The 100 mph Ride


Samantha called from work and said she wanted to see my new car  I said, “Sure, I’ll be right over.” I got there right at closing that evening and was sitting in the parking lot waiting. She came out wearing her normal work clothes which was a skintight pair of workout shorts and a little tank top. Man, I could just devour her right then. She walked up and gave me a nice little peck on the cheek. She then stepped back to take in the car. I was surprised that she would take such interest in the car because she never seemed like a car person to me before. After a few minutes of walking around it she said, “This thing looks like sex on wheels–lean, sleek and sexy!” I stood there dumbfounded at her reaction to the car, but must say it gave me an instant hard on. This ride had possibilities for more fun if she kept reacting like this. We got in the car and took off for a drive. çankaya escort We had been on the highway for about 30 minutes when she leaned over and asked, “Can we go faster?” I said, “Sure, a little bit, but I don’t want any tickets.” I was already running about 80 miles an hour so I just bumped it up to 100 for a short bit. While running 100 miles an hour she leaned over and grabbed me by the thigh and leaned in for a kiss. Damn, wasn’t this distracting and exciting at the same time. I asked her, “Is this okay or should I slow down some?” She said, “I told you this car was like sex on wheels. I’m just trying to find out if you can keep up with the car.” Holy shit! Here we were running a 100 and she was getting horny as hell. I didn’t want to dampen her excitement, but damn she was rubbing my crotch and kissing me. It was distracting as hell. rus escort I suggested maybe we could stop somewhere and compare just how like sex this car was. Her reply was “What took you so long?” Lucky for me I was in an area I knew pretty well and there were a few isolated spots to have some privacy. I no sooner got the car stopped than she was across the console and jumped in my lap. I couldn’t believe how charged up she was over a ride in this car. We were making out and fondling each other, but it was damn awkward sitting there in the driver seat. I suggested we move our fun outdoors. Well before I could blink she was off me and out of the car. I got out and she was on me! We were kissing long deep urgent kisses. I started running my hand up down her back as we kissed and she leaned into me even harder. I asked her, “Are you okay with this?” Her eryaman escort reply was to take a step back and lift her tank top off. Man, her nipples were standing out a half inch already. She leaned into me again and I started running my hand up down her bare back to the sides of her tits. When I got to the nipple I gave it a little rub and she moaned! I pulled back a little and leaned down and gave her left nipple a little playful bite as I was playing with the right one. I continued to play with her nipples as I started kissing my way down her tummy till I was kneeling right in front of her. I leaned into her and ran my hand across the crotch of her shorts and she let out a moan of pleasure that I could tell was just the beginning of some fun. I looked up at her and tugged at her shorts and she just nodded. I pulled her shorts down over her legs and was rewarded by staring at what had to the prettiest pussy in the area. She stepped out of her shorts as I started running my hand over her shaved pussy. I got to her clit and just gently ran a finger around it and she just about came on the spot. I had never seen her this excited before.

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