The Dirty Streamer Ch. 02


****The following is a filth kink story containing all sorts of dirty as messy kinks no limited to scat, watersports and other muck and mess. Don’t read ahead if you that doesn’t interest you cause… Its gonna be coming up****

Liara was a erotic streaming personality. She was taking the world by storm.

Or rather she was making enough to get by comfortably and feel like a few more years of this could get her enough money to get by easily enough.

She was a known fetish girl. With a hard messy and dirty kink. She had gotten famous for doing shoots with dirty clothing and doing streams where she would just ruin everything, including parts of her setup. While Liara didn’t mind some gunk in her house, she had a special shed she made just to store a few favorite old messed outfits, dripping with muck and stinking right up. And she liked it. Buuut her camera and mic’s were getting gunked up frequently. And while now and again it was going to happen… She knew she needed help. And, ideally, it would be sexy help.

And that was what she was looking into today. Liara had spent a few months looking into this. Looking for people who were similarly kinky as her (i.e. willing to put up with her nasty filming habits) while also being kinda cute and keeping Liara excited while being watched. That latter one was more personal.

And in Angela, she was pretty sure she had found that girl. The girl had red hair, wide hips, a modest bust had come in very casual clothes that clung right to her skin, and as they sat in the kitchen fiddling with a few of her recording devices, one of three camera’s one of a few dirty mic’s, the other seemed quite capable on the technical end.

However she had to ask. “So did you even wear a bra today?” Liara spoke up finally.

Angela blinked and looked at her chest. “Nope… You mind?”

“Its distracting… In a good way.” She hummed. She had put out a few bowls of some… Items out. And had put out an old junker rug she had gotten from some family, and thrown a plastic sheet under it. And yet Angela had asked nothing about either thing. That wasn’t bad, but also wasn’t great.

Angela glanced. “I think… I think I got this one working.” She said as she looked at one mic. “We’d have to test it. If not… Mmm… Look, you got this for free. After this you have to pay me.” She said as she pushed it towards Liara.

Liara had a bowl of barbeque sauce in her hands and offered it. “Sauce?”

Angela looked around. “Anything with it?” She said after an awkward moment.

“Me.” She hummed as she got a handful and put it down her shirt. Liara shivered as she felt the sauce going down her chest. Head going up somewhat reflexively in pleasure.

Angela blinked. “Is this part of the interview or are you like…?”

“Coming onto you? Yeah a bit. You know what I do right?”

“Anything I didn’t know I figured out looking at your mic.” She said holding the dirty thing in her own dirty hands. “But yeah I’ve followed you. And… You said you were looking for someone to move in with you? That’s very… Abnormal.” She took some sauce. “Might as well sauce them up, and eat them.” With sauce on her fingers she put it down her cleavage. “Where would I be staying?”

Angela sighed. Holy shit she was great. “Yes. Only a part-time live in. As… Yeah, I don’t make that much money, but late night streams are a thing.”

“I’m only twenty minutes from here driving. So yeah.” She said getting up.

Angela got up and chuckled. She had grown her home some, an inheritance helping with a few extra expenses. So she had added on a few rooms, and the aforementioned ‘shit shed’ as she called it.

She walked down a hallway, opening a door to a much worse smelling part of the house. “Do you have a toilet down here? Or do you just shit on the floor?” Liara asked as she stepped in something on the floor. She looked down, shrugged, and moved right on.

“I’ve done both.” She answered as she opened one escort izmir door to reveal a room with a ‘hot tub’. There was a tub set up, but it wasn’t hooked up to anything. It was more-so just a tub with a lot of muck in it. And a hot-water faucet. “So this is where I film. Well, one of the sets. When I hot tub stink-stream its in here.” She smirked as she held the door.

Angela walked into the room. “It smells as much as I thought it would.” She coughed a bit. “But…” She leaned over and sniffed the tub. “Well, that’s part of why I find your shit so hot.”

“The shit you stepped in before no doubt.”

“Probably.” Angela let out.

“The hot shit right in that tub right now.”

“Honestly seems like more than just that.”

“Its a… Mixture. I’d be lying if I said I knew exactly what was in there.”

Angela paused. “Ok… You want me to get in it o-“

“Oh god, thank you for volunteering. Yes, please, I want my assistant to be willing to get in with me sometimes.” Liara nodded eagerly

“Fine. I’ll do it, but I’m stripping first.” Angela sighed. “Got a cleanish-place I can put my clothes. I only brought one outfit. And… M’bigger than you.” She had wider hips, but their busts looked similar in size.

“Oh. Yes, you wanna throw that outside the door, nobody can see if you just toss it real quick.” She nodded.

Angela got up, stripping her shirt off right away. A few moments later she returned fully naked, head to toe. “You’re lucky I’ve done a little of this shit in the past. Wasn’t super great at it.”

“Not lucky, smart.” She smirked. “I did look up my potential hires. You’re four fetish shoots were quite easy to find. And I think they were just fine~.” She wasn’t lying, it was about 15 minutes of google to find that out.

And finally Angela blushed more than a little. “Oh. Well… Look, that was for some-“

“Its fine. I won’t ask you to star. Just watch me be very, very dirty, sultry and sexy and not gag constantly. At least as long as my takes aren’t gag inducing.”

“Its porn. Those takes usually still make it to the camera.” Angela muttered.

“Shh.” Liara huffed. “J-just record a bit. I just wanna make sure you can get dirty while workin-“

And Angela gave her a shove. “Get in the tub, I need… You have a camera so I can roughly figure out where I’m gonna go to film?”

Liara stumbled some before going to the camera. “Oh, yes, push me around.” She might be a bit masochistic. She returned with it and then waited for it to go on before starting to step in and sinking into the puddle of muck.

“God what is in here?” She asked as she worked with the camera for a little bit.

“A lot of things.” Liara chuckled as she slowly forced herself in. “Manure, my own shit, some lovely old food bits.”

“Do you care if I track this through the house… I am gonna do that at some point.”

To that Liara took a handful of the gunk and ran it through her hair without saying a word.

“Right, yes, you will be aroused by it. Noted.” She sighed slightly as she let Liara sink. When she had stopped she took a moment to look before slowly climbing in and getting in, sinking up to her groin. She moved the camera. “Alright. So here’s the awkward up close and dirty angle you want. Mostly we’d film from outside. But… I gather you’d prefer me in the tub.”

“So. So much.”

“Ok. That’s fine. I can do that.” Angela shrugged as she sank in a bit, feeling the gunk hit her loins. As much as she was playing cool, this stuff? She really got off on it. She had a feeling more than one time she’d also end up on camera.

It was a fairly boring affair from there. Angela wasn’t being cast to act, she was being cast for technical aid. Amazingly (Aside from a lot of touching) Liara was quite responsible. Although both were dirty at the end.

“Well. I think you’re hired.” Liara hummed as she climbed out of her tub. “When can you start?”

“I can start next week.”

“Alright. escort izmir I have a monday stream, but on wednesday I’ve got something lined up. A bit of streaming work with some new stuff I’ve wanted to try. Gonna be a stinky one.”

“Oh no, you, dirty.” Angela sighed. “Fine, I’ll be by. Roughly when do you need me?”

“Come by at four. I start around five if things work. We need to set up an extra camera or two, but no biggie.” She hummed with a little kiss to Angela.

“I feel like you’re flirting with me.” She said.

“What? Me? Flirting? With a cute girl? Nooooooo! Never!” She absolutely was.

Wednesday came and Liara was at the door when Angela arrived. “Hey babe~” She said with a smirk dressed in plain shorts and a loose white shirt.

“Sup boss.” Angela replied holding a few things. “So I don’t really know your setup yet, so I might get some things wrong, I’m gonna warn you.” She said as she walked in.

“That’s why were testing it on a stream. I came up with a fun idea for a two-camera stream. And you can help set up ya know? As long as its decent, since this is the first time I’ve done this, it’s no biggie if we’re a bit off. Just decent is good.”

With that they went to the streaming room. It still smelled and Angela made a noise. “God, I forgot the stink. You are nasty.” She muttered. But what was in front of her was a bit weird.

Liara began to undress, revealing nearly-transparent panties on, and her chair was completely clear. “So, we wanna set up a camera under the chair, aimed up so when I crap myself people can see me do it. I figured people would like that.”

“I… Uh…” Angela’s face was a bit red. She was both slightly embarrassed by how frank her boss was (it was literally her first day on the job). “Well, alright. Lets see what we can do.” She said after a moment as she shrugged, trying to play it cool.

Liara showed her the camera, and Angela managed to wrangle her chair to one spot. “Alright.” She said as she sat in it, looking at the screen Liara would watch her stream from. A camera was pointed at her rear end and showing it off as she shook back and forth. “You can’t move too far left and right. And if you turn too far, well, its gonna be shit. The… The kind you don’t make money off of. Um…” She bit her lip. “Do you have some painters tape? I can mark off a range you can be in to still get the ass on camera.”

Liara produced some from a nearby crate. “When hanging tarps painters tape is handy.”

With that Angela set some down after a bit of testing. “Alright. Simple nuf. Should work.”

“You say should.”

“Well, I mean, shit can always go wrong.”

“I suppose. I mean we haven’t tested shitting myself yet. Gotta do that. Although…” Liara spoke so casually, and Angela just had to adjust sometime.

“You can’t shit yourself? The stream is like in a few hours right?”

“I know a pain. Oh! I know! You can crap yourself to test it!”

Angela froze. She was dead silent for a bit. “What?”

“Well ya know, you shit yourself and we see how it looks. No biggie, not like I don’t mind a mess. Guess you’ll have to strip for that, but no biggie. You are ok with getting dirty. Why you signed on with me. And I won’t save the footage. Just a quick look n’delete~.”

Angela thought about fighting that, but decided no too. She took off her pants as she looked at Liara. “Show me your ass.” She said.

Liara did as ordered. Angela looked at her ass, and then her own. Hers was smaller, but her panty-profile, plain off-white cotton things, was almost the same. “You wanna crap your panties right? Its why they’re nearly see through?”

“That’s the aim yes.”

“Lemme keep mine on. We can do more accurate testing that way.”

“Genius! This is why I hired you.”

“Does that genius get me a bonus?”

“We’re starting with free underwear once I get your measurements.”

“But actual cash.”

“Yes. I’ll work on the numbers as we go.”

With that Angela sat down in the chair. “Good thing I didn’t take a shit this morning.” She muttered kicking her shoes to the cleaner corner of the room. There was a bit of a grunt as she pushed. She felt some piss about to flow after a bit and stopped. “I might piss myself.”

“Its fine. No worries. Its not like I’m not gonna be worse. I have some food stuffs to smear on myself as the stream goes.”

“I am putting it on you.” Angela said as she pushed again. In a few moments she began to piss her panties, urine spraying into the fabric just a touch as she pushed. Piss flowed and soaked her panties turning them from a vague yellowy-beige into… A more wet version of that. A small puddle formed in the chair. She let out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding as she finished. “Nothing wants to come out.”

“You haven’t crapped yourself before have you?” Liara asked. “You gotta do a lot more pushing. You can do it. Maybe pull up your legs up onto the chair. Kinda… Squat some.” She modeled on the floor, putting her legs right by her ass.

Angela did so, in a few moments feeling her socks rest in some piss. She glanced at Liara for a moment and noticed, she was wearing socks too. She said nothing as she pushed again. This time it came easier. She really had to shit too apparently as once she started going, she struggled to stop. Brown muck pressing against her fabric as she crapped herself. The camera angle showing how it would show against the clear plastic. People watching the stream later would get a lovely showing. Especially once she had overflowed her underwear and crap spilled out onto the chair. Leaving a nice brown stain.

The scent of fresh shit filled the room. One that Liara was very much a fan of, and Angela didn’t mind as much as she let on. The puddle growing as Angela’s socks soaked up the urine, while her underwear was filled with crap. Some audible gurgles and burbles coming from her dirty mess.

About then an alarm went off and Liara jumped. “Oh crap! Its almost time!” She said. “The stream is about to start. I need to get in the chair!”

Slightly off put Angela was confused as she got up and wandered around, underwear sagging, piss running down her thighs as scat smeared on her ass. “Should I go or…?”

“Stay for now. I might need camera-work. And lighting work too.” She said as she sat in the puddle, a mix of urine with some shit with a splat. “Oooh, that feels good.” She shivered. “A-also how do I cut the feed? Otherwise if I go live people will see you crap yourself?”

Angela sighed as she helped Liara start things up. And, with a bit of luck (and dirty panties) the stream started right on time. Angela stood off camera checking the screen with teh stream on it. The multiple camera set-up just about worked. And other thigns she could manage later. Slightly relieved she sat in Liara’s normal streaming chair, stopping just before doing so remembering how she still had shit in her underwear. And it felt kinda nice. Not to mention, she still had to piss.

Angela looked at the chair, it was utterly filthy, with plenty of nasty stains all over. She had zero regrets as she sat down with a smush. There was a sigh as she began to relieve herself, finishing that piss she needed. Pulling up her socks to let them soak in a bit more.

“Sup horndogs~.” Liara said as she began the stream. “I just got a new assistant finally, so my camera work will start sucking less. So for this I got a few cameras~ One on my face and tits, the other on my ass.” She tapped the part of the chair on display. “And my assistant, bless her, helped me test out for some of the more… Me parts of the stream, but we did it so close to stream I haven’t had time to clean up. So your favorite stank-slut is starting this stream a bit nastier than usual.”

As Liara kept on going for a bit Angela smirked but kept quiet, aside from a few wet farts. She figured changing could wait until after the stream was done. For now she’d shit back and relax some, make sure things kept working. After all, it wasn’t like being a little dirty was the worst thing ever right?

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