please consider contributing to the archive! If you enjoy this story please let me know! You may contact me ast I will try to answer all emails. Flamers will be ignored and blocked! Brief recap: Bobby age 10, is staying with his uncle, while his mother is out of town. Bobby and his uncle become lovers. Their new relationship grows while he stays with his uncle. Awaking a sexual awareness in both of them. The nephew problem- Part 4 A srory by: Papa Bear It was mid-afternoon by the time I woke up, with Bobby clinging to my side. I drew him tight to my body and rubbed his back. I laid quietly thinking of how our relationship had changed so quickly. I’ve always known that I was different and love the young male form. Never had I imagined the kind of love I’m feeling for my nephew. The lines between lust and love are blurred. I’ve always had a strong affection for him, but now I have a strong sexual desire. I’m realizing now that you can have both and still love the person. As I’m contemplating our relationship, Bobby begins to stir and slowly wake up. He stretches out and lets out a yawn. I looked down at his precious face and he met me with a smile. ” Hello uncle Tony, what time is it?” Bobby asked. I rubbed his back and replied. ” It’s lunch time, almost 12 pm.” ” Oh wow, now wonder I’m hungry.” He said. I chuckled to myself thinking ” well yeah that’s one of the reasons, of course hot sex can get you hungry too.” ” Yeah I’m hungry myself, let’s get up and get some lunch.” I said. He got up on his knees and laid his head on my chest, gently stroking the hairs. I continued to rub his back and occasionally traced his butt. We laid like this for a little while, enjoying our intimacy. Our cuddle time was only broken by our growling stomach’s. ” Ok buddy, our bellies are growling and it’s getting late. Let’s go get some lunch.” I said, as I lifted him off my chest. We talked over the choices, deciding on chicken nuggets and fries. While lunch was cooking we headed to the den. Bobby was full of energy and wound tight as a spring. Bouncing around and jumping on my back. I gave him a horse back ride and then a tickle fest ensued. That turned into a little wrestling match, which I let him win. We had a lot of fun and laughed like crazy. Our fun only interrupted by the timer going off. ” Ok Bobby lunch is ready, now get off of me and let’s go fix a plate.” I said. His laughter was contagious, as he jumped around and giggled. He settled down and we went to fix our plates. While we were enjoying our lunch we were talking about this and that. Our conversation turned to what we were going to do, the next few days while he’s staying with me. ” So kiddo, what would you like to do the next few days, before your mom gets back?” I asked. Bobby took another bite from his chicken nuggets, shrugging his shoulders. Then he replied, ” I don’t know, what do you want to do?” Typical, I should have seen that coming, doing the back and forth. ” Well buddy, what would you really like to do, we can do anything you’d like?” I asked He took another bite of his chicken tenders and then his fries. His face looked as if he was in deep thought on my question. His face lit up, obviously he had an idea and he excitingly said. ” Can we go fishing and maybe camp?” Now that was something I didn’t expect, although we have gone fishing before, but never camped out. It wouldn’t be a problem, as I had a decent size tent and all the fishing gear. ” Well I guess we could, I know a little area that has good fishing and we could pitch a tent.” I replied. His face lit up, he jumped up, ran over to me and gave me a big hug, then said. ” That would be awesome. I’ve never been able to go camping before.” I hugged him back and replied. ” Yeah that would be cool, although the place I’m taking us has no facilities. Us boys are going to have to rough it.” I gave a little chuckle and Bobby asked. ” Facilities what do you mean?” ” That means we’re on our own. There’s no bathroom or showers.” I replied. istanbul travesti He had a little perplexed look on his face and he asked. ” So where do we go to the bathroom and how do we clean up?” I laughed and replied. ” Well buddy will have to get some supplies. As for going to the bathroom, we just do it in the woods and for cleaning up, I have a portable shower, that we can hang.” ” Oh cool just like we’d be on a desert Island!” Bobby exclaimed. ” Kind of, but we’ll get supplies. Plus we might catch fish.” I said. ” Can we go today?” He asked. I ruffled his hair and replied. ” Sure buddy, we just have to go out into the storage shed and make sure we’ve got everything.” ” Okay let’s go see.” Bobby said. ” Hang on tiger, let’s finish eating first. I said. He quickly returned to his seat, gobbling down his lunch. He was very excited and I had to admit it rubbed off on me. ” Okay I’m all done, can we go see if we’ve got everything?” Bobby asked. I laughed at his eagerness and replied. ” Sure, just let me clean up our dishes and we’ll head out.” After I finished cleaning up lunch and the kitchen, we headed out to my storage shed. We found all the items we would need and packed up the truck. ” Okay kiddo, let’s get a few clothes and things together. We can pack light, we won’t need much.” I said. We gathered a few clothes and finished packing up the truck. Then we were ready to head out and get some supplies. After stopping to pickup a few necessities and food, we headed to the area at a lake nearby. Bobby was excited and chattered all the way. We made a stop at the local bait store and picked up the items we would need. Impatiently Bobby asked.” Are we done yet?” I laughed and replied. ” Yeah Bobby. We have to get this stuff, if you want to fish. ” Oh, okay I just want to get there.” He replied. I ruffled his hair and we headed off. It was really quite enjoyable to see him so excited. After finding the trail I was familiar with, we finally arrived. ” Okay buddy here we are.” I announced. We got out of the truck and checked out the area. Trying to find the best spot to make camp. Surprisingly the area was completely dead and we were the only ones around. Bobby was running around exploring and having fun. While I got busy clearing our camping area and setting up the tent. After I finished setting up the camping area and Bobby helped a little, we still had enough daylight to do a little fishing. It was a very nice day in the temperature was just about right. However at night it can get a little cool. We made our way to an area I thought might have fish, then fixed our poles and did a little fishing. ” I think I might have a bite.” Bobby said. I watched as he stared at his cork. He had a look of determination written across his face. ” Hey you got one!” I yelled out. Bobby started to real and fight the fish. I could tell he had very little experience and needed help. After quickly reeling my line in, I went to help him. ” Okay buddy, you got this. Don’t reel to fast and ease up a bit. ” I instructed. ” You mean like this? ” He asked, as he fought the fish. ” Yes that’s it buddy, oh you got a big one!” I exclaimed. The fish was much larger than I expected and he struggled to bring it in. He cried out ” I need help uncle Tony, it’s to big!” I moved in behind him and gave him a hand, as the fish fought back. It was a big fish, I guessed about 5 lbs. We struggled to bring it in, as the fish fought hard. We just about had it near shore, when all of a sudden the line broke. We both lost our balance, at the sudden snap and fell backwards into the wet dirt. ” Oh man, he got away and now we’re all dirty.” Bobby moaned. I laughed as we landed on the ground, Bobby kinda went to one side. The ground was a little wet and mucky, leaving us slightly wet and muddy. ” Oh great, now my ass is wet and muddy.” I laughed. Bobby laughed and kind of rolled in the mud. ” Yep all muddy now” , then he threw some wet dirt at me. ” Okay buddy now you did it.” I said, laughing and throwing mud back at him. We got into a mud slinging fight and laughed our asses off. It was very fun and I haven’t done that since I was Bobby’s age. ” Okay, okay, you win!” I said. Bobby laughed and threw one last volley. We looked at each other and laughed some more. Both of us totally covered in mud. ” Oh man we’re really dirty uncle Tony.” Bobby said. ” Yeah kiddo we sure are, let’s jump in the lake and clean off. ” I said. Bobby and I headed into the lake, rinsing off the mud. Then he started splashing at me and it turned into a water fight. We were both laughing kadıköy travesti and splashing each other. Interrupting his splashes, I said. ” Okay Bobby we better head back to camp it’s getting late.” We got out of the water and headed to gather our poles and bait, then headed back to camp. We chatted about the big one that got away and how wet we were. When we got to our camp area Bobby asked. ” How are we gonna clean up?” I smiled and replied. ” You remember that bag we got out of the shed?” ” Yes, I remember, what’s in it?” He said. ” Well buddy that’s a portable shower. It is a bag you fill with water and it has a hose with a shower head.” I explained. ” Way cool, but were do we shower?” He asked. I smiled and looked around, then pointed and replied. ” Over there under that tree, should work. It’s got a nice limb and the shower can hang from it.” He looked around and said. ” Okay, but it’s outside and people can see.” I ruffled his dirty hair and said. ” Silly, look around there’s nobody else here. We could run around naked and nobody would know.” We laughed and he playfully shoved me a little. I got the shower all set and filled it with clean water. Then turned to Bobby and said. ” Well let’s get cleaned off, 1st let’s shower off with our clothes on.” He agreed and we cleaned off the dirt and lake water. After we got our clothes clean, I said. ” Ok Bobby let’s strip and get cleaned up, I’ve got soap over there.” He hesitated and looked around, as if he was checking to see if anyone was watching. ” It’s okay buddy, no one is around.” I said, as I began to strip. He watched me, as I stripped down and put my clothes on a nearby rock. Then I grabbed the soap and lathered up. I guess that made him more comfortable, as he took off his clothes and joined me. He became less timid, about being naked outside and said ” This is fun.” While I was cleaning off, he kinda danced around and played in the water. I watched as he danced and shook his little butt. It was funny and somewhat arousing, at the same time. ” Okay buddy your turn, we can’t take to long. I only brought enough water for a few showers.” I said. He listened well and started getting clean. When he finished, I turned it off and we grabbed some towels. While he was drying off, I grabbed our clothes and put them in a bag. He seemed very happy and danced around. I watched as he put on a little show. He stopped dancing and asked. ” Can we stay naked?” I smiled and ruffled his hair, then replied. ” Well sure we can, but we will have to cover up later. It gets a little chilly out here at night.” He smiled and gave me a big hug, then went back to dancing around. While he was enjoying himself, I started preparing the campfire for dinner and to keep us warm. ” Can I help, uncle Tony?” He asked. ” Why sure buddy, go gather some twigs and I’ll get the wood.” I replied. We returned and I said. ” Good job Bobby, now we can get the fire going.” After we got the fire going, I fixed up the cooking area and we dried off by the fire. ” Well Bobby, we didn’t catch anything, so how about hot dogs.” I said ” Sure it sounds good to me.” He replied. The sun was setting, as we hung out by the fire. We chatted about the fish again and the wildlife nearby. When we got hungry, I showed him how to cook the dogs over the fire. We had a lot of fun roasting them over the fire and ate way too many. It was a very enjoyable day and we both had a lot of fun. His smile and laughter was contagious. After dinner I made some hot cocoa and we cuddled up by the fire. ” Hey uncle Tony, can we toast the marshmallows now?” Bobby asked. ” Oh yeah I almost forgot.” I replied. We toasted some marshmallows, with a few ending up in the fire. We cuddled up by the fire, to keep warm. ” It’s getting cold.” Bobby said. I put some more wood on the fire and grabbed a blanket. We cuddled up and finished our Coco. The ember’s from the fire danced around, as we watched the fire burn. Bobby moved under the blanket and sat in my lap. I wrapped my arms around him and we cuddled together. The crackling of the fire and wild sounds from the woods, were quite soothing. Bobby’s warm body and the crack of his ass nuzzled into my cock. This was very arousing, to say the least. He squirmed around, a little bit, as he sat in my lap. Then I felt his hand playing with my balls. I return the favor and gently caress his nutsack, working my way up to his hard little cock. We sat cuddled up, watching the fire and fondling each other, under the stars and the moonlight shining down. ” Mmmm… I like this uncle Tony, feels good.” bakırköy travesti Bobby moaned out. ” Yeah, Bobby it’s great. The fresh air, stars, fire crackling and you in my arms.” I said. He turned his head and looked up at me and our eyes met. Not a word was spoken, as I leaned down and gave him a passionate kiss. Bobby’s lips parted and our tongues met, with a spark. We kissed very passionately and caressed each other. Our passion igniting my arousal. My cock hardened quickly, pushing its way into Bobby’s crack. The harder my cock got, the more he pushed back. He continued to wiggle his little ass around and I could feel the tip of my cock pushing on his rosebud. Our passionate kiss increased and our tongues were in a frenzy. His little hand was massaging my balls and I grasped his little dick between my fingers. The excitement of being outside under the stars, mixed with the crackling fire and our heated passion, caused my cock to ooze pre-cum. As Bobby rocked back and forth his ass got coated with my pre-cum. With each movement of his ass my dick would poke his hole. Then it happened, as Bobby pushed back, my cock head slipped in. He moaned in my mouth, as my head popped in. His rocking stopped for a moment and then he resumed. The sudden tightness of his sphincter wrapped around my cock head, sent shivers up my spine. Our bodies became one, underneath the moonlight and the stars. We were consumed in passion and never broke our kiss. Bobby had become quite a good kisser. I massaged his little cock, as he rocked his ass back and forth. Each time he rocked, he thrust back onto my cock. I couldn’t believe the amount of pre-cum I was leaking, It provided enough lube, to make love to his ass. We continued with our love making, under the stars. With one final thrust backwards, my cock fully entered Bobby’s ass. He paused for a moment, then shifted from side to side. Almost grinding his ass into my pubes. ” Ahhh….mmmm….ohhh!” He moaned into my mouth. I felt compelled to break our kiss for a moment and say. ” Oh Bobby baby you feel so good, I love you baby.” He look deeply into my eyes and smiled, then replied. ” I love you too uncle Tony, so much!” His words melted my heart and I leaned back in, continuing our passionate kissing. Bobby was now raising his ass up and down on my cock. I can feel his little body trembling and shaking. His little cock was hard as a rock in between my fingers, as I jacked him. I could feel my nuts start to tighten and that familiar feeling of an impending orgasm. I moaned in Bobby’s mouth and managed to whisper out. ” Oh baby, ohhh…God, I think I’m gonna cum.” Bobby must have understood those words, as he quickly increased his grinding into my cock. I grasped his little boy cock and began to pump it. We tried desperately not to break our kiss as our breathing increased. ” Ohhh…mmmm….my…God…ohhh…it… feels soooo…. damn good!” I moaned. ” Please don’t stop…. please…it….feels…ohhh…it feels….ohhhh… good!” Bobby cries. Then it happened, my orgasm hit me like a bolt of lightning, out of the sky. ” Fuck…fuck…ohhh…shit….shitttttt!” I cried out, as I shot hard into Bobby. Bobby whimpered and moaned, as his body tensed up and spasm’d. His orgasm hit him and his cock pulsed between my fingers. He collapsed back onto my chest, as I wrapped my arms around him. I kissed his forehead and covered us up. We sat locked together in front of the fire. My cock remained in Bobby for quite some time, then slowly it popped out and my cum oozed over my balls. I held him tight and occasionally stroked his hair. Bobby melted in my arms and he slowly drifted off to sleep. I held him and rocked us gently, savoring our love for one another. It was so relaxing and wonderful, I almost fell asleep. I picked up Bobby and headed into the tent. After placing him on the large sleeping bag, I went to take care of the fire. I returned and closed the tent for the night. Then I grabbed some wipes and cleaned us up. He must have been very tired, as he never woke up. I turned off the light and joined him in the sleeping bag, cuddling behind him. We locked into a spoon and I stroked his hair, admiring his beauty. The love I’m feeling for Bobby, is a love I’ve longed for all my life. I snuggled in tight and drifted off to sleep. To be continued….. Papa Bear if you enjoy this story check out my other stories here on : https://www.//gay/adult-youth/peeping-boy/ https://www.//gay/adult-youth/roberto-the-boy-lover/ https://www.//gay/adult-youth/street-ball-boys-&-gay-neighbor/ https://www.//gay/incest/the-nephew-problem/ https://www.//bisexual/incest/caring-for-samantha-and-jason/ If you like this story and other stories presented to you on the Nifty Archive, please consider donating to help this site continue its good fty/donate.html)

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