The Class Reunion


1992. Senior year of high school. Big bangs, bad make-up, tight rolled jeans and a couple of new grunge bands that will change the face of music forever.For cooler classmates, this stuff mattered. For myself and the other weirdos, this stuff existed.What really mattered to me, was John Lockhart. He was beautiful. Sandy light brown hair, blue eyes, sweet shy smile. For me, 1992 was about finally getting John to notice me.It didn’t happen.He never noticed me.I never blamed him. Twenty-five years later. Our class reunion starts in a couple of hours. I’m nervous but in a good way. Surprising really, considering I only had two friends all through high school and neither of them will be there. Nonetheless, I’m kind of excited. Mostly because I want to see John. I’m curious about him. Still.Thanks to our social media conversations, I know he was married long enough to have a couple of kids and then found himself in the middle of a bitter divorce and nasty custody battle. He won both but that ordeal left a horrible taste in his mouth. So, I also know he’s single and I know he wants to stay that way.I’ve been married for over two decades and ours is a history of resentment and struggle. I’m not sure why we’ve stayed married but at this point, a divorce would be ridiculous. He isn’t coming with me tonight. He has other plans.I give the dress I bought a quick inspection before I put it on and when I look in the mirror to check my appearance, I’m actually pleasantly surprised. I expect to see an awkward teenager, shaking nervously before another stag appearance at the Sadie Hawkins dance but, I don’t. Instead, I see a forty-something with long dark wavy hair, well-applied make-up, a red, off-the-shoulder, long-sleeved mini-dress and a great pair of red heels.I’ve grown up! Maybe. Inside etimesgut escort I’m still the anxious weirdo I was twenty-five years ago.It’ll be ok, I think to myself. I hear my phone buzz. A message from John?’Alex! You are coming tonight, right?”Hey!’ I can hardly contain the joy I feel at this moment. It feels like 1992 again. If we’d had texting options back then. ‘Absolutely! I was just getting ready to head out.”Me, too. Why don’t I come get you? You ok with that?’Oh my god, am I?’Sure! Then you can be the DD!”LOL’ he replies. ‘I’ll be there in 15 or so!”See you soon!’He knows I’m coming alone and that I’m staying at my parents’ house because I’d told him previously. And, because most of the class is probably doing the same. At least if their parents still live here, that is. 20 minutes later, I’m standing on the sidewalk waiting for my high school crush to pick me up for our class reunion and I’m scared. Suddenly my nerves are acting up. I light a cigarette hoping this will calm me down. I can’t be a shaking mess when John gets here.I hear a car engine approaching so I turn to see if it’s him.’Alex!’ He waves as he pulls up in front of me. He shuts off the engine, steps out of the car and starts toward me, arms outstretched. ‘My god, you look amazing!’I hold my cigarette away from us as he hugs me and I thank him for the compliment.’Back at ya, you giant hunk!’ He’s still beautiful. Tall, so tall. Same sandy brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. ‘Let me get rid of this and we can go,’ I indicate the cigarette.’Finish it, we have time,’ he smiles. As we arrive at the venue, the old country club, he turns off the engine and looks over at me. ‘You ready for this?”I think so,’ I nod.’I’m kind of nervous, dude.’I’m surprised to eryaman escort hear that from him. ‘Really?”I mean yeah,’ he chuckles. ‘I haven’t seen a lot of these people in forever.”Afraid you’ll point out someone’s baldness?’ I smile.’Pretty much,’ he smiles back.’Well then we better get in there. I don’t want to miss that. Especially if it’s Darrington’s bald head,’ I say as I get out of the car.’Oh I hated that guy! Is he gonna be here?’ he asks as he exits.’No clue. I really just wanted to see like three people and you were one of them so I’m almost done.’John laughs and wraps his arm around me, pulling me into his side as we walk toward the entrance.There are a lot of familiar faces whose names my brain can’t quite make out. I feel John stiffen against me. He IS nervous. I find that strange so, I remind myself that he’s a person, not the God I made him into when I was fourteen.’Lockhart!’ A male voice shouts.’Oh hey!’ John responds.’Alex?’ Another male voice, more questioning than John’s caller.’Yeah?’ I smile hoping this guy’s name comes to me sooner than later.’You look amazing, girl!’ A female voice. One I vaguely recognize.’Pam?’ I ask.’Yes!’ She embraces me.We all continue with the greetings as we make our way into the building.The decorations are great. Giant pictures of the sports teams and the clubs. Student council and the homecoming court. Prom king and queen and some highlight photos of games and dances. Tonight’s soundtrack is bound to be great. I’m enjoying it so far, anyway.There are decorated tables littering the perimeter, an open bar next to the rear exit and a cleared space for dancing in the center. Some people are dancing, some are sitting at tables, some are gathered at the bar and others, including John, are scattered sincan escort throughout the venue, greeting old acquaintances. I’m being pulled by Pam. We stop at a table nearby and she invites me to take a seat.’Oh sure! Who all’s sitting here?’ I ask as I place my purse in the chair.’Karen, Laura, Michael, that’s Laura’s husband, me, you and we can save that one for John since you came together,’ she winks. I was never friends with any of these people. I smile and tell her I’m going to the bar. She nods and asks me to get her a Long Island Tea. I agree and make my way through the coagulation of former classmates, greeting and nodding as I go.Finally! The bar.John’s standing there holding a beer out toward me. I smile and take the beer. He holds up the beer in his other hand and I return the gesture, in a ‘cheers!’ motion.’I see you got a table,’ he smiles.’Us a table.’ I smile back. ‘Pam wants you to sit there, too.”Speak of the devil,’ he nods behind me. Pam is cutting through the growing crowd.’Where’s my tea, lady?’ She laughs, shaking her head.’Oh yeah! I’m sorry!’ I completely forgot. John distracted me. My mind has been in the gutter since he picked me up. He’s so beautiful. Tall. Broad shoulders. Strong. Cobalt blue eyes. Shy, endearing smile. His cologne.I want him. I have scenarios in my head that involve him and me in very compromised positions. I have to clear my head. It isn’t going to happen. We’re just friends. Besides, I’m not his type. Never have been. But, wow. The idea of kissing his mouth. Tasting his neck.’Alex!’ I hear Pam semi-shout.’What?!’ I reply startled. Am I drooling?’They’re about to do some presentation or something. Let’s sit,’ she says as she turns to walk back to the table. John nods for me to go ahead while he gets us a couple more beers.The presentation is fun. Class officers showing slides of old times, reading old yearbook excerpts, memorial announcements for the mates and teachers who are no longer living, etc. Very nostalgic. John leans over and whispers in my ear, ‘You want to step outside when this is done?’

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