The Interloper, Part 3


I was fully clothed the first time I read Jessica’s letter. I sat on the settee and digested each word. I perused every sentence for basic meaning. Nothing extraordinary, just a letter from my wife, describing in awful detail, how she fucked a stranger. I disregarded the obvious truths, that not only had I agreed to the liaison, but while it was happening, I was in my own house, fixing my wife and her lover a special dinner.The second time I read the letter, I saw every detail in my mind’s eye. This went beyond voyeuristic. The real people she wrote about were herself and her lover. I could imagine Jess’s meticulous ritual of bath, oils, and salts. She probably got hot, watching Larry get clean. Her lustful pulling on his balls, telling him she was going to drain him, was a promise I knew she’d keep. It was like I was in our bathroom watching them.I never thought she’d be into him, offering to be his whore, his cum-dump for the evening. My assumption was that it would be a one-and-done, one-off, as Larry said. Downstairs, in the kitchen, I had set the pasta on low for an hour, tapping my foot, declining more smoke and drink, making sure I had my wits about me when they would show up.Then I recalled the marriage counseling class we attended at church. The presenter talked about the stages of the sex act, with the climax being around the seventieth moment in time, the remainder being post-sex clean up, cuddling, small talk, whispers and secrets exchanged. Finally, one person would break the mood and life would go on.What the fuck did they talk about afterwards? She didn’t tell me much more than him wanting to return. Did they have a plan I was yet privy to?Larry had a persuasive line, “Once Jess and you step out of the normal marriage, you won’t want to return to it. Pandora’s box is wide open.”I thought, ‘Where did he get that information? What empirical study showed that once a person cheats, he/she invariably will repeat the behavior?Did almanbahis şikayet ‘Jess’ tell me all? I doubt they did anal, but he might have played around with her virgin ass. Speaking of that, why was she acting like a virgin? Is her ass still virginal?Did I doubt that I would reclaim her? Of course not! I discarded the idea that my reclaiming would include marking her with hickeys and love-bites. I assumed no one else would see those bare titties but me, from now on.I decided reclaiming would not be tonight. I was being more than gracious; I was being practical. Women have a max point, beyond which it becomes a mercy-fuck. Honestly, I was spent as well.Fuck her dare!!“If you don’t reclaim me by midnight, I belong to Larry?”I went into our bathroom and noticed my stuff had been moved. I shrugged at the interloper’s gall to use my razor, shaving cream and soap. I discarded the nearly new blade, shaved with a new blade, tossed the bar of soap in the trash. I opened a bar of the most expensive soap I had in my closet. I took a long hot shower and finished up with an almost-cold stream of sobering water.As I showered, I replayed how I got to this point. The evening’s alcohol and smoke buzz were lifting, albeit slowly. I finished up and went back into our bedroom.I needed time to think. I think best sitting in my chair, in my robe. I looked at the robe and remembered Larry sporting it. I sat naked in my bath towel instead.Jessica always uses candles to set the mood for romance. I snooped around her side of the bed, found some incense and candles. When I was done, the room had a soft glow with a sandalwood aroma. I knew that there was no need for more sex tonight, but we both needed to be soothed.The candles, etcetera said, “We’ll be okay, but both of us need to just chill.”Looking around, I felt refreshed, in charge again. I picked up my Homestead robe, put it on and sat in my chair.My wife rapped on the door and I said, almanbahis canlı casino “Come in, please.”She appeared wearing the same white top and khakis, holding a bottle of expensive Champagne, two stem glasses in one hand and a joint in the other.I asked, “Where’d the bubbly come from? I didn’t know we stocked that brand.”Instead of answering, she came over to my seat, placed the bottle, flutes, lighter and joint on the table and knelt geisha-style in front of me.She said, “Larry brought the wine for his lover, Jess. Remember, he gave me two bottles from the case.”My wife’s demeanor changed, “Jess’s gone now, but your wife Jessica is seizing it for her husband to enjoy.”Jessica whispered, “Jessica’s husband needs to relax: drink some of Larry’s wine, lick Larry’s cum from Jess’s pussy and celebrate your wife’s return.”I sounded more incredulous than I really was, “You didn’t clean yourself up?”“Nope!” She sounded as if it were a dare. She continued, “I sat there through the whole meal with Larry’s and my juices leaking out of me. It turned me on to know that you knew what we were doing. It was so hot!”I challenged her, “Really?”I told my wife, “The best thing we can do as a married couple is to reconnect. There is no need for more fucking tonight.”Jessica took the rejection in stride. By the time she emerged from her bath, she realized I was right. Whether she realized Larry was wrong was a moot point. I could wait.So, we got in bed, cuddled, held each other. I shushed Jessica twice, when she started to talk about Larry. Yes, we did drink the bubbly and smoke the joint. Then we fell asleep in each other’s arms.A few nights later, Jessica wore the same outfit she’d donned for Larry.‘On purpose?” I asked.“Oh, no. Yes. Yes, for sure. I was thinking about you and Larry and where we would go from here.”As my wife said this, she knelt in front of me while I sat in my chair.The sight of my wife in that pure-white blouse almanbahis casino and khaki pants was enticing. She made it obvious she was ready to have sex.My wife offered, “Okay. I get it that you and I both were fucked out the other night. But can this be the time to reclaim me? God, I hope so. I need to know you still love me and want me. Fuck me, husband.”I responded, “So. You want to make love to your husband again?”“God, yes. I need you.”“Pull down those khakis and let me see for myself.”Jessica bit her lip, rotated a hundred eighty degrees, straightened up and pulled her drawers down. She was not wearing panties! She bent over, stuck her ass in the air and pushed her pussy up. It was damp. I knew she meant every word of her letter.I looked at her asshole. It was intact. One issue I’d not addressed was whether he’d fucked her in the ass. I guessed not.She was honest, “This is how I posed for Larry. His dick found my cunt and we fucked like a couple of minks.”I reached out and caressed her ass. My wife rocked back. My hands spread her cheeks, revealing a pussy that was getting red.“Kiss me,” she begged.I drew her pussy to me. I licked her with my tongue, lapping up, lapping up several times. The primal sound she made was real. I know those guttural noises she makes when I do something she really likes.When she straightened up again, she turned back to me and kissed me full on the lips. My tongue intertwined with hers. We kissed for a few moments and I realized she must be getting uncomfortable in that position.She must have felt the same way, saying “Let’s get more comfortable. I could use a drink and a smoke, how about you?”I moved to my side of the bed and sat up, against the pillows. She popped the cork on Larry’s other bottle, poured two glasses delivered them.Taking the glass, I asked, “To what do we toast?”Not flinching a moment, she said, “To Greg, my husband forever and his loving bride, Jessica.”We sipped and she lit a joint, saying, “You take the first toke and pass it back to me. I need to relax.”After we’d finished the first glass and the smoke, Jessica snuggled up against me.Jessica asked, “Do you mind if I take off these clothes? I need to feel closer to you.”

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