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Subject: TUESDAY MATINEE: THE DAY AFTER CHAPTER 5 Adult/youth THE DAY AFTER CHAPTER 5 Tears were streaming down Tyler’s face as he realized that he had been caught spying on Christian and he could not move because the tip of his penis head was being pinched by his zipper. Christian did not know whether he should be mad or laugh. He knew that Tyler had been watching what he and Brian had been doing but Christian knew his brother well enough to know that he would not say anything . Both Christian and Tyler knew numerous secrets about each other and their checks and balances would protect them from angry parents. “What the fuck are you doing here” Christian shouted at Tyler. “I saw you coming here and I followed you but I did not want you to be made at me” Tyler replied. ” I know that you were looking in the window Tyler, you had better not say anything OR ELSE” Christian said in a threatening manner. “Don’t worry, you know I would never tell on you Christian” Tyler wept. Christian moved close to him and gave him a hug “OK, let’s get your dick out of this zipper” he began to laugh. Tyler had stopped crying but he feared what would happen when the zipper was moved. Brian was quiet while the boys spoke, not sure of what he should say or what he should do. Christian had a zipper snare him one time and remembered the fear that he felt but was not sure how he could help Tyler. He looked at Brian and asked if he knew what way to move the zipper. ” Let me help you there Tyler”, Brian said with a slight smile. ” We have all had that happen to us at some time in our life” ” You were trying to zip up and it got caught so I am going to move the zipper down and that should work” Brian gently began to pull the zipper down keeping an eye on Tyler’s penis to be sure he was not doing more harm to Tyler. It did not take much movement and Tyler realized that his penis was free of the grip of the zipper. Tyler smiled at Brian and thanked him. ” You might as well come in Tyler so you don’t have to be looking through the window. Christian and Tyler followed Brian into the home. They all sat on the couch that Tyler had been looking at. ” Well Tyler, I guess you saw what we were doing….Right?” said Brian “Yep, but I won’t tell anyone , I promise” Replied Tyler ” Thanks Tyler. Your brother knows that I am attracted to boys and we were just having a little fun ” ordu escort Brian said smiling. ” Tyler, I bet that you know how much fun you can have when you play with your dick. It’s even more fun when someone else plays with it” Brian said. “If you PROMISE not to tell, we can all have fun and you can always quit when you don’t want to do it anymore” “Tyler, I know you know what sex is and I know that you look at me sometimes when I jack off. I knew that you were looking but I did not care” Christian said. ” And I know that you like to jack off after I do it” ” I can here your moaning when you do it” Christian said smiling at Tyler. ” HOW did you know I was looking at you when you jack off?” Tyler said “Don’t worry about it little brother , we both do it and it’s fun. We just can’t get caught” Christian replied “When another person does it to you Tyler, it feels even better than when you do it yourself. Brian likes to do it to boys and I like having it done, so that’s what we were doing.” Christian said When I was watching you two through the window , I was jacking off ” Tyler said. “Hey Brian, Tyler is really cool and I don’t care if he wants to do stuff with us.. I know he won’t say anything” Christian said “As long as you don’t say anything Tyler, we could all get in big trouble for doing this” Brian responded with a serious tone. “I want to do it too” Tyler said with a devilish grin.. They all smiled. ” Sounds cool to me” Brian said. Christian pulled down his pants, exposing his naked pubic area. He had forgot to put on his boxers when he went outside. “Pull your shorts down Tyler” Christian whispered to Tyler “No, let me do that” Brian said smiling. Tyler stood up facing the couch in front of Brian as Brian pulled his shirt off. Tyler’s bare chest was deeply tanned , just as Christians. Brian took his hands and rubbed them all over Tyler’s chest, touching his round tits and rubbing them gently. Christian and Brian both noticed a bulge in Tyler’s tight pants and laughed. ” You’re getting hard ” Christian blurted out to Tyler. Tyler just laughed. Brian unsnapped the top button on Tyler’s faded levy cutoffs and slowly pulled the zipper down. He noticed that like Christian, Tyler had on a pair of boxers and his penis was poking through the slit in the boxers. Christian was leaning back on the couch enjoying watching Brian slowly undress his brother. osmaniye escort ” How old are you Tyler” Christian asked. ” Nine” Tyler responded. ” For a nine year old boy, your dick is gorgeous and what a cute dick head you have.” Tyler looked down as Brian pulled his boxers down leaving the boy totally naked as he stood in front of Brian. Tyler’s erect 3 and 1/2 penis stood straight up arching towards his belly. Brian loved circumcised boys and was pleased to see that Tyler was also cut. Brian reached up and touched the tip of Tyler’s penis and bent it down so it was sticking straight towards Brian. “Does this feel good Tyler when I touch your dick” Brian Asked “Yep” responded Tyler with a smile. “This is a perfect size” Brian said. “How big is it?” ” I’m not sure” Tyler responded. “Let’s find out” Brian said as he pulled out a cloth tape measure from an end table drawer. He placed the tab at the base of Tyler’s penis and checked the distance to the the tip of the circumcised head. “It’s EXACTLY 3 and 1/2 inches, he said with a smile. Christian’s penis began to harden as he watched Brian measure his brother. “Do mine” Christian said Christian stood up in front of Brian as Brian put the tab at Christian’s base and moved the cloth to the end of his circumcised penis. ” Your’s is EXACTLY 4 and 1/2 inches” Brian said. Christian smiled and returned to his spot on the couch. ” Who has the better looking dick” Tyler said with a laugh. ” It’s a tie” Brian said laughing. ” You both win Blue Ribbons for having the PERFECT dicks” “How often do you guys jack off” Brian asked “I do it almost every night and sometimes when I am in the shower” Christian replied. “I do it sometimes after I know Christian has done it and I do it when I sleep over at Dalton’s in theeee aw tree house” Tyler replied stumbling over the last couple of words realizing what he had just admitted to. Christian’s eyes got big as he leaned over to Tyler ” SO you and Dalton do stuff when you spend the night there” he asked. ” It’s OK Tyler, boys do that kind of stuff with each other all the time” Brian responded knowing that Tyler might have not wanted to let that information out to his brother. “Sometimes, brothers do it together as well” “It’s no big deal, if it feels good and you both want to play with each other, nobody should tell you that you can’t do it” The whole World enjoys ostim escort sex and that means kids too. Just don’t get caught” Brian said smiling. “Yes, I do stuff with Dalton just about every time we sleep in the tree house” Tyler admitted. Christian’s penis was at full staff as well as Tyler’s . ” You boys are so lucky” Brian said ” You both have another person to do stuff with and we all know how good that feels. Christian does it with me, you do it with Dalton and now you have me to do it with as well” ” Since Dalton likes doing things with you , do you think he would like to do it over here with the three of us?” Brian asked. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure he would do stuff with us” Tyler said while smiling. ” I know another boy that has a HUGE dick, it would be fun if he could join us too. His name is Cooper and I saw his dick once, it’s at least 5 inches BEFORE it gets hard” ” I’ll have to figure out a way to see if he likes to do “stuff”.” Brian told Christian to stand up next to Tyler, both of them facing him. Brian pulled down his own zipper and took his penis out. This is what your dick will look like in a few years. Both boys looked down at his erect uncut penis. “My dick is almost 7 inches long” “You can touch it if you want to” Brian said. Both boys reached down and put a hand on his penis to feel it. “You’re not cut like us” Christian replied. ” Nope, I’m not” Brian stated. Christian and Tyler ran their fingers along the dick exploring its shape and size. Tyler pulled the skin down slightly exposing Brian’s cock head. “Cooper’s dick is just like yours, his dick has skin over the top too and it’s probably about as big as yours” Tyler said. Christian pulled Brian’s skin down more ” Now your dick is like ours” Christian said laughing. Brian took both of his hands and cupped them over Tyler’s and Christian’s penis and rubbed them against the palm of his hand. Both boys were totally naked and both their dicks were pointing up and arching towards their tanned bellies Brian put his hands on Christian’s ass cheeks and nudged him closer. He put his face against Christian’s chest and ran his tongue down from his innie belly button to the tip of Christian’s hard penis. Licking the head and kissing it from the tip of the penis to the drooping testicles. . Brian then pulled Tyler close to him and put his tongue on Tyler`s penis, moving it from the marble size testicles to the tip of his cock head. Kissing the area on Tyler`s penis that had been nicked by the zipper. ” Brian’s saliva formed on Tyler’s penis and Brian licked it until it was dry . That feels good” Tyler said as he closed his eyes. ” Please DON’T stop ”

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