The Babysitter


My wife, Amy, had left to go see her sister for a few days, apparently her and her husband were having some marriage troubles and she wanted to be there to support her. That left me at home to watch our two little girls Sarah, who was three and Paula, who was five. They were good girls and helped Daddy as much as three and five-year old girls can. My wife was supposed to be gone for a week but maybe longer, it would depend on what happened with her sister.  I didn’t mind her going, I try to be supportive as I can when it come to her family because I knew she was close to them all and I wanted it to stay that way. So when she said she had to go I encouraged her to, assuring her that me and the girls would be ok while she was gone and not to worry about us. So she left on the first plane that she could get tickets for. The first couple days were easy – it was late Friday night when she left and so me and the girls had the weekend to spend together. I tried to make it an “adventure” for them so they wouldn’t know anything was wrong. That was one of the main reasons that me and Amy didn’t want to girls to go along. Marriage difficulties can be harder on the kids than on the parents because the little ones don’t understand why Mommy and Daddy are fighting so. And we didn’t want to expose our girls to the chaos and upheaval that these situations always seem to produce. So the three of us had a good weekend planned and we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. I took them to the movies and to the zoo. We had a picnic/tea party in the park and went to the local toy store to get them each something. We had a grand old-time and it kept the girls minds off missing their mother. Things were going all right but Monday was approaching and I would have to go to work. So I had to figure out what I was going to do with the girls. I couldn’t take that much time off – I didn’t have that much leave on the books, and we didn’t even know how long she would be gone. And my construction job wasn’t exactly “kid-friendly” either, so bringing the girls to work with me wasn’t a possibility. Amy and I had a neighborhood girl, Lisa, that we used from time to time to baby-sit the girls when we needed her. She was 17 years old and very responsible. We knew her parents and we knew how she had been brought up and we were very comfortable with her watching Sarah and Paula. So Sunday afternoon I called her to see if she would watch them for me while I was at work. “Hello, Lisa? This is Mr. Davis. I was wondering if you would be available to watch Sarah and Paula while I am at work from the next few days. Mrs. Davis, Amy, had to go see her sister for some family issues and I have to go to work Monday. You would need to watch them from about 7:00 am to 6:00 pm or so every day. Of course we would pay you your regular rate plus something for extra hours as well.” I said. “Oh Mr. Davis, I would love to watch Sarah and Paula, they are great and we have so much fun. But unfortunately my family is going to the lake for the week. almanbahis şikayet In fact we were just doing the packing. I’m sorry.” Lisa said. “Oh no! I was sort of counting on you to help me out. I am in a spot here, but I understand. You go and have fun with your family, Lisa. I’ll figure something out.” I said, trying to keep from showing how big a mess I was in. “Well, Mr. Davis, if you want I have a friend who might be interested. Her name is Becky and she is really good. She is very dependable and trustworthy. If you’d like I can call her and see if she would be willing to watch the girls.” “If you are willing to vouch for her, Lisa, then I will talk to her about it. I trust you and if you say she is ok then yes call her up and see if she’ll do it. I am in a real pickle here and don’t see many other options.” “Ok, Mr. Davis I will call her and see if she will do it. I’ll call you back as soon as I find out.” “Thank you, Lisa.” I said and hung up. I sat down on the couch and tried to think. If this Becky didn’t want to or couldn’t watch the girls I would simply have to take the time off, even if it meant losing a good chunk of my paycheck in the process. A week’s pay was a lot to lose but I had no choice. I could only hope that Amy came back at the end of that week or we would be royally screwed! About 20 minutes later the phone rang. “Hello, Mr. Davis?” the girls voice on the other end said. “Yes, this is Mr. Davis.” “Hi. My name is Becky. Lisa said you might be needing a babysitter?” “Oh yes, Hi Becky. Yes I do need a babysitter. You see my wife is out-of-town for the week and I will need someone to watch our two girls during the day while I am at work. The hours are from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm or maybe a bit later depending on how soon I can get home from work. I will need you all week until Friday at least and possibly part or all of the following week. I am not sure when my wife will be coming home just yet.” I said. “Yes Lisa told me something about the girls. They sound very nice. And she says nice things about you and Mrs. Davis too. Sure, I will watch the girls for you. And whatever you are paying Lisa is fine with me too.” Becky said. “Oh thank you Becky, you’re a lifesaver!” I said, much relieved. Ok that crisis had been averted. I could go off to work knowing my girls were being looked after. The next morning I got the girls up early, telling them that they were going to have a new friend come over and watch them while I was gone. They were a little disappointed that their friend Lisa was the one to watch them, but excited to meet someone new. About a quarter to seven the doorbell rang and I answered it. I opened the door and what stood on the other side about knocked me over! Before me was the most beautiful 18-year-old girl I had ever laid eyes on! About 5 foot 3 inches tall, she had dishwater blonde hair down to the middle of her back, sparkling emerald-green eyes and a warm, happy smile. She was built like every schoolboy’s wet dream too, with a young, almanbahis canlı casino tight 34C-26-36 body that just begged to be explored! I stood there for the longest time, looking at her with thoughts running through my mind that a man of my age shouldn’t have been thinking! “Mr. Davis, are you all right?” she asked, finally breaking through to me. “What? Oh yes, I was just um, thinking about something at work.” I said, trying hastily to cover my lack of attention. “Please come on in.” She came in and sat down on the couch as I explained some of the rules of the house and where things were located, the number I could be reached at, you know the usual things you tell a babysitter. “I don’t want any boyfriends over, I don’t want my little girls exposed to that kind of behavior.” I said. “Oh no problem, Mr. Davis. I don’t have a boyfriend right now.” she said. “And no smoking in the house. If you need a smoke break, do it out on the porch and when the girls are asleep.” “Not to worry, Mr. Davis, I don’t smoke. Never have. I was a cheerleader in school and smoking wasn’t allowed in the cheerleader squad.” I covered a few other things and then, satisfied with her answers, I took her into the dining room where my girls were eating breakfast. “Here are the girls. There’s Paula here who is the oldest, and Sarah, here who is our youngest.” I said. “Hi girls! My name is Becky. We are going to have a lot of fun today!” she said. With all the introductions made and all the instructions given, I looked at my watch. “Damn!” I thought to myself, “if I don’t get moving, I’ll be late for work!” “Ok, Becky, do you have any questions?” I asked. “Nope. Everything seems pretty simple,” she said, “you go on to work and I’ll take care of things here.” So I left for work, barely reaching the office in time. I started in with work, but my mind kept going back to the lovely young girl at home. Images of her filled my mind and more than once I had to adjust my seat because of an uncomfortable bulge. At lunch I called the house to check on things and see how Becky was doing with the kids. That was a mistake – the girl sounded as hot on the phone now as she was in person! I struggled through the rest of the day and the end of the work day finally came at last. I headed for home with her swimming through my head. I pulled into the driveway and sat in my car for a few moments trying to compose myself. “This is wrong! This is wrong!” I kept repeating to myself. I tried to think of my wife and how young the girl in my house was. But somehow my mind was not letting go of this and I went inside no less convinced. “Hi Mr. Davis! Welcome home!” she said as I stepped through the door. I looked at the girl standing in front of me. Her blonde hair was put into a ponytail now and her t-shirt was wet, showing her firm, young tits in all their glory with nipples threatening to rip through the fabric. “Wh-what happened?” I stammered, sure that my lower jaw was on the floor in front of me. “Oh, sorry!” almanbahis casino Becky said, “Sarah got a little messy with dinner and I was just giving her a both. I guess we both got one!” “You fed the girls?” I asked. “Sure. And your dinner is in the oven. It may need to be heated up a bit but a couple of minutes in the microwave should do it.” she said, matter-of-factly. “Well thank you, Becky! You’re wonderful!” I said. Becky smiled and went to get her jacket. I took her jacket and held it for her as she put it on. “Thank you Mr. Davis.” she said, looking up at me. “Thank you, Becky. Oh wait, you have something on your cheek.” I said. I wiped a smudge of jelly from her cheek, obviously put there by one of the girls while eating. The girl had the softest skin I had ever felt, so warm and tender. My cock instantly stirred to life as I rubbed the jelly off her face. She closed her eyes and I could swear I heard an almost imperceptible moan come from her too. Becky left to go home and I went to see what she had prepared for me for dinner. As I sat there eating the dinner she prepared I thought more about the new babysitter. I knew that the thoughts I was having about her were wrong – she was still a teenager and I was almost twice her age. But I couldn’t help myself. The girl was beautiful, smart, considerate and hot as hell! I went to bed and spent the night with Becky in my dreams. I don’t remember what the dreams were about only that the night was far too short and my cock was uncomfortably hard the next morning! I had just finished breakfast the next morning when right on time the doorbell rang. It was Becky, here for another day of babysitting. She was wearing a hot pink cami top with thin spaghetti-string shoulder straps. It was cut high, just to the bottom of her ribcage, and she had on lowrider cutoff jeans and wedge type sandals with thin pink ankle straps. From a father’s standpoint she was far too scantily dressed, but from a man’s standpoint she was fucking sizzling! “Hi, Mr. Davis!” she said as I stared at her standing in my doorway. “Wow!” I said, understated, “you look amazing!” “You like it?” she said stepping back so I could get the full view. If she could have read my thoughts at that moment… “Yes, I like it very much!” I said. Becky came in and sat down on the couch, folding her long tan legs ladylike under her. She was quite a vision and it took all my will to turn and head out the door for work. At lunchtime I called the house again to check on the girls. I knew that I would be home later than usual that night and asked Becky if she would mind staying there till I got home. She said she didn’t have any plans and it would be no problem. So after work I swung by and picked up a couple pizzas. “Hi Becky, I am home. Thanks for staying late tonight.” “It’s no problem. We were having fun anyway!” she said smiling at the girls. “Well I brought home a couple pizzas. Would you say and have dinner? It’s the least I can do to thank you for the overtime,” I said, hoping she would say yes. “Well, sure I guess it will be ok,” she said. “Thanks. I love pizza!” Becky got out a couple of plates and I showed her where the pizza cutter was. We sat down to eat the pizzas. We talked a bit while we ate and she told me more about her.

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