THE HOLIDAYThe HolidayMany years ago when we were k**s my Grandmother used to take one of us on holiday with her, we had to wait till we were 13 or over so i was 5th in line to go. The holiday was in a caravan at a seaside resort. The van belonged to my uncle he bought it so my Grandma could have a holiday as she was not to good at getting around. On the holiday with us was also my aunt both my uncle and my aunt were single my uncle had a few flings with the ladies but never married the same with my aunt she had a few boyfriends but stayed single.My Grandad was also there, the van was a 48 foot 6 berth so plenty of room my grandad and grandma slept in the double bedroom and my aunt slept in the two single berths which when the center couch was pulled out made the singles into one big bed so aunt on one side uncle on the other and me in the middle. The first few days and nights were quite normal things you do on holiday swim take in the sun etc, I have always slept on my left side so with my aunt been on my left I slept facing her. I wouldn’t say her attire for bed was sexy just normal cotton nightgown I have always slept naked but on this occasion, I slept in my boxers.One particular night everyone had gone to bed the van was dark my uncle asleep facing away from me my aunt asleep in front of me I woke up with a dim moonlight lighting up the van so I could see a little in the dim light. It was a warm night at some point I must have pushed the bed covers away as when I awoke I was laying there with bahis şirketleri no covers over me and as normal for a 13 year old I have a hard-on sticking through my boxers I didn’t think anything about as it was normal what I did notice was my aunt awake and staring at my erect cock I froze thinking oh may be in trouble here so I shut my eyes pretending to be asleep. All was quiet for what seemed an age I squinted through part open eyes my aunt was still looking so I thought don’t move she might go back to sleep, no she didn’t instead she slowly slid her hand over towards my hard cock I laid there not knowing what to expect when very gently she ran her fingers over my cock now for a young boy who had only done the show me yours ill show you mine thing this was quite new. Anyway, she kept on very gently running her fingers over my cock with me thinking wrap your hand around it. I still kept as still as I could when she got braver and slipped her hand round my cock and started rubbing it up and down very slow and very gentle. I thought what do I do now if this carries on I’ll come so with that I opened my eyes which at first she didn’t notice but after maybe a minute she did she started to remove her hand but I grabbed her wrist and kept her hand there she relaxed again and carried on rubbing my cock. We were now looking directly at each other and I was unsure what to do next. To describe my aunt she was slim maybe 34b tits curvy figure as I was fascinated by boobs at the time I thought do I have a bahis firmaları feel of her tits or just keep still meanwhile she was still rubbing my cock. I thought her tits looked to inviting slipping my hand over I started squeezing her left tit she had nothing under her nightgown just a hard nipple she didn’t resist so I moved my other hand to the other tit withboth tits in my hands her nipples became really hard. How adventurous could I get I pulled at the top of her nightgown and got one tit uncovered still no resistance, so I pulled it down further and got the other tit out nice hand firm with a hard nipple she still made no resistance. My cock was now throbbing so I slipped a little closer to her and got hold of the bottom of her nightgown and started to lift it she put up a bit of resistance to that so I slipped one hand under it onto a neatly trimmed bush she squirmed a little but didn’t put up to much resistance. I carried on running my fingers over her bush probing gently with a finger but her legs kept shut so I pushed my finger a little harder between her pussy lips and she eased open her legs just a little, this gave me a little access to her pussy my finger slipped just inside her pussy she was wet so moving my finger about I found her clit and started rubbing it that was the key legs opened and gave me full access to feel a wet pussy for the first time. I was now getting close to shooting my load so without any more resistance I pulled up her nightgown and got to see my aunts pussy. kaçak bahis siteleri At this point, I have to say we were still been very quiet and making no sudden movements as my uncle was only a meter or less away. My thoughts were at this time how far will she go time to find out so I moved closer and put my lips around one of her nipples and sucked and nibbled it while still rubbing her clit then I moved to the other one no resistance I kept this up for three or four minutes sucking each in turn, my question then was will she let me push my cock into her wet pussy bit awkward under the circumstances but you get to a stage were you think who cares, so with that in mind how would I do it, get between her legs and push my cock up her pussy I rubbed her clit harder while moving into position she didn’t resist and I got between her legs moved up slightly and felt my cock ready to slip into her pussy one push and in my cock went my 6 inches went in all the way and with very slow movements as not to wake anyone I fucked my aunt we had to move very slow which added to the pleasure but she was a very tight fit, after all her rubbing of my cock and my rubbing of her clit it didn’t take long for me to come and she came just after there was plenty of kisses feeling after, I have no idea how we managed it without waking anyone but we did on that night and a few other nights and when we were left alone in the van one day for a few hours I got the pleasure of seeing my aunt naked in the daylight. I have no idea if my other cousins who went with them on holiday got the same treatment nothing was ever said, still not sure if my uncle was awake on those nights he might have been all I know is for a 13-year-old it was an experience oh to 13 again.

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