The Neighbors

Air Lock

My neighbors are pretty average, nothing out of the ordinary.One night, I was sitting in my bedroom watching TV. Nothing good was on, save an old episode of Friends, so I gave up and laid there, pondering what I should do. I turned to look at my alarm clock to see the time (11.44 pm) and happened to glance out my window, which looked into the neighbor’s bedroom.Rich (my neighbor) was passionately kissing Suzy (his wife) against the wall of their bedroom. I watched, entranced. He began lifting her shirt and I realized they were going almanbahis şikayet to have sex right in front of me! I got a little turned on and watched more. They were soon naked and I watched them. She had huge, beautiful breasts, perfectly lickable, and his cock was bigger than any I’d seen. I saw him pound his meat into her, lick her clit, play with her breasts, all things I loved. The lights went out and I couldn’t see, but I was too horny now. I was at the point of no return. I quickly tore my own clothes off and lay naked almanbahis canlı casino on my bed. I began to fondle my breasts, watching my nipples harden in delight. I traced their outline and shivered. I brought one of them up to my mouth and began to suck it and swirl my tongue around it. I moaned in pleasure and began to pant. I pinched my nipples and squealed.I brought my hands down my tummy to my waistline. Pausing there, my body shook in arousal and I brought my fingers to my neatly trimmed cunt. My fingers swirled almanbahis casino the short pubic hair, making me wetter and wetter. Finally I pushed my fingers into my pussy, first one then two. With one hand I thrusted into my hot cunt, and the other pushed and tapped my clit. It felt just like a man’s touch, concentrated just so. I fucked myself and was moaning and panting and I finally came, shaking and spewing my juices all over. I lay there, catching my breath, and closed my eyes, thinking about how horny I still was.Suddenly I gasped – a hand was on my breast! I opened my eyes and saw Rich and Suzy standing over me. “We saw you enjoying the show and wondered if you wanted to be part of it, ” Rich said.“Your door was unlocked, ” Suzy said, as they each squeezed one of my breasts.

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