The Headmistress And The Headgirl


It had been a chance meeting between Mrs Dawson and Lucy Thomas at a book reading club. Janet Dawson was the headmistress at the sixth form college for girls that Lucy Thomas had attended. Lucy was the head girl and head prefect.Janet Dawson was now forty-five years old, and Lucy was twenty-two-years old.Having met at the book club and got on well, they went for a drink together one evening and were now back at Janets’ house having another drink and an increasingly friendly chat.It was during the conversation about the old times at college that Lucy asked, “I used to get frustrated holding a prefect’s detention, making students stand with their hands on their heads and in silence for forty-five minutes, and often thought it would have been so much easier if I could have used the cane, like you did. I always wondered though, what the cane was like?”Janet asked, “Do you mean you wondered what it was like to use the cane or to be caned?”Lucy blushed as she replied, “Well, I guess both. I never did get the cane so I sometimes wondered what that would be like, but, probably more often, I wondered what it must be like to make someone you have authority over-prepare themselves for the cane which you then give them.”Janet smiled at the fact that Lucy was clearly embarrassed by the conversation but it was a subject they both seemed prepared to discuss. So, Janet said, “Well, it is simply the sense of authority that you have when it is your job to punish a misbehaving student. Of course, making them wait outside in the secretary’s office, inches away from the door to my study, and even listening to another student being caned, was part of that punishment. My secretary had to ensure that the students sat in silence, knowing that if they spoke that could lead to additional strokes, which helped keep them quiet.Lucy was clearly thinking that through in her mind as she said, “I can only imagine that wait must be horrid.” She was even thinking it would be exciting listening to the others being caned, although worrying as well as your time got nearer, and even that the thought could turn some people on.Janet nodded her head and continued, “Yes, I am sure that it was. Then, the student I had just caned would leave my study going out into the secretary’s office, normally rubbing her bottom, and there would be a look of worry on the faces of those students sitting on the chairs waiting to go in. Of course, that was quite understandable. Then, the intercom would go and each student froze, except for the one closest to the door who had to get up, knock on my door, and be called in. Then the other students would have to move to the next chair knowing that they were getting closer to my study door.”Lucy asked, knowing she was getting aroused by the discussion, “What about when the student got into your study?”Janet explained, “She would have to come and stand in front of my desk whilst I gave her a dressing down.”Lucy smiled as she said, “That’s a nice term, bearing in mind what was about to happen to her.”Janet also smiled, knowing that she used that description on purpose. She then continued, “Once I considered that the student fully understood the reason for her being there, I gave the instruction to take her knickers off and to tuck the hem of her dress into her belt so above her waist, and then go to the caning table.”Lucy said still blushing, “I do remember seeing that caning table when I came to your study. I suppose I did picture myself bending across it, conditioning myself for the cane strokes I was about to get.”Janet asked, smiling, “How many strokes did you normally imagine yourself getting?”Lucy laughed as she replied, “Oh, always six of the best.” She didn’t add that when at college she had even pictured Janet caning her and had fingered herself to humungous orgasms as she thought about it.Janet again smiled as she continued “Well, I knew there were never any smiles on the faces of the girls as they stepped out of their knickers and put them on the chair next to the caning table. Equally, casino siteleri they were certainly very tense as they tucked the hems of their dresses into their belts and went, always with a grimace and clearly looking tense, and bent over the caning table stretching their arms to the far end and invariably looking down at the surface of the table.” Janet did then think how she had wondered what it was like to have to do all those things knowing being caned was at the end of it, and had often pictured Lucy caning her after scolding her with her haughty authoritative tone of voice, but stopped those thoughts and wanted to see whether Lucy was going to ask her to cane her so she could experience the cane.Lucy said thoughtfully, “I can see how being in that position of authority to watch as the student had to prepare her clothing must be a powerful one. I could certainly have done with being in that position of authority when running prefect’s detention and dealing with the girls like that rather than just making them stand feeling bored.”Janet again thought Lucy was right about caning those in prefects detention and asked with a smile, “I think you did say that as well as imagining what it might be like to have to prepare yourself to be caned, you also imagined what it was like to use the cane?”Lucy blushed as she replied, “Well, yes, of course. Being head girl and head prefect already gave me a level of authority amongst the students. I certainly got that sense of power when I walked into a room and the girls looked towards me and were worried, and immediately fell silent. I always used to think of how that was the kind of authority that you had. With me, I felt I had more authority than the other prefects had, and for you, it must be more authority you had than the other teachers had.”Janet nodded her head thinking how authoritative Lucy was and with such a commanding voice, and replied, “Yes, that certainly was the case.”Lucy asked enthusiastically, “So, what was it like to give the cane?”Janet replied, “Well it was my job, but I always wanted to do my job well. So, I would focus, position myself so that the cane would land only on the student’s bottom and not flap on thin air because that maximised the pain. I was quite an expert at giving the cane, although, to begin with, I even practised on a pillow at home.”Lucy said, “Well, I’m sure you took it very seriously.” Lucy added after a few moments, “Just like I would do.”Janet gave a friendly smile, pleased with the compliment, but then reminded herself that she had always liked Lucy, whilst at the same time finding her haughty voice quite fetching. She even remembered those times that she would lie in bed thinking about Lucy telling her off and that turned her on so much more than simply fingering herself. She also again remembered fantasising about Lucy caning her on that same table in her study, but certainly wasn’t going to mention that and still wanted to steer the conversation to her caning Lucy. After all, she had a soft spot for the ex-head girl and Lucy had said she wondered what it was like to be caned. Of course, Janet still couldn’t stop thinking how she too had never been caned and wondered how much it hurt.Again, reverting to thinking about her caning Lucy, she continued, “So, what I always used to gauge was whether I had landed the cane firmly enough, certainly the sound of the gasp or yelp that the girl gave helped, but, as much, I looked at the welt that had developed on the girls bottom because even if the girl gasped or yelped loudly that could be put on for show to make me think it was too hard, but there would be no hiding what the welt would look like. In fact, I got pretty good at that.”Lucy smiled at that last comment, and said, “Well I know you did, Janet, because I did know quite a few girls who you caned and that was the general reaction.”Janet had also spoken to a few of those girls and knew that was the reaction. She had also overheard a discussion between two girls who said that being güvenilir casino caned got them aroused, and hearing that reaction was when she started to fantasise about being caned herself. Then, when she started to search for photos on the internet and realised she lingered more on bottoms that had been spanked and caned rather than on the women who gave the spanking and caning that led her to the realisation that her tendency may be towards being submissive, which surprised her given she was a headmistress and used the cane on naughty girls bottoms so regularly, but she only got wet thinking about caned bottoms but never did when giving the caning.Janet kept wondering whether Lucy might also have those same submissive tendencies as she asked, “Were any of those girls the ones who went to the toilets afterwards?”Lucy knew exactly what Janet was getting at. She knew that three of the girls regularly caned would go to the toilets after being caned, normally in floods of tears, and they would sit on the toilet pan, take their knickers down once again, run their fingers along what by then would be very wet pussy lips, and gave themselves an orgasm. She even knew of two girls who would deliberately earn double detention that that would get them a visit to the headmistress’s study and at least four strokes of the cane.Janet saw that Lucy was thinking, and said, “I’m referring to Alison and Mandy.”Lucy gave a broad smile because she was thinking of those same two girls who she was friendly with. She asked, “How many times were they caned and how come they weren’t expelled?”Janet replied, “My goodness, they kept on getting double detentions but weren’t rude to the teachers and didn’t bully anyone or fail to do homework or anything like that. So, I just took it as it was and caned them every time. I think one term alone they were caned six times each, and rather than just the normal four strokes for double detention I gave them six, and on one occasion eight, but even that didn’t stop then going off to the toilets afterwards. Mind you, they both got to uni and came out with first-class degrees.”Lucy smiled at the connection of enjoying being caned with academic achievement. Well, Janet was the headmistress after all. However, she couldn’t stop herself smiling and asking, “So do you think if you had stuck to four strokes that they would’ve just got up upper seconds?”Janet also smiled as she replied, “I’d like to think so.”Lucy then asked, “So what degree did you get?”Janet blushed as she said “A lower second.”Lucy saw how Janet was blushing and smiled as she asked, “So you never got eight strokes of the cane then?”Janet replied, “I never got the cane at all,” then added almost whimsically, “I don’t suppose I will now as I am the headmistress.” After making the comment she realised how true that regret was.Lucy heard Janet’s tone and asked, “Well, do you think that if you had been caned and got a better degree, you would’ve been more successful?”Janet was surprised by the directness of the question and asked, “How much more successful could I be than a headmistress?”Lucy immediately retorted, with a wicked smile, “Headmistress of a much larger college?” Janet conceded, “True enough, but I have tried for those jobs but have never got them.”Lucy asked in a sterner tone, “Not enough incentive, perhaps?” Janet replied more submissively, “I suppose that could be right, but I have never found out what kind of an incentive being caned is, but it’s too late now.” Janet knew she was blushing but had meant what she said. The regret was getting to her, but here she was aiming to let Lucy experience her wish to know what it was like to be caned rather than thinking of herself.Lucy knew from the look on Janet‘s face that the meaning was very different to the words. So, she replied, firmly, “It’s never too late. Go and get me a cane.”Janet gasped at the instruction and wanted to ask Lucy whether she still wanted to be the one to be caned. However, from the stern look on Lucy’s face, canlı casino she reckoned there was no mistake. In fact, maybe the mistake was that instead of wanting to be caned, Lucy really wanted to know what it was like to give the cane. If that was right then this could turn into reality the fantasy that she had had so often of Lucy caning her. That fantasy was more than just the caning, though, and was much more than her going to the toilets afterwards. Could her fantasy happen, she wondered, as she put a respectful look on her face, and said as she got up, “Yes, Miss.”Lucy had only intended the instruction to get the cane as a joke. As the conversation had continued so she thought about her fantasy, initially of caning some of the students, like Mandy and Alison, knowing that they got sexually aroused by being caned, then, as she had a teachers crush on Janet, she imagined caning her, but then, instead of Janet going to the toilets she would give her tongue and finger sex after caning her. It was whilst having those fantasies that she realised that she was actually turned on much more by being the one in that position of authority and giving the cane. At first, she thought of herself as being just kinky, and that there was something wrong with her, but it didn’t take much searching on the Internet to know that it was how many people got aroused, both by being disciplined and disciplining others. Most had a preference for one way only, but there were even those who enjoyed it both ways. Lucy knew that whenever she fantasised about being caned she never got that same sense of arousal as when thinking about her caning someone else and therefore knew that she was more naturally turned on by being the dominant person rather submissive.Well, it looked like she was about to find out as Janet went upstairs, presumably to get a cane.As Janet went to get the cane, so she realised that she was getting aroused by being submissive and her heart was beating really fast with excitement as she came back into the living room and handed the cane to Lucy with a respectful, “Here it is, Miss.”Whilst Janet was out of the room, Lucy realised that she was getting excited by the prospect of using the cane on the headmistress she had a crush on. She didn’t find it strange that she was getting aroused because she realised that she found it far more erotic holding the power rather than submitting to it and so when the conversation started today she quickly wondered whether Janet was having the conversation because she wanted to be caned, which has turned out to be the case. So, as Janet came back into the room and gave her the cane, with such a respectful comment, she replied, “Thank you, Dawson,” deliberately using just Janet‘s surname, just as a teacher did when at college speaking to a student.Janet wasn’t used to being addressed only by her surname but had to admit it sent further quivers flying around her vagina and she was now in full submissive mode wanting to obey the former head girl. It hardly mattered that Lucy was so many years younger than herself and in fact half her age, because this was a fantasy of hers that was coming true.Lucy knew that she didn’t have to keep to any particular rules because this was pretty much role-playing. She, therefore, gave Janet a stern look and ordered, “Okay, Dawson, I don’t want to crease your dress so take it off.” To be fair, Lucy was testing the water again but when she saw Janet starting to remove her dress, she knew she was now dealing with a compliant headmistress who seemed quite happy to submit to her authority. Whether it would extend to submitting to her sexually as well she would only find out later on, after she had given her the cane. Janet was happy to take her dress off because she certainly didn’t want it creased, but also liked the idea of being semi-naked. It didn’t matter to her that Lucy was still fully dressed because that might also change before the evening was over. So, acting obediently, she put her hands behind her back and unzipped her dress, pushing the sleeves down her arms and then the dress down past her waist and down to the floor, stepped out of the dress, picked it up, folded it neatly, and put it on the chair. She then turned and looked at Lucy and waited for her further instructions.

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