The Bully


Kyle was smart, and a good-hearted kid, and not bad looking, but he was too much of a nice guy to ever have any luck with the ladies. And he was a bit of a wimp, built like a string bean, and constantly bullied by bigger guys.

He’d had a crush forever on this extremely hot girl named Alyssa, who had friend-zoned him long ago, despite his constant attempts to get her to see him as boyfriend material. Alyssa and he had tons in common, both liking nerdy books and romantic comedies, but she still tended to go for the more athletic types. She was probably the hottest girl in school, tall and skinny with big boobs and a nice ass, and she generally got her pick of guys, so you could see Kyle’s dilemma.

As it turns out, Kyle was kind of a genius, winning every science fair since he was a kid, and so he came up with a solution that was a little outside the box. If he couldn’t win over Alyssa the way he was, then he would change. Radically.

Kyle had worked on a formula that would make him big and muscular, and would even give him a big dick. You see, while Alyssa was no slut, he’d overheard her telling one of her girlfriends that a guy she had dated was pretty big and she loved it, so he knew he needed to be REALLY big to get her attention.

They had both just graduated from High School, so Kyle’s mom had invited Alyssa and a few of his friends over to celebrate. Kyle planned to drink his new potion in front of her, so that she could see him in a new light, and asked her to follow him into the basement. She was hoping that he wasn’t expecting to make out as some weird graduation gift, but went anyway because she genuinely valued his friendship.

Unknown to Kyle, his mom had also invited Derek, who was probably Kyle’s least favorite person. While Derek didn’t beat him up per se, he did love to embarrass Kyle, having pantsed him several times and rubbed paint in his hair, etc. Generally he made Kyle’s life miserable, of which Kyle’s mom was largely unaware.

In any case, Derek got bored easily, and had wandered down into the basement to amuse himself. He stopped to look at Kyle’s chemical apparatus and started reading his notes, as Kyle and Alyssa came walking down the steps.

“Come on Alyssa. I promise it will be a cool surprise,” Kyle said, gently pulling her by her wrist.

“Fine, fine. Let’s just get this over with.”

“I promise you it will be awesome,” he said as they got to the bottom of the steps. He looked over to his work table and was shocked to see Derek.

“Is this your surprise? Your super serum?” Derek said, holding out the vial that represented not only months of Kyle’s work, but also his hope for changing his life.

Kyle’s stomach dropped, and Alyssa gave him a bewildered look, as if to say, ‘Is this why you brought me down here?’

Derek savored the surprise for a long moment, and then said, “Let’s see if you’re as smart as you think you are.” Then he drained the vial in one big gulp.

A wave of dizziness hit Derek, and he felt tingles in his stomach that quickly spread through his whole body. His arrogant smirk faded to panic, and he wondered if he had massively miscalculated, but then he the tingles turned to vibrations, and he began to change.

Kyle looked on in horror as Derek started to grow, expanding and swelling right before his eyes. It was like his clothes all suddenly started to shrink, splitting at the seams as he got taller and broader, and his muscles grew larger. In under a minute his clothes were a shredded pile of cloth on the ground, and he had completely transformed. Derek had grown to roughly six-and-a-half feet tall, his shoulders broadening to half again their width, and his body was covered in huge, thick muscles. Even his hair was different. It had grown to collar length and was thicker, and he had grown a short beard.

Derek flexed his powerful muscles as Kyle and Alyssa looked on in stunned silence. His arms were gigantic, his mighty biceps the size of watermelons, and his thick pecs looked like racks of beef. His back had grown so big that his lats looked like folded-up wings, and his flawless abs were like rippling bundles of steel bands that shifted with his every movement, hard enough to serve as an anvil or to take a hit from a cannonball. Finally, his legs were massive, as big around as a man’s waist and carved from granite, and they looked strong enough to uproot a great oak. Then Alyssa gasped, and Kyle saw the most incredible change of all.

Derek looked down, following Alyssa’s eyes, and smiled wide. His cock had always been above average, a little longer and thicker than most guys, but now it was enormous. Completely limp it hung perhaps an inch short of his knee and was as big around as a can of soda. Even his balls were much bigger, easily the size of oranges, and he could feel the endless tide of potent cum within them. He grabbed his long, thick shaft with one hand and stroked it a few times, relishing the fact that even his new big meaty hands yalova escort couldn’t wrap its incredible girth.

Derek glanced over at Kyle, and then Alyssa, and his grin was pure evil. He slowly walked over to Alyssa, continuing to stroke his gigantic dick even as she stared at it, seemingly still too awestruck to speak. Once he reached her, he gently grabbed both of her hands, placing one on his powerfully muscled chest and the other at the middle of his extra long shaft, and her eyes fluttered in desire. Then he reached under her arms and lifted her like a child, slowly walking to the nearby couch, where he set her down, her hands still rubbing his chest and manhood. He glanced over at Kyle again, and proceeded to rub the head of his huge cock against Alyssa’s luscious lips, and she immediately closed her eyes and grabbed his shaft with both hands, trying to work it into her mouth.

Kyle groaned and looked straight at the ground, and Derek chuckled. Alyssa nearly choked trying to force Derek’s meat down her throat, only getting a few inches deep and spreading her mouth wide. Derek laughed again, and then lifted her to her feet, turning her to face away from him. He pulled off her skirt, and then tore her panties apart like tissue paper, and gently pushed her forward so her knees rested on the couch seat, leaning her upper body against its back. He turned enough so that Kyle got a good look at his towering penis, even more impressive now that it was fully stiff, and Kyle felt lightheaded thinking about what Derek was about to do to Alyssa.

Derek looked over at Kyle again, swinging his hips back and forth to make his fleshy spear sway side to side in a manner that would’ve made many women faint, but mostly just made Kyle feel sick. He slowly lined it up with Alyssa’s wet slit, rubbing at it to tease her, which drew groans from Kyle and moans from her. Then he took a half step forward and plunged into her.

Alyssa let out a long, deep, slow moan and shuddered with pure pleasure as roughly half his monster was buried withing her, and she groaned and bucked a lit when he bottomed out with just over half his meat inside her. As he pulled back for the next stroke, he paused briefly so that Kyle could see that she had already cum on his humungous cock. For her part, Alyssa was barely holding it together, overwhelmed by his outrageous girth, which was setting off sparks of pleasure through her whole midsection as it hollowed her out. Derek punched his mighty dick into her again, and again, and then started seesawing in and out of her. Kyle could see that she came again after only a few thrusts, and finally turned away, sitting down on a chair and not looking at them.

Kyle wasn’t sure how long they were going at it, but Derek was bullying her vagina, pounding her over and over, and she howled and moaned like a woman possessed, cumming almost nonstop. Her moans died down eventually, and he looked over just in time to see Derek let out a manly grunt and spray his sperm all over her ass and back like a firehose. Kyle absently thought that he hadn’t cum that much in his entire life collectively, and turned away again.

Derek walked past Kyle, looking for something, and Kyle got a close up look at Derek’s super penis. It was even bigger and more intimidating up close, and Kyle nearly vomited. It occurred to Kyle that Derek was probably looking for clothes that might fit him, and finally gave up, grabbing a couple of sheets out of the closet and making an improvised toga.

Derek paused at the door, and looked back at Kyle. “Yup. That just happened,” he said, and walked out.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Derek didn’t waste much time after he left Kyle’s place, making a very awkward run to the store to get new clothes, and then posing for a variety of selfies for his new dating profiles, showing himself off in skin-tight shirts and shorts, spandex workout clothes, and even just his boxers. Every which way, his insanely buff and powerful body was on full display, and his huge dick made for an impressive bulge no matter what he wore. He couldn’t hide it if he tried, not that wanted to.

Not that it was much of a consolation to Kyle, but Derek pretty much ignored him from that day on. After all, he was extremely busy getting laid 3-4 times a day and going to the gym occasionally to embarrass the biggest and baddest guys there with his absurd muscles and towering strength. He could literally curl more than anyone else could squat, and his muscles bulged so outrageously when he lifted that every man there was intimidated by him, and every babe wanted his dick. He was like a god now. The god of Manhood.

He had of course made an effort to fuck the entire cheerleading squad, which he completed in under two weeks, and he also banged that super hot chick from the drama club, plus two trainers from his gym, and a couple of college babes, too. His number had gone from three to over fifty in just a few weeks, and he absolutely fucked yalova escort bayan the stuffing out of every one of them, leaving them blissful, bowlegged, and dreaming about him.

He was the only guy on both of his dating apps with a perfect rating, and he had more matches than any three dudes. Also, though he hadn’t measured, his dick looked noticeably bigger than when he first transformed, both a little longer, and definitely thicker. He figured it must be all the pussy he was getting, and marveled at his blessings.

But his greatest satisfaction came from obliterating Alyssa over and over. He had now beaten her pussy with vicious glee repeatedly, drawing out all manner of animal sounds and virtual buckets of cum, each time leaving her catatonic for almost a full day. A prudish and self-important girl who literally wouldn’t have given him the time of day just a few weeks ago was now the High Priestess of his cock cult, texting him several times a day, and sending him nudes and videos of her masturbating. Between that, and the fact that it made Kyle feel sick, just made his dick that much harder whenever she showed up.

His first “appointment” today was with this tasty light-skinned black chick with a smokin’ body and a big juicy ass. She was seeing some big black dude that she thought had pretty big dick… at least until Derek sent her pics of his. He sent her pics of his completely limp dick next to a bottle of water, then beside an energy drink can, and finally next to some girl’s forearm. He was bigger than all of them. She nearly fainted. She figured they had to be doctored. She sent them to her best friend to get her opinion, and she replied almost instantly. “Take that for a ride,” she said. So they made a date.

Derek showed up in a tight black workout shirt and jeans, and the girl, name of Tanya, was positively drooling. He towered over her boy in every way. Taller. Vastly more muscular. And hung like a god. His arm brushed hers as he stepped through the door and she shuddered with desire. Tanya was only wearing a tank top and panties, and looked really hot, that ass even better in person, and Derek was never one to dawdle, so they skipped the formalities and headed straight for the bedroom.

They both stripped, and she sat on the edge of the bed, staring at his anaconda with hungry eyes. Derek swaggered over to her, and she grabbed his thick shaft with both hands, stroking him as she lifted its head to her mouth. She took him in surprisingly well, and she tugged at his hips to take in more and more. Before he knew it, over half of his ridiculous length was down her throat, and she showed no signs of stopping.

Derek was truly amazed, and it felt great, so he put his hand behind her neck and started pushing harder, driving his huge dick down her throat. She didn’t protest, and in short order, his balls touched her lips, Then he started face-fucking her, pulling out a few inches and then hilting, and he could feel her squeezing her throat to work his shaft, and it felt awesome.

After a solid minute of pumping he could feel his balls twitch, and he let her know it was coming. She pulled him back to her, hilting her face again, and he unloaded a massive blast of cum into her belly, enough to fill a cereal bowl. It was easily the most he had come so far, and he reveled in the powerful feeling of release, causing his titan to soften for a moment, which amazed him even more. Tanya was gasping for air, but smiling, pleased that she was able to make him cum, and astonished that he was already getting hard again.

“Good start,” he said, and brushed her pretty face affectionately. “Get on the bed, ass out. Time for some doggy.” He wanted to see that fantastic ass, and she gave him a steamy look and smiled sexily, obliging him without a word.

Derek pushed into her and, while she was looser than most of the women he’d fucked, he still stretched her wide, and bottomed out with at least four inches left. Her boy was big, but not in his class, and Tonya was already on the verge of cumming. He began pumping her solidly, knowing she could probably handle it, and she let several low moans before she finally shuddered and her warm cum coated his massive member. He smiled and started thumping her harder.

He rammed her harder and harder, until he finally hilted, and she came again, even harder. He kept pounding, punishing her pussy, trying to drive his dick deeper and deeper so that every other dick she had from this day on would feel like a baby’s pinky compared to him. She came again several more times, making more and more noise, building to a crescendo, and the sound of his hips meeting her ass making loud clap noises as he ruined her.

Finally, she came so hard that her whole body shook violently, like a woman possessed, and she went limp as he continued pounding her. He balls twitched again, and tightened, and he knew he was about to blow. He stepped back from her, pulling out, and aiming his cannon at her back.

Just escort yalova then, a large black dude that could only have been her boy, stepped through the bedroom door. “Hey babe, I was wondering… ” he said, and stopped mid-sentence. He stared at Derek as he grunted loudly and unloaded cum all over Tanya’s back and ass. It was the biggest load he’d ever seen, from a dick that was almost twice the size of his own, and he was in shock.

Derek grabbed his clothes and headed for the living room. As he brushed past Tanya’s stunned “friend”, he said, “She gonna rest now.” Then he quickly got dressed in the living room and left.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Derek drove around for ten minutes looking for a spot, and finally found one near the back of the mall, and then had a pretty long walk to the closest entrance. He needed to pick up some nicer clothes for a dinner party he’d been invited to tomorrow night, the last big shindig before classes started up again next week, and he was pumped for it since he would likely meet a ton of new hotties.

He literally had banged a half dozen chicks that worked in this mall, and a couple came over to say hi as he was walking through, flirting shamelessly and practically begging him to call them. He said he would, and even sort of meant it, even though he knew he would probably forget them with the long list of hot ass he was getting on the daily, and went on his way.

He stopped in one clothing store and bumped into a chick that was on his list, and they made their way to one of the clothing rooms. He proceeded to try on her pretty thoroughly, and she did an admirable job of blowing him before he gave her a good pounding. She had to bite her hand to keep from screaming, cum pouring out of her like a leaky faucet, and he left her a disheveled mess. She had to take the rest of the day, and Derek headed to the next store.

Derek stopped at a sunglass store to flirt with some super hot babe, and suddenly he jumped when he felt something scrape against his hand. He turned to look and saw Kyle running away from him with great haste. He frowned, wondering what he was up to, but was more interested in pounding the hottie, so he got back to it. He got her number and went on his way.

He finally got around to buying the dress clothes he came to the mall to get, and made the long trek out to his car. He stopped on his way home and fucked Alyssa again, just for funsies. He gave that pussy a nasty beating, and she set a new personal record both for how often and how much she came. He snapped a couple of pics of her in her brains-fucked-out mess of a state and headed home.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Derek swaggered out to the pool area having just fucked the bejesus out of two hot chicks in the downstairs bedroom. Despite all of the ass he’d gotten recently, it was only his second threesome, and he’d really enjoyed every second of it. Having two girls taking turns on his huge dick was great, and he shot his load with gusto.

He was looking around for that Playboy chick, hoping to smash her before the end of the night, when he noticed her head into the Pool House with some huge dude. The guy was even bigger than Derek and she was positively drooling over him. Derek watched curiously, and maybe fifteen minutes later the guy walked back out by himself, smiling like the cat that ate the canary. Derek couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but the dude looked familiar.

Kyle was pretty pleased with himself, having just wrecked Miss March with his newly enlarged Mega Dick, leaving her semi-conscious on the floor of the Pool House, still cumming her brains out. He was still getting used to his new body, covered in absurdly large muscles, even bigger than Derek’s, and of course, his huge cock, also bigger than Derek’s. The skin sample he’d taken from Derek yesterday had given him a great starting point for his new formula, and it turned out even better than the original. He felt like Superman, but with a bigger dick.

He walked right over to Derek, smiling all the way, and nodded to him. It still hadn’t quite clicked.

“I look familiar to you?” Kyle said, still smirking.

“Yeah, you do. I just can’t quite…” Derek said, his voice trailing off. “Son of a bitch! Kyle?” he said, genuinely shocked. “That’s what you were doing yesterday.”

“Indeed. How do you like version two?”

“Impressive, dude.” Derek paused for a moment, looking like he was chewing things over. “Do we need to fight? I know that I probably deserve an ass whooping for all the stuff I put you through.”

Kyle shook his head. “Nah. I feel like we both ended up winning in this scenario,” he said, flexing his gigantic bicep, and a hot chick in a bikini whistled at him. “Besides, who else would I talk to now? Nobody else is like us.”

Derek grinned. “Damn straight,” he said, and nodded toward a group of smokin’ hot babes at the other end of the pool. “Lets pound some ass.”

Kyle got around to wrecking Alyssa a couple days later, and he and Derek alternated weeks with her from there on out. Kyle caught up to Derek pretty quickly, and they were pretty much best friends from that day forward.

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