The Corruption of Anna Pt. 01


This is a story written for John. It will be a pretty intense story focused on cuckolding and other aspects of that. Though to start out it is not very intense yet. Thank you for reading.


I had been at the convention for a couple hours and I was already getting bored of the constant male attention. It had only been a few weeks since I had broken up with my last boyfriend, so I thought the convention would be great fun. Getting to dress up in a nerdy, revealing outfit and having all the nerds stare at me seemed much more fun in theory than it was turning out to be. No one really had any decency and class here. And coming here without any friends ended up a massive mistake. Guys are much more likely to approach a girl by herself I guess.

I first spotted her when we were looking at the same booth. Her teal hair immediately stood out to me. It’s such a fun color and I always love girls who are experimental with their hair. I hoped she hadn’t caught me staring and moved on for now. Her teal hair was hard to forgot or miss though and so soon after I spotted her izmir escort bayan again, this time surrounded by three guys who were clearly trying to get her attention. She seemed uncomfortable and it was hard to imagine she chose this predicament herself. I sighed to myself and told myself I didn’t have to get involved, but I was here alone too and I knew I’d want someone else to help me in that position too, so I walked over to them.

“Hey there. It looks like maybe these guys are being a bother. Get lost, losers!” I was being a bit harsh maybe, but as soon as I saw her grateful look, I knew I had done the right thing.

“Thank you so much! I knew I shouldn’t have come her by myself. Guys have been bothering me all day. Thank you for saving me from these guys.”

“It’s really no problem!” I responded. “I saw how they were surrounding you and thought I would play lady in shining armor and save you from them. I am here alone too, so I get the anxiety of it completely! I am Emma by the way.”

She introduced herself as Anna and from that point on, we walked the convention floor together. It escort izmir was actually astonishing how much we had in common! We both loved video games, both loved Disney and we both clearly enjoyed the convention much more when we were not alone anymore.

This whole time, I was trying my very best to not flirt too blatantly. You never know with girls right? The way she was acting, I definitely had a feeling she was bisexual like myself, but I didn’t want to ruin a really fun day and making a new friend. Though when things came towards an end for our day, I figured I had to risk it and asked her if she wanted to grab something to eat together. I was pleasantly surprised when she accepted without much hesitation and so we headed towards the first fast food place we could find.

Conversation definitely got a lot more open and honest during dinner. We talked a lot about our lives, the things we enjoyed and why we came to the convention. She told me about being an artist and I was blown away by some of her artistic talent. I am the furthest thing from an artist, so I always had a thing for girls that were very creative.

Sadly, there was also the moment I had dreaded. As a side note, she had mentioned her boyfriend and suddenly what I interpreted as subtle flirtation seemed like nothing more than just friendliness. I was disappointed, because now that I was able to look at her more closely, it turned out Anna was actually a really hot woman. She had gorgeous brown eyes and was just the cutest thing you will ever see. And her convention outfit definitely hinted at an incredible cleavage as well.

When we decided to head back to our hotels for the night, it turned out we both stayed at the same hotel, so we ended up taking the same walk to the hotel and continued talking. It was really easy to get along with her and I was really quite disappointed knowing she had a boyfriend.

As we were going up in the elevator, me to the 4th floor and her to the 6th floor, a bit of a silence fell over us. I guess it had been a long day and I was kind of ready to just fall into bed. With the ding of the elevator, I turned to her to say good bye, but was surprised by her:

“Hey, I know it is late, but do you want to come to my room for a bit for a drink?”

I was stunned for a moment before accepting her invite happily. Maybe the night wasn’t over yet after all.

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