The Devil and the Sea Ch. 06


[Recap: Anya wants to learn how to top Jen so with Henry’s help they’ve concocted Mistress X, an online domme profile. Jen needs to complete a series of increasingly erotic challenges to prove she wants Mistress X to control her. You can read ‘The Monogamists’ for the backstory if you want to find out how Henry, Jen and Anya met.]


Jen was an early riser by habit. I found her wrapped up in a floppy grey sleeping top over white panties, slobbing on the couch playing with her phone. Bright morning sun spilled through the open balcony doors casting contrasting swathes of light and shade across the curves of her body, outlining the sculpted sweep of her toned thighs. I admired her from my vantage point in the kitchen.

“You want a drink or anything?” I called through to her.

“I’m good,” Jen called back.

I wandered to the doorway and leaned against the frame.

“So what you got planned today?” I said casually. “Looks like it’s gonna be a nice day.”

Jen shrugged, still scrolling through her phone. “I dunno,” she replied. “No plans. Might just play it by ear.”

I had Anya’s phone in my hand. The hell you are, I thought, not after you ignored your Mistress’s commands twice. I tapped the screen.

Jen continued scrolling for a few moments more, then stopped. I saw her sit a little straighter: she had just got the message. Her face became intent, focused. After a few seconds she looked up at me.

“I just remembered, I have a booking at the beauty salon,” she said, “I need to get myself in gear.”

With that, she unfolded her long legs from beneath her and swept into the bathroom. A few minutes later I heard the shower turn on. Anya wandered out of her bedroom in baggy cotton pyjamas, bleary eyed, her long dark hair cascading in disarray over her shoulders.

“I was about to make some tea,” I said. “Want some?”

Anya padded up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Hell no,” she said, “Only coffee.” She stretched.

“One shot?” I asked, “Or two.”

“All, please,” said Anya, yawning. “I’m gonna need all the shots.”

I busied myself at the little coffee machine.

“Sleep well?” I asked.

“Well as can be expected,” she replied. “Ever since we started this, that woman has been bloody insatiable.”

I draped my arms around Anya’s neck. The coffee maker bubbled and hissed behind me.

“Hard night?” I asked.

“Uh huh.”

“You didn’t help yourself. You were pretty relentless at the barbeque.”

“And you should have told me what you’d been doing to her before you both arrived.”

I smiled as Anya wrinkled her nose at me.

“Really?” I said, “Butt plug, underground carpark, all your little messages winding her up like a clockwork doll. What did you think was gonna happen? Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.”

Anya made a face. “There’s two of us to one of her,” she said, “And we’re still outnumbered. I’m almost beginning to look forward to getting my period, for the respite.”

Anya pressed her thighs together and continued, “Who would’ve ever thought there was such a thing as too much oral? Keeping her in denial’s just made her more eager.”

I heard the shower turn off. I smiled and began to pour the coffee. Anya perched herself on the corner of the kitchen table and I handed her the steaming mug. She shook her long dark hair, teasing it into some semblance of order with her delicate fingers. I could see that she was studying me as she took a sip of her drink.

“So”, she began, “You’ve been talking a big game for the weekend. What have you got planned for our resident sex fiend?”

“You mean, how is her Mistress going to demonstrate to Jen her displeasure at being let down?”

“That’s pretty sadistic.”

“What is?”

“You give her commands and then you give her no choice but to break them so you can punish her even more.”

“Says the woman who had her wife stripping in the office.”

Anya shrugged, “We make quite the team, don’t we?” she conceded.

“Yeah,” I replied, “Jen’s lucky to have us.”

“So what do you have planned? I’m guessing it’ll have to be epic.”

I gave Anya her phone. Her eyes scanned the messages.

“You are fucking kidding,” she said.

I shrugged. “She needs to pay for her unsanctioned orgasms,” I replied.

“You mean the ones you made her have. You created the crime as well as the punishment.”

I shrugged. Anya’s attention returned to the messages on her phone.

“How do you dream up this shit?” Anya exclaimed. “She’ll never go for it.”

“Reckon?” I grinned at Anya as she regarded me warily. “She’s already booking the salon.”

Anya re-read the exchange again.

“In that case, we should get a move on too,” she said. “It’s gonna be a trip.”

Anya took a big sip of coffee and began to rummage through the cupboards for muesli. She filled a bowl, splashed in some milk and set to the task of filling her stomach for the day, bowl in hand leaning against the table. Between spoonfuls, she looked at me.

“I’m not entirely sure,” she said, munching, bahis siteleri “But I could be living with a nympho and a psychopath.”

I stepped closer and wrapped my hands around her slim waist. “Just remember babe,” I said, “I may be a psychopath, but I’m your psychopath.”

Jen appeared in the kitchen doorway.

“It lives!” she exclaimed.

“Barely,” Anya answered back. “Where you going?”

“I’m going to get my legs done and do some shopping,” Jen said, “Love you! Bye!”

The front door slammed shut.

Anya smiled up at me. “Hook, line and sinker,” she said. “You devious bastard.”

“Phone,” I said and held out my hand. “Jen needs to have a little chat.”

The start of the conversation was still showing on the screen. Jen had already read these messages, and I was impressed by the speed with which she had jumped in the shower and headed out the door when she received them:

X: Respond immediately when you read this. I need to know you are awake. Here are your instructions for the day

X: First, you will wax and moisturise your legs. They need to be perfectly smooth.

X: Then you need to wax your armpits.

X: Next, you need to wax your pubic hair. After much consideration, I have decided that you will be, and will remain, completely hairless from the neck down. I will expect a detailed video verifying that you have completed this task.

X: After this is complete, you will require sunscreen, a beach towel and a bikini. I leave these to your discretion but less is more. Do not disappoint me, your choice of bikini will determine whether you are permitted an orgasm this weekend. Oh, and bring your egg. Make sure it’s fully charged.

J: I am awake and have read your messages. Good morning Mistress!

Anya and I were huddled together on the couch, heads together while I formulated the next part of the conversation.

“Reckon she’s on the bus by now?” I asked Anya.

“Hope so. I hope it’s packed with people,” Anya replied.

“Maybe you’re the psycho, y’know.”

“If so, you two drove me to it. Just send the message.”

X: You have learned what it feels like to be under my control. I did enjoy watching the videos. Today you are going to make another video for me, and learn a lesson. Are you ready?

I pictured Jen surrounded by strangers, staring into her phone as her pussy began to moisten. Soon, she would be in the salon with someone’s hands on her most sensitive area. I was going to fill her mind with erotic thoughts for her to associate with the process.

The reply was almost immediate:

J: Yes Mistress

X: When you are in the salon with your pussy exposed to the attendant, I want you to imagine that those are my hands that are smoothing the hot wax over your pubic hair. I want you to experience the pain as I strip those hairs from your skin. I want you to feel how you are becoming what I’m turning you into. Are you sure you’re ready to do what I want?

Jen replied straight away:

J: Yes Mistress

I imagined her cheeks beginning to flush.

X: Today’s exercise is for you to understand objectification. As you must have learned by now, I already think of you as an object for my amusement rather than a person. Today I am going to turn you into an inanimate doll and put you on display

X: Remember that you already answered Yes Mistress, so I will no longer give you the opportunity to choose what happens to you today. A person, such as you were a few moments ago, has choices and free will. A doll, like you are now, merely reports when it has obeyed its instructions. I assume you are on the way to be waxed so that you are ready to be displayed. Report when you arrive.

“What are you going to make her do?” Anya asked, huskily.

Her tone caught my attention, and I could tell that she was turned on.

“We’re going to spend the afternoon in the park,” I replied, and slid the phone back to Anya. “Jen is going to spend the next hour with someone working on her most sensitive areas while all she can think about is what Mistress X is going to do to her.”

Anya picked up the phone. “Remind me never to get on the wrong side of you,” she said.

“I’m going to get a shower. When she gets there, just tell her to go inside and imagine the attendant’s hands are Mistress X’s hands, something like that,” I smiled at Anya, “You get the general idea.”

“And then?” Anya asked.

“And then let the wild rumpus begin,” I replied.

We had taken up position at one end of the park, making sure it was opposite the direction that Jen would be arriving. We were sitting on a bench partially hidden by a set of bushes and I had Anya’s phone in my hand. I reviewed the messages that Anya had sent on my behalf. I had to admit, she’d risen to the challenge admirably:

J: I’m at the salon.

X: Go inside. Remember, you will imagine that I am the one waxing you. I want you to be smooth for me. I will know when the process is complete because you will send me video evidence that all my directions have been carried out.

The canlı bahis siteleri next message was an hour later, and contained a few seconds of video. It was an upskirt shot in a toilet showing a hairless vagina. Anya hadn’t been satisfied with that.

X: You’re trying my patience. What part of video evidence and all my directions did you not understand? I don’t even know who I’m looking at.

There was a gap of a few minutes and then a second video. This one ran for over a minute. Since we were still waiting for Jen to show, I played it again.

The video started at a strange angle, at ground level, and showed a pair of shoeless feet, heels together. The camera panned slowly upwards, tracking close to the silky-looking skin, around her knees and then gradually upwards along her thighs. The video was set to high resolution, showing the pores of her skin and she brought the lens close to allow the viewer to conduct a thorough inspection.

The camera tracked up between her legs, showing her pussy on full display. I could see the puffiness of her lips and imagined that Jen was very aroused by this point. Tracking further up, I could see her polished and bare mons, the skin appearing to gleam in the light.

“She followed though,” Anya said, watching the video over my shoulder. “I’m going to save this video somewhere special.”

The camera tracked up her belly, navigating around a breast to show first one and then the other hairless armpit. Finally, the camera pulled away from her until it showed her whole head and torso. She was completely naked in what was probably the salon’s customer toilet. The video stopped on the last frame: Jen frozen in place, displaying her softly rounded breasts to the viewer, nipples rigid. It was the look on her face that captivated me, though: completely open and honest, and waiting expectantly.

I scrolled through the rest of the messages that Anya had sent. I had told her to get Jen to the park, but I hadn’t told Anya anything more.

X: Is there a park near where you live with a grassy area in the middle?

J: Yes

X: Go there. Tell me when you arrive.

Anya suddenly began to jiggle excitedly. “I can see her!” Aya said.

The screen flashed:

J: I’m here

“Show time,” I said. I started to type:

X: I am going to give you detailed instructions, but simple enough for a mindless doll to understand. Is there a toilet in the park?

We could see Jen in the distance, dressed in a t-shirt and her favourite skin-tight jeans, with a bag slung over her shoulder, typing into her phone.

J: Yes

X: That is fortunate for you because you can use it to change. It there had not have been somewhere I would have had to have you strip in the middle of the grass. Remember, my beautiful doll, that I am in complete control and would very much enjoy making you do that. Are you concerned about what I’m going to do to you?

J: Yes Mistress

X: Incorrect. A woman with thoughts and feelings might have concerns, however a doll is only capable of standing emptily while it waits to obey its owner

X: Go into the toilet and remove all your clothes. I then want you to set a timer for five minutes and play with yourself vigorously until the timer goes off. Do not treat yourself gently. You are not allowed to cum at any stage. Message me when that’s done.

We watched Jen turn towards the toilet block.

“I’m going in.” Anya said, grinning mischievously. “Give me the phone.”

“Oh no…” I began.

Anya shushed me. I could see she was typing. She hit send and showed me what she had written:

X: Masturbate standing up facing the door. Close your eyes and be silent, because remember there will probably be other people in the toilet with you.

With that, Anya bounced off towards the toilet block, leaving me to wonder what mischief she had planned. I didn’t have long to wait. My phone buzzed in my pocket: Anya was video calling me.

The screen showed Anya’s beautiful face close up. She held a finger to her lips and then the camera swivelled round to reveal a bathroom stall and then finally a close up of the toilet, lid down. A foot appeared on the lid and suddenly the perspective shifted. When the image settled I could see that we were higher. The camera panned again, catching Anya’s gleeful expression, her face now level with the top of the dividing wall.

The camera shifted again, and panned down. I caught a view of a naked body, standing side on, perfectly still save for one arm moving rhythmically in front of her. The camera shifted slightly and I could see the face now. Jen’s eyes were screwed shut, cheeks flushed, mouth hanging open in a little ‘O’, panting with the effort of resisting her climax. The camera panned down to show her fingers dipping rapidly in and out of her pussy.

Anya, despite her clambering antics, has managed to remain silent, so that the only audio was the quiet panting from the next stall. Poor Jen had already been played with for most of the morning and I could tell that she was very close and desperate canlı bahis to orgasm.

She stopped suddenly, and I thought for an awful moment she’d heard Anya in the next cubicle and become suspicious. Then I hear the beeping of the timer. The camera whirled and the screen went blank.

I stood outside the women’s toilet entrance for a minute or so before Anya appeared.

“That was sooo crazy!” she exclaimed. “God, when she stopped I thought I was busted for sure!”

I laughed at her enthusiasm.

“Shit, we’d better split before she comes out,” Anya said.

“Why?” I replied. “She’s currently standing naked in a locked cubicle unable to move. We could just leave her there if you like.”

My comments had a curious effect on Anya. She rubbed her knees together through her jeans.

I smiled at her. “Is this turning you on?” I asked.

Anya nodded. I held out my hand.

She stared at it for a moment before realising that I needed her phone back. She handed it over quickly and I could see a new message:

J: Done Mistress

“Let’s unfreeze our little statue and put her properly on display,” I said. I began to type:

X: Tell me the truth, did you cum? Is your pussy nice and slippery?

J: I’m extremely wet. I very nearly came but held back.

X: Would you like me to tell you to cum now?

J: Very much Mistress. It’s all I’ve been thinking about all morning

X: Let me ask you a serious question. Do you think dolls orgasm?

There was a long pause. I imagined how Jen was feeling, standing naked and horny in the cubicle, with the realisation that her release was going to be postponed for an indeterminate amount of time.

J: No Mistress.

X: Correct. Women are able to orgasm freely and enjoy the pleasure and the release it brings. Dolls are unable to orgasm because they are made of plastic rather than flesh. Do you think your plastic body has the ability to orgasm?

There was another long pause before the next message:

J: No Mistress

X: That took a while. I sense reluctance. Very well, I was in two minds about whether this next part was too cruel. I was trying to decide whether your exemplary obedience up to this point might be rewarded with a moment of pleasure. Because of your delay that no longer appears warranted. In fact, I think we need to correct some misconceptions as to what I have turned you into. I’m now going to have to make the next part very difficult.

I could imagine Jen’s face as she read this, how crushed and humiliated she would feel having the prospect of an orgasm dangled in front of her and then cruelly taken away.

X: The doll will take the sex toy out of its bag and slide it inside itself and turn it on. The doll will confirm quickly when this is done.

A few seconds passed.

J: Done, Mistress

X: The doll will take the bikini clothing out of the bag and put it on its plastic body. The doll will confirm when this is done.

J: Done, Mistress

I hesitated. I wondered if Jen would follow the next set of instructions. There was no question in my mind that the woman we loved and shared our lives with, quick-tempered and quick-witted, fun, vivacious Jen, was now in a very real sense no longer in existence. Her personality had been switched off, packaged away into a corner somewhere inside the doll, and standing in her place in the toilet stall was an obedient, deep submissive who would do whatever her controller commanded. Throughout my relationship with Jen, I had always been the dominant one, and despite her bravado and pushback she would eventually yield to my control because there was something buried within her that wanted to, that needed it.

But if I had been face-to-face with her in the toilet stall to give her these instructions, she would have rebelled, calling me a deviant or making some comment that shattered the mood and ended the scene. If I had spoken these words to her directly, they would have crossed her limits. But now, with her fantasy Mistress on the end of a phone, Jen was going much further, submitting much deeper and more readily. Jen was gone, replaced by an empty doll waiting patiently to do the bidding of her Mistress, a doll with limits we had yet to reach.

X: The doll will step out of the stall. Facing the toilet mirror, the doll will set its phone to record a video, then it will rub sun cream all over its skin, continuing with the task in full view of anyone entering the toilet. The doll will complete the task without hesitation even if there are other people in the toilet and will then send me the video as proof that my instructions were obeyed perfectly. The doll will then stand, facing the mirror with its eyes closed until I have reviewed the video. The doll will remain silently in this position until I give it further instructions, regardless of whether it is being viewed by other patrons or not, or whether other patrons try to interact with it.

Anya gasped when she read my message.

“That’s a major head fuck,” she said, “Anyone could see her, and she won’t be able to move.”

“They won’t. Haven’t you been watching the door?” I asked. “There’s no-one else in there, and if anyone comes near, I’ll tell them they need to wait outside for a minute. I’ll just make some shit up. I’m not a sadist.”

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