The First Minute is Free – Part 2


“Jean, Jean, please send me back to your manager. I really need to talk to her!” Jake pleaded with Jean.“Ooo-Kaayyy Siirrr, transferring now.” Jake knew the encounter probably only took thirty seconds, but it seemed like days.There was a long pause. He switched to his headset. Then a click.Jake took a long, deep breath as he heard, “You’ve reached Jeannie’s Pleasure Line.” Jake pumped his fist in the air like he had scored the winning touchdown.  “You have uncorked my bottle, and I will make your fantasies come true. The first minute is free, $1.50/minute after that. Once you have entered your credit card information, we can start with your first fantasy, Master.”“Jeannie, this is Jake; I just put my credit card information in but was redirected to another line rather than back to you.”“Oh, my most heartfelt apologies Master Jake. Jeannie will take the best care of you for this egregious error. Today standard rates apply, but when you call back for the third time, just remind Jeannie who you are, and that call will be free. Ok? Ok. Now, what fantasy would Master Jake like to start with today?”Jake sat slightly dumbfounded, entranced by Jeannie’s voice but also trying to run that conversation through his foggy mind.I think she just trapped me güvenilir bahis into two paid calls; she is good. If I didn’t want her to get me off so badly, I would hire her. And did she have an accent this time?“Master Jake? No preferences. Please click this link. Allow camera and microphone access.  Then just sit back, and Jeannie will take care of you.”He clicked. Suddenly, there was a virtual image of him on the screen with a beautiful, scantily clad, well-endowed redhead in an empty room with white walls.At that, Jake was putty in her hands, except for his steel-hard cock, in his own hands, of course. Otherwise, he leaned back, relaxed, and closed his eyes as Jeannie took him to her fantasy land.“Master Jake, come into this room with me; it is lit by a thousand candles and smells of jasmine.” Jeannie snapped her fingers, and the two of them were in the room on the screen. “There is a bench along two sides covered in comfortable cushions and pillows, in all sorts of vibrant purples, pinks, greens, and blues. A stark contrast to the gray, iron shackles on the walls just above the pillows and at the base of the benches.”Jake’s shaft twitched hard. This accent was working for him. She really did know his every fantasy.  How was she in his head güvenilir bahis siteleri like this?The enchantress continued, “On the other side of the room a wall of devices used for all sorts of fantasies: blindfolds, oils, whips, floggers, paddles, candles, and more. A cage sits in the corner, and there are some other contraptions that we will get into if your fantasies take us there.” The camera panned around, and Jake gasped.“Jake, take my hand,” he could almost feel that her skin was as soft as a flower petal. She pulled him to the bench and helped him undress. Then she pushed him down gently and straddled him.  As she lifted her leg over his lap, she whispered, “Take a deep breath, Master.”Without question, Jake followed his genie’s instructions.Can I really smell her female scent? That’s not possible.But he smelled something. Vanilla. Jasmine. Musk. He stroked his cock harder. The scent of her sex was intoxicating. He knew this was crazy, and there was no way this was happening, but he decided to just go with it. It felt too fucking good to care.Fuck.He was gonna cum before they even got to the sex. This woman was amazing.“Oh God, I am getting so close already.” Jake blurted out to her. Embarrassed at his lack of poise as well iddaa siteleri as his lack of stamina. “Guess this will be a short call.”“Trust me with your orgasms, Masters. I feel how your big, thick cock swells for me as I sit on your lap. You will have multiple pleasures today. Can you feel my heat?” She asked as she started using his lap like a hobby horse, rocking back and forth, back and forth.Jake could imagine his cock pushing open her pussy lips a little more with each rock and rubbing her precious clit until she yelled for him not to stop. But it was him that yelled now.“Oh, God.” And with one last stroke, Jake grunted and shot his load all over his desk and the papers from his failed deal this morning. The irony was not lost on him that the failed deal led him to this amazing moment, so thank you to Global Industries, Inc.Suddenly there is a soft knock on the door. “Jake, are you ok?” Daphne said“Oh shit! It’s my assistant Jeannie, I better go,” Jake whispered“Why Master? Would she not want to join us and pleasure you also?”At this, Jake’s dick recovered faster than it ever had in his adult life. Admittedly, he would love to ask Daphne in but that would be breaking every rule in the HR book.The second knock was louder and more persistent. “Jake, I heard you call out. Let me in. I am worried about you.”Jake’s cock won the battle over his brain, as usual. He partially redressed as he went to the door. The click as he unlocked the door seemed as loud as a gong in his head.

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