Subject: The Driveway, Part 5 (Gay – Adult/Youth) This story is fictional, and no character is meant to represent a person, living or dead. It depicts the fantasy of sexual contact between a minor and an adult. If this is not something that interests you and/or you are not allowed to read this because of your age or jurisdiction, please go elsewhere. I’m happy to hear intelligent feedback at hoo. Flames and e-mails with attachments will be ignored. Please make sure that you make a donation to Nifty to keep this great resource alive. The Driveway, Part 5 Benny adjusted her blue dress, hiking it up a bit so it showed a bit of thigh. She sat in the boy’s locker room adjacent to her middle school’s pool, where she knew that three of her classmates were practicing, most likely finishing up soon as it was nearing four o’clock in the afternoon. She was excited to try out her disguise on boys in her grade, since it had worked so well on Max. She assumed her position, one leg up on the bench which pulled the skirt down, exposing plenty of smooth thigh. She leaned back, accentuating her fake bust and adjusting her wig. She tried her best to keep her cock at bay, but the anticipation of being walked in on was making her swell in the white thong she wore. After a few painstaking moments, she could hear the trio of boys approaching the locker room door, and then it opened, the squeak of the old hinges filling up the silence of the cold, unforgiving room. She maintained her position, waiting for them to round the corner to find her there. When they found her, they stopped in their tracks, eyes going wide as their conversation ended. Benny chuckled on the inside, seeing the same dumbfounded expression on each of their faces as they saw her sitting there. “You’re not supposed to be here,” Lyle said. Of the three, Lyle was the tallest and looked more like a high schooler than middle schooler, with defined and developed muscles all over his body. It was obvious that he was already shaving his face a bit, and Benny spotted hair in his pits and a happy trail that went from his navel to underneath the blue brief-style Speedos he wore. The soft lump between his legs was prominent, much more prominent than the other two boys. James was just a tad shorter than Lyle but was much skinnier. His stomach muscles were defined, but the rest of his body was skin and bones, with no body hair to be seen. The bulge in his Speedos was also defined, making Benny crazy with lust. His hair was dark and his skin was tan, and Benny wasn’t detecting tan lines, which made him think that maybe he swam in his Speedo at his family’s pool. Mack was the smallest of the three, a whole head shorter than James, and with almost no muscle definition on his body whatsoever, and was very skinny. His hair was a lighter brown than James, but still somewhat dark. When he talked his voice was still kind of high pitched, giving away that Mack was a late bloomer and may not have been hit too hard by puberty yet. Benny noticed that his penis seemed to be the smallest of the three, although his balls looked like they had filled out pretty well. “Yeah, well, I’m here,” Benny said, setting her leg down so that she was now straddling the bench. The skirt rose up dangerously high, and she leaned forward towards the boys. “Are you gonna tell?” “Who are you?” James asked. “I’m Bethany,” she said. “And you boys are super cute. Especially in those Speedos. That color leaves little to the imagination.” The boys blushed, especially little Mack, whose hands went to cover his package. “Don’t be ashamed, baby boy,” she said demurely. “I love the way you look. Here’s the thing, boys. I’m here. I know I shouldn’t be, but I figured as long as I have found myself in the wrong locker room, we can have a little fun before you go. What do you say?” The three boys looked at each other, the typical bravado they displayed as being the popular, jock boys in their grade dissipated. This is what any straight middle school boy could only dream of, and now that it was happening, they were having difficulty taking that crucial step forward. Knowing that time was of the essence, Benny took the lead. “Mack, come here, sweetie,” she said, beckoning the small boy over. Mack stepped forward tentatively, still unsure of what was going to happen. Benny reached out to caress the small package in his Speedos, rubbing and stroking the lump that quickly grew. Mack moaned and whined as his penis grew to full erection, pushing against the wet material aggressively. Benny pulled the top of his Speedos out and down, revealing Mack’s boner that looked to be just under four inches long and completely devoid of hair. She hooked the top of the Speedos underneath his balls, which were hairless but had dropped down. Leaning forward, Benny stuck her tongue out and began licking Mack’s erection, her tongue sliding up and down the smooth shaft, fluttering around his glans, making the boy moan. Benny finally took Mack all the way in her mouth, the top lip pushing against muğla escort his bare groin. Lyle and James stepped forward, both of their penises growing into erections in their tight, skimpy swimwear. Almost on instinct, both boys began to grip their hardons, relieving the pressure generated by watching their friend receive a blow job from this mystery girl. Benny let Mack’s diminutive dick out of his mouth a pop, her tongue sliding around the pink head a couple of times before asking, “Who’s next?” James stepped forward and pulled his Speedos down, freeing his boner. His dick was just under five inches long with a tight patch of dark pubes at the base of his cock. His balls were pink and dangling, and he was uncut, his glans just barely peeking through the foreskin. He stepped up in front of Benny, taking Mack’s place, and pointed his hard on at her. She peeled his skin back and swirled the head with her tongue, getting the pinkness nice and wet before sucking it in, taking in the first half of his dick and holding it there, circling the tip with her tongue before taking the rest of it in her talented mouth, her upper lip buried in James’ soft pubes. Benny bobbed up and down on the cock in front of her, James’ boyish gasps echoing off the locker room walls. She cradled his balls, which, even though he was bigger than Mack, his balls were about the same size. Up and down she went, giving the boy what was most likely his first ever blow job. She pulled away from him, not wanting him to cum yet. She stroked his foreskin over the tip while looking over at Lyle and he monster cock that tented the front of his Speedos. “You want it?” Lyle asked, cockiness in his voice. Benny just nodded. “Come and get it.” Benny liked that Lyle was taking charge, the tall muscular boy standing tall as she got off the bench, let go of James’ cock and walked towards him. She got on her knees, getting up close and personal his bulge. The Speedo was so tight and his cock so thick that Benny could see everything: the tip, the groove between the tip and the shaft, even a few veins on the underside. She kissed his erection through his Speedos, licking the tip, tasting the chlorine that had been absorbed in the material. “Come on girl, suck it,” Lyle said impatiently. Benny was thrilled to hear the word `girl’ come out of his mouth. She reached up and grabbed the tip of the Speedos and pulled them forward and then down, revealing Lyle’s cut cock and heavy hanging balls. He was at least six, but probably closer to six and a half inches long. He had a nice bush of pubes, and even some hair on his large, man-sized balls. Benny moaned at the sight of it and took the thick dick in her mouth, immediately licking the head as her lips wrapped tight around the shaft. As his girth slickened up, she was able to take more and more, sliding down until her nose was buried in his dense pubes, and she breathed in the scent of him as she felt the tip of his cock touch the entrance to her throat. “Damn, girl,” Lyle said. “You know what the fuck you’re doing. But I think it’s time for us to see a little bit of you.” Benny had trouble keeping the grin off her face as her lips were wrapped around Lyle’s thick teen cock. She let the boner slide out of his mouth with a pop. This was the moment of truth, where she would reveal to the boys who she really was. She stood up and faced the three of them, all of their Speedos now mid thigh and their rock hard erections sticking straight out from their bodies. She turned away from them and grabbed the bottom of her dress and began to pull it up. The boys watched on, with cocks in hand, as the dress traveled up her shapely legs. When the bottom of the dress traveled farther north and broke the plane of her ass, the boys gasped as they saw a piece of white material wedged in between two pert and very cute butt cheeks. The material went straight up her ass until it tapered outwards and met in a `T’ with a similar material that went across the back of her waist. The dress continued to travel upwards, revealing the back hooks of the black bra that she wore, and when it went over her head, Benny threw the flimsy dress onto the floor, standing in her underwear with her back to the boys. Now was the real moment of truth. Benny knew her backside wouldn’t give away her identity, but her front most certainly would. This is the part where they were either going to go running out of the locker room, or where things were going to get very interesting. She turned around, slowly, taking her time. When she finally faced them, the boys only noticed the hot, skinny body that was exposed outside of her thong and bra. But it was Lyle whose eyes bore down at her crotch and noticed a suspicious lump there. It was a lump he knew all too well, a lump that he had seen on himself many times. “What the fuck?” he shouted, realizing that he was staring at an erection under the thin material of the thong that Benny wore. It pulled up tight against her erection, pointing straight up. Lyle muş escort also realized that her balls were peeking out the sides, the crotch of the thong not wide enough to contain her scrotum. “You’re a guy?” All three of them froze, their hands still on their boners as they ogled the body in front of them that almost looked like it belonged to a girl, but not quite. “Gentlemen,” Benny said in her most demure voice. “I can be whatever you want me to be.” “I can’t believe I got sucked off by a dude!” Lyle shouted angrily. “Did it feel good?” she asked. “Yeah, but, that’s not the point�” “No, that’s exactly the point,” she said, interrupting. “If it feels good, it feels good.” She walked up to him and grabbed his erection. “And look at this. You’re still hard.” She started stroking him, her hand easily sliding up and down his slick penis. “Fucking fag,” he growled. “No, sweetie,” she said, bending down and giving his glans a soft kiss. “We’re all fags today. Although perhaps we should make it official.” She walked back over to the bench and sat down it, leaning back so her spine was parallel with the old wooden plank. She spread her legs and pulled the thong to the side, exposing her asshole and the tiniest bit of her hairless balls. “What are you doing?” Lyle asked. “Oh, it’s not what I’m doing,” she responded. “It’s what you are doing, which is me. I know you all probably thought your first fuck was going to be a real pussy, but mine’s better anyway.” “What makes you think this is our first fuck?” Lyle asked defensively. Benny leaned up. “You are all still rock hard. Which means that either you’re all gay, or you’re desperate. Which one do you want to admit to? Either way, I don’t care. But my ass is ready for you.” The three boys stood still, hands still gripping their boner except for Lyle, who’s erection was pulsing in the air with his heartbeat. After a few seconds of nothing, Mack walked forward to Benny’s splayed legs, pointing his little dick at the target. Benny’s pussy was wet and shiny, and Mack seemed to know what to do, leaning down and pushing his erection against the tight round muscle. His dick slid easily into Benny’s ass, and Mack gasped out loud as the wet insides gripped his boy dick tightly. Instinct took over for Mack as he began to pull out and push in, the fucking motion that we are all wired with and know even when we are very young children. Mack made no attempt to hide his moans and cries as he fucked into the warm, wet hole beneath him, and in just sixty seconds, he shouted out that he couldn’t hold it any longer and began to cum into Benny’s pussy, firing a shot or two of clear boycum into her bowels. Mack pulled his kid dick out of Benny, inspecting it to see any signs of change, but could only see that he was still hard, pulsing, and his dick was covered with some kind of a slippery substance. “What did it feel like?” James asked. “So…” Mack started, trying to catch his breath. “…good.” “Fuck it,” James said, following his compass and making his way towards Benny. He assumed the position that Mack had and found his target, the boypussy slightly open and shiny. James touched his glans to the little rosebud and pushed, and found his dick easily sliding in. Benny hadn’t made much noise when Mack fucked her hole, but groaned as James’ longer and thicker cock penetrated her, going deeper and stretching her more. James started fucking immediately, his boner sliding in and out of the wet hole. James couldn’t believe how warm the ass felt, how it felt even better than the quick blowjob he had received a few minutes prior, and how it felt light years better than when he jerked off at home. It was obviously pleasurable for Benny as both of their moans filled the locker room space. James was able to fuck Benny for a few more minutes before the inevitable happened, and be began rabbit humping her and crying out as he came, shooting his cum in Benny’s pussy, screaming and moaning as the greatest orgasm he had ever had coursed through his body. When he had finished, he quickly withdrew his dick and watched some of his cum ooze from Benny’s pussy which was still mostly open, ready for its next cock. Benny watched Lyle step up to the plate as James caught his breath and stepped to the side. The tallest boy’s cock was still rock hard as he got in between Benny’s legs. His face bore many emotions: lust, for sure, but also the sense that he was doing this because he needed to, not because he wanted to. He wasn’t gay, but a hole was a hole, and there was a gaping one just mere inches from the head of his cock. “I’m going to make you cry,” Lyle said as he pushed his glans against the puckered muscle of Benny’s pussy. “Doubtful,” she responded. “But give it your best shot.” Lyle pushed forward forcefully, making Benny moan as the long, thick cock pushed its way into her body. Her moan was high pitched and girlish, while Lyle grunted as he felt the tight muscle grip his erection perfectly, a warm wetness that touched every skin nevşehir escort cell on his thick, fourteen-year-old penis. He pulled out and pushed in once, relishing in the feel of the smooth tightness, and grunted again as he bottomed out in her. Lyle began to fuck Benny steady, and took his time building his tempo. He went slow at first, savoring the feelings, and as he got used to being inside of her he went faster, and as he went faster he went harder. Faster and faster he went, in and out, in and out, pushing his dick in as far as it would go. He started pounding her so hard that his hips began to clap off of her upper thighs and lower butt cheeks, and now he was doing what he had seen in the all of the porn he had watched: using his cock to dominate the person below him. Lyle looked like a Greek god as he fucked Benny senseless, his muscles flexing all through his nude body as he humped into her. Remembering something he had seen on PornHub, Lyle picked up her legs and placed them on each of his shoulders, her thighs pushing against his muscular torso. Lyle went even faster now, pushing harder into her. At this new angle, Lyle was able to really push against Benny’s prostrate, and she began to see stars as the fucking got even more intense. “I’m gonna fucking cum!” Lyle shouted between grunts. “Cum…inside…me…” Benny said weakly. “Gonna fill you up with my jizz,” he said, still pounding. “Gonna cum in your pussy. Cum in your fucking pussy.” “Cum…in…my…pussy…” Lyle fucked into Benny one last time, pushing as deep as he could go as he started to cum. His cock pulsed in her hole, his semen shooting deep inside her. Benny then felt the strange sensation of an orgasm forming in her ass, and then it happened, her dick pulsing inside the thong and shooting her watery ejaculate against the thin white material, soaking it and making it transparent. She moaned as she came, feeling cum shooting in here as it simultaneously fired out of her. Lyle’s orgasm finally began to wane, and he pulled his sensitive cock out of Benny’s pussy, which was gaping and oozing white cum, the thick substance oozing down her crack onto the material of the white thong below. The taller boy began to catch his breath, then looked down and saw that the crotch of the thong was totally soaked. “Did you cum, just from me fucking you?” he asked. Benny just nodded. “Jesus. You really are a fag.” “No, sweetie,” Benny said, shaking his head. “We’re all fags now.” “Whatever,” Lyle grumbled. “I’m gonna go get a shower. By the way, you’re Benny Majors, aren’t you?” “Bethany Majors,” she corrected. Lyle smirked to himself. “Whatever.” He removed his Speedos and walked into the shower room, and the other two followed, all of their dicks soft now as they staggered into the separate room. Now that they were away, I decided to emerge from my hiding spot in the nearby room that contained the urinals and toilets. My basketball shorts were seriously tented from the free show I had just enjoyed, and while I had jerked myself a bit, I had resisted the urge to cum. I walked into the main area of the locker room and went to Benny. Her eyes were half closed, her mouth hanging open, the crotch of her panties soaked with her jizz and her pussy still gaping and open. “That was so hot,” I whispered. “But Lyle was kind of a dick.” Benny shrugged. “He’s a dick to everyone.” She reached out and grabbed at my tent. “Fuck me.” “I’m so wound up, I probably won’t even last as long as Mack did.” “I don’t care,” she said. “I want your cum in me.” Who was I to argue? Knowing time was of the essence, I quickly pulled my seven and a half inch boner out of my shorts and got in between Benny’s legs. With his hole wide open and slicked up with cum, my adult erection slid easily into her thirteen year old ass. I moaned as I felt the remains of the cum of three different boys surround my thick cock as I began to fuck her. Benny’s ass had never felt like this before, and I loved feeling my cock slosh around in her, yet still remain nice and tight. As I had predicted, I wasn’t going to last long, and the warmness, the wetness, and the tightness got to me, and I came hard, unloading an unreal amount of semen into her tight orifice. She moaned as I came into her, unloading my hot cum deep into her bowels, and I hissed and moaned as her wet insides massaged my sensitive cock. As my breathing and humping slowed down, we laid there like that, enjoying the afterglow of our brief yet satisfying sex. “Should we go?” I asked. “What for?” “They should be coming out soon.” “Nah, the showers are still running. They’re probably jerking each other off in there,” she laughed. “Yeah. You’re going to turn your whole grade gay.” “I hope so. I love you, Max. Thank you for letting me do this. It was so hot.” “Are you kidding me?” I scoffed. “It was hot watching it. And I love you, too.” “Can you drive me home?” she asked. “Of course,” I responded. “Thanks. You can just drop me off in my driveway.” “In your driveway?” “Yeah…unless you wanted to come in.” “Hmmm. I think I may like that,” I responded, kissing him gently on the lips. THE END Thank you for reading! You can find all of my other stories at my prolific author fty//authors.htmlarthurbach

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