The Call of Spring


Charlie Watson was thirty three years old and lived in the small town of Carlton, Wisconsin, working at the manufacturing plant and plowing snow through the winter months. He lived with his elderly father in the same neighborhood as Susan, and her teenage daughter, Jodie. For years he’d been friends with Jodie’s older brother, Ted, who’d moved to another state to find work last year, and as Susan occasionally required a man’s assistance around the house for odds and ends, it was through circumstance and familiarity that he’d taken up the role.

A few weeks ago Susan had asked him to stop by and check the furnace thermostat, it had been sticking. While he was there he’d used the bathroom. Susan was at work, and the place was so quiet he’d assumed Jodie was either gone or asleep. He’d left the bathroom door open, not giving it any thought, and as he gave his large penis a quick shake as he finished relieving his bladder, he noticed Jodie standing just out in the hall, her eyes fixed downward on what he was just getting ready to coil back into his trousers. Had he clocked the look of lustful admiration in her blue eyes?

He could tell she was embarrassed that he’d caught her gawking, and laughed it off silently to himself. Jodie was a nice girl, but could be hard to read. She never really gave anyone too much. Which is to say, she left you guessing.

Auh well, he thought… teenage girls. She’d probably never seen such a fat, wrinkled honker like he had on any of the boys her own age. Some were showers, others, growers. He was both. Not that it had ever really helped him along much with the ladies anyhow. Some preferred a large penis, others not so much. He’d had a few girlfriends and lovers over the years, especially back in his twenties when he’d often attend heavy metal concerts with friends, and frequented an underground club in Madison that featured obscure metal and punk bands. But those days were behind him, and he’d settled comfortably into a bachelor’s lifestyle, all the more so since moving back into his childhood home to provide companionship to his father after cancer took his mother about five years back.

He’d left briefly, running out to the hardware store for a new thermostat. He returned, and about a half an hour later the task at hand was finished. As he was getting ready to leave he went to say bye to Jodie as he always did if she were around while he’d been there at her mother’s request. But when he walked down to the end of the hallway he noticed her bedroom door was open instead of closed as it normally was.

When he leaned into the doorway to tell her he was leaving he saw she was sitting in a chair at her desk watching anal sex porn on a large computer monitor affixed to the wall. It was the first time he’d seen the inside of her room. The wafting smell of incense came to him as he took in its walls, covered with gig flyers and posters of metal bands he’d not heard of, along with some of the old classics he had. Judas Priest, eh? At least the girl had decent taste in tunes, he thought. None of that lame modern top forty crap, hip hop or pussy boy band stuff.

Acting as though nothing were out of the ordinary Jodie turned her head over her shoulder, acknowledging his presence.

“You taking off now, Chuck?”

He had a sneaking suspicion she’d arranged for him to find her like this, and it left him tongue-tied for a moment. Deciding to play it cool and not give her the satisfaction of knowing she’d successfully knocked him off balance, he leaned against the doorframe a moment, watching the porn she had on. A man with a very large penis, much like his own, was fucking a young woman in the ass. Despite his donger being as big around as her arm, or perhaps because of it, she appeared to be enjoying the wanton violation quite intensely.

“Watching dirty movies, eh? Your boyfriend know you like that stuff?” As the words came out he realized he hadn’t seen that kid she’d been dating around here in a while. Come to think of it, he’d rarely seen any of Jodie’s friends. Like her mother, she tended to keep to herself for the most part.

Jodie grinned at him, shrugging her shoulders to his question.

“That’s pretty hot, huh?” she remarked, referencing the anal porn.

Teenage girls, Charlie thought to himself again.

“Well I better get heading out. I’m gonna go gas up and grab a bite at Jack’s. Your mother invited me over for dinner tomorrow, so I guess I’ll see you then.”

“Wait… don’t go. I want to show you something first, okay?”

Charlie paused in the doorway, thinking the girl was going to show him another porn clip. Instead, she muted the volume, got up from the chair, walked to the end of her bed, undid her jeans and pulled them and her underwear down, then bent at the waist, resting her hands on the mattress. She was presenting him her bare little ass.

“I want you to do that to me,” she told him, nodding her head towards the computer monitor. Despite putting up a front he could tell she was nervous. He’d seen that her small hands trembled when she’d film izle unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans.

Jodie hadn’t done much of anything since graduating from high school last spring. She generally was a quiet, non-descript, plane sort of girl, no different really than the many you’d see while at the Megamart. Never wore makeup. Built like her mother, only smaller, with decent hip curve and a cute little butt that filled out the seat of her jeans quite nicely for a skinny girl, blue eyes, and no tits to speak of. She wore her straight, dirty blonde hair long, parted in the middle. He’d never seen the girl in anything but a t-shirt and faded jeans. If you didn’t know she’d turned eighteen last summer and saw her walking down the street she’d pass for being years younger than she was. He’d never picked up on any degree of sexual vibe from her, and before now had never once thought of her in a provocative way.

Again he found himself tongue-tied. What the hell was a man supposed to say in a situation like this? Not that her offer wasn’t perversely tempting. As he tried to find the right words to tell her she was barking up the wrong tree he couldn’t stop himself from imagining how soft and tight her little tush would be, her tiny O-ring stretched out around his big dick as he cornholed her, cornholed little Jodie… that is, Teddy’s little sister, Susan’s little girl. Christ on a crutch, he murmured to himself.

“Jodie,” he started slowly, stroking his bushy beard, “I think that maybe you’re just a bit confused right now. You’ve been watching too much of that,” he said, alluding to the garish anal porn still playing silently on the monitor, “and it’s put ideas into your pretty little head that ought not be there.”

She smiled, shaking her head from side to side. “No, I’m not confused, ya silly. I know exactly what I’m doing and what I want. There’s Vaseline in the bathroom closet, why don’t you get it…” she paused a moment, choosing her words, “…then get over here and buttfuck me with that big cock of yours.”

Just hearing Jodie’s soft, girlish voice use the vulgar expression “buttfuck” within her directive to him made his erection spring further to life than it already had even though he had no intention of giving in to it, giving in to her, giving in to her highly fuckable little ass. His wheels were sure spinning.

“Even if I wanted to, and if I did that to you, girl, do you realize how much it would hurt? No, you don’t.”

“It’s alright, I know it will hurt some before it gets better… and it does get a lot better.” She jiggled her bare fanny at him, underscoring her request. “Come on, Charlie, I’m super horny. Don’t worry, I’ve already done it that way a few times with my boyfriend and I really like it, like it even more than the regular way. But he’s not built down there like you are, and that’s why I want you to do it to me.”

Charlie knew this wasn’t a good idea. If for any reason anyone were to find out he’d sodomized the girl they’d call him a pervert, a monster, and insist he’d forced himself upon her. It would mean town folk bearing torches and pitchforks coming to hang him from a tree, the whole nine yards, he thought humorously. Yet there was a grim truth to it. He continued to resist the growing temptation of her request. If only she’d come to her senses and bring her jeans back up to prevent that tender, bare little behind of hers from beckoning to him like a Siren to stuff his big dick into its crack. He couldn’t think straight under the strain yet kept trying to dissuade her.

“You remember that gal I was seeing, Jennifer. Well she’s bigger and taller than you, fuller all around, right? She wanted it that way too, and even she really struggled with it. She had to abandon the idea, she just couldn’t make it fit. Hurt too much. I wouldn’t want to put you in that kind of pain, Jodie. It wouldn’t be right.”

He was lying to her. Jennifer actually had loved taking him in her ass, asking for it on a regular basis. But he was hoping to scare the little girl off, give her an example she could envision that might make her think twice about biting off more than she could chew.

“I’m up for the challenge. And besides, I’d guess you haven’t had any in quite some time, think of it as a belated Christmas present,” she said to him as she stood back up and quickly whisked by him out her bedroom door and into the bathroom, bare ass still popped out over her pulled down jeans. She returned with the jar of yellow lubricant.

“Here, hold this.” He took the small jar in his hand as she turned and rubbed her bare fanny up to the bulge under his jeans. Before he could stop himself his free hand reached down and squeezed her little ass. His big hand nearly spanned both cheeks as he groped her soft, smooth flesh.

“Come on, Charlie, please… you know you want to.” He couldn’t believe this shy, unassuming girl had such dirty thoughts and agendas in her head.

She lead him to where she’d stood by the bed, and after reaching behind, smearing some of the thick jelly into herself, fragman izle turned and presented her cute little behind to him again as she had at first. He removed his stocking cap and old, faded out denim jacket, revealing his thick, heavily tattooed arms, and tossed them on her chair. He stood directly behind her looking down. Her bare little backside was his for the taking. A part of him had to fight the urge to ram it all into her on the spot.

She’d been right, he hadn’t seen any action since the last time he’d taken Jennifer out to the old motel for a good romp, and that had been nearly three months ago. Her ex-husband had showed up in town out of the blue, hoping to reunite and rebuild what they’d once had. Jenn had agreed, and so that, as they say, was that.

He stared down at Jodie’s bare little ass, working his erection up to its fullest as he teased her crack with it. His was a thick, meaty penis, the type that sometimes remained not quite fully erect even when in sexual use. Now, however, Jodie’s bare fanny had made him hard as a rock, its pink head ballooned, the veins in his shaft protruding angrily, his testicles brimming. It occurred to him he couldn’t quite remember exactly when he’d jerked off last. Had to be a few weeks back.

If Jodie wanted it, he was going to give it to her in spades and really bust her little hinder wide open. If the girl couldn’t walk tomorrow, well, then so be it. It would be her lesson to learn. She could tell her mother she got her period early this month, or had eaten something that hadn’t set right with her, or whatever, and lie around in bed all day regretting having asked for something she’d been unable to handle.

He gripped his big penis at its base, pushing down and back, which enlarged it even more, and forced the head into her butt crack, feeling the vice-grip of her anus slowly stretching open to envelope it entirely. Then he stopped, half expecting the intense pressure she was surely feeling would make her call it off right there and then.

She didn’t, though. Her hands clenched fistfuls of the bedding and her thighs quivered. She swallowed hard and took a few deep breaths. Finding that she enjoyed the sensation, she began slowly bucking her hips back to him, eventually working nearly half of his big dick into her tight bottom. Their motions were awkward for the first few minutes, and she was so tight that he slipped out of her hole a few times before he’d realign and wedge back in, giving her a few mid-range thrusts that her body reflexively encouraged.

After a bit longer they found synchronized rhythm and their motions intensified in unison. Jodie panted and grunted in pleasure as he buttfucked her with deep, slow thrusts. She was amazed how it felt so much better doing it with Charlie than it had with her boyfriend… why, they hadn’t even been at it very long, she considered, yet she was already getting so much more out of it.

Good lord, he thought, she hadn’t been lying to coerce him into doing it with her, the girl absolutely loves it. No wonder she’d wanted him to do it to her given how she’d watched him in the bathroom and saw how large his penis was.

“Alright, Jodie, you do it, pump it. I want you to take it all the way in and all the way out each time, nice and slow like.”

She eagerly showed off her skills for him, and repeatedly pulled her little butt forward until only the tip of the head remained in her anus, then slowly pumped his big dick back in until her cheeks were flush to his pubic mound. He fondled and gently squeezed her rump as she did.

He still had reservations and wanted an update from her before really drilling into her.

“You okay, sweetheart… you like that big dick in your ass?… it doesn’t hurt?

She was in her own zone, overwhelmed with pleasure and she shook her head no.

“No, Charlie, it feels sooo good, I love it. Please don’t stop.”

Deciding to test her limits he rammed himself all the way into her hard, then again, then again even harder.

She yelped and let out a deep breath, turning back to him, her smile fueled with lust. She nodded yes to him.

“Yes, like that, Charlie. Really let me have it… ’cause I’m pretty certain I’m gonna come if you do.”

To her delight he held nothing back. Holding her by the hips, he entwining her white cotton undies around a few of the fingers on either hand, pulling them taut around her trembling thighs and buttfucked the girl vigorously, producing moist little pops and squishes as he plunged in and out.

A few minutes later Jodie orgasmed, crying out in ecstasy, panting husky little breaths. He realized he wasn’t going to be able to last much longer being stuffed into her tight fanny before going off like gangbusters. She sensed he was getting close and asked him not to come inside of her, then dismounted him, turned and sat on the bed before him. She grasped his big greasy cock staring her in the face and began guiding to her mouth. Charlie saw that it was covered in thick, white smears of mucus produced dizi izle from their motion, the lube and her orgasm.

“Honey, you don’t have to go about it like that for me,” he said to her, knowing she was likely just mimicking how she’d seen it done in porn. “Get that cute little tushy of yours back up here and lemmie finish,” he instructed her, realizing he was gonna go off with such force that his mess would end up covering her and the comforter on the bed if she didn’t get it into either her butt or her mouth soon.

“No, I’ve always wanted to try it this way,” she told him, which was the truth. Something about the thrill of wanting something so unusually depraved excited her on some level.

After giving it a quick scan to make sure no poo was on it, she tentatively licked it, savored the taste of herself, then allowed her lust to take over, slowly rubbing her lips along its greasy thickness as her little hand pumped it. She ran her tongue up the underside of the shaft before taking him into her mouth, sucking the tip of the cock head into the back of her throat. As he watched her he realized he’d never before noticed how pretty she really was, as she sort of hid behind her long hair. He gently brushed her hair back behind her ear as she enjoyed her creamy, dirty treat, smiling up at him with her eyes.

Knowing he was about to peak, he jerked himself off with Jodie’s lips still wrapped around the head. He orgasmed so powerfully it ached, nearly causing his legs to buckle and give out from under him as Jodie sucked him off, swallowing each voluminous spurt of his pent up semen as it spewed into her mouth. As he recovered she was smiling up at him, obviously quite pleased with herself.

“Mmm, that was fan-tastic. Told you I could handle it, of ye of little faith.” She laid down on her bed with her back to him in the fetal position with her hands between her thighs, reveling in the experience. “I’ve never come just from fucking, the regular way or in the butt. That was just incredible, Charlie.” She moved into a prone position so she could face him, propping herself up with her elbows, her jeans still pulled down just below her rump. He sat down on the edge of the bed next to her, caressing her adorable, up-turned bare ass, then bent down and kissed each cheek as she giggled.

The house was dead silent. He didn’t really know what to say, this peculiar turn of events had been surreal and he still couldn’t believe that what just happened did. “We can’t, auh… your mother can never find out about this, Jodie.”

She gave him a sarcastic roll of her eyes. “Yeah, I’m glad you told me that ’cause the first thing I was gonna do is run right out and tell her all about it.” She said, teasing him. Chuck felt embarrassed, realizing it had been a rather idiotic thing to say to her, all things considered.

His spent cock was still hanging out of his boxers, and she went back at it with her tongue, mesmerized by it. He still felt vital and at-the-ready, and she sensed it.

“Want to do it to me again?” she asked. This time he required no further convincing. One has to be prepared to just say “yes” to the universe under certain situations when it presented a rare ‘now or never’ opportunity. He mounted her, straddling the backs of her thighs, letting his flaccid penis lie lengthwise on her little butt crack. After she wiggled and teased it she reached back and spread her cheeks, and he was hard again. He sodomized her a second time, lasting much longer than he had the first round. She orgasmed blissfully as he pumped her tight passage full of his hot sperm.


The next day Charlie arrived for dinner late in the afternoon. “Hey Charlie! Come on in. Thanks again for fixing the furnace.” He noted that Happy Hour had apparently started early for Susan that Saturday, as she was already tipsy. She offered him a drink. “The usual?” He affirmed and she poured him a whiskey.

They were sitting at the kitchen table talking about work when Jodie strolled into the kitchen wearing only an old white v-neck t-shirt, no bra, and a pair of green and blue panties that were snug tight up her backside. His mind flashed on how tight she’d felt, pounding in and out her, loving his big dick fucking her little butt. Good thing that whiskey bottle was more than half full, it could be a long, tension filled night.

“Jodie, go put some clothes on. We’ve got company over,” Susan spoke up. “And did you fill out that application for the Megamart casher’s position yet? I realize you’d rather not, but you have got to start looking for some work, girl. Even a part-time job. God knows we could use some extra money around here. Plus it would get you out of the house, do you some good.”

It was the sort of typical parental advice no teenage girl wants to hear on a Saturday evening when she’s trying to flirt with her older, gentleman backdoor lover.

“It’s only Chuck, mom. He’s seen me in my underwear before. I mean, my swim suit covers less, and that’s at a public beach. And besides, it’s not like Charles is gonna try to have his way with me or something,” she laughed, opening the refrigerator door. She stood bent over, unfastening a bottle of apple juice from the plastic six pack ringer, making damn sure she was giving him a good eyeful.

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