The Neighbours Birthday party P9


The Neighbours Birthday party P9As the summer was almost finished things began to get a little quiet in our street, until my mother announced Mrs Honey was having a birthday gathering at the weekend.”Who?” I asked”Mrs Honey, she’s a widower living at the end of the street, in that little cottage” replied my mother “I said we would go, because she’s all alone now, and I thought it would be nice to try and make her feel wanted. most of the street is going, me and Gloria have been trying to organise it for days now””Fine” I sighed not wanting to argue with my mother.However, as the week continued, people began to call my mother to say they weren’t going to be able to make it due to a cold going around, and inevitably on the Saturday morning I woke to hear my mother coughing and sneezing.”Dam it” I heard her moan as I strolled downstairs “Now I’ve got it too!””So, we wont be going then?” I asked”Well, I certainly won’t!” my mother replied “But you can still go, at least one of us should be there!””What about dad?” I asked”He’s at work again” replied my mother “So, sorry k**, your on your own!”I sighed angrily, but also kind of wondered what it would be like with out my mother or father being at one of these birthday bashes, so reluctantly in the early afternoon I got dressed in my best trousers and shirt, and then with a card for the birthday girl in my hand, I strolled along the road, all the way to the last house.Knocking on the door, it opened and I was greeted by Mrs Hooper, my mothers brunette friend.She smiled at me and invited me in, and I couldn’t help check out her hot chubby small body under her pretty dress, before she showed me into the living room.In the living room I met Mrs Honey, the birthday girl, a mature older woman, with greying long hair, a large chubby body in a pretty summer dress and glasses, and Mrs Yale, a middle aged woman like Mrs Hooper, with short blonde hair, and a chubby body.I then gave Mrs Honey her card and apologised for my parents not being there, and she understood as everyone seem to be going down with it.Then for the next half an hour or so the four of us sat drinking a few glasses of wine, and making polite small talk.”Well, I think its safe to say, no one else is coming, are they?” Mrs Yale then said disappointedly.”Yes, it would appear so” agreed Mrs Honey, looking just as disappointed.”Well, it doesn’t stop us having some birthday fun, though!” Mrs Hooper then said with a smile, before she reached over and placed a hand on my leg.I glanced at her nervously and she smiled at me, before she began rubbing my leg, and then slowly moved her hand up my leg until it rested on my crotch, my bulge begin to grow instantly as she gave it a squeeze and then leant in and kissed me.After just a few more seconds my teenage cock was fighting against my trousers to be released, and as Mrs Hooper continued to kiss me, her hand began fiddling with my zip until she pulled it down, and my cock sprung free.I groaned softly as her hand then wrapped around my shaft and began giving it a good tug, and eagerly I reached over and began fondling her small mature breasts through her dress.Mrs Hooper then pulled away from my mouth, and with a smile she then lowered her head, opened her mouth and engulfed my hard teen cock, and I groaned happily as she began to suck me off.I then looked around and saw Mrs Yale groping her own chubby tits through her dress as she watched us, and then looking over at Mrs Honey, she was doing the same thing in her chair.Mrs Hooper eagerly bobbed her head up and down on my cock, running her wet lips up and down my shaft and coating it in her saliva and it felt wonderful to have this woman older enough to be my mother sucking me off.Then after a bit longer, she lifted her mouth from my cock and smiled at me lustfully, before leaning in for a kiss, and as we kissed passionately, she whispered to me “Go give Mrs Honey her birthday present!”And then she leant back from me, and looking over at the greying haired older woman, I stood up with my hard cock in hand, kicked off my trousers, and moved towards the birthday kaçak iddaa girl.I then stood beside Mrs Honey’s chair, and eagerly she reached out and took hold of my hard cock, and then began to give it a few firm tugs, before she leant over and began sucking on it.I groaned happily as this older chubby woman, old enough to be my grandmother, eagerly sucked on my teen cock and as she did, I reached over and began fondling her big hanging tits through her dress.As squeezed and groped her big old tits, Mrs Honey began to groan too, and then she began fiddling with the buttons on her dress, and one by one they began to come undone, until finally the front of her dress fell open and her big saggy granny tits flopped out.I quickly grabbed hold of them with my hands, and began groping her big soft warm fleshy tits making her groan more as she continued to suck on my cock.As Mrs Honey licked and drooled all over my cock, I glanced over at Mrs Hooper and Mrs Yale and they were both now sat on the sofa together fondling their tits through their dresses, while having their other hand under their dresses rubbing their pussies watching me, and I then realised I was probably going to fuck all three women before we were finished here today!After a bit more cock sucking, I finally pulled my hard glistening cock from Mrs Honey’s lips, and moved around in front of her, she eagerly parted her chubby white thighs in her best white stockings, and I could see her slightly furry greying pussy all for me, and quickly I knelt down between her legs, and then stuck my young teen face into her mature warm moist pussy.Mrs Honey groaned loudly as I began licking and probing her old pussy, and she happily played with her old saggy tits as I did.For a good few minutes, I ran my tongue up and down those furry old lips, and then prodded and prodded the gap between, making her groan and flex on my face giving her the best birthday gift I could.Then finally as my face was now smothered in her pussy juices and she was breathing heavily and excitedly, I knelt up, took hold of my hard ready cock, and placed it up against her moist furry box, before with a gentle thrust, I slipped into that woman old enough to be my grandmother, and began to steadily fuck her.”Oh fuck! Oh fuck! oh fuck!” she cursed as my cock thrust back and before between her wet furry lips.I placed my hands on her chubby thighs and eagerly continued to fuck her firmly and steadily, and Mrs Honey groaned and cursed and fondled her own big saggy tits as I did.For a good few minutes I fucked her in that position, before I leant in and began licking and sucking on her big hard nipples, and Mrs Honey groaned excitedly louder.”OH fuck yes! oh fuck yes!” she moaned loving the attention I was giving her.After a bit, I decided to increase the pace, and began really thrusting into her, my cock pounded away between her wet furry lips, my arse shuttled back and forth between her chubby thighs and my balls slapped against her chubby round arse as I did, and Mrs Honey groaned louder and louder.”Oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck! Oh god you’re really fucking me! oh god! oh god!” she groaned.I kept going for a bit longer, until I wanted to change position, and then getting her to turn around and kneel up in her chair, her dress fell completely off leaving her in just her stockings and glasses, and then standing up behind her, I placed my hard cock back against her pussy, and then slipped back inside of her again.Gripping her wide hips, I then began thrusting into hr again, firmly and steadily, and Mrs Honey groaned happily as I continued to fuck her old wet pussy.As I fucked her, I glanced around at the others, and now Mrs Hooper and Mrs Yale were both completely naked on the sofa, fondling each others tits and fingering each others pussies, as they continued to watch us, and I just couldn’t wait to fuck both of those hot MILFS.But I was deep inside Mrs Honey, and as it was her birthday, I was determined to give her one to remember!So, I picked up the pace again, thrusting hard and deep into her old worn pussy, and she moaned louder as she gripped kaçak bahis the back of her chair.”Oh yes, fuck me! fuck me! I need this so much!” she groaned and I was willing to give it to her.I was now pounding that hold old pussy as hard as I could, and she leant down in the chair giving me the best access to her pussy she could, and for a good few minutes more I continued to fuck that hot old granny.Then I plunged in deep and groaned happily, enjoying the feeling of that old wet pussy completely around my cock, and Mrs Honey groaned loudly too, enjoying the feeling of a big teen cock filling her old pussy.Then I did it again and again, until I finally pulled out of her pussy, and got her to roll over again.Mrs Honey now lay back in her seat, her chubby stocking clad legs hung over either side of her chair, and eagerly I moved back between them, placed my cock back against her wet used pussy, and then slipped back inside of her again.”Yes fuck me Mark! Fuck me until I cum! I want to cum on your cock!” she moaned”Okay” I replied and then began fucking her again.Mrs Honey instantly began groaning loudly again, and happily I pounded into her, giving her everything I had.”Yes! Yes! yes!” she cried over and over “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”I was giving it her so hard now, her old wing back chair was squeaking and groaning under the movement, but she didn’t care, she just wanted to cum, and hard on my cock, and I was happy to help.”Oh fuck! I’m nearly there! I’m nearly there!” she then cried with her chubby legs up in the air.My cock was now a blur in her pussy, as I fucked her towards a big orgasm, and I eagerly leant in and began squeezing her big saggy tits and then kissed her, and eagerly she kissed me back.Then after just another minute she began to groan louder.”Oh fuck! Oh fuck! oh fuck! here it… COMES!” she then cried out and as my cock continued to pound her pussy, slipping back and forth inside her wet warm hole, she finally orgasmed.”OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKK!” she screamed and began bucking wildly beneath me, as I continued to fuck her hard.”FUUUUUCCCKKK! FUUUUUCCCKK!” she cried again as she came over and over on my hard teen cock.I then thrust deep into her and stopped moving, letting her pussy convulse around it, as her orgasm ripped through her body loving the feeling of this teen cock filling it up.It was then I felt my balls tighten as this hot mature woman was cumming under me, and with a groan I cried out “OH SHIT!”I then quickly pulled my hard cock from wet old pussy, and aimed at her body, and with a cry began showering her with my load.”SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!” I cried out as I came all over her old chubby saggy body, and eagerly Mrs Honey began rubbing my sticky white load into her skin.Finally I stopped cumming, and so did Mrs Honey, and as I relaxed, she sat up breathing heavily, then took hold of my softening cock, and moved it to her mouth, before giving it a good suck.Mrs Hooper and Mrs Yale both cheered and clapped, and then after Mrs Honey had sucked my dry, and I was just beginning to rise again, she sat back and sighed happily in her chair.I then turned around, and eagerly moved back to Mrs Hooper and Mrs Yale, and they parted a little to let me sit down in the middle of them, before they then both eagerly leant in and began licking and jerking my cock.I happily groaned as these two hot chubby MILFS took it in turns to suck and jerk my shaft, while the other fondled and sucked my balls, then finally when I was fully hard again, Mrs Hooper stood up on the sofa, straddled my lap, and then lowered herself down.Her smooth bald pussy dropped down towards my hard teen cock, and in seconds she slipped down onto it, and I was now inside Mrs Hooper’s mature wet pussy.Then she placed her hands around my neck, as she began to rise and fall on my cock, and we both groaned happily.While Mrs Hooper was riding my cock, Mrs Yale was leant over still licking at my balls, and eagerly I reached over and began fondling her round soft arse cheeks, before my fingers slipped lower and found her smooth bald pussy.I then heard her moan illegal bahis softly as I began to probe her naked pussy, and now I had Mrs Hooper riding my cock, and Mrs Yale rocking back and forth on my fingers.For a good few minutes we stayed like that, until it was time for a change, and Mrs Hooper got off me, and let Mrs Yale have a go, and eagerly she straddled my lap and then thrust her round soft arse in my face for a moment, and happily I stuck my tongue out and licked at her moist bald pussy, before she then moved down towards my cock, and in seconds impaled herself on it.I happily sat back as Mrs Yale then began riding my cock, and I loved watching that hot blonde chubby mother bouncing about on my hard teen cock and groaning and moaning loudly because of it.For another few minutes we fucked like that until it was time for a change again, and then Mrs Hooper straddled my face and shoved her wet mature pussy into it, which I happily licked again, before she then lowered herself back down on my cock, only this time facing away from me.I happily watched her chubby round arse rise and fall in my lap as she then fucked herself on my cock, before Mrs Yale then moved over me, and stuffed her wet bald pussy into it and now all I could see was Mrs Yale’s chubby body leant over me, and her moans and groans as I eagerly licked her out.After another few minutes of this, Mrs Hooper wanted to change position, and eagerly both women got off me, and then knelt down on the sofa in front of me, and happily I got up behind Mrs Hooper and slipped back in that mature 40 something pussy.I then fucked her hard but steadily for a good few minutes as I gripped her chubby hips, before I pulled out and then moved behind Mrs Yale and slipped inside of her.Mrs Yale then began moaning loudly as I pounded into her from behind, and she was clearly loving my hard fucking from behind.Then after that, I moved back and forth between Mrs Yale and Mrs Hooper, fucking them both over and over from behind, and both women began to get louder and more excited.Then I got them to roll over onto their backs, and they both then opened their chubby naked legs wide, and eagerly I got between Mrs Hooper’s legs and slipped into her pussy again.Mrs Hooper was soon groaning loudly as I fucked her hard, pounding into her wet mature pussy, and she happily laid back and took it, then I pulled out and moved to Mrs Yale and did the same thing, and loudly she groaned and cursed begging for more as I fucked her.For another few minutes I fucked both women just like that, until, as I was fucking Mrs Yale hard, that chubby blonde woman began to get louder and more excited, and then suddenly tensed up and cried out “OH GOD! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!”And her hot naked body began to buck and twitch under me as I continued to fuck her.”YES! YES! YES! OH FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUUUCCCCKKK!” she then screamed as she orgasmed,As she did I felt my balls tighten and with a groan I cried “OH FUCK! I’M CUMMING TOO!””Quick! Give to me! Give it to me!” cried Mrs Hooper.And as quick as I could, I pulled my hard ready to blow cock from Mrs Yale’s pussy, turned and aimed at Mrs Hooper.Mrs Hooper instantly dropped to her knees in front of me, and with a mighty groan I exploded, and began firing my load at this hot mature woman.”OH FUUUUUCCCKK!” I cried as I unloaded wad after wad of wet sticky cum all over her face.Eagerly Mrs Hooper opened her mouth and tried to catch as much as she could, before finally I was spent and stopped cumming, and then she reached over, took hold of my cock and gave it a good few sucks to get every last drop.I then watched her get up, and move towards Mrs Honey, who had been sat in her chair rubbing her old wet pussy watching us, and then Mrs Hooper leant in and gave the old grey haired girl a big wet kiss feeding her my cum with it, and eagerly both women kissed for several seconds swapping spit and cum as they did.I then felt my cock begin to twitch again as I watched these two hot older women kissing, and Mrs Hooper then glanced over at me and grinned “I think someone wants to give you a second present!” she said.And eagerly I began to rub my cock back to life, as I moved back towards Mrs Honey again, and she smiled and leant back in her seat, ready for me.I have to admit, I do love Birthday Parties now!

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