The Guy at the Y, Part 1


My wife and I were never blessed with children as early on in our marriage she had some issues with her ovaries.  We tried all types of fertility treatments unsuccessfully and after some years we had to give up and face the fact that it wasn’t going to happen. We love each other and have a reasonably successful marriage. The baby thing, however, pretty much ruined our sex life. My wife went through depression but recovered by throwing all of her energy into her work and established a successful career in marketing.At forty-five years old, six-foot, one-hundred-and-seventy-five-pounds, with a reasonably fit, smooth body, I wasn’t ready to live completely without sex.  I had a couple of short term affairs with women who professed that they only wanted a fuck buddy, but it always got more complicated.  I had resigned myself to watching porn and wanking and I realized that I was quite turned on by the men’s cocks in the films. I started watching gay porn and wanking to the man-on-man cock sucking and anal sex.  I started fantasizing about trying it.Every morning at 5:30 am, I swim at our local Y.  With my increased curiosity in sex with men, I started scoping out the other swimmers.  For the most part, they were either skinny, wrinkly old men or overweight old men.  One day, a new man showed up. He was rather fit, reasonably hairy, about isvecbahis fifty-five, six-foot and one-hundred-and-eighty-pounds. He apparently also lifted weights as his arms and pecs were quite large and he had a large gold wedding band on his right hand.I was already in my swim trunks when he came into the locker room and I greeted him.  He told me that he wanted to start swimming again regularly.  He was wearing gym shorts, tennis shoes and a t-shirt.  I wanted to stay there and make idle chat while he got undressed so I could check out his body, but was too afraid it would appear to be too pervy.In the pool, we were in adjoining swim lanes and each of us tried to outdo the other.  He was clearly the stronger swimmer and eventually I slowed down just a little so I could watch his strong arms propel him through the water and his tight buttocks clenching as he pumped his legs.We finished at the same time and climbed out of the water.  I watched the water droplets run down his hot body and noticed that his wet speedos didn’t hide the fact that he had a nice thick cock and big balls.  I hurried over to get my towel to conceal my hardon.He was by no means shy in the locker room.  He took off his speedos and walked to the showers with his big thick dick swinging back and forth.  Our shower stalls were directly across from each other and isveçbahis giriş he hadn’t bothered to close his shower curtain completely.  I didn’t close mine all the way either so I would have a good vantage point to watch him.His back, buttocks and legs were muscular and his entire body covered with a fine layer of fuzzy hair.  Watching him soaping his back, ass and legs caused my cock to throb.  When he leaned down to wash his lower legs and feet, I could see his ball sac and cock head hanging between his legs as well as a glimpse of his pink hole.  Man, I thought I was going to shoot.He turned around and started soaping his chest, armpits, cock and balls and I could see he had a chubby.  I threw all caution to the wind and stood there and soaped myself giving him a full view of my stiffy, turned around and bent over so he could get a good view of my ass.  He wanked his cock to a full hardon, winked at me and jerked his head beckoning me over to his shower stall. My heart started beating rapidly and for a split second, I was unsure if I should do this or not.  More blood raced into my cock and I knew it was now or never.I looked out to ensure that no one was coming in or out of the shower area and hopped over.  He rubbed his soapy hands over my smooth, wet body, squeezed my dick and pushed me down on my knees.  He placed isveçbahis yeni giriş his cock on my lips and I opened up and licked the head.  He pressed it in and I sucked the length of it in my mouth.  It felt great to have his thick cock thrusting in and out of my mouth and he allowed me to suck him at my own pace.  My own cock was throbbing so I started wanking as well. The BJ had caused his cock to swell more and I could feel it throbbing in my mouth.  He pulled me up and turned me around and started to massage my ass and to finger my hole.  He positioned his cockhead at my opening and started to penetrate. The pain was excruciating and my cock went immediately limp.  If I had not wanted to be fucked by this hot man so badly, I would have stopped.  I didn’t want him to know it was my first time so I soldiered on.  Fortunately, the initial pain subsided and I learned the pleasure of being fucked. I was lost in my own world, where this man’s steel rod was stimulating all the pleasure centers in my brain.  I melted on to his strong arm around my stomach that held me tight as he pumped in and out. I could feel his breath on my neck and hear him grunting at the pleasure my tight hole was providing his cock.  I could feel that he was about to cum as he started panting, pumping my ass harder and his body trembled.  He reached down and wanked my cock and we exploded at the same time.  We soaped and washed each other, feeling my hands on his strong body was a huge turn on and I thought I was going to get another hard-on.  We dried each other off and he gave me a light kiss. 

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