The Neighbours Put On A Show


A crisp moonlit night, a warm inviting hot tub on the deck – a great place to unwind after another stressful day at work. As I walk outside, my eyes scan to the right and I do a quick check of the next door neighbour’s downstairs bedroom window. Lights are out and curtains drawn as per usual. But there was that one night! It was a couple of weeks ago but it is still firmly etched in my mind.I used to soak in the hot tub rather infrequently but since that night, it had been much more often. My wife even commented on my increased frequency. I told her that it was the best way to relax after a busy day. If she only knew that the therapeutic quality of the spa was not the only way I was hoping to relieve my stress!We moved to the neighbourhood about three months ago. While we were taking stuff out of the U-haul, Julie and Randy walked over from next door to introduce themselves. They appeared to be in their late twenties. Him: quite tall, fairly well built with medium-length dark brown hair. Her: relatively petite, long braided hair the colour of ginger. almanbahis şikayet I immediately thought of Crystal Gayle. Julie was very friendly and talkative, giving us lots of info about neighbours, good restaurants in the area, etc.It was a warm summer day and both were wearing shorts and t-shirts. Julie’s shorts were very short, showing off her tanned and beautifully shaped legs. I found it difficult not to stare at her full and braless boobs as they freely bounced around while she described in great detail some of the more interesting characters in our neighbourhood. I took a lot less interest in Randy at the time but I liked his soft-spoken and quiet demeanor. I also remember being impressed with his ample biceps and lean but muscular legs.Since moving in, we had a fairly typical neighbour relationship with them: good morning greetings, waving as they drove by, etc. The notable exception – I had taken every opportunity to ogle Julie, trying not to be too obvious about it. One day, while I was cutting the front yard grass, she drove almanbahis canlı casino into their driveway, got out of the car and reached into the back seat floor to pick up a bag of groceries. She had on skimpy jean cut-offs. I had a great view of her ass and could even see the impression of her pussy lips on the stretched denim between her legs.As my wife and I made love that evening, I fantasized about Julie’s amazing ass as I pounded her pussy with deep and rapid thrusts. My wife picked up on my passion and we raced ahead to intense and almost simultaneous orgasms. “What the hell just happened?” she panted. “We haven’t had such great sex since the first year we were married!”Okay, back to that night. As I walked towards the hot tub behind our garage, I noticed the light on downstairs next door. Randy had given us a tour of their house and for future reference, I had taken note of the location of their main floor master bedroom. The curtains were only half drawn. I lifted up the cover of the tub, pushed it partially aside and stepped almanbahis casino in. With my back towards our house, I had a pretty decent view of theirs. There is a wooden fence between our properties but there are good-sized gaps between the top panels to be able to see through.After a few minutes, I saw the door to the bedroom open and Julie entered. She was wearing a charcoal-coloured skirt and a pink tank top. She walked over to a bedside table, selected a book and sat down in a chair on the other side of the room. Her skirt rode up a bit as she occasionally adjusted her position on the chair. I immediately wondered whether she was wearing any panties! Her braided ponytail hung by her side. She would occasionally take hold of it and run her fingers up and down. After a while, she put the book down and walked over to the dresser. While staring at herself in the mirror, she untied the braid, gave her head a few shakes and started to brush her hair.I was going crazy in the hot tub! I couldn’t take my eyes off her and was stroking my rock-hard cock, trembling all over with horniness. I was fixated on her beautifully toned and shapely legs, her breasts straining against the tight tank top visible in the mirror. But the sight of her knee-length hair being brushed was edging me very close to cumming.

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