The Changing Dynamic Pt. 02


Part 2 of The Changing Dynamic. Thank you for all your ratings/comments/direct messages and constructive feedback so far. Hope you enjoy this next part. As always, feedback and comments very welcome.


Steph’s mouth was working up and down the soft skin of Dan’s thick cock, coating it with her saliva as she worked to release and swallow his cum.

“You’re such a good slut,” Dan gasped, hand holding her ponytail, controlling the pace of her blowjob.

Steph moved her head up Dan’s cock, releasing more of her saliva as she went and licking the head as she moved her mouth off him. Raising her brown eyes to his, she said, “I know.” Smirking at Dan, she licked his tip and added, “Your slut needs your cum, Sir.”

Dan moaned, forcing his sister back onto his thick cock so she could resume her blowjob and he could give her what she needed. A few hours earlier, she’d been waiting for him at the bar with her red dress and black heels on; waiting for him to take control of her. Their dynamic, one of sibling friendliness but emotional distance, had irreversibly changed. Dan’s sister, the golden child who was always on hand to share advice and help guide him through life’s decisions now had a very different role in private. As Dan looked down at Steph, only her heels remained from when he first saw her and the woman before him was not just his older sister but his submissive too.

All of the physical stimulus Steph was applying alongside the thoughts of their changing dynamic, had Dan approaching climax with Steph’s mouth against his base. Dan warned her what was coming and she moved up slightly to catch her breath before deepthroating Dan’s dick again and looking up at him, watering eyes making the last of her mascara run down her face while her black nails ran along his stomach and chest. Dan exploded into her mouth and down her throat, making Steph’s eyes scrunch shut as she focused on swallowing his cum. Dan could feel how much he was coming inside her throat and mouth while she diligently swallowed it all and he wondered how he’d be able to continue to cope with blowjobs this good. Steph eventually released his cock after licking every piece of cum over his sensitive head and running her tongue along every part of his softening cock.

She said breathlessly, wiping her eyes as she did so, “I am going to love worshipping this cock and having all of your cum!”

Dan leaned back, feeling totally spent despite doing very little and starting to feel the effects of the alcohol. Steph was still on her knees looking up at him.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“Tired, you’ve drained me already!” He laughed, as Steph joined him in laughing. She rose and brought both of their drinks over. They both drunk large amounts and Steph placed it on a side table before joining Dan on the sofa. She leaned against him and he put his arm around her.

“You’re very good at that,” Dan said observationally.

Steph chuckled. “When you get off to giving people pleasure, you become pretty good at the things that give them pleasure.”

Dan noticed the use of ‘people’ and not ‘men’ but said nothing of it.

He instead asked, “What else are you good at?”

Steph laughed again, playfully slapped him and replied, “Being able to hide my skillset until I need to use it!”

They settled together for a minute, lost in thought. Dan was looking at Steph’s feet and in particular, her black heels. He’d wanted to fuck her in them tonight, they made her ass and legs look incredible, but that now looked unlikely. He could imagine how good she’d be, bent over the sofa and penetrated from that angle.

For her part, Steph was wondering how she was going to make this work, because she now knew she needed it to. She was drawn to Dan in a way she couldn’t yet explain or understand. She was determined to find out why that was and how they’d be able to make it work.

Steph broke the silence first. “Shall we perhaps go to bed? Or is there anything you want to discuss right now?”

Dan shook his head and took Steph’s hand, rising up from the sofa and yet again, leading her in her own house. They stopped by the kitchen on the way and Steph went to the bathroom to clean up, meeting Dan in the bedroom. She’d taken her makeup off, brushed her teeth and found a spare toothbrush for Dan to do the same. When he returned, Steph was sitting on the end of the bed waiting for him.

“Am I okay to take these off, Sir?” She asked, pointing at her shoes.

“Well, if you don’t, I’ll have some bruised legs from all your wriggling,” Dan replied.

“Wriggling? Better than your snoring!” Steph came back quickly.

They’d only shared a room a few times when they were young but knew enough about eachother’s sleeping habits to suspect what their first night together may be like. They got under the covers soon after and moved together under the cold sheets.

“So, your clothes –” Dan started.

” — is one of the ways I like to submit and be controlled, yes.” Steph finished, jumping in. “It hasn’t got to güvenilir bahis be something you do or always do, if you’d rather not, but you deciding what I wear is something I would find very fulfilling.”

“I like it,” Dan said. “No, I love it,” Dan added, seeing Steph smile. “But why do you?” He asked.

“Because,” Steph said, “I love giving that control up to the person I’m with. Knowing they decide how I look and what I wear. It means I look good for them and I please them. That’s what I want,” she said.

Dan looked her over and saw his beautiful, stunning older sister and saw how lucky he was. “I look forward to making everybody jealous of not being able to have this,” he said.

Steph smiled, “That’s exactly it, I’m yours. And besides,” she added, “Sharing me is now out of the window given I’m fucking my brother! So they definitely can’t have this!”

Dan looked at her, “Were you serious then about wanting to be shared?”

Steph laughed, “Not really, I was trying to shock you as I could feel my sibling power slipping away. Didn’t really work though as I ended up here anyway,” Steph said, wiggling her naked body against him.

Dan put his arm around Steph and drew her closer, which she seemed to love. He kissed the back of her head and the side of her neck, causing her to let out a slow breath.

“How late can you be for work tomorrow?” Dan asked.

He felt Steph wriggle subconsciously before answering, “I can take the morning off…”


Dan woke earlier than expected, before Steph’s alarm. He looked over and saw she was sleeping comfortably on the other side of the bed. He got up, washed his face, used the bathroom – which was difficult given his considerable erection that morning and returned to bed. He got back in gently so as to not startle Steph and then moved closer to her. Dan moved his hand under the sheet and started to run his fingers along Steph’s beautiful body. It was when he felt her nipple harden under his touch that she began to stir. Steph moaned quietly and moved back towards Dan, grinding her firm ass against him as she did so.

“Mm, good morning,” she said.

“How’d you sleep?” Dan asked.

“Good but I haven’t woken up as sore as I’d hoped,” Steph replied.

Dan smiled as Steph looked behind her, as beautiful as ever with her perfect white teeth and full lips framing her cheeky grin. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her onto her back firmly and got on top of her in one swift motion, pinning her down by her wrists and then moving to holding both of them with just one hand. Steph’s eyes widened.

“How sore can I make you?” Dan asked, putting his hand around her throat, which led to Steph’s eyes rolling behind her head and her body relaxing into submission.

“As long as I can cover it…” she whispered, tailing off as Dan squeezed her neck firmly at the sides and then kissed her passionately.

They kissed while Dan had Steph’s moved his other hand away from her neck and ran it along her body, pausing at her hard nipples to pinch them, causing Steph to moan into their kiss. Dan stopped again at her increasingly wet pussy. Instinctively, as though already understanding her needs, he pulled his hand back slightly and slapped her pussy firmly.

Steph pulled away from the kiss and cried, “Oh god!”

Steph spread her legs wider, inviting Dan to do it again. He did so twice more, repositioning for a better angle and making sure he caught her clit both times, driving Steph visibly wild. She looked up at him with lust-filled eyes and kissed him hard. Dan bit her lip as they kissed, making them both moan.

Dan knew Steph was wet and ready for him, that much was obvious. But he didn’t want to give in to his own lust and need so soon. He wanted to push her need to please him further before he gave her what she was craving.

“How badly do you want my cock, Steph?” Dan asked, noting her moan at him using her name.

She looked at him and had a determined expression before she answered, “Badly.”

Dan smirked, ready to tease her. “You can do better than that,” he said. “My Slut can do better than that,” he rephrased.

Steph groaned under him, “When did you get so good at this?!” When she didn’t receive any response beyond a smirk, she resigned herself to giving up any further pretence about not absolutely loving it and continued, “I want your cock so, so badly Sir. I think more than I’ve ever wanted any cock before now. I want it inside me more than I can even… articulate. Please.”

Steph looked at him submissively, in awe of her younger brother’s ability to pull the slut out of her. Dan released her wrists and got off her. A moment of worry filled Steph, especially after just begging him in the way she had. Dan got up and went to her bedside table, searching.

“You like sucking cock, don’t you slut?” Dan asked with his back to her.

Steph nodded, still laying down, body exposed to Dan should he want it. She realised he wouldn’t have seen her so answered, “Yes, Sir”.

Dan turned around and showed güvenilir bahis siteleri her the large pink vibrating dildo she kept in her drawer. Steph groaned, yet again, she noted to herself. This was becoming the sexiest kind of torture.

“I guess I won’t have any secrets from you anymore Champ?” Steph said, laughing slightly.

“Where are your tights?” Dan said, ignoring her for a moment while he focused on the task at hand. Steph nodded in the direction of a set of drawers and Dan went over before adding. “No, I don’t think you will Stephanie, I think I’m going to know everything there is to know about my submissive, don’t you?”

Steph looked at him, loving the use of her full name and the power it gave her brother in the way he used it. “I don’t want any secrets Dan, I want you to own every part of my life,” she said, surprising herself with her candour and the depth of her desired submission to him.

“Let’s start with your orgasms then,” Dan said, turning back towards her with leggings in hand, his outward confidence hiding the nerves behind her confession.

Steph stretched out with her hands close to the bedposts, instinctively knowing what Dan wanted. “Since I know you like games, we’re going to play one, Stephanie,” Dan said, confidently. He walked towards her and tied up her securely to the bedposts, giving her enough room to wriggle but little else.

“I’m going to use this toy, my hands and my mouth,” Dan paused, running his hand along Steph’s body, making her shiver, “to make you cum.” Dan said. He watched Steph shift around, waiting for the rest of the game to become clear.

“Each time you have an orgasm during the next 15 minutes, I add another 15 minutes until I fuck you.” Dan finally added, smiling down at her.

Steph’s eyes widened in shock, clearly torn between wanting the orgasms and wanting Dan too. “You’re evil,” Steph breathed.

Dan moved down towards Steph’s perky breasts and took a hard nipple into his mouth, running his tongue around it and then nipping it firmly. He looked up at Steph and saw the questioning look in her eyes.

“No, we haven’t started yet. Just to warn you, anything over half an hour and I’ll be expecting breakfast first!” Dan playfully added, making Steph groan loudly in frustration.

Dan moved his hands down to her wet pussy and spread her lips. Steph gasped at the suddenness and the brazenness of it. She felt her heart already begin to race as he switched on her toy.

“Dan, please. I cum a lot, you’re going to kill me.” Steph gasped.

Dan turned on the toy, teasing her clit as he moved his head to her ear and whispered, “If I don’t fuck you before work I’m going to punish you later.”

“You’re — oh god — so twisted.” Steph rushed out, silenced by the toy being pressed against her swollen clit.

Dan got to work alternating between using the toy on her clit alongside using his mouth. Her taste was addictive, sweet and a little salty, it was definitely enhanced by just how wet she was, completely starting to soak her sheets. After a little while, Dan worked a finger inside of her and noticed a significant rise in the volume of her moans. So, penetration does it for her, Dan thought. Working his finger in, he curled it upwards and started moving it into a steady, firm penetrative motion. Steph started to buck her hips against him, pulling at her restraints.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum, I’m going to…” Steph started, part excitement, part frustration.

Dan kept going, taking the toy and holding it against her clit, drawing her orgasm to the edge and then forcing it out of Steph as she screamed expletives.

“So that’s one orgasm and I think you have about twelve minutes left, Stephanie.” Dan said, while working a second finger into her and giving her clit a momentary rest.

Dan started to finger her hard and fast once Steph had got used to being stretched further. Deciding to experiment with what she liked, Dan took his free hand and held her face so that she was looking right at him while being fingered. She had a glassy-eyed expression and was breathing fast but seemed to be focused on him. He stroked her cheek, showing his affection for her and trying to transmit how glad he was to be doing this to her. Without pausing, he pulled his hand back slightly and slapped her. It wasn’t enough to leave a mark but it would be enough to startle her.

Dan felt her pussy squeeze around his fingers as he slapped her and looking down, saw her toes curl in pleasure. “Thank you Sir,” Steph said, surprising Dan.

Dan stroked her cheek and then moved his hand further down, over her chest. He watched Steph push her chest out, asking for it. He gave her a firm slap on the breast, over her nipple. This was harder than the one on her face and it left a mark on her breast. Before she could do much more than gasp, he did the same to the other breast so that her pale skin glowed. He picked up the pace of his fingering and slapped her twice more, feeling a sting on his hand that he knew would be replicated iddaa siteleri on her chest.

He pulled his fingers out and took hold of the toy, working it inside Steph while his other hand remained on her chest, now playing with her breasts and puffy nipples. Steph wiggled against her restraints and sighed deeply as she felt the toy penetrating her. He turned the vibration on as he worked the toy inside her, causing Steph to moan and thrust her hips down towards it. Dan moved his mouth down to a nipple and started to nip at it while fucking Steph with the toy.

“Oh God, Dan. Oh my, fuck, fuck, fuck.” Steph started before her words turned to moans and blubber that Dan zoned out of, focusing instead on the sexiness of her writhing body and the feel of her nipple on his tongue.

Before long Steph was tensing to her second orgasm. Dan, so focused on enjoying the way her body looked when she orgasmed and the sounds she made, kept the toy inside her and inadvertently forced out another orgasm.

Steph shook her head, “Please no more, no more.”

Dan pulled the toy out slowly and after turning the vibrate off, moved it to Steph’s mouth. She opened it and sucked the toy clean, tasting herself as she did so. Dan watched her lick the toy clean and then cast his eyes downwards, seeing the state of her soaked, swollen pussy. He couldn’t resist and had to taste her again, knowing he was seriously risking the time he would have inside her.

“How do you taste?” Dan asked, moving towards her swollen clit.

“So good,” came Steph’s needy reply.

Dan didn’t wait any longer and went back to tasting her with his mouth. Having already been down on her, it didn’t take long for him to apply his technique into making Steph thrash against her restraints. He licked, sucked and nibbled her clit, drawing her along the path to another orgasm. He reckoned he still had a couple of minutes left of their game and was determined to make Steph cum again. He took hold of her firm ass cheeks and used them as leverage to hold her in place and attack her clit from a new angle that made Steph grind her pussy into his face. She wrapped her legs around his back and applied pressure when she felt another orgasm start to rise and hit her.

When Steph finally calmed and her eyes came back into focus, Dan climbed back on top of her, face to face and untied her. They kissed passionately, even as Steph was shaking the blood back into her arms. Dan felt all over her body from her neck, down her chest, stomach and onto her wet pussy. He then ran his hand behind her, over her ass cheeks and in between them. He rubbed his hand along there and Steph moaned.

Dan smirked at Steph, “You know that was 4 orgasms, don’t you Stephanie?” Steph nodded so Dan continued, “So that means you don’t get the fucking you need for another hour and that doesn’t give us much time at all.”

Dan could see the frustration on Steph’s face and loved the sexual torture he was putting his beautiful sister through. He continued to tease her by adding, “I’ll have to fuck you later on now and send you to work all hot and needy.”

As Dan said it, he slapped Steph’s pussy again and squeezed a nipple to keep her aroused. He felt her gasp and suspected she was a bit sore from Dan’s rough treatment.

“I think you’ll be wearing an outfit without a bra today, give your nipples a rest.” Dan said. Steph’s eyes went wide but she didn’t disobey. Afterall, she had said she liked being told what to wear and Dan was going to take advantage of being able to see her wardrobe.

After sharing another kiss, Dan rose and went to the small second bedroom which effectively served as Steph’s walk-in closet and looked through the wardrobe with her work clothes. He noted the different shirts, blouses, jackets and dresses before settling on a loose-looking navy shirt, a grey skirt and tights. He took the items into the bedroom and rested them on one of her drawers. As he did so, Steph walked in, still naked though clearly having freshened up. She saw him putting the clothes down and walked over to Dan, kissing him passionately.

“This is unbelievable,” she said, moving her arms around to indicate the whole situation. “I know I said I could take the morning off but it would mean working late. If I get ready now, I won’t be too late and I can get that dick of yours sooner. Fine with you?” Steph asked, smiling slyly.

Dan smiled and blushed, how could he not with Steph’s sexiness, confidence and candour? “Fine,” he said, “but I’m serious about the no bra.”

Steph kissed Dan again. “I know, you’re the only one I’d do this for, you know that right?”

Dan returned the kiss and started to feel the passion build. He pulled away before it could really get started and before he lost his focus. He was keen to maintain the dynamic and the rules he’d set. It would be crucial in making sure he gave Steph what she needed and that would hopefully mean she’d be all-in on this, because he certainly was.

They both got dressed, Dan in the clothes he was wearing the night before. Steph made them both a quick coffee. They kissed at the door before Steph opened it, agreeing for absolute safety that they wouldn’t do anything explicit in public. Very few people knew they were siblings but they didn’t want to risk it.

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