The Chance Encounter


He stood there looking at the message she had written on the inside of the matchbook, “Call or text me before midnight… CaryAnn” along with her phone number.This was either a massive stroke of good luck or an equally massive heap of trouble. He was married, and by the look of her ring finger, so was she. The temptation to follow through weighed upon him. She was goddam sexy. The best part was that she approached him after they’d shared some coy smiles and he’d sent her and her friend drinks. He usually just sat on his bar stool for an hour each Friday and watched the cocktail crowd do their mingling and flirting. Then, he’d return home to his lovely wife and they’d talk about their day, occasionally going out to dinner together.Tonight was a bit different though. His wife was out of town for a family function so he was left to his own devices. As new members of the Empty Nesters Club, they had more freedom to do what they want. In his wife’s case, take a trip down South. In his case, spend an extra hour or two at his Friday afternoon watering hole.He had went outside the lounge to catch some fresh air for a couple of minutes when the beautiful woman he was flirting with followed him out and struck up a short but sweet conversation with him.“Hello, generous stranger. Thanks for the drinks. My friend and I have enjoyed your attention from across the bar… By the way, my name is CaryAnn, but you can just call me Cary.” She extended her hand bahis siteleri in the soft informal way that a lady does when she greets a potential suiter.“It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Cary. My name is Jason. I couldn’t help but notice that your accent has a touch of Southern charm attached to it. Not a common trait up here in the Northeast. Just where do you hail from?”The woman smiled. “Indeed, you are observant. I am blessed to be a Carolina Girl. I have come up here to visit with a good friend and, perhaps, take in the natural sights of the surrounding area…” She paused near the end of her sentence and made an obvious attempt to scan him from head to toe, ending with a sultry look into his eyes. She finished with a wink.“Well, I am flattered to have caught your attention. I would love to take in the natural sights and experiences of the Carolinas someday. I’m sure it is much more pleasant than anything you might experience up here. I do hope you enjoy yourself during your stay.”She smiled and grabbed his wrist. As she did, she stepped up close enough that he could feel her breath. Her stiletto heels made it possible for her to speak softly into his ear…”I think you may be underestimating the pleasantries and sights around here and I intend to take advantage of them for the short time that I am here”. She then pressed a matchbook into the pam of his captured hand. Pressing forward a bit more, she brushed her lips canlı bahis siteleri to his earlobe. He could briefly feel her full breasts against his arm before she released his wrist and pirouetted back towards the door of the lounge. Just prior to opening the door, she briefly pulled up the back of her skirt… ever so briefly… displaying the tops of her stockings, a set of rose-colored garters, and a strong hint that she was not wearing any underwear. With a big smile and a wink, she disappeared back inside the bar as he stood silent.That’s how he ended up standing by himself, looking at the message on a matchbook. He thought to himself, “This can’t be real. It’s gotta be a joke.” He thought back to a thousand stories he’d read or heard from his buddies. It was the kind of thing that just didn’t happen to him…or did it?He returned to the bar, fully expecting to see “Cary” and her girlfriend still sitting in the stools at the opposite end of his usual spot. But they were gone, glasses empty and tips laid down.He returned to “his spot” and sat down. The bartender brought his usual bourbon highball and he resumed watching the bar crowd do bar crowd things. Only this time, he had something else entirely on his mind. Lust, temptation, and forbidden desires that only happen outside of marriage… or so he was told. He’d never strayed from his wife. He always had had the scruples to stay away from such things. Sure, his mind would canlı bahis wander through various fantasies but this was something else entirely.After finishing his drink, he felt just enough of a buzz to relook at the matchbook with an unwholesome intent. Fumbling with the matchbook, he eyed his wedding ring. He mouthed “fuck it” and started typing out a text on his phone. “-What are you doing right now and where can I find you?-”He thought on it for a few minutes more and pushed the send arrow. “This is it”, he thought.Within five minutes a reply came back, “-HYATT, ROOM 522, DON’T DAWDLE-“”HOLY SHIT…This is happening….”  He blurted out, hesitating slightly before waving down the bar tender to settle his tab. He left a bigger tip than he intended as he wandered towards the door and into the forbidden possibilities that lay ahead. His balls were tingling and his cock began to stir as he exited the bar. It took a moment in the cool night air before he realized that the Hyatt was next door. “How fucking convenient!” he giggled since he now realized that he was right on the edge of legal and “under the influence” if he had to drive anywhere.“This is goddam serendipity!” he barked out loud, approaching the hotel lobby. Passing the customer service counter and the concierge’s desk, he made a beeline to the elevator. Pressing the button for the fifth floor, he fidgeted with his wedding ring the entire way up. He received another text as he entered the fifth floor hallway. Stopping to open it up, it revealed a close-up photo that appeared to be a woman’s vagina with very wet fingers inserted to the second knuckle. It was followed by a text, “-WHY AREN’T YOU HERE YET?”

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