The Cuckold’s Reward – Greg’s Story – Part III


Al left their home early evening on that Sunday. He was physically drained. He and Cathy had fucked again before joining Greg for breakfast. After relaxing with the Sunday papers they went out for lunch together; Greg was not working that night so he had time to relax as well. Cathy was also relaxed, in fact, over lunch she leaned over and told them how wonderful she felt. “What woman wouldn’t be happy enjoying lunch with her husband and her lover?” Al had looked at Greg but couldn’t really read what he was perhaps thinking. When they walked home after lunch, with Cathy walking between the two men, she looked around and seeing no one else in the vicinity, took hold of Al’s hand. For a few minutes she walked along hand in hand with her lover with her husband at her side. Al sensed that she was almost walking on air. Once back at home she took Al’s hand again and led him upstairs. Greg followed them upstairs too but it was only to go and rest in the spare bedroom. Al enjoyed Cathy’s body once again and after a short sleep he left for his home but only after succumbing to her arousing lips as a prelude to another satisfying fuck. They spoke on the telephone over the next couple of days. Cathy invited him to stay overnight on the Wednesday but he had heavy work commitments next day. “What if I got almanbahis Greg to drive me over for a couple of hours?” she had asked. The idea of a husband bringing his wife over to be fucked and then taken back home, appealed to him. He had experienced husbands bringing their wives over for the night before but never for just a few hours. “Is Greg okay with that?” Cathy laughed. “He would be delighted to bring me to you.” Greg telephoned him in the afternoon asking for directions and they had a brief chat. “I bet this must be an unusual occurrence?” “I have had husbands bring their wives over to spend the night with me before.” “I… I would love to bring her over to spend the whole night with you, Al.” Al explained that he had a very early start next morning. “But Friday night would be good,” he told him. “I… I will do that. Thanks.” Al could sense that Greg was getting to enjoy his wife’s cuckolding. “Perhaps you could take her out shopping and buy her something nice for her overnight stay; something silky and sexy.” Al heard him swallow hard. “W… what sort of thing would you like to see her in?” “Well Greg put yourself in any other man’s place,” he told him. “What sort of lingerie and nightwear appeals to you? We are all the same basically, Greg. Something that accentuates her curves; almanbahis yeni giriş something that brings an immediate erection, not that it is needed, but you get the picture don’t you?” Greg agreed. “I expect that you will be making some space for her clothing… for overnight stays?” “It goes without saying Greg.” Greg went silent for a few moments. “I… I want to ask you something, Al.” “Go on.” “C… Cathy… Cathy wants to stop taking the contraceptive pill.” Al was almost expecting it. He wasn’t surprised at his question. He had no intention at this early stage in the relationship of taking things that deep but the thought of getting her pregnant excited him. “I don’t fancy the idea of wearing condoms, Greg. I hate the damn things.” He tested. “It’s… it’s only me that will have to wear them.” Al was silent for a few moments. “You know that she will get pregnant don’t you?” “Yes,” he replied quietly. “And are you prepared to bring up another man’s child?” Al heard him breathe heavily. “Yes, Al,” he responded. “I am prepared. I… I want you to get her pregnant.” Al could almost imagine him standing there gripping his bulge in one hand while holding his phone in the other. He thought about Bill and remembered his participation in helping Penny become pregnant. Right almanbahis giriş from the start Bill did things like guiding his cock into his wife’s pussy and holding her legs aloft after he had cum inside her to keep his seed inside her for as long as possible. He could sense that Greg would probably be willing to help in the process. “Let me think about it, Greg. It’s a serious step to take.” “Thanks Al,” Greg responded. “I appreciate it.” Al ended the call. He could feel his own erection pushing against the constraints of his trousers. He wished Cathy was there with him now so that he make a start right away but he also knew that he had take this seriously; there was more to creation than just the sex. A few hours later they arrived at his home. Cathy wore a loose fitting red dress. He kissed her and patted her bottom; he could not feel any panties under her dress but he did feel suspender straps. Greg stood watching them kiss; his eyes widened when he saw Cathy’s hand groping his bulge. “Would you like a tour?” he asked them. Cathy took his hand as he led them through his three bedroomed house. Greg, like most men, took scant interest but Cathy was interested in everything. She complemented him on his decor and his range of kitchen gadgets. He didn’t tell her that most of the women who had spent time there had contributed with ideas and suggestions. Upstairs he showed her the two guest bedrooms first. “I bet many a cuckold has slept in these,” she commented looking at Greg. Finally he showed her the master bedroom.

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