Subject: The Bad Nude Bears III Please do not read if it is illegal in your country. Also, this story is not meant to infer that any characters in The Bad New Bears were homosexual. The story is fiction. Feedback is encouraged. Please e-mail me at ail. And please donate to Nifty Archives to keep the stories flowing. Thank you. The Bad Nude Bears III by Danny Ocean Less than a week later, Bob Whitehead got a call from his wife while he was at work. She needed to fly to Milwaukee to visit her sister who’d been in a car accident. She’d be gone at least two weeks. When Bob hung up he realized that he would be alone in their house that whole time with his gorgeous blonde son, Toby. He began to tremble with thoughts of their intense couplings. And his cock remained painfully erect all the way home. He pulled into his driveway at the usual time and sprinted into the house. He stopped to listen and heard some mumblings coming from upstairs. He crept up and when he reached his sons room, gently nudged the door open. He almost gagged. There was Toby and Tanner totally naked, engaged in a beautiful sixty nine postion. The only delicious twist was that they were not on the bed nor on the floor. Toby was standing in the middle of his room holding Tanner upside down! They were sucking each other’s cocks and moaning. Bob was afraid that the sight alone would make him cum in his pants. Toby’s legs were shaking with sexual pleasure and the effort of holding up Tanner. Bob couldn’t stand anymore. He dropped to his knees and began rubbing and squeezing Toby’s sweet round ass. His son wrenched his neck around and saw with delight what his father was doing to him. However, he was too lost in his mammoth sex act to say anything. He continued sucking Tanner’s cock. Bob, then almost in a trance, spread Toby’s buttocks and started licking his hole. Toby screamed into Tanner’s crotch which sounded like an animal caught in a trap. And for the next few seconds the frantic pitch of his screaming increased until he shot his cum load into his best friend’s mouth. Toby collapsed onto the floor taking Tanner with him. “Hey, why’d you do that? I didn’t cum yet!!!” yelled Tanner. And when he saw Toby’s father, he said, “Oh, Hi, Mr. Whitehead. I didn’t hear you come in.” “Oh, dad, kızılay escort that was great!!! I loved it when you licked my hole. You made me cum so good,” said Toby. Bob was mad with lust. “Tanner, I need you to do me a big favor.” “Sure, Mr. Whitehead, but I didn’t cum yet.” “I know, but I need to be alone with Toby. Now here’s what I purpose. Let’s call Buttermaker to come over and you and he can have the master bedroom while I stay here with Toby. How does that sound?” Tanner smiled. “Do you think he’ll come?” “Are you kidding, Tanner?” Toby laughed. “He’ll probably get arrested running every red light on his way over here.” Tanner ran out of the room and down the stairs to make the phone call. “Toby, I guess you know that your mother will be gone for two weeks,” Bob said stripping as fast as he could. “Yeah, she called me.” Finally nude, Bob said, “Son, I am so fucking horny right now. Excuse my language, but I need you to make me cum.” Toby flew into his father’s arms and hugged him tight. He looked up at him and said, “I’m glad I make you cum, dad. Anytime you need me to make you cum, I will. I’ll be there for you.” Bob groaned. “But we have to make up for lost time which is why I want you to fuck me.” Bob was shaking with lust. “And we will, son, but I need relief right now.” “Ok, sit here on the edge of my bed.” Bob sat down and spread his legs. Toby knelt on the floor between them. Toby took gentle hold of his father’s cock. Just that simple act made Bob groan loudly. Toby looked up at this father as he swirled his tongue round and round the head of his cock. “Don’t tease me, son. SUCK IT!!!” Toby giggled. “I can feel it thobbing in my fist,” he said. The perfect O in his mouth engulfed the adult cock. He sucked mightily up and down. Bob tried to hold off his orgasm but it was impossible. He felt himself getting ready to cum. “Oh, Toby, I’m ready to shoot. I’m gonna cum!!!!” Toby pulled his dad’s cock out of his mouth with a loud POP. “I want you to spray my face with your cum,” Toby said as his jerking hand became a blur. Bob yelped and watched rope after rope of his cum splashing his son’s beautiful face. Toby was in ecstasy as his dad’s cum dripped down his forehead into his eyes, nose, keçiören escort and mouth. Then his tongue went crazy licking up as much as possible. “Mmmm,” Toby said. “As tasty as the icing on a birthday cake.” Bob lay back on the bed. “Oh, baby, that was great. This is going to be a fantastic two weeks.” Meanwhile Tanner was laying naked on the bed on his back in the master bedroom, knees behind his ears and fingering his tight little hole, making himself hornier and hornier when suddenly he heard the sound of screeching brakes. He leaped off the bed and ran downstairs. He had found a small oval shaped black mask that covered the top part of his face. He slipped it on before opening the front door. Buttermaker was standing there, out of breath and sweating. “Get in here, bitch!” Tanner said. “Who are you supposed to be?” Buttermaker said entering the house. “I’m the Notorious Cum Bandit,” said Tanner closing the door. “I’m here to steal all your cum.” Buttermake played along. “Oh, please don’t steal my cum, mister. My wife depends on it for life support.” “Shut up and get upstairs in that bedroom.” Once inside the master bedroom the coach started to strip. Tanner took his mask off. “No-no,” said Buttermaker. “Keep the mask on. It’s very sexy.” “OK,” said Tanner, putting it back in place. Soon they were both naked with Tanner on his knees casually jerking Buttermaker’s cock. “Did you miss me?” Tanner said to the coach’s cock. “You know I did.” “Did you have sex with any other boys?” “No.” “Then you must have a lot of cum in your balls.” “Yes. Oh, Tanner, that feels so good. Can you tickle my balls while you’re doing that?” “Sure. You want to know what I was doing while you were driving over here?” “No, what?” “I was pushing my fingers in my asshole. It felt so good.” “Oh, shit. Are you trying to make me come just by talking?” “I never thought of that, but, yeah. Do you think I can?” “You little tease. I’m almost there!” “I was thinking of what it would feel like with your big cock in my little hole. I’m wondering if it would make me cum.” “Oh, Tanner. Jerk me off harding and faster. You’re driving me crazy.” “Like this?” he said speeding up his hand and rubbing the balls faster. “Oh!!!! I’m gonna escort ankara cum!!! Here it cums!!!!” “SHOOT IT IN MY MOUTH!!!!!! “OHHHHHHH!!!!” Buttermaker screamed. He watched his cock erupt, shooting slug after slug of cum into the sweet blonde’s mouth. When it was over, Tanner stood up and opened his mouth revealing the pool of cum. And still vibrating from his massive orgasm, coach watched Tanner, for the first time, noisily swallow his jizz. It was too much sensory overload for Buttermaker, and he fell back on the bed. “Now you know why I’m called the Notorious Cum Bandit.” Buttermaker was surprised to see that he was still hard. Tanner lay down next to him and snuggled his head on his chest. Coach reached down to fondle and sqeeze Tanner’s sweet little ass. “Do you know what Toby and his dad are doing?” “I can imagine.” “His dad came home from work hornier than I’ve ever seen him. Toby and I were busy sucking each other’s cocks and he just barged in on us.” “What did he do?” “He started licking Toby’s asshole making him cum really good. Oh, did I mention that Toby was holding me upside down while we were doing it?” “Upside down?” “Yeah, Really sexy. But he dropped me on the floor after he came.” “Well, that wasn’t very nice,” said the coach. “You’re right, Buttermaker. I didn’t get to cum.” “And you want me to hold you upside down while we suck each other’s weiners?” “Yeah. It’ll be fun. I just don’t know if I can swallow upside down.” Not soon after, Buttermaker stood holding Tanner upside down, both mouths lock on each others cocks. There was no frenzy involved. It was more like a slow senuous dance, their bodies impercetively undulating. And even though Tanner had climaxed three times already, his horniness was far from satisfied. The coach could take his time in reaching his climax since he shot a load not long ago. He also discovered that he could hold up Tanner with one arm, leaving his other hand to play with Tanner’s asshole. He’d slip his pinky finger into this unusually warm rectum and count the boy’s orgasms by how the hole clenched and unclenched on his finger. He also found pure delight in Tanner’s cum screams or his would-be screams if his mouth wasn’t so stuffed with Buttermaker’s cock. And when the coach finally arrived at his own slowly building orgasm, he’s the one that started screaming, pumping his copious load into his little lover’s mouth. When it was over, Tanner landed on his feet. He took off his mask and said with smiling wet red glistening lips, “Wow. I WAS able to swallow upside down.”

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