Subject: That Damn Kid Chapter 5 -Ian’s story- I woke up in the middle of the night and as usual when I wake up, I was totally confused. Where am I? What time is it? Who’s in bed with me? As I started waking up more it came back to me. I looked over at Brady, sleeping like a giant baby. I gently pulled the sheets off of us, feeling the chilly hair hit my naked body. I stared at Brady’s body in the darkness. Just a bit of moonlight came through the window, shading him beautifully. He was so muscular, with a small amount of dark black body hair around his chest and stomach down to his trimmed pubes. His cock hung thickly over his large balls. And I mean LARGE balls. The memory of him flooding my mouth came back to me and I started to get hard. I covered myself with the sheet, feeling self-conscious in the presence of this sexy man. Wait, he’s asleep, what do I care? Also, I’m 13! No shit an 18 year old is gonna look manlier than me. I cuddled up against Brady, tracing the curvature of his muscles with my finger. As I got to his nipples, I noticed they were hard. They were average sized, nothing too special about them, except it turned me on even more. Tentatively, I moved my face closer to one nipple and licked it. It tasted bland, like skin, but I got harder. I started sucking it, wrapping my small body against his much larger one. I reached down and squeezed his soft cock, feeling it start to swell in my hand. “Mmph, wh-wha…ian? Damn, kid, you are insatiable!” Brady mumbled. At the sound of his voice, I pulled back quickly, wrapping myself in the sheets. “Oh my god I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have…not while you slept…im sorry!” He slipped a hand underneath me and pulled me close, facing away from him. “Hey, don’t be so self-conscious man! I was clearly enjoying it.” He slapped his hard dick against my ass. Unconsciously, I pushed my butt against him. “And, it looks like you were enjoying it too!” He spooned me, rubbing my dick with one hand which was now throbbingly hard. I pulled my legs up, trying to cover myself. “Relax man, I….like you. Plus you gave me such a good time last night, I wanna…return the favor.” I turned to look at him. “You mean you wanna…” “Yeah! I mean…you seemed to enjoy it. And if I’m gonna be blown by a dude I should at least return the favor, right?” I shrugged. He was still rubbing my dick the whole time. He stopped to knee over me and turned me onto my back. He bent down and kissed my forehead. I blushed as he continued kissing down my body, stopping to nibble my nipples and tonguing my belly button. At this point I was going crazy and squirming underneath of him. We were both giggling like crazy. Finally, he got to my dick. He looked me in the eye and slowly put my dick into his mouth. He easily fit the whole thing in his mouth. He swirled his tongue around and bobbed up and down, stimulating every inch. I wrapped my legs around his back and ran my hands through his short hair. “Brady, I’m gonna cum!” He pulled off and started jerking me while he sucked and bit my nipple. I spasmed bursa escort as I came, shooting rope after rope onto my chest and stomach, his hand, and one even landed on his cheek. We both laughed as he pulled back and laid beside me. “Sorry I didn’t swallow, I’m still a little…I don’t know, nervous I guess.” “It’s Ok.” I licked my cum off his cheek and swallowed it down. “It’s not that bad though, I actually love the flavor.” I grabbed his cum covered hand and licked and sucked his fingers till they were clean. Well, covered in saliva but clean of cum. He gasped as I did and stared. “Holy fuck you’re sexy, man.” I blushed and turned away. He gently pulled my face back with his big hand and kissed me on the lips. Staring at me, he swiped a bit of cum off my belly and stuck the finger in his mouth, making a pained face. After tasting it, he let out a surprised “hmm.” “It doesn’t taste like I thought it would. Kinda sweet actually.” “Yeah, I like pineapple.” “That’s true? I thought it was a myth!” “Yeah! It’s awesome! You taste different though, saltier.” He pulled me on top of him, his dick rubbing up between my thighs. I squeezed my thighs around his dick and he moaned. “Like that?” He nodded. I moved my head down and started licking and biting his nipples as he thrust his cock between my thighs. His hands were behind his head and I caught a whiff of his armpits. I have never smelled something so enticing. I had a mental battle between my desire to bury my face in that smell and not revealing my inner slut. Eventually, horniness won out and I did exactly what i wanted. My face was planted in his arm pits and he laughed a little. I blushed, sniffing the smell of the days sweat and licking at his arm pit. I tasted the sweat, like cum but saltier, and I moaned into his armpit. He thrust and moaned harder, wrapping his other arm around me and squeezing as he shot his cum onto my ass and back. He squeezed the air out of me and I sighed with satisfaction. When he was done cumming, he seemed to snap back to reality and released me. “I’m so sorry! Did I hurt you?!” “I loved it!” I moaned, cuddling into his arm pit. And with that, we fell asleep again. -Jakes story- I woke up from the sun hitting my eyes. I gently slipped out of Evans embrace and planted a kiss on his cheek then wrapped the covers around him. I slipped out of bed and put on a pair of sweat pants. I could feel the dumb smirk on my face as I looked back on how life has been recently. I’ve got a great boyfriend, my brother found someone he likes, and life is good. I went downstairs and grabbed a beer and some cereal for breakfast. As I was eating, Ian ran down the stairs apparently being chased by Brady, both laughing like idiots the whole time. “Good morning! Cereal? Beer?” I offered. They both shut up, Brady looking embarrassed at the floor, Ian looking smitten at Brady. “Uh, hey Jake…good morning” “You guys don’t have to be so awkward, free country and all that.” I noticed Ian reached back slowly and pinched Brady on the ass. Brady jumped bursa escort bayan and glared jokingly at Ian. They laughed again and sat down, both grabbing a bowl of cereal and a beer. After a minute, Evan came down dressed in one of my shirts (that was huge on him) and, I assume, some underwear…hopefully. “Good morning, sexy!” I hollered at him. He mumbled a hello and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He took a seat next to me and leaned up against me, closing your eyes. We all sat in silence for a while, three of us eating our breakfast. Ian broke out into laughter. We all looked at him confused. “S-sorry…its just…its just hilarious!” He managed to get out between fits of laughter. “Not a week ago I was terrified you’d find out I’m gay, now you and your boyfriend are having breakfast with me and your best friend you caught me with! It’s ridiculous!” He laughed more. Brady blushed, Evan looked at me lovingly and kissed my cheek, I laughed along with Ian. We chit chatted a bit until Brady had to go home. Ian walked him to the door, and they said some stuff then Ian pulled Brady’s face down and kissed him. And they kept kissing. Eventually the broke off and Brady turned to leave, Ian smacking him on the ass. Ian shut the door and came back to sit at the table with me and Evan. We both stared at him in silence. “Well?” Evan asked. “What?” Ian replied, fiddling with his cereal. “Well, when the fuck did that become a thing?!” I asked. “Oh yeah, that.” He laughed. “Well to be honest I’ve always thought he was cute.” He was blushing intensely now. “And when he came over to see you, I said you were on a date and invited him in to wait. We sat on the couch together watching tv in silence, pretty awkward, until I noticed him looking at me a lot. We caught each other’s gaze and…well, you saw the rest.” “Aww! That’s so adorable!” Evan said. “Eh, i guess.” I said and Evan nudged me. Ian blushed. “Fine, it’s cute. But honestly man, I’m happy for you.” We chatted for a bit, but then the conversation lulled a bit. “You guys wanna smoke some pot?” I asked. Ian looked at me like I’d gone insane mentioning pot in front of someone other than him and Evan stayed quiet for a bit. “Sure!” Evan eventually said. Ian looked a bit hesitant then reluctantly agreed. I went upstairs and grabbed the pot and a bong and we all sat in the living room taking turns hitting the bong and watching TV. As we got higher and higher, I noticed that Evan was getting really touchy-feely, not that I minded. He was curled up against me with my arm around him and Ian on my other side. It wasn’t long before Ian joined in and all three of us were cuddling. Distantly I thought, “Where the fuck is this going?” but I didn’t care too much. I felt Evan move and then his hand was on my crotch, rubbing gently. I looked down at him questioningly but he put a finger to his mouth to tell me to be quiet then pointed at Ian. My little brother was sound asleep. What a lightweight. Evan kept rubbing, getting me hard quickly. I put my head back and closed escort bursa my eyes, enjoying the feeling. I felt a tugging at my pants and gently lifted my ass, letting my cock spring free. I felt two hands on my dick and heard something…strange, like…kissing? I looked down to see Evan and my brother making out, one hand each on my rock hard dick. “Holy fuck you two are hot.” I gasped. They both giggled and moved their kissing down and put my cock between their lips, tonguing each other and me up and down. I reached my arms out and slipped a hand into each of their pants, rubbing at their boy holes. They moaned in unison as I fingered them. Then a thought occurred to me: “Ian, have you ever been fucked?” He looked up at me then realization set in. He looked at Evan who was grinning like a mad man. “Oh no, you are way too big!” he exclaimed. “I may be long but I’m not as thick as your new boy toy.” “That doesn’t…wait, how do you know that?” “I’ve seen him in the locker room. Dude’s got an insanely thick cock! Better practice if you wanna take him on your honeymoon.” At this point I was knuckle deep in his hole and he was pushing his ass up against my hand. Ian thought for a minute, then said “Fine! But, go slow…please.” “I’d never hurt my baby brother.” I said as I kissed him on the lips. After the kiss, I pulled him up so he was straddling my face with his head down by my dick. As the boys made out and sucked me off, I tongued my brother’s ass. As I ate him out, I slipped one finger in easily, then a second with a bit more difficulty. I tugged and pulled and tongue fucked his ass till he was moaning like a whore. “Please.” He said, pulling his ass cheeks apart. “Fuck me, big brother.” That alone almost made me blow my load. I flipped him around so he was straddling my crotch and let him take the lead. Slowly, he descended onto my cock, taking a sharp breath of air as the head went in. Once I was in, he took me like a champ until all 8 inches were balls deep inside him. He stayed like that for a while. “Hey, I wanna try something.” Evan said as he got off the couch and kneeled on the ground. He lifted my legs so my feet were on the couch, exposing my asshole, which felt weirder than anything I’d done before. Until I felt his tongue on my ass. I let out a long moan and both boys laughed. “Fuck you, it feels good!” I yelled. “We know.” The boys said in unison. So Ian bounced on my dick, going faster and faster, as Evan ate my ass. Learning from Ian, I put a foot on Evans rock hard boner and massaged. If the noises he made were any clue, he was loving it. We went on like that for a long ass time until I felt my balls start to tighten. “I’m close, boys.” I said and humped into my brother harder. Soon, I shot my load deep inside him and felt a sprinkle on my chest and stomach, and feet. We all three came at the same time. We slumped into each other for a while, my dick eventually softening then popping out of Ian. I felt a tongue on my cock as Evan cleaned me and my brother up. While Evan cleaned my cock, Ian cleaned my stomach and chest. “I love you two so much. Come on, let’s go to bed. We have school in the morning.” I pulled Ian onto my back and lifted Evan like a princess. I carried my boys up to my bed where we all collapsed into a pile.

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