THE CREATURE WITHIN 23: RECOVERYCHAPTER 23: RECOVERYThe feeling of blackness coming over me certainly wasn’t a new experience. I hoped it would not continue to be familiar to me in the future.The first sensation to return was sound. It was difficult at first to distinguish and identify the sounds that came to me. The sounds and my place in the world relative to those sounds were confused. My mind wanted me to be waking in a richly appointed room secure within an estate in modern society of the well-to-do. I wasn’t in such a place, though.Before my eyes opened, it was the sounds, then the smells. They were familiar, but not expected. They were reassuring, but not what I could identify. The sounds were of people, activity, c***dren, life, even excited anticipation in the air and sounds. They were all muted sounds, though. The sounds of c***dren were as though they were being held in check, or attempts at it, anyway; like c***dren who had reason for excitement but they were being held back until the proper time for that excitement to be released. The sounds of people were whispers, soft voices speaking, sharing with others. The activity outside was slowed, hushed as it passed wherever I was. I heard a****ls, trading, and cooperative efforts, but nearby it was muted, hushed. The smells were somehow familiar but not at all expected. The smells were earthy, raw, and natural. There was a smell of food cooking but not the seasoned, elaborate preparation of food I was used to. This was food that was simple, natural, and plain in its preparation and enjoyment.Physically, my body felt trapped, confined in one position, which was flat on my back. Something pressed into each side restricting my movement. As my mind sought full recognition and realization of my surroundings, my hands moved from resting on my body to my sides. What was constraining me moved at the touch. I forced my eyes open, immediately recognizing the thatched room and walls of the Guarani people. I raised my head and upper body to gaze down my body. Pain seared through my left shoulder and right thigh, and additional recognition and realization rushed into my consciousness, the events leading to my injuries coming back to me in a rush.The constraints restricting my movements shifted as I moved and I was attacked by two tongues licking my face in joyful exuberance. I laughed at the attack from Preta and Wolf, but also groaned at the effort of moving. The laughing and joy far outweighed the pain, though, partially from the excitement they heaped on me and partially from recognition that the pain wasn’t worse. I instantly remembered being wounded by at least two bullets in the fight with the rebels. I tried to move the two so I could inspect the damage to my body, but they were having none of it, and I willingly gave up the effort, falling back, and their attentive licks following me until I captured both of their heads in my arms and hugged them to me until they settled on or next to me.The thatch door opened with a scr****g sound of the door being pushed against the dirt of the floor. A woman I remembered from before poked her head around the edge of the door, tentatively checking on me. Seeing me aware and covered by the a****ls, she turned her head and said something I couldn’t quite hear. From outside came a cascade of exclamations and comments, followed by the appearance of four women crowding into the hut, others crowding into the doorway and window opening now being uncovered.The three other women were of the senior women leaders who had coordinated my challenges and training during my previous stay in the villages. A hush went over the women inside and the people outside. There was unspoken emotion emanating from the people.“Thank you … how are you feeling?”“I … I hurt … but I think I will be okay. Will I be okay?” I raised myself to an elbow and touched the bandages wrapped around my shoulder and thigh.“While you were not awake … we cleaned you, treated the holes in your body. And, the wood … mmmm … pieces of wood stuck in your side … we took them out and treated the skin.” I smiled and thanked them. I remembered the automatic fire into the thatched hut I was using for shelter and the thatch and wood being decimated by the bullets, striking me up and down my right side. The holes they mentioned I assumed were the bullet wounds.I touched the bullet wounds, again, “What do these look like?”One woman rushed to me, carefully loosening and unwrapping the bandage material from each wound location. I looked at my shoulder, then my thigh. I didn’t think they had much experience with bullet wounds. “It looks clean, thank you. Did they go through? Out the back?” If they had no prior experience, would they have a concept of a small object going in and out the other side or hitting a bone and causing more damage inside?She nodded, “Yes, two holes, front and back at each.” She looked embarrassed and looked to the other women for encouragement, which she received. I had the impression she might be the primary healer of the villages. “How do you heal so fast?” She looked at the others, again, then back to me, putting her finger near the wound at my shoulder. “This only happened last night. How is it already healing?”How, indeed. Should I attempt a discussion of ‘cross-species DNA’ with them? They were all looking at me, but I didn’t think an answer of any consequence was beneficial. So, I just shrugged. I put the bandages back on despite them already scabbing over. She asked if I was up to moving around. I had only been out for about 12 hours, I figured. The sun was just past its highest point, so it must be very early afternoon. I wasn’t sure what time the fighting had ended last night, but I imagined it being around midnight or slight later. They indicated that there were a few people who wanted to see me. I moved to gain a knee to rise and the pain put me back down. I honestly felt that much of the pain was from stiffness that had set in. I was used to the way my body healed after injuries and bruising from training with Adrian. I thought I had a pretty good handle on what to expect and as long as there wasn’t infection or undetected internal injuries, my recovery would be quick.A woman in group call outside and two boys tentatively came inside. They were boys, probably in early puberty; they were shorter than me, skinny, but healthy looking.“These two are yours.” I looked at them, then back to her with shock registering on my face. She caught the look and blushed. They usually speak in a combination of Spanish and Portuguese with some other words thrown in occasionally, but I was forcing them to restrict their talk to Spanish. Our communication was greatly improved from my previous time with them when I didn’t even know Spanish, but it still created some moments of confused wording. “No!” She put her hands on the boys to reassure them and the other women laughed at the discomfort exhibited by us. “No, I mean they have volunteered to assist you moving around the village as you might want or need. Walking will help to heal, I think.”The Guarani are very sexual, but they don’t include the young. It was unclear to me when they might be initiated, but I trusted they had their social norms. It was my understanding that the parents would have sex in the small huts with c***dren nearby in the dark and it was an occurrence that was common and normal. c***dren, however, were not included, even if they knew it was happening. The boys came to me and the a****ls made way for them as they reached their arms and hands to me and leveraged me into a standing position. I winced in achieving a vertical position and putting weight gingerly on my right leg, again. The boys came alongside me and we worked out the best way to do this. I used my right arm over one boy’s shoulder for support for my injured leg; my left arm limply hung over the other boy as he firmly took hold around my waist. This was pushing me into a new world of nudity comfort … three naked bodies in close contact and two of them c***dren, but not far from being considered men in this society.Once supported, I noticed my bow, knife and sheath, quiver and second quiver next to the wall near the mats I had been on. I half turned to the women, “What of the dead rebels and their weapons?”“Buried. Some of our men buried everything that wasn’t from us in the jungle.”I took a step and stopped. “Was anyone hurt?”They exchanged glances, “One man killed when they first arrived. We didn’t know what to think of those things they carried. He resisted and they killed him to make an example. Others, were hit with hand or kicked, but not seriously.”“What about the woman last night?”“You saved her in time before …” They shared glances, but the point had been made.“The man … did he have a family?” I nervously watched as they hesitated.“Yes, his woman and a girl.”I pondered that. This had been almost perfect, after all. The brutality of man against man evidenced in that action, though, tore the feeling of accomplishment from me. If I had reacted quicker, would he still be alive or would it all have been worse by being ill prepared? But, Sam and Adrian have been adamant with me that a plan that is well executed should not be left with questions of ‘what if’. So, I offered to meet them. I was assured, in their community way of life, the young family would be cared for and she would eventually find another mate among the people. I nodded and gave a weak smile.The women went through the door opening before me and my two crutches of boys. When the women appeared outside, it went quiet; when I appeared in the doorway supported by the boys, I found a massive crowd that spilled over the entire village. I thought the people were much more than just the villages in the area and it was confirmed when a woman saw the look on my face to comment that she thought the entire people had gathered to be present the first opportunity to see me.The boys seemed to know what to do. They took me into the crowd, leaving the women behind as they used a serpentine route through the crowd. People, men, women, and c***dren, reached out their hands to touch me. Those that could, reached for the tattoos on my left breast, others settled for some part of my exposed body, reaching around the boys supporting me. I thought I was feeling better, but this took quite a while and everyone waited patiently for the opportunity to thank me with their touch and look. The boys were troopers as they guided me through their people, obviously taking great pride in being able to assist me in the effort.That evening, after seemingly endless encounters with people, the boys led me to a small hut and I noticed that everyone else shrank back away, leaving us alone in front of the hut. My right leg as aching from the effort and I knew that by morning it was going to be protesting severely. The boy I was hanging onto on the right informed me that this was the woman and c***d. I looked down at him and he nodded. The other boy slipped his arm from around my waist and stood slightly in front of me and, with a startling sensitivity, stroked my left arm and looked into my eyes. c***dren have to grow up quickly here for the people to survive. But, taking on responsibilities is one thing; for a pubescent boy to reflect the caring and love I have experienced from the people before was inspiring to me. I lifted my arm to the side of his face and smiled. I kissed his forehead, then did the same to the other boy. They left me standing by myself as the thatch door sc****d along the ground to reveal a young woman with a toddler hanging onto her leg.She had prepared a simple dinner and we shared about ourselves easily until we realized the little one was sound asleep in my arms. Their life is hard in the jungle, surviving on what they can and how they can, but their life is full of the same expectations and wonder for the future and their c***dren as might be found in other societies … the expectations are simply more basic.When I woke in the morning, the light of the new day was only just entering through the window opening. The woman was already up and pulling together fruit and bread for the morning meal. The toddler was sitting next to my chest, gently touching the tattoos on my breast with special attention to the tattoo of Preta who was curled up behind the c***d, providing necessary backrest for her stability. As she saw my eyes open and settle on her, she seemed to spring from her sitting position, half landing on my stomach, eliciting an ‘umph’. The motion caused Preta to open only one eye; Wolf, however, was sitting at my feet, his tail beating out a rapid rhythm of pending play.I carefully used my left arm to settle the c***d onto my body when she took hold of a breast and clamped her lips around the nipple. I looked to the mother.“I still nurse her.”I smiled and held the girl to my body, stoking softly over her bare back. “She won’t get anything from me …”The woman was now kneeling next to me, stroking the c***d’s messy-haired head, “Yes, she will, See-leen-a …” Her other hand touched my head, “Her mouth may not be nourished by milk, but her soul and heart will be nourished by your abundant love and caring. She will learn and understand what happened to her father and she will learn and understand that during that dark time, she was held to the breast of See-leen-a.”I lay my head back, one hand holding the c***d’s head to my breast, the other stroking her little body lying on top of me. I listened to the insistent sucking sounds and feeling the lips working my nipple. What would this life be like? To start the day with your c***d sucking at a breast, the sounds of the village and jungle coming to life outside? Would the primitive existence somehow satisfy the primal needs I now felt inside me? Or, would this, too, leave me wanting?The woman opened the thatch door and the two boys were timidly waiting outside. They led me through the village, people stopping to nod to me or touch me as we passed. The boys stopped in front of the healer who removed my bandages in the middle of the commons area. She shook her head while examining the wounds, “I don’t understand. They are nearly healed. How do they feel?” She probed the edges of each wound.As expected, the morning brought an increase in soreness, but it was stiffness as the muscles tightened during the night. The wounds themselves were tender, but as I moved, my body loosened and the soreness dissipated. I was standing in the commons open area of the center village at the area that was once the compound for the lead women and was now an opened area for all to use. I was still leaning supportively on the boys and they seemed intrigued by their proximity to the discussion with me by the lead women of the tribe. At some point, the comment that seemed to occupy the thoughts of many was again expressed, “See-leen-a, you are our link to cooperation and interconnection with the natural world of the jungle, water, and sky. We did not understand you as a defender.” I never knew how a response to that expression of puzzlement could be satisfactorily given. It seemed that there was nobody who didn’t believe that I truly was Celina. There seemed to have been a transformational experience … physically for me and relationally for them. On some level, there must still have been a recognition that I was still that woman who came to them from the outside world. But, that recognition of who I had been at one time to them was overshadowed and dominated by the image and belief of the person in their midst at present. I felt guilty to pretend, but, on the other hand, it was that very image and belief that I believed might save their delicate cultural existence. So, I buried my guilt under the belief that the greater good was being served. But, they were beginning to give me pause … could I be the one deceived into thinking I wasn’t that woman?Those thoughts were abruptly interrupted, though, as a voice from behind authoritatively proclaimed, “She isn’t See-leen-a.” We all turned to look behind as all the people in the immediate area fell silent and watched in stunned disbelief. The stunned reaction lasted only moments before people and the lead women confronted the man and argued. I noticed, however, their defiance was reserved and respectful. He was an old man, his dark skin showing the creases and wrinkles of his age, his arms and legs thin to the point of seeming to show little muscle at all. His hair was long and grey, hanging below his shoulders, and decorated with various feathers, kaçak iddaa bits of bone and fur. His face was a sight for me to behold with a 5 inch bone piercing his nose; a circular carved wood piece inserted in his lower lip, extending it out an additional 3 inches; the dark, creased skin of his face made darker still by faded tattoos pressed into his skin long ago. But, what I couldn’t get over was the decoration further below, below his waist. What had to be an 8 inch hollowed out, curved gourd was prominently sticking out from the location where his penis would be and held in place by string around the loose skin of his body at the waist. I had never seen him before and doubted that he could be from the village and we hadn’t come into contact during my previous stay. Or, he was just some strange form of jungle idiosyncrasy. I asked the boys, “Who is that man?”He struggled in describing the man, but he was obviously known. He spotted someone in the distance and waved frantically. A woman came directly to us. It was his mother. After greetings and indicating her pride in the boys in being able to assist me, she struggled herself in explaining the man.“He has wandered the jungles for so long, even he doesn’t remember what tribe he was originally from. He now is representative of many tribes in his appearance, communication, and customs. He is revered by most tribes, as a result. He is what is called, ‘Quiem sabre los espiritos’, it meaning ‘He who know spirits’.” The hybrid language references were translated as best they could into Spanish.The old man held up his hands to silence the discussion, “I meant no disrespect to the Guarani. You certainly know See-leen-a when you find her. I only meant to clarify that she is not only See-leen-a. She is more.” That stopped all discussion and argument. I thought I understood what he was referring to. If he could truly see inside a person, if he could discern spirits in the world, could he also see that I was an outsider, a person of the civilized, greedy, corrupt world? But, no, that wasn’t it, at all. He walked with awkward steps to me and I wondered how he managed to wander in the jungle. He looked and moved like he was centuries old. He walked up to me, put his hands on the sides of my face and closed his eyes. After a moment of awkwardness on my part, he opened his eyes and smiled. He indicated for the boys to move away and I stood on my own, his hands moving to my shoulders. His right hand and index finger touched each of my tattoos, stopping at the panther and looking down at Preta sitting at my side. He indicated to him and I nodded.He looked into my eyes, forcing me to see into his, as well. They were grey, but his pupils seemed big and black, overwhelming the impression of his eyes. If his eyes didn’t see into your soul, they made you feel like you were falling into them. His voice came soft and reassuring, but with conviction, “I know who you are.” I again became nervous, but there was nothing in his manner that would justify it. I looked to the women clustered around his back, but they appeared to be as unsure of what was happening as I was. “More than ‘who’, I know ‘what’ you are.”He ignored the comments around us and held my gaze. “When you attacked in the dark last night, you saw in the dark like your wolf.” It was a statement, not a question, but I nodded. “When you sought for clues, you heard feet scr****g on the dirt.” I thought of the woman taken by the rebel into the other hut. I nodded. People all around us were watching and listening to the interaction. He took hold of my hands in his. My tanned, smooth skin of my fingers in stark contrast in his weathered, craggy fingers. “Show me.” That was all. Did he really know about them? By touching me, by holding my hands he could tell? How did he know the other things? Our eyes never left each other, enticing me to comply, to show him what he knew already. My eyes fell to my fingers in his open hands. I released the claws from the ends of my fingers and a gasp went out over those who were close enough to witness it and word spread out deeper into the crowd as they were told what happened. He simply smiled and spoke to me, though others likely heard, “I knew it was you! I felt you yesterday and I hurried, hoping I wouldn’t be too late. This is so exciting! I think never before have you both resided in the same woman.” I was so confused. What both? Who was in me? They believed Celina was in me, but who did he think was in me?He turned and talked excitedly to the lead women and a young man who I had just noticed for the first time. After listening, his eyes growing larger, taking in the excitement of the old man, he turned and ran off into the jungle. The women looked stunned. They looked at me with a look that exceeded the one I saw in them when they first thought I might be Celina. The old man turned to crowd with his arms raised far over his head and called out for all to hear, “Ressurreição”. The crowd, everywhere, stood as stunned as the women had.I reached out to one of the women standing closest, “What … what is happening? What does this mean?”“We have heard of Ressurreição, but none of us have been witness to it. It is a ritual going back to our ancestors that calls up a latent spirit to come forth. It is only performed when our most revered and honored spirits are discovered.”I looked around, seeing the excitement rising in the people and the old man inspecting three large woven sacks with weight in each. “What … are you … talking about? You know me. What is going to happen?”She held my face in her hands. “Such a wonder, yes, we know you. But, you are … oh, this explains everything!” I noticed she had stopped using my name. Or, she had stopped calling me Celina. “Trust what happens. I will stay with you and explain what happens. Just trust.”“I will try, is this more challenges?”“No, no challenge. This will determine if he is right about you. Then, it will bring you out so your true self is revealed even to yourself. Trust us.”“What does Ressurreição mean? Why did he use that word with such wonder and excitement and why did the people react so?”“Ressurreição … Resurrection. If he is correct, it will be a resurrection of a spirit that hasn’t walked the jungles for generations …” she looked at me with the excitement of a c***d, “and never combined with See-leen-a!”What did any of this mean? This sounded like primitive mumbo-jumbo … talking of spirits inhabiting people … spirits combined in one …I asked what I suddenly thought about, “Will this hurt? What happens?”“Hurt? No, no … it might feel … mmmm, it might feel strange, but very, very good.” She looked at me and saw my concern. “Don’t worry, you will be okay. This is a test, but it will take a couple days if it all goes well.” A couple days? Really?! What about the rebels in the village to the north? Well, I wasn’t in shape to do anything about that and would need a couple days more days for rest and healing. According to the information from the one rebel we kept and questioned, there was that much time and likely more.I, of course, relented. What more could possibly befall me now? Going to the jungle and becoming a mythological a****l-mating-woman, being blown out of the sky, barely surviving the jungle, then finding out that my DNA has melded with a****ls because of that inter-species mating, changes in my body and psychology, first fighting with Navy Seals, and now taking on a rebel force in the jungle. What else could be thrown at me to possibly affect me more physically or psychologically? Then, again … how far should I be pushing my luck? But, I relented.Once, again, this seemed to have taken on something more than just Annie Linder of small town, New Mexico. Whatever this was, wherever this was taking me, I have moved from Annie to Celina to Cat to Celina. For better or worse, those movements were beginning to feel effortless. He saw something else in me. What could be more? How could I not want to find out?When I saw the c***dren, including my boys taken away from the old compound area, I knew something was going to happen that involved me and sex … and, it was going to be very public.I was assisted to the center of the largest hut where a mat was placed on the ground. The old man and the lead women with the healer formed a loose circle around the mat. Other people formed around that circle, first few rows sitting, then on knees and finally standing at the back. The people present seemed to my eye to be based on age and senior status in the tribe. It seemed like half the adults of the village were included. I had to admit to myself some nervousness, this coming from the woman who performed a****l sex acts including belly-riding for the entertainment of resort guests.I was told that for the test to function easily, my vagina needed to be open and wet inside. That comment alone seemed ominous of what was to follow. The old man looked at my companions and talked to the women who seemed to provide him with the information he needed. He suggested I mate with both Wolf and Preta. How wasn’t important, it was the end result he was interested in. I and the women knew from experience that taking a knot and following that with another fuck would certainly leave my pussy open and very wet.I gingery knelt on the mat, shaking my head as I did, still not quite believing I was moving ahead with something I had little knowledge about. But, if his focus was on the end result, my focus shifted the same way and I concentrated on the end result and what it would tell us … if anything. In the meantime, though, I will get to fuck Wolf and Preta, and it had been days since that had been able to happen.It is an unusual occurrence for us to begin the process of mating when the events leading up to it hasn’t provided signals, motivation, and touches for both them and me to become aroused and ready. I saw no reason, even under these unusual circumstances, to change the manner in which the three of us go about mating. It also occurred to me, most of the people had not seen Preta and me mate, though I was sure most all had heard the story of our bonding.So, for a rare time when foreplay was actually necessary rather than fun, I indicated for Wolf to lie and I moved alongside him, rotating my hips flat on the mat. I patted the inside of my thighs for Preta, as I turned my shoulders to Wolf and began playing with his sheath and stomach. Preta knew instantly what I wanted form him, his raspy tongue beginning with short touches to my pussy but becoming longer swipes quickly. The same was true for me with Wolf. My initial contact with him was touches of my fingers to the outside of his sheath and touches of my tongue to his cock as it began to show, but very soon I was sucking on the tip and the more I sucked, the more cock came out of hiding. My reaction to Preta’s attention to me was no different. His touches and licks with his rasping tongue found my pussy lips and inside, his tongue hitting my clit would send me into a flinch as a jolt of electric stimulation shot through my body.Not surprisingly, despite the cold start, there was no confusion or uncertainty among us when sexual play begins. We know it is leading to a good fuck and the foreplay is directly linked to that eventuality.I moved to my hands and knees, pushing Preta’s snout away from my pussy as he seemed reluctant to want to leave it now that it was freely flowing with my juices. Wolf came around to my rear and Preta easily yielded way in keeping with our established and understood routine. Wolf gave my pussy several licks but mounted me quickly, his body landing on me fully and familiarly. I loved the feel of both of their bodies on mine, covering my back with theirs as their cock made initial penetration, then driving deeper with each thrust of their hips at mine.I was in the midst of a jam-packed hut of people thinking I was a bestial mythological character who they have emulated for generations. Now, these same people because of a spirit man from the jungle also believe me to be something else in combination. The old man certainly had me wondering about myself and about the idea of spirits inhabiting a soul that enhances a person’s very being. But, for the time being, I was mating with my a****ls because that was what they seemed to need to have happen for the spirit tests to be performed … whatever those tests were. They seemed reluctant to give me too much information too soon; perhaps because I might be reluctant if I knew?The knot pressing at my opening brought me back to the matter at hand and with a sense of relief to stop thinking, I committed to applying my every effort and attention to my loving and caring boys until we were all well satisfied … even if it meant showing all these people what a crazy a****l bitch I was. I guessed it was the easiest way to think about the show I was to put on in order to reach the next step of whatever was to follow. I pressed my body back onto Wolf’s cock as he pressed his body into my pussy, the both of us intent to press his growing knot into my stretching pussy.I dropped my chest onto the mat and allowed my mouth to fall open, the gasps and moans freely released as they formed in my throat and seemed to be pumped out through my mouth by the pumping cock in my pussy. It felt wicked, but gloriously wicked. I was supposed to be the inspiration for these women sharing a life of b********y in the name of cooperation, respect, and honor for the jungle life they depended on for survival and life. What better way to reflect that back to them than the unbridled, wanton enjoyment of mating my canine, but then mating with my big feline, something none of them had considered much less accomplished.I cried out vocally and loudly as the knot passed through my pussy lips and into me. I reveled in being tied to my Wolf, again. As he tried to continue humping me, but was restricted by the reduced range of motion with the knot firmly inside me, I continued to work with him. I pressed back onto his cock and knot, then pulled away from him as he continued to move inside me. His cock was penetrated deep and I felt him swell and become more rigid as we fucked each other. But his knot bumped my g-spot as I pulled away from him and he from me, twisting and turning my pelvis, seeking that jolting contact of his knot against my sensitive inner spot.As the blood of our passion flowed into our organs, his cock and knot, my pussy and clit, we were both driven higher and higher in need and desire for satisfaction and release. With my chest pressed against the mat and my ass in the air connected by his cock and knot, I moaned and gasped my desire for release and his climax into my pussy, ready to received and take all the seed he had to offer.When I felt his cock become harder, to jerk, and press ever deeper into me, I raised my body to my elbows and braced myself for his final assault. I felt his cock twitch inside me and I concentrated, fully and intently, for that feeling of his seed spurting into my pussy. And when I did, I came, I orgasmed, I exploded. Partially from the wonderful fuck, partially from the exposure and exhibitionism before all these people and the old man, but also from the unknown expectation of what was to follow. I fell back to the mat on the floor, my ass still tied to Wolf by his knot as he turned to make us ass-to-ass. My head happened to turn in the direction of the lead women and the old man. A contented smile spread over my face.* * * * *The old man leaned to the village woman next to him. They were all sitting cross-legged on the dirt floor of the hut, quietly watching the mating before them.“I must say, it is almost like lovemaking for her.” The woman nodded. “Tell me … will she really do the same with the puma?”She smiled, “Only a few of us have actually seen her do it, but, yes, she will. Just watch …”* * * * *After only brief moments of recovery, I push myself to my elbows, again. I patted the mat in front of me, “Preta.”He has been watching intently as Wolf and I mated. Hearing his name and the familiar indication for his turn, he came to me and lay his body on his side. You might think after all this time that he would get his positioning perfect, but there is always some adjustment necessary. Sometimes I am able to just pull his hind end closer and other times there is more movement required and I do so with a combination of pulling him and pulling Wolf by the strength of our tie. This time it was a minor adjustment for my mouth to be in position to tease his cock out of his sheath.This kaçak bahis is such a normal part of our activity that he moves directly into a relaxed position on his side, his hind end rotated to present his sheath to me. And, as such a normal part of our activity, my mouth and tongue began immediately playing over the tip of cock that quickly presented itself. As I slid my mouth over the increasing amount of cock, my mind went to the mouth fucking he gave me on the back lawn of Sylvia’s estate. The barbed cock growing in my mouth began touching the front of my throat. Preta was jerking his hips at me in response to the stimulation; I was ready to change by the time Wolf pulled his knot of me.* * * * *The old man was watching intently. “I am right that the puma penis is barbed?”The woman nodded, as she too watched with equal attention. “You will see. Notice how she eagerly takes his penis into her mouth to prepare him? She had a style that was unique, but many of the women here have adapted portions of it in their techniques.”“Interesting. Such as …”“The hand to assist penetration … you noticed that. Also, her sucking the a****l to prepare it. She doesn’t like the a****l pulling its penis out because it hasn’t reached full erection. She helps it achieve full erection BEFORE penetration. We agree, it is more pleasant.”They watched as she released the cat’s penis and it walked around her to her ass at which point it leapt onto her back. He was paying attention this time and did see her hand slip between her legs as the woman had said. Upon the initial penetration, he saw and heard her reaction as the barbed head slid into her pussy and began thrusting in and out of her. Her face took on an appearance of mixed joy, ecstasy, and sensitivity to the pulling of the barbs on the inside of her pussy.It wasn’t that he didn’t trust the belief of the women that she was their cherished See-leen-a, but he was positive without any question after watching the two mating. Her mating with the puma was more impressive in his mind ,and significant of the spirit of See-leen-a, than taking the knot of the canine. After they both came in their mating, she for her second time, he stood and indicated behind him to the young man waiting quietly in the back with two of the sacks he previously brought into the village with the old man. As he moved to the woman on the ground, several of the lead women stood and moved with him until they were surrounding her, her a****ls moving just to the side.* * * * *I opened my eyes after collapsing on the mat after cumming with Preta, his barbed cock scr****g my insides as my lower body fell to the ground, pulling off his cock. There in front of my eyes were bare feet that were dark and wrinkled with age, the toe nails long and cracked at the ends. I raised my head slightly to look up at his face.“Turn over to your back.”There was no gentle introduction to what was about to happen with explanations or seeking consent. He was moving deliberately and quickly into what he indicated would be tests to verify his supposition about me. He instructed me to then open my legs wide and two of the women knelt at my knees and leaned their hands onto me and held my legs in place. I looked up at the senior woman with a look of desperation to understand.“This is going to be strange, but for it to be effective, you must remain as still as possible for the first couple stages of this.”I looked up at her, then my eye caught the old man moving, looking into the two sacks, giving one back to the young man and keeping the other in his hand. The old man approached me and moved down between my ankles. I raised my head to look at him and he seemed intent on what he was about to do, but the senior woman put a hand out to him.“Explain it to her. This would be frightening to her. We have never seen it done, only heard about it, and I for one am nervous myself.”He looked at me and seemed to change his countenance to softer. “This is so exciting. I have performed this only three times before over the many years I have been searching. The other times were not successful, I am afraid. But, you … you are very different. You provide a very strong signal. And, for this spirit to also reside with the spirit of See-leen-a … beyond exciting. I have never heard of this happening before from all the stories passed down from generation to generation. I cannot wait.”The woman expressed her exasperation. “You haven’t told her!”He looked embarrassed, “Sorry … yes … sorry … it is just so …”I smiled, “Yes, I know … exciting.”The people around the center laughed. It lightened the situation but also lightened my nervousness … slightly.He started, again. He stuck his hand into the sack he held and pulled out a snake. I shrieked. I admit that snakes are not my favorite species on this earth. I didn’t know what to expect, but I wasn’t expecting that. The snake was only about a foot long and as a result not very large in diameter.“Yes, a snake.” He gave a name but it didn’t sound at all recognizable to me. The woman said the name didn’t translate well. It was a snake that sought out wet, warm, close locations to mate and breed, usually underground in muddy or mossy locations near water.”He held the snake by the tail and lowered it between my legs. With my legs spread on the mat, the women on each side and the man at my feet, the snake was enclosed. With raised head, I watched as it slithered one way, then the other seeking a route that was desirable. Its forked tongue flicked out touching the skin surface of my legs, moving back and forth as it moved further up my thighs. The hut was completely silent except for the agitated sounds coming from both Wolf and Preta as they stood near my head at the sides of the woman talking to me. They seemed to have the same generally feeling about snakes that I did.I watched as the snake with dull, orange markings continued closer to my crotch, flicking its tongue, apparently taking in the scent of my mating with the a****ls. My breath caught in my throat as I watched its head come within inches of my open and leaking pussy, my legs now pulled even further apart until the tension on my ligaments guaranteed in my mind that the women had my pussy spread before the reptile. At the first touch of his flickering tongue, however, flicking over the outer lips of my pussy, then between them on the wet, tender flesh, my head had to drop to the mat as my mouth opened in response to gasping in shocked tension and moaning at the obscenely taboo thrill coursing through me from the slight touches.My head seemed to throw itself back, arching my neck and shoulders, my eyes shut tight and my mouth open, sucking in air and not considering releasing it as the snake’s head touched my pussy, flicking its tongue along the lips and between them, rising up and down along my pussy. It seemed to find my opening with its tongue flickering around the tender tissue of my hole. Then the sensation stopped as its head pulled back and rose along my pussy, its tongue again flicking out between my lips as it rose. Somehow, my gasps sucked in more air without release as the tongue moved minutely up my pussy and seemed to hover over my clit. My heart was pulsing like a war drum in anticipation of the next sensation and my entire body tensed. It was as if my heart might explode in anticipation but the contact of that tongue on my clit sent my body more rigid than before and that reaction seemed to intrigue the reptile, if possible, as it held its sensory investigation of that spot, which created such responses from me. The flicking touches to my clit caused my pussy to gap and close, twitching itself as if seeking to entice it inside. And, perhaps it was and it was working.I managed to raise my head to see what the snake was doing when I stopped feeling its flicking tongue on my clit and pussy. What I saw made me gulp all over again. Its nose was at my opening and just then its tongue flicked out to the inside of my pussy. The next moment it moved its head into my hole. For a moment, it stayed quiet with only its head inside. I felt it again flick its tongue, touching the sides around the opening, pulled itself further inside. The snake was only a foot long, but the idea was still such a taboo thought and the feeling was so unnatural. The more it slithered inside, its scales holding as it pushed further in until I felt it thinner tail and my pussy closing slightly around it. Now that the entire snake was inside me, it turned and coiled and rolled, which had the absolutely delicious feeling of touching my cervix and g-spot at random times as it moved. It seemed to be exploring its new surroundings and feeling its way with its tongue, flicking out and touching surfaces. I felt it touch and deliberately spend time at my cervix and I shuddered at the thought of it trying to press into my womb. But, it didn’t. It moved around and spent some attention on my g-spot when my body seemed to react to that attention. And my body did react. I stiffened at the stimulation coming from inside me, I bit down on my lower lip and my fingers absently went to my erect nipples, pinching, pulling and twisting them. One of the women touched my clit, just a touch, but it was all I needed. I crashed into an orgasm that caused me to raise my hips off the mat, my hands grabbing at the mat for something to hold onto. I cried out, the cries surrounded by moans and groans, gasps and sighs. I was sure I drenched the snake inside me with more fluids. If she like the wet environment, she should be very happy.After my hips dropped back to the mat and my breath and heart beat slowed just enough to think of speaking or considering my surrounding, I heard the old man, “The next sack, quickly!”My eyes focused on the woman at my head and she was offering explanation, “Now the males.”My eyes blinked at the words as if my blinking would assist my brain in processing the words. “Males … plural … how … many?” The words came out around my panting breath. Males? Did I know this? Was I told this, what was happening now with males?She seemed to sense my confusion and need to understand more. “How many … we will see in a moment. The males will enter you and surround the female. They will breed her in a mating ball. The males compete for the chance to breed the female, then the males unwind and leave her.”I looked up in shock. “They are going to breed her inside me?!” Just then, I felt movement between my legs. I raised my head and upper body to my elbows for a better look and wished I hadn’t. I dropped back to the mat after seeing the old man empty the sack between my legs and dropped out between 10 and 12 more snakes. I didn’t believe that many were also going to fit inside me but the thought of breeding inside was still bouncing around in my brain.I felt the first male slither inside me, joining the female and feeling an unbelievable sensation as they apparently curled around each other immediately. The second followed and then more as they seemed to be racing to join the first. I couldn’t ignore it any longer and raised myself to see what was happening. I noticed, too, that most of the people in the hut had also stood and crowded around us to get a glimpse of this supposedly ancient ritual that none of them had witnessed.However it appeared to those watching, it couldn’t possibly compare to how it felt to me. The male snakes seeking their female were combined in a sensation of a super-long cock that was never-ending and as it moved inside, it curled and twisted and rolled and wrapped itself around, forming a bigger and bigger object inside. Two snakes would be entering next to each other and a third would push its head over or under them, then a fourth would try and try until it too was moving in with the others. As one entered completely with only the tail sticking out, another would take position, following the tail into me and the female inside. The female had to be entwined with males and it was impossible for me to believe that the latter ones had a chance of being the one to impregnate her, but the logic, if they were capable of it, didn’t hinder their desire and impulse to be part of the breeding ball.The constant rolling and twisting of bodies inside me was a stimulation that was intense and non-stop. My walls and entire pussy was being touched and rubbed and probed by heads, bodies, tails, and tongues. My cervix was touched or bumped non-stop, as was my g-spot. I came as the males were still entering my jam-packed pussy. The idea of all this happening before all these people could no longer be a consideration for me. My body was on fire, overstimulated, but continuing to respond to the stimulation. When my body seemed to ease off one orgasm, something would happen inside that sent me off into another crest. I seriously wondered how I might survive so much stimulation and so many orgasms on top of each other.During a lull, of sorts, my eyes focused on the woman above me. She gave me an encouraging smile and I returned a weak one to her. She looked down my body and shook her head. I felt the insides of my thighs being touched and I haltingly asked what that was.“The last two males that didn’t make it inside. See-leen-a … you took 9 males inside you.” She took my hand and placed it over my stomach. I lifted my hand and raised my head to look. I could feel with my hand the rolling of snake bodies in their breeding ball inside my pussy. My eyes could see my stomach moving, bumps rising and falling, larger section rising and moving, all depending on what was pressing strongly upward against my abdominals.“The female is being bred by 9 males inside me …” I stated it in wonder, not to anyone but myself. “What … happens next?”She smiled, “It won’t be long now for this part. Once the female is impregnated, the males will exit, leaving the female to gestate and birth.”My mind was working at half speed. I was still working on how would they know if the female was impregnated. I asked and she said they just know. One of the strange things in nature, I suppose. But, then my mind caught up with other part.“What … mmmmm … wait … gestation and birth? Inside me? What … how …”The smiled as she continued to watch my stomach move before her eyes. “Yes, birth, but do not worry. Gestation for these snakes is less than a day. She will live birth the young, they will eat for strength, then they will leave, the mother first to open the way.”The movements had slowed to a stop inside. Then I felt the ball rolling and my insides being touched and rubbed everywhere. Then, I felt the first snake poking out from my pussy. Then it was as if a long balled up length of rope was being pulled out of my pussy as snake after snake squirmed out of me. I must have had so much stimulation and climaxes that this new feeling, although still stimulating, lacked the level to bring me to another orgasm.I looked up at her as her eyes were fixed on the procession of snakes coming out of me. Her head was shaking as she watched. I asked, “Eat? What are they going to eat?” I was really not interested in them nibbling away at me.She laughed. “Sorry … I forgot! The male that inseminated her remains behind. How they know is a mystery, but he does.” She looked down at me. “He sacrifices himself for the female and young.” That sounded gross. Having now done my share of killing, the dead didn’t hold a terrifying image for me … but inside me?“How … I mean the dead snake …”“Yes, then, if that all goes well, another snake will be put in front of you. This snake finds the places where the snake gives birth. It … I guess it cleans up after the event. It feeds off the dead male and any young that died in the process. Normally, it eats slugs, worms, and such.”I was too far into this to object now and it was probably the reasoning for not giving too much information too soon.The old man patted my leg and I turned my attention to him. He looked at me with a new look of reverence. “The female accepting you for her mating chamber was the first confirming sign. The males accepting the situation and following her was the second. If I may, I need to verify there is still a male inside.” He seemed embarrassed that he would touch me to open my pussy and look inside. I nodded to him. Someone brought a torch. The women encouraged me to brace my feet and raise my hips off the mat. He used two fingers of each hand, checking my face and seeming to blush, inserting the fingers and pulling my hole open. He smiled broadly. He spoke not just to me, but to everyone in the hut, “A male has stayed illegal bahis with her!” I heard it repeated outside the hut, which brought muffled cheers and excitement. I still didn’t know what they thought this was verifying.The old man smiled at me, “The third sign … she is inseminated.” I didn’t know how he was sure, but he was. He reached his hand to me and I took it. If he was planning on assisting me up, I feared I would pull him over with little effort. Apparently, the women had the same thought and each helped me to sit and then stand. I stood tentatively on shaky legs. Amazing what continuous orgasms will do to you.I stood among the people not sure what I should be doing now, but I couldn’t stop thinking that as I stood there, I had two snakes still inside me. I decided I probably needed to keep my thighs close together. But, despite my concerns, the women helped me outside. I was still feeling tenderness in my leg as I put weight on it, but it was much better than it had been. As I was brought out of the hut, I was met by the rest of the villagers. I was again led through the crowd, this time receiving touches not just to my breast tattoos, but on my stomach. Everyone there knew exactly what I was carrying. As I went through the crowd, I wondered about myself. This was certainly an unusual test to determine what that other spirit was inside me … if the old man was to believed. But, I opened myself up to accepting the role of Celina for these people before. Why not whatever this other role was. How bad could it be?It was a slow day for me. I had to giggle frequently. Not only was I recovering from my wounds and needing to not aggravate them, but … I could frequently feel the snake inside me moving around. I tried not to think about it gaining strength by eating its mate. I tried … but when it moved, it was difficult not to wonder.The next morning, I was led back to the same hut. The old man greeted me with a warm embrace that surprised me and seemed to interest the woman, too. I managed to speak to the same woman, again, as the man arranged the sacks. It seemed that the old man was known to be very, to an extreme, reclusive and coming out only when a spirit moved him to investigate. This spirit was special and there was an air of anticipation. But, she still wouldn’t identify the spirit. She insisted that its identification could only be made known at the end.Then, I remembered something I had thought about during the night. “The man I captured. Do you still have him secured?” She nodded. “This will be completed today, right?”She nodded. “You intend to leave to pursue the others that man talked about?” I nodded. “Yes, today, it will be done one way or another.”“Good. This is what I want to have done with him …” I described how he should be released. He wasn’t to know that it was intentional. When he was untied for eating, he should be retied by someone new and that person should deliberately not tie the knots securely. He must think he was escaping.“But, if he escapes, he will warn the others.”I smiled. “If he makes it that far. He is injured, too. He hasn’t healed as quickly as I have.” She smiled at that. “My a****ls and I will find his trail and follow him. Besides, what is he going to tell them? A crazy, naked woman defeated them and released all the prisoners?” She laughed. “If he only knew who it was that fought them …” I watched her as she moved to the old man. What did that mean. They knew me as a spirit woman who celebrates the jungle by bestial mating. That might be interesting, but not threatening. They didn’t know about my cross-species thing, even though I had used my claws in battle. So, what did she mean by that?Everyone was milling around the hut like the beginning of a party and waiting for the guest of honor to arrive. The old man came to me, held me by the shoulders, “Are you ready? The final steps are about to start.” I nodded.He put his hand on my stomach and concentrated. Slowly, a smile grew on his face and several people who could see released sighs of anticipation. “Yes, yes … it is time.”I was led to the same location and positioned on my back, again. The women took their positions and the sacks were placed between my legs. My legs were opened wide. The woman behind me positioned herself so I could rest my shoulder on her thighs as she knelt behind my head. She apparently wanted me to watch this part and I was indeed curious. I had the sense this was close to the end, but I reminded myself they had been less than forthcoming in providing the entire sequence of this testing. It caused me to be prepared for still more to follow. Or, perhaps it was only their way of not going into details that would prove unimportant if some step showed to be not positive.These people have been a constant source of amazement for me. I knew I was prone to a****listic pleasures and they released my inner identity to that very thing. It was because of my time with them that I was led to encounter Preta and the reason why I didn’t leave the villages with Sylvia. That, of course, made possible my ill-fated plane trip that led me to everything that happened since. The combination of attachment to these people and the a****listic changes within me made it a driving need that I couldn’t resist to come back here to help them. In a way, was this the answer to that question that I and others have posed of me to discover? Was whatever this was about the answer to what I am meant to be and do with my new being?My face contorted and my brows furrowed, my eyes moving to my stomach. I heard the old man, “Do you feel them? Did it work, did she birth?”I looked up at him in wonder. He asked me that so calmly, so naturally, as if it was a perfectly normal thing to ask a woman if a snake had given birth inside her pussy. I wasn’t the only one to hear the question, though, and all the people who had managed to be inside the hut turned their attention to me and how I would answer. I nodded and watched my stomach intently, as if there would be some sign of it there, too. “Yes … she did … it feels like a hundred little touches and tickles inside me.” Then, it hit me what I was feeling. I didn’t know if there really was a hundred, but all the little bodies inside, moving, turning, twisting, curling around each other, and all the little tongues flicking at everything they came near, discovering, identifying, and finding. After all, the sacrificed male was there to be fed upon; the mother was there to lead them away when it was time.The old man calmly knelt between my spread legs, watching intently at my slightly open pussy, nodding his head, as if he were a school teacher coolly considering the progress of a class experiment. After all that I had been subjected to with dozens of people intently watching, this fixed attention to my pussy still seemed embarrassing …I felt movement at the front of my pussy and I announced it. The old man leaned in to watch, taking the proffered sack from the young man standing at his shoulder. Then, his face beamed and I saw other people break out in smiles, looking to me with pleasure and delight. I felt something just at the lips of my pussy, but it was moments before the mother moved further out so I could also see her. It seemed particularly peculiar to see the snake partly outside, knowing that much of her was still inside, that this was the snake that had just live-birthed inside me, and her young would be following her shortly.As most of her was visible, and I could feel my lips gradually close around her diminishing diameter of her tail, I felt a sudden movement inside me and at the front of my vagina, and I knew the young were following her out, to join the world, and in the process, be greeted very strangely.It took a few moments for the last of the very small snakes to find their way out of me. They were merely inches long and exited my pussy with a tickle along the edges of my opening. The entire sequence was erotic but not wildly stimulating from a potential orgasmic consideration.Once the snakes were out and no more followed, there was a moment of pause as they were all retrieved and placed into a sack. There was still another sack and it was moving; something was inside it. And that reminded me that I still had something inside me. The dead, partially eaten male snake. I was about to enquire about that when the old man reached into the other sack. What came out with his hand was a much larger snake.This snake resembled a milk snake, was about 3 feet long with smooth, shiny scales having a typical color pattern alternating in bands of red, black, and white. Living in the American Southwest, you learn about snakes, even if you don’t like them. I remembered a saying about colored snakes: red touches black, you are okay. Milk snakes grow to 5 feet, so this was not yet a full-grown snake. The woman behind me patted my shoulders after seeing me tense at the sight of another snake being placed between my legs. “This one will clean you out.” She chuckled and lowered her mouth to my ear, “You don’t want a messy pussy for your a****ls …” I looked up at her and smiled. It was a weak, tentative smile, but I recognized her effort to put me at ease. “He will enter you like the others and eat the dead male and any dead young who didn’t survive birth or too weak to survive among the mass of little ones.” She patted my shoulder reassuringly like that explanation made perfect sense.I watched as the snake slithered toward my pussy, its tongue flicking out, picking up the scent he was after. They told me this snake sought out the lairs of snake mating for this purpose, cleaning up the leftovers. If the previous experience was a sensory overload, I only wondered what this might be like being so much larger. I couldn’t help myself and watched with fixed amazement as the snake wandered between my legs, touching one thigh, then the other, the tongue constantly flicking out. It meandered ever closer to my pussy and there was no question in my mind that he was going to go inside. Before this experience, I might not have questioned if a snake would deliberately try to enter a woman … but, not any more. I knew, believed, was certain, he was purposely moving to enter me, knowing that what he pursued was waiting for him there. With legs held apart and my pussy wet and tingling, I waited.As the snake moved ever closer, its head wasn’t on the ground, but held up. It flicked its tongue at my open pussy, hitting my lips and between. I sighed and moaned at the touch, a tickle touch that signified its interest in me, a taboo desire again surging through me to feel the sensation of a cock, a live cock, moving into me and moving around inside me. I watched, fascinated, as fascinated as the others watching this scene, as the reptile raised its head higher and flicked the tongue at my pussy, higher until it was flicking on my clit like a soft, tickling kiss … the snake and my clit. For a moment, that was all there was for me to feel and recognize, the tongue darting out and contacting my clit. My gasps became more vocal, my moans filling the air inside the hut.The scene changed instantly when the snake pulled its head back, raising it higher, now above my clit, and seemed to peer directly at me. It remained that way for moments, long enough for me to glance at the old man. He looked from the snake to me and he shrugged, but smiled broader, broad enough that it made me think something occurred to him about this exchange. The snaked moved, slithering back and forth, but its head remained steady as it approached further, its head contacting my mound, then onto my abdomen. I watched, partly in admiration for the grace and ease of its movement, partly in stunned curiosity of its intent, and partly in some deep embedded dread of it being in such intimate contact on my body. My eyes didn’t stray from its, though. I wasn’t even watching its body, only its head, its eyes, which were small beads of black. It continued up my body, over my stomach, to my b**sts and between them. I had to bend my neck more now to look at it as it continued up my chest. It stopped with its head raised high and only mere inches from my face, its face at my eyes, and it again peered at me … I peered at it. It slipped back a bit, then its tongue darted out, flicking against my lips, repeatedly. It was so consistent, I made an impulsive decision that I would wonder about later in reflection. As it flicked its tongue against my lips, I parted them and put my own tongue out to my lips and the snake shifted its probing tongue to contact my tongue. The sensation was immediate for me, a surge shot through my body that I felt through my nipples, clit and into my pussy. Psychological? Who knew … I didn’t care. Encouraged beyond reason now, I slowly brought my tongue back into my mouth, while holding my mouth open wide. My eyes caught the look of some people in front of me and their faces mimicked mine, their mouths held open wide in anticipation of something they never expected … something I never expected to experience.I moved my tongue back slowly, allowing, encouraging, our continued contact of tongues as I did so. It was receptive to the tease. It moved its head closer and closer to match the retreat of my tongue until I felt its head on my lower lip. I held my tongue as far back in my mouth as I could and the snake continued, pursuing the touch. With the head completely in my mouth, I gently, slowly brought my lips together, barely touching it completely around, its head inside my mouth. Its head turned, flicking at my cheeks, the roof of my mouth. My nostrils were flaring wildly to breath without open my mouth, but my heart raced at the sensation, the feeling, the emotion of the experience.I opened my mouth, but it stayed in place for a moment or two, then retreated from my mouth, again rising up to look into my eyes. This was totally weird, but I would swear the snake was trying to make some connection with me.It retreated down my chest but stopped at my breasts, flicking that tongue at my nipple, then the other one. The touch was incredible, my eyes closed and moans filled my throat.It was as if it didn’t want to wait any longer. It turned on my stomach and slithered down my body and, as the head dropped down between my thighs, the body, all 3 feet, slid directly over my clit. My body shivered as my clit was rubbed the entire time it moved back between my legs, turning and pointing its head to my pussy. I was breathing hard and shaking with excitement. I knew it wasn’t going to take much more for me to explode in front of all these people … yet, again.It approached my pussy, its tongue darting out between my lips, but this time it didn’t spend any more time searching, discovering; this time its head followed close behind the tongue, pressing between my lips, entering my hole, and continuing inside. That was when it happened. Seeing the head disappear inside, feeling the head spread my lips and the body enter long and steady … I exploded in orgasm. Whether he wanted it or not, whatever food he sought inside me was drenched in my juices.That was only the beginning, though. Once inside, its tongue and mouth sought out the remains that were left inside me. I could feel its mouth picking at pieces and occasionally tugging at the tender skin of my pussy walls. It forced more and more of its body into me, turning, coiling as it did, scr****g the walls and bottom of my pussy, flicking its tongue in pursuit of every piece remaining. It coiled its body inside me, pulling it inside until I saw my stomach bulging, roiling as it moved and rolled inside me. Its body bumped my g-spot repeatedly, but it was when it started flicking the tongue directly on my g-spot, repeatedly, that my pussy spasmed around him like it was giant, coiled cock inside me, like it was the most flexible dolphin cock.When I came this time, I felt and could see my abdomen spasming around the reptile inside, clenching and re-clenching. I couldn’t see it, but I was sure my pussy hole was doing the same, opening and closing, as my orgasm washed over me. I was unprepared for the assistance of the women, though. As if I needed any further stimulation, the woman behind me grabbed both of my breasts in her hands and squeezed, one woman put her thumb over my clit and pressed down and rotated it quickly, while other women stroked my thighs and body. The orgasm I had been experiencing exploded further like a firework shooting off inside me. I went from shaking orgasm to another level, my body shaking, shivering, and twitching before … before … that blackness at the edges of my vision reappeared. At least this time, I wasn’t wounded … at least this time …* * * CHAPTER 24: AMAZONA LIVES (the final chapter) will follow * * * Thanks for reading

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