Subject: The masseur’s son – Chapter 2 – FIRST MASSAGE. Chapter 2 — FIRST MASSAGE. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. We don’t want this website to ever stop. Think for a minute if you can afford it and help sustain Nifty with your donations. Freedom can move your life and it can be seen even in the hardest conditions, together with love and friendship, happiness and beauty. Have a look at the life of eight beggars who live together at: or in English -What a sexy masseur you are, dad –Tyson told me as I was stripping. So timidly I took off my shirt before him, but I had a new fear because I saw Tyson’s cock getting hard and thought I could be hurting him. -Come on, dad, take everything off, and yes, I’m getting hard and it’s wonderful for me to be this hard with a boy, believe me, more knowing my father is really a sexy man who’s causing me this boner. So please go on. Still with some fears, I took off my shoes and socks. Now I was not sure I could pull down my pants and briefs, but he noticed my anxiety and encouraged me to do it. So taking a deep breath, I finally stripped completely for the first time before a boy, my own sexy son. -That’s it dad. Since now I know you lust for me, it will be wonderful to feel some lust for my father too. At least I’d like to see you naked more often. So I suggest now, dad, that we can comfortably become two nudist friends and believe me you can be naked the whole day and showing me your boners calmly. Both of us will be hard now. -Ok, Tyson, do you really want an erotic massage now, knowing I wanna touch everything in your hot body and even jack you off? -I’m still moved you wanna give me all that fun, dad. You can do it. -Wait for me here. I’ll bring the stretcher and the oil. In a short while everything was in our living-room and I was moved and horny as hell watching my son so hard. I asked him to lie on top of the stretcher. He lied on his stomach first and I was totally aroused watching his ass again, still a bit red because of my previous spanks and remembering how he had enjoyed that part of his body previously and it had been with me. Nevertheless, I asked him to lie on his back for first I would masturbate him. His dick couldn’t be harder the moment he turned as if that were what he had been all his life wanting to be done and I grasped his dick at once and started to jack him off. -I hope you’re having fun now, dad. Oh, you’re so hot. I’ve never had a better sexual day than today. -You can be sure I’ll make you cum, Tyson –in that moment I started to jerk myself off again-. I wanna give you a lot of sexual fun today since you are being so good that you’re allowing me. And if you like it, now I can masturbate you every day. -Whenever you want, dad. So good at least to know that by allowing you I’m pleasing you too. -Tyson, whatever can happen today, I wanna become your friend today. That’s my main consideration. -You can be sure I’ve never had such a good friend, one who gets shocked at nothing, one that even feels lust for me and is showing me. Never worry about our friendship, dad, and so you are always certain about it, I’ll call you Raymond now. So hot Raymond: everything will always be perfect as far as I can see you masturbating at the same time. But after now we are nudists, dad, and you can spend every day wanking over me, better if it is in my presence. Now I have to cum, Raymond, ahhhhgggg. -Oh, I will never forget today, Raymond Farquhar. Now do anything you want, please. -Now I will start my first erotic massage. Hope you keep on being so horny. I’ll start oiling your face. I started oiling his ears, and then I softly massaged his forehead. Now for the first time I really saw what a cute boy Tyson was and my dick went even harder as I heard his moans. The scent of vanilla combined very well with the discovery kocaeli escort of my son’s beauty and I resumed jerking myself off. He said he was glad of what I was doing because seeing me masturbate he was reassured I was having fun too and thus he could continue experiencing fun. -I always wanted to try an erotic massage, Tyson, and you’re the one that deserves it more, so I promise every part of your body will have fun now, no matter how long it takes me. But I’ll neglect nothing. So I continued soaking with oil everything in his cute face, massaging his nose with care and then his cheeks till I saw my son suddenly kissing my mouth in a kiss that conveyed so much affection that I shot another load. -I love kissing you, Raymond Farquhar; I had to reward you. Now please can we keep on kissing a longer while? I see you like it and I also like it, so we can do this now whenever we desire. So I had to kiss that hot boy again, and we were merging with each other in exquisite tenderness and a great lust. -We’re a father and a son and two great friends now, Tyson, thank you, and after now we can also be nudists and kiss each other. Now please turn, my beautiful son, I will massage your back first. He turned and I had to masturbate again looking at that hot ass he had that he’d let me please before and was red now, but I had told him I would not spank more today, but would give it a different fun. I will return to it later, but I wanted to start at his nape and as everything of him aroused me now, also touching his nape erotically turned me on. Then I came down to slowly massage his trapezii and spent some minutes with them. He constantly moaned and thanked me. -That’s it dad, touch anything you want, you will always have my permission to touch anything of me whenever you so desire, and as I intend to live naked after now, touch me whenever you fucking desire it. -Thanks, Tyson –and then I started at his deltoids and was softly caressing his left arm, filling it with aromatic almond oil and slowly I stopped at his lats and I laughed when I thought the smell of vanilla was better with a Latin name and I liked touching his lattisimus dorsi, learning how to move my fingers in order to have him constantly on fire and of course my dick had no rest and I knew I could still cum a lot more times with him today. I started to rub his biceps and triceps, slowly, affectionately, lustfully. He told me again he was feeling fire and he wanted to continue burning with his great friend, his father Raymond Farquhar. Soon I began my longest time affectionately massaging his whole back, all the time looking at his hot ass where I would work next, almost in a hurry to touch his glutes. Finally I started touching his ass, and having a lot of fun at the time I filled his muscles completely with oil and my erotic caresses were driving him crazy. -Can you again stick two fingers in my ass, Raymond? Or maybe three. -I can if that’s your wish. Just tell me whether you like so many fingers inside your butt. So I slowly plunged one finger in his ass first and he thanked me and asked me for two. I know now he had a secret resolve that he would tell me that very day but didn’t tell me so far. Finally he asked for three fingers and I stuck the middle finger of my left hand and he told me it hurt a bit but it was being ecstasy for his ass again and asked me please to continue. So I went on as with my right hand I continued massaging his ass. -Are you jacking off now, dad? -I wish I could, but I only have two hands, Tyson, lol. With my right hand I’m massaging your ass and with my left hand I’m finger-fucking you, as you asked me. So of course I would need a third hand to masturbate. But don’t worry. Daddy cannot be harder now and maybe I could even cum not touching myself. Anything for your fun. -I love it so much, dad, that I’m gonna cum again. And he shot a new load. His dick was untiring and my dick darıca escort too for when I saw his semen, mine spurted again and now I was sure I could even cum with my sexy son not even touching myself. -Now I’m gonna massage your legs and feet. Keep on having fun and never mind how many times you cum. I was discovering my hands that day. I’ve unconsciously wanted to give an erotic massage all my life and now I knew I only wanted to massage my son and as I was slowly oiling his legs and feet I told him I’d like to give him an erotic massage every day. He smiled and told me I could do it as often as I wanted and then he came to me and kissed me again, a longer kiss now showing me how he liked kissing his father. I told him. -Now you can turn. I will massage your frontal nudity and never forget that later you will have a second masturbation. But seeing his cute face again, the first thing of course I had to do and sure now that he wanted me to, was kissing my hot ephebus’ lips. Still kissing him I massaged a bit of his face again and soon slid down his shoulders. He had no contractions but he shouted that also his bones were relaxing as he was discovering with me how much fun a boy’s body could enjoy, having an inexhaustible journey with a hot masseur’s hands. Now I had to start a real orgy of mutual fun groping his chest lewdly. As he would feel better seeing his father’s lust, I ran my left hand up and down his abs, the cleft between his pecs, and later oiling all his muscles. And touching erotically his chest I was when I realized his nipples were becoming erect and I slightly touched one first and I saw Tyson’s face contracting in a horny grimace of utter pleasure so I deliberately touched one nipple now, then the other, and moved my hand as if I was masturbating his nipples. -Dad, I could never have so much fun with a girl. I’m lava and all my body’s melting. You’re making me discover every single spot in my body. Oh, thaaaank you. I continued masturbating his nipples while with my left hand I travelled down his abs, touched his navel and then I neglected his hard cock on purpose, and started caressing every inch of his legs, was for minutes taking more almond oil to his knees and last I started massaging his toes one by one. Now I stopped masturbating his nipples cause I needed both hands to massage both his feet at the same time. One of my hands on his left toes, the other on his right toes, and then I started dancing down all the length of both his beautiful feet. When he was not expecting it, I suddenly started massaging his balls. He moaned, still somewhat unable to believe that his father was erotically massaging his beautiful balls, which I perceived were loaded again, awaiting a new cum that I would give him now. With the patience of an ant, I moved my hand slowly up his cock and I could feel it getting inflamed and I arrived to his glans and caressed it fondly. His face showed that he could cum again but I did not want him to cum now and I stopped and told him. -Don’t worry, Tyson, you will eventually cum and you will finally shoot gallons of semen. But I want to try with you something a girl once tried with me. She called it edging. It’s a little “torture”, but a delicious torture. -“Torture” me, dad. I started continuous travels up his shaft, painstakingly rubbing every inch of it, reaching his glans again and taking my son to the edge of cumming, but just then I stopped and caressed only his balls, was a couple of minutes in a slow journey down his groins and even massaged his perineum. -Dad, since you’re “torturing” my dick, why don’t you “torture” my ass at the same time? Oh, you know I love experiencing pain and pleasure in my ass and I would like you to finally stick four fingers in your son’s butt and stretch it. I couldn’t deny him anything. Today he should arrive to the climax of his whole sexual life and it was gonna be with his father. gölcük escort So I compromised and began to slowly stick first one finger, next two in his little ass while my right hand continued to edge his cock. If Delirium could have been the name of another Greek God, it should have been represented with Tyson’s face at this time, his whole body suffering in pleasure, sweating as a volcano must sweat before eruption, with both torturing pleasures of his ass stretched –I already had four fingers up his butt now- and his cock being edged. I would make him cum but not yet. It was a never-ending travel from his balls to his glans, sometimes stopping to use the hand which was not inside his ass, to stroke his chest again. -When will you allow me to cum, dad? -Now you may cum, Tyson. -Don’t withdraw your fingers from my ass yet. So with my fingers in his ass, my right hand started to touch every inch of his dick as if I were touching the keys of a piano and his face was the perfect representation of a God in creation when his breath augmented as a rainstorm, and panted and soon made me see how many muscles your face has as each little feature of his cute face opened up in flames and I saw at last his sexy cock starting to cum in torrents. -Thaaaank you. -Don’t talk now, Tyson, enjoy your cum. I had wanted it but still I was surprised how much semen a young boy has in him. It was an uncontrolled fountain tap erupting the white water of utmost male fun. I wanted to see him every day shooting and shooting such large amounts of semen, and with me. -Raymond, you’re absolutely the best. I cannot find any words now to show you my gratitude. Oh, I hope you never repent and hope I can see you just as aroused tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, every day. -I will, Tyson, you have burnt me today and now I only want to experience for life the sexual fun I’m having today. So I will dare ask you: would you like a second massage now? -Oh, dad. First let me thank you for this hot massage with the sexiest masseur. I’m sure I will never experience so much sexual fun the rest of my life. So thank you, Raymond. -I want you first to have a thorough shower, no matter if it takes you half an hour because first I want you to remove all that oil you have now on your body, and then when you have no oil I will give you a second massage only with my bare hands: don’t worry, it won’t hurt you. And later… well, my intention is to also tongue-massage you. I’m so horny with you today that I’m sure now what I need for the rest of my sexual life is giving sex to my son, and so far I see you like it. So I wanna taste everything from you and yes, even your dick. I want to give you a blowjob at the end of the second massage, Tyson, if you allow your father to suck your cock. -I would allow you anything, Raymond. Just let me repeat that you can even fuck me, if that’s your wish, so of course I will let you suck my cock. But dad, you’ve never done it, so of course you can stop if it’s not pleasant for you. -I’m not gonna tell my son that I’m gonna suck his cock and not do it later. You can be absolutely certain that you will cum in daddy’s mouth, whether I like it or not, but I’m sure I will enjoy the taste of that sexy cock you have. -Then, dad, I tell you more clearly now that I am a total anal freak. I’ve certainly enjoyed four of your fingers inside my ass and I think you also enjoy sticking them in your son’s ass. -I certainly do, Tyson –I smiled. -You’ve been an angel and still don’t want to stop my sexual fun in the most exciting day of my life. So Raymond, you have the right to taste your son’s cock or anything you wanna taste in my body, but I want your five fingers up my ass, dad, and even some of your hand. Fist me a bit. So my hot Raymond please, let’s give each other what we want. -I can try, Tyson, but it will hurt you. You must be very sure. -As sure as you are that you wanna suck my cock, dad. Something you’ve never done. -So ok, Tyson, my sexy son. As far as you allow me, I wanna keep on driving you crazy. Have your shower now. I’ll be waiting for you here naked sitting on the couch and wanking over you. I cannot help it.

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