The Big Belly of Cassie [First Month]


Cain was lying on the couch with Cassie, slowly stroking the flatness of his pretty wife’s stomach. Just yesterday, they had happily found out from her doctor she was miraculously blessed with triplets. They had been only married for a year and had finally decided to conceive.It was ironic in the fact that they had both wanted exactly three children, and it was all going to be done in just one pregnancy. At times, he had expressed if it were humanly possible, they would have thousands of babies. Obviously, they didn’t have the finances or a belly to do so.He lifted up her shirt, and slowly and sensually kissed her belly intimately all over. Something then happened that he couldn’t be explained. It was like a small surge of power and desire had filled his mind and body. He became obsessed with her belly and began to kiss and touch more and more. He thought of nothing else but the belly and in the back of his mind, he envisioned it growing to great heights. Like a second voice guiding him to see that it happened.He had always had a love for pregnant bellies and was excited to know she was so fertile with three of them. Being the close couple that they are, he had told her embarrassingly about it shortly after they were married. He knew she would accept him for it, but they never really spoke of it much more after that.She was resting on the couch with Cain and just trying to imagine what their home would be like with three beautiful children running around them. She ran her hand alongside Cain’s as she made as much of an attempt as she could to show their children that they were already loved.She was in truth, a little worried about the finances and if her silky belly would be able to support the three children. Though that was something she wasn’t going to focus her pregnancy on as she smiled and kissed her husband’s temple, content. If she didn’t have him with her, then the triplets would not be hers. A delighted smile spread across her lips as she watched him kiss the children. They were both first-time parents but she saw just how great of a father Cain already was. She was amazed by the sweetness he had for her pregnant belly. While he was already receiving minor influences of the magical power her belly offered, she didn’t recognize was within her.Either way, she was just happy to know that Cain would be able to stick the pregnancy out with her. Cassie knew she was a little underweight but hoped that her cravings could help her gain enough weight to keep them healthy. She knew that Cain loved pregnant bellies, and thought it was a cute quirk. It wasn’t, of course, in the daily conversation between them, but she hadn’t forgotten. The only thing that worried her almanbahis seriously was how to talk to her family about being pregnant. She let out a sigh as she watched her husband. Maybe she wouldn’t even need to tell her family, she doubted they would care about it anyway. It would just be another nuisance in their eyes.Cain ceased his pleasuring her belly for just a moment. He looked up to see that she was all “hot and bothered”. He brushed the curly, dark brown locks from her perfect face and wiped the film of sweat from her brow. Rubbing his big hand all over her tiny belly, he kissed her lips more passionately than he had on their honeymoon.He looked down back at her belly, feeling a warmth coming it, and then looked back at her.”You like, Cassie? How… big would you like your belly to be?” he said very flirtatiously.He had always loved her petite and short stature, but imagining a big belly on her made her seem more alluring than he had ever seen her.What Cain and Cassie couldn’t see was a microscopic “bug” of some sort passing between the lips of her. It was a nanomachine, programmed for a very specific purpose. In mere seconds, it would take the short journey to her womb and plant thousands and thousands of eggs, attaching to the wall of it and waiting to blossom. It also produced a new and highly strong chemical that would travel her nervous system to the brain. It would specifically go the portion of it that dealt with desire and physical image, and eventually hijack all of it.Two men in suits and sunglasses were parked outside their home, monitoring the bug’s signal on a remote.They made a short phone call to an unnamed government intelligence official and reported, “It’s done.””Good, move on to the next Seed of Life… Darla Storm.” the voice replied, followed by a click. They started up the sedan and drove to their next target.Spending time with Cain like this was more happiness than she could ever imagine having. They locked eyes and she felt her thin belly swell with excitement just from his stare. Her belly had brought them even closer and Cassie couldn’t have been any happier with that. In a blurred moment, she felt a heated and passionate kiss. She wasn’t sure that Cain had ever kissed her like this before, but it was something she hoped to receive more frequently. She was lost in longing for a moment as he spoke to her. She shook herself out of it and smiled at him.”I like it a lot. As for my belly… I’d like for it to get as big as it has to, for the babies to be healthy and have enough space to grow.” She replied giddily.The nano insect remained out of sight and out of mind for Cassie. All she focused on was keeping her family together and enjoying almanbahis yeni giriş every second that passed her by. She was on a conveyor belt of cloud and nothing, not even the four apocalyptic horsewomen would crush her spirit.She could see the three children playing in their spacious backyard of her dream home, and Cain would cuddle with Cassie in a hammock with cool iced lemonade. The two would watch the children play gleefully and make small quiet comments and share a warm laugh to match the sunshine.Unaware of the cryptic humans outside their home the two remained in bliss. Cassie began yet again to soothe her gloriously pristine belly. She ran her fingers through Cain’s hair and looked at him seriously.”Do you think I’ll get big enough to keep our babies alive and healthy?”Her voice was painted heavily with concern, and a small bit of frustration. She could only hope for so much. With the way she had been raised and even with Cain’s help, continued to have a worry and lack of hope.The chemical had also mixed with her pheromones and excreted like a heavy mist in the air. It engulfed the entirety of Cain, breathing in the heavy potency of it. His whole body becoming ignited with sexual fire. He didn’t protest his urge to continue rubbing her flat pregnant belly and did so in slow, wide circles.Twirling the softness of her hair through his fingers. When he had heard her answer, he immediately felt his member perk up. The mixed pheromone now had coursed through the length of his bloodstream, their desires becoming in sync.He looked deeply into her eyes when she had said she wanted her belly bigger as it could be, and could see and breathe the truth to those words. He had never seen her like this before. He had fallen in love with her easy grace and sweetheart personality. She had never asked for much and was a quiet girl. This “darkness” and desire that seemed to have been born right there gave him a sense of excitement and wonder like he had never felt before. He wanted her belly to be huge as well… so very, very, very big and round.He felt the softness of her stomach against his. In another second, his member went fully erect. Sneaking up between their bellies as she sensually rubbed it against him.”Your… belly is so perfect. I can’t wait to see it bigger than my whole body.” he said as if the “second voice” rehearsed him to do so.As all the eggs were finally placed, her belly did swell just a little bit. Not anything that noticeable, but she felt it for sure. Then, a deep growl erupted from it.Her cheeks flushed incredibly bright as she felt his excitement grow between them. Cassie allowed to continue to stroke his hair gently and tried to almanbahis giriş focus more on his soothing hand. The way he twirled her hair made her feel even better. He had given her such comfort since they met.Her life had been so miserable until they had met. Now her lovely belly would enlarge before their eyes, and she would give them the three kids they had been hoping for. In the womb of her shiny belly was a dark and deep desire that was growing with her.Cassie smiled at Cain as he admired her perfect and sweet belly. Within in the next few months, her personality was going to shift as well as the size she would grow. She giggled quietly as she thought of her perfect belly growing to be larger than himself. She imagined her whole body puffing up to be like a giant marshmallow in a microwave before it popped.She would become too large to even be mobile and would need a bigger sized ambulance to come and get her when it was time. Little did she know, that image would not be too far away from them.As her laughter died down she let out a soft sigh and watched her husband.”When do you suppose that I should give my mother a call and tell her the good news?”There was a small hint of disappointment in Cassie’s voice as she looked to Cain for hope. It was a terrible mood killer and she hated doing it, but she wanted to be able to say that she had tried with her mother. However, she would feel guilty if she didn’t try. She gave Cain a bright smile to try and hide her guilty feelings. even if it wouldn’t work well. Cassie smoothly rubbed her glistening belly gently.Her belly still continued to growl in endless hunger but was only happening in short waves. This too had surprised him, as a girl her size could eat only once a day, and be satisfied. In fact, he never heard her belly growl once the entire time he knew her. He lightly patted her smooth stomach and got into a sitting position. Being ever so gentle with her, he pulled her in for another long kiss. He could feel the tiny bump of her belly that hadn’t been there just a few minutes ago. He ignored it, for now, the chemical directing his mind to… feed her.”As much as we don’t like her, I suppose we should soon. Even though you haven’t seen her in ten years,” he said, admittedly.He loathed the woman but didn’t want to set a bad example. He got up and carried her in his arms, smiling sweetly at her.He pulled out a chair for her and placed her in it. He then opened the fridge, seeing how fully stocked it was. They had just got groceries just a few hours ago. He made sure to get every kind of food she wanted. He wanted to nourish his growing, unborn children in her belly.More importantly, to take care of her to the maximum. His eyes scanned all the sustenance, and then glanced back at her. For just a moment, his eyes flashed a white glow, the supernatural “power” beginning it’s first enslaving of the greatest belly servant there ever be for Cassie.

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