The Girl


I was outside, I don’t remember where. A young woman approached me and said she liked me. She had dark olive skin and beautiful eyes. Her head was covered but I knew she had long dark hair. She was quite petite but was athletic. I felt her strength when we hugged each other. It was a tight embrace and I felt her pulling me close. She seemed unafraid. She was incredibly beautiful; not in a glossy super-model kind of way, more like a girl next door or a cousin. We kissed passionately and I could feel her body pressing against mine.I touched her breast through her dress and she made no move to pull away, instead, pulling my head bahis siteleri forward and kissing me deeply with her tongue. It had taken little more than a minute but we both knew that we were completely in love with one another.It was so sensual, but so much more than just raw sexual desire. With just a few words we knew we’d created a bond of minds and bodies. Our hearts spoke with our tongues in each other’s mouths.I touched her sex under her dress, my hand on her skin feeling her warmth and hairy wetness.As we walked she spoke about needing to change schools. Her English was quite proficient but she was determined to canlı bahis siteleri get a better teacher. She spoke of getting a religious teacher who would teach her one to one; she had it planned and seemed to have the money for it not to be a problem.I was a bit worried as I didn’t know how often I’d be able to see her. A brief memory flashed through my mind of another woman I’d been seeing at home, but we hadn’t made any promises.She took me to the college where she was enrolling but she said she was going to organise some private lessons that were in the countryside quite a way away. I didn’t tell her that I was a canlı bahis teacher. I wanted our relationship to be just about getting to know each other.She’d told me earlier, somewhat shyly that she’d approached me and accosted me. I smiled and said she hadn’t accosted me and that she was brave.We were in love; there was a knowing between us, knowing that this was a meeting of souls, knowing that we would share our intimacy, knowing that our bodies would be the way we worshipped each other and that nothing would be withheld. We would share poetry and wine, music and paintings and walks under the trees by the river and so much more. Our bodies would be the canvas and pages of what became of our lives. We would share everything.We would let others see how wonderful it was and invite them to share in this pleasure.It was beautiful and precious. It still is. 

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